Arshi SS- GHOST OF THE HAUNTED HOUSE~Season 2~ (Part 14)



PART- 14


“Anything! I’ll do anything you say. But just leave my Arnav.”


“Khushi! What are you saying? Don’t come in her talks. Think about our baby and go from here.”


“As if I’ll let her go,” she said angrily and the next moment Arnav started spinning around in the air making everybody scared.


“Please! Please pardon him. I’ll do as you say. Just leave my husband. Please!” she pleaded with tears in her eyes.


“Hmm! For that do what I ask you to do. Okay?”


“Yes! I’ll.”


“Good!” she said with an evil smile on her face and then stop spinning Arnav in the air.


“But… but first let me take granny to doctor. You see she is bleeding profusely,” Khushi added not able to see her grand mother-in-law like that.


“As if I care. Huh!” Varsha said with a sly smile and then added “So now start speaking oldy otherwise you’ll soon meet the lord of death.”


“I… I’m not scared of you Varsha as I know you can only give me these small injuries but couldn’t kill. And moreover you’re an evil spirit…. a devil who is behind us for god knows what,” Narmada Devi said stubbornly.


But as soon as words came out of her mouths wind started blowing fast while Roshni’s eyes becomes bloodshot red and she looked towards her with a murderous rage in her eyes. And net second Arnav was lying on the floor crying in pain while Abhishek was floating in air, screaming for help.


“What did you said? I’m an evil. Right? So now get ready to see my evilness,” Varsha said that and then look towards the dining table where cutlery was placed and in the next instance a knife was floating towards Rudra Raizada and soon slit his left arm and then his right cheek while he screams in pain.


Narmada who wasn’t able to see her son in pain rushes towards him while Varsha laughs seeing their helplessness.


Khushi who was till now feeling scared from her screams in anger “VARSHA! You know what? After reading your diary I felt pity for you but now I believe that whatever happened with you was right. God forbids if you would have been alive then my family would have been long dead.”


Hearing Khushi’s words Varsha’s anger raised at its peak and this time she holds her in the air while everybody else screams in horror.


“Hmm! So what were you saying?” she asked sarcastically while Khushi looks down in horror and then immediately puts her hand around her stomach as if to protect her child while Varsha laughs at this.


“Leave! Leave her! Please! Leave my Khushi. What had she done to you? She doesn’t even know that you existed. Neither is she related to you. Please leave her. Goddamit she is pregnant.”


“As if I care! She must have thought about her pregnancy before she utter those words,” Varsha said with venom spitting from her each and every word.


“See! She is the one due to whom you’re now free from that room so please don’t harm her. Please!” he pleaded.


“Hmm! You’re right. It’s her due to whom I am able to step out of that room. Okay! I’ll not harm her or the baby.”


“Thank you! Thank you very much,” Arnav said with relief but it was short-lived when he heard her next words.


“Don’t be. Arnav you should first let the other person or in our case the ghost complete their words then only respond. Seems like you’ve not learnt anything from your father. Oh! Sorry! I forget that you never met him… forget about learning anything from him.”


Hearing her harsh words tears trickled down his face while Varsha continued “I hate tears so stop crying and do what I said otherwise you never know who is in the queue you’re going to lose next.”


Hurriedly Arnav wiped his tears and nodded in affirmative.


“Good boy. Now take out those sacred lockets from your Mrs. Narmada Raizada and Mr. Rudra Raizada’s neck.”


“No! I’m not giving it to anyone,” Narmada protested while Varsha just smirked.


“If both of you youngsters wants to save your wife then do what I said otherwise…” as soon as she said this Khushi’s body dropped a bit making Arnav scream in horror.


“Don’t worry! She’s safe until and unless you are not disobeying me,” she said with a sly smile while nodding both Arnav and Abhishek move towards their grand-mother who steps back.


Both of them tried to take out the locket from her while she resisted. Rudra was standing in a corner and looking at all this not getting enough strength to stop them as he knew very well that neither he is any match to both of them nor is he in a state with his hands and face bleeding and paining.


After taking away the locket around her neck they move towards Rudra who himself took away it from his body and gave it to them as if accepting his defeat while Varsha laughed at this.


“You know seeing you handing your shield to them I remember your loyal servant Lakhan. I hope you haven’t forgotten him yet. Huh! He also behaved like you. Gave away his sacred locket knowing well what’s to come next. By the way don’t you guys wanted to know how I killed him? Well! Well! What you will do knowing that how mercilessly I killed him or should I say I forced him to kill himself.”


At this everyone look towards her with shock written all over her face while she slyly smiled and said “Don’t be so shocked. I’m telling the truth. By the way one must agree that Lakhan was really very loyal to you Narmada that’s why when I said that he has to choose between his life or yours and so he immediately jumped down from the terrace without a second thought, but not before making him wear your sacred thread so that no one would believe in your story. Hahahaha! But poor him. He never knew that his life or death will never going to change your fate. You’ll meet what you are destined for…. And that’s without a doubt is DEATH.”


“Lakhan! No…. You killed him…. You… I’ll not leave you. You may have taken our sacred thread away from us, but don’t forget that god is still here,” saying that she move towards the temple area but stop dead in her track upon seeing Varsha in Roshni’s body standing before the temple giving a sly smile.


“You! How? How come you’re standing over there? Ghost, Spirits and Witches can’t enter the sacred places then how come you’re standing in the temple area?” Narmada Devi asked with shock written all over her face wile Varsha touched the idol of god and said “Nothing in this house is pure anymore. Not you, neither your family and nor your deity. Hahahaha!”


Hearing her say that Narmada Devi steps back with horror stuck face while Varsha laughs aloud.


“What happened? Got a reality check. Well there are still many things for you to uncover. But for now let’s play a game…. Game of life and death,” she said getting seated on her table and then lift up Rudra in air and drop him down again while he moans in pain.


Narmada Devi immediately move towards her son but after a few steps she couldn’t move forward as if some force was stopping her.


“Well! Well! Feel the pain of not able to save your own blood Mrs. Narmada Raizada,” Varsha said and then getting up from the chair she said “So now tell me if you’re ready to play the game or not?”


Precap: Truth revealed….. Death awaits…

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  1. varsha won’t harm khushi though she killed lakhan.relief.shocking that she can enter temple area too as it lost its purity


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