Teaser for FF- DESERTED LOVE (28/07)


“So I was right you did it deliberately. But Why?” came an angry voice from behind making Khushi startled and when she turns to look back she saw Shyam standing on the threshold throwing draggers towards her.

“Shyam you?” fumbled Khushi.

“Yes me. Haven’t expected anyone here? Oh! I guess you must have thought that you would do whatever you want and no one will question you,” said Shyam angrily.

“No Shyam. You are getting me wrong.”

“Oh! Really? But why doesn’t it feels the same to me?” he asked raising his eyebrow and then added “I have asked many questions to you earlier but you have evaded them then and assured me that you want no harm to my family but now seeing your today’s stunt I have doubt on you. So care to tell me why I had you done all this drama?”

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