Teaser for FF- CROSS CONNECTION (21/07)

“Awee….. My Mirchi is showing puppy anger to me,” said Arnav pulling her cheeks smilingly while she opens her mouth in a big-O.

“Arnav my anger is not puppy anger,” she huffed pulling away his hands from her cheeks.

“Okay, So what is it? Elephant’s anger?” he asked faking a serious expression while Khushi started hitting him on his chest saying profanities to him.

Arnav had a hard time controlling her and when he did both stares in each other eyes for few minutes and then burst out laughing.

P.S.: Okay guys presenting you a glimpse of next update of CROSS CONNECTION. I promise next update will be Arshilicious update. You guys will have full on Arshi in it. I hope the teaser give away what will be the next update like. But It will take me a day or two to draft the update. I have been juggling with my AD as of now. Due to my illness I have already been lagging behind for almost three weeks and now my work has been piled up. I will be having back-up classes and all so my schedule will be really hectic and now as after few months I have my exams so will be preparing for that too. but don’t worry I will keep giving you updates though I can take a bit time for the same as I have to draft updates in the mid while I will be managing AD. So please be with me and support me.


  1. Love the teaser, eager for the chapter. Hope you feel better and update whenever you are in the right frame. Regards lily30 from IF.

  2. Amazing teaser:). But I haven't started reading this story yet. Can you please give me the passwords for previous chapters. Thank you😊.

  3. Hey Devi Maiyaa! Kya hua hai aapko? How are u now? And what is AD? And c'mon yaar itna Chhote teaser… I know u like teasing my brain but this isn't done. U can't make me crave for the update like this. I am just waiting for the update yaar… Pls update soon and Take care of urself didu


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