Teaser for FF- CROSS CONNECTION (17/08)

“No, there is no question of believing you and I am sure that mom-dad and uncle-aunty will start believing us, but the real problem is daadi. I don’t believe that it will be so easy to make her believe on all this. Moreover she already doubts on us.”

“What? Have she said something?” asked Khushi worriedly.

“Not really. But I have seen her throwing suspicious looks towards us, so…” he trailed off.

“Well don’t worry Dhruv. We will handle her too and she may have her own suspicions. But we will never let her suspicions to get a solid base.”

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P.S.: Will update it in a day or two after which next update will again be of Thodi Masti… Thoda Pyaar… I have my exams coming up soon so have been a bit busy with preparation and my classes. Though I will continue updating but will need time. Amid all this I will try to update TMTP regularly so that I can finish it off before I took leave for my exams. 🙂



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