After wearing the sacred locket Khushi really felt peace settled in her heart feeling that now her unborn will be saved from any kind of evilness if it is present. It is not that she believes in all these things, these ghosts and all… no she doesn’t. But from the time the news of her being pregnant has come out she couldn’t help but feel a little worried especially after the current happenings around her and the only way to give solace to her scared heart is to wear this vestal locket. She doesn’t know why but from the time she has come to know of her being pregnant she has been feeling this negative aura around her and thus she now wants to leave from here. But at the same time she wants the answers to Arnav’s questions about the death mystery of his parents as she knew this is the last chance as no one knew when they’ll return here or if they’ll even ever return or not and this is what is still stopping her from going away.



But soon she was broke out of her revere when she hears Arnav’s voice.


“Khushi! What happened now? Where have you been lost?”


“Ugh! Oh! No, Nothing Arnav! Just a bit stressed I think after recent happenings,” she said while Arnav panicked.


“Khushi! Please dear don’t take stress. You know that it’s not good in such condition. You just have to relax,” he said making her lay down on the bed then caressing her face he asked with a rim of tears in his eyes.


“Had I done any mistake in bringing you here?”


“No! Why’re you thinking like that? Do you think that the ghost is really here?” she asked placing her right hand above his while with the other she wiped the moisture below his eyes.


“No! I don’t believe in all these shits and I’ll never and I’m not scared regarding all this,” he said.


“Then?” she asked.


“It’s you for and about whom I’m scared,” he said.


“What do you mean?” she asked.


“Khushi you’re pregnant and you know that taking stress in this condition isn’t good for you. And you’re exactly doing the same,” he said a bit annoyed.


“Awe! I’m sorry hubby dear. Now I won’t take any stress,” she said pecking his forehead while he smiled.






It was afternoon, everyone were having their lunch together when Abhishek’s phone buzzed. But after receiving the call he gets really worried.


“Abhishek what happened?” Narmada Devi asked.


“Daadi! Need to go to the factory urgently but…”


“But what?”


“But dad is also required there and currently his condition isn’t good so…” he trailed off.


“Hmm! That’s really a problem. But we can’t really do anything about it,” Narmada Devi sighed.


“Umm! Abhishek! If you don’t mind then let me know if I can be of help to you anyhow,” said Arnav while Abhishek’s eyes twinkled in happiness.


“Of course! Why haven’t I thought about this,” he said and then after a minute he added “You know bro you solved my problem. Would you accompany me to the factory?”


“Of course, why not,” he said and soon after having their lunch both of them left not before Arnav made sure that his beloved has her lunch.





It was almost noon when Khushi woke up from her slumber and look around to find Roshni besides her sleeping in sitting position. Sitting up on the bed she shook Roshni who too wake up and said “Khushi bhabhi! You woke up?”


“It seems so. But what are you doing here?” she asked.


“Oh! Well! What to do before leaving, your husband and my brother-in-law has come to me and said to be with you until he comes back so here I’m,” she said with a wink while Khushi shied away.


“Okay! Okay! Don’t be so shy bhabhi. After all we all know how much my brother-in-law loves you.”


“Ugh! Oh! It’s just that…”


“Don’t be… It’s alright. Okay! You wait here till then I’ll bring something for you,” Roshni said and was about to get up but Khushi stops her.


“Roshni I’ll also come downstairs with you,” she said and then both went downstairs.


Here downstair Narmada Devi was sitting along with her sone Rudra discussing about the factory matter for which Abhishek and Arnav went.


“Arey Khushi beta you woke-up?” Narmada Devi asked seeing her descending the stairs.


“Yes daadi,” she said sitting on the sofa opposite to her and then looking around she added “Has Arnav not come?”


“No dear, till now none of them had come,” she said and at the same time they heard screeching of the car and soon a smile blooms on her lips.


“I think they’ve come,” Khushi said in excitement while all nodded and soon they find Abhishek coming inside along with an injured Arnav making everyone shocked.


“Arnav what happened?” Khushi asked rushing towards him upon seeing blood gushing out from his forehead and hand.


“Nothing,” he said giving a meek smile while trying to hide his pain.


“How can it be nothing? So much blood is coming out from your wounds and you’re saying nothing,” she said with teary eyes, making him sat on the sofa while Roshni immediately bring the first-aid box. Snatching the box from her she immediately took it and started tending his wounds.


“But how does it happened,” asked Narmada Devi with worried lines forming on her forehead.


“Actually daadi till we reached factory everything was fine but while coming back we realised that the brakes of the car were not working and then this accident happened. Though I just got only a few scratches here and there but Arnav got injured,” Abhishek said while Roshni was tending to him.


“Is it? Is it due to the ghost,” asked Roshni making everyone else stunned while Arnav look towards Khushi who was staring at him horrified.


“Roshni don’t relate everything with this invisible ghost,” Arnav said irritated, then cupping Khushi’s face he said “Khushi! Don’t think about all these. There is nothing like what Roshni said, so don’t think about it at all.”


“Why won’t I?” she asked taking his hand in hers she added “Arnav I don’t know if what Roshni is saying is right or not but now with the events happening around I’m really getting scared,” she said  with teary eyes.


“Khushi earlier too I’d said not to think on those lines, then why you are thinking all these?”


“Then what should I think? Tell me what should I think Arnav? Only now you guys said that till reaching the factory everything was fine then how can the break get fail suddenly,” she asked wiping her tears while none of them have any answer to her question.


Not knowing what to say Arnav wiped her tears and said “Khushi please don’t think all these negative things. You know your sadness will affect our baby too,” he said and then taking her in his arms move upstairs not before glaring at Roshni who looks down knowing well that even after telling that no one should talk about this ghost in front of Khushi she did it.


After that the dinner was a silent affair as everyone were having their own sets of belief and questions in their heart and mind.


Later at night when everyone was sleeping Khushi woke-up and stealthily went in the haunted room once again. Entering inside she bolted the door and then took a sigh of relief.


“Oh god forgive me for doing what I did today,” she said recalling how she mix sleeping tablets in Arnav’s milk so that she can come here.


“I don’t know if this ghost is real or not but for sure there is something in this room that is making it mysterious. But today I’ve to find something or anything which I could,” she muttered determined to herself and started looking around for anything and everything which can help her in anyway to unravel the mystery.


At last when she was going to give-up and leaving the room her leg got collided with the dressing table making her look down to find something peeping out from below it. Bending down when she looks down she found an old diary lying there. Taking it out, she immediately hide it in her sari pallu and left the room.


Entering her room she closed the door and sitting on the bed she opens the diary to read it. Opening the diary she looks for the name to find as to whom this diary belongs to but got none. Turning the first page she find the entry written in it and started reading it.




Never have I written a diary but then I never needed one too but today with all the happenings around me and in my heart it seems that I’d to pour it out somewhere and that’s the reason I’ve chosen you to say my heart out. From now you’ll not remain a mere diary but my confiner who’ll know my darkest and deepest secret, my fear, my pain, my happiness and everything.
Waqt nei bhi naa jaane yei kaisi karwat li hai…
Kabhi socha naa tha ki apne dil ka haal yu bayaan karna hoga…
(Today time has taken an unknown turn…
Never have I ever thought that I’ve to open my heart’s feeling like this…)


Whose diary it is? And what is in his/her heart that he/she couldn’t tell to anyone else, she wonder and then turn the next page to read it further.



Yei kaisa ehsaas hai…
Yei kaise khwaab hai…
Unke kadmo ki aahat sei dil mei umade kyu yu naye jazbaat hai…
(What are these feelings…
What are these dreams…
With the sound of footsteps why new feelings are blooming in my heart…)


“Wow! This person used to do shayari too. That’s great,” she murmurs and then once again turn the page to read further.



Aaj to unhe hume batana hi hai…
Dil mei mache iss shor ko jatana hi hai…
(Today I’ll be telling him…
What’s in my heart I’ve to say it to him…)


“Hmm! So whoever is this person finally going to confess the feelings. But what happened then,” Khushi said to herself and then turn the next page.



Pyaar unko bhi hai…
Pyaar humko bhi hai…
Fir yei kya sei kya hogaya…
Dil mei jazbaato ka jo yei sailaab tha…
Aakho mei yei ashq kyu de gaya…
(I’m in love…
You’re in love…
Then what had happened now…
The overflowing emotions in my heart…
Why’d they given tears to my eyes…)


“OMG! Was there any heartbreak? God!” saying this she closed her eyes in sadness and after a minute she opens them and turn the next page.


Dard yu to hai dil mei nazaane kitne…
Par pyaar naa milne ka afsoos bhula naa sake…
Zinda yu to hai hum zaamane ke liye…
Par maut ka intezaar ab karne lage…
Khafa thi kya unko pata naa chali…
Bas keh diya ki zamana iss pyaar ko samjhega nahi…
(Numerous sorrows are there in my heart…
But losing the one I loved will never be forgotten…
Though I’m living for this world…
But now I’m awaiting my death…
He didn’t tell what the problem was…
But only said that this society won’t understand the love…)

“God! Though these are just few lines but the pain of losing the one you love is so clear in it… If this diary belongs to the person whom everyone is referring as the ghost then has she committed suicide? And if yes, then who is that person who breaks her heart and how is it related to this house or the people residing here,” she said to no one in particular lost in her own thoughts.




Precap: Some more insight of the diary and the first death in the house.





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