After collecting ash in the box she left from there back to the house. Reaching near the house she looks around with an evil smile and then slowly enters the house and went near the temple area. She knows well that she can’t enter inside but then she took out the same box filled with ash. Opening its lid she took out some ash in her fist and then look towards the idol and said “I can’t come inside as you’re pure while I’m not. But what if you too become same like me? This ash which I’ve with me is the call for negati

ve energy, just like kumkum is the call for positive energy. And today this negative energy will pave the way for me. You’re the reason why I’m like this. You say yourself god. Right? Then let me show you what I can do because I’m no more a mortal to whom you can control. Hahaha!” saying this she throw the ash towards the idol making it to fall on the idol, and all the pure things kept near it making them all impure. And then she enters inside without any problem. Standing in front of her she challenged.


“You see today I’m standing in your territory and soon I’ll send them all to you. Just wait and watch like you’ve always done,” saying this she went from their towards Khushi’s room. Entering the room she saw Arnav sleeping on the bed without even a small hint of what’s happening with his dear wife. And why not he is under the spell of her- the spirit in whose existence he doesn’t even wants to believe.


Smirking at her thought she move towards the cupboard, opening it’s door she pulls the drawer to reveal the content lying inside it making her eyes shone.


“One already down now one more going to,” she murmurs looking at the sacred locket lying inside the drawer which was given by Roshni to Khushi remembering which she smiles.


  “Khushi bhabhi I don’t know whether you believe in all this or not but honestly I do,” said Roshni doing light make-up on her face.
  “What are you saying Roshni? I’m not getting you,” said Khushi with a confused look.
  “Bhabhi! You know you’re pregnant?”
  “Of course! I do.”
  “Then I hope you do remember what had happened with me,” she said with fear evident on her face.
  This time Khushi looks in her eyes, cupping her face he said “I do. Roshni I know whatever happened with you was really bad but you shouldn’t connect things like this.”
  “I… Bhabhi I don’t know anything else. All I know is that I don’t want you to go through the same pain in which I’m living. Please for me would you do one thing?” she ask.
  “Okay! What is it?”
  At this Roshni took out the sacred locket which was tied around her neck and forwarding it towards her she said “Wear it bhabhi. It’ll protect you and yours unborn from the evil.”
  “Does it protect yours?” she asked first looking at the locket and then in her eyes while Roshni looks away not knowing what to answer. And how can she? When she knew that even after taking every precaution she’d lost her unborn baby. Tears cascade from her eyes which she hurriedly wiped out and then cupping her face she said “I knew you don’t believe in all this. But please bhabhi for my sake, for my sanity just wear. If not like a sacred locket then wear it like any other ornament which you wear but please wear it bhabhi,” she pleaded and not having a heart to reject her plea Khushi holds her hand and said “I’ll Roshni. Not for anything else but just for you. But before that I need to talk to Arnav regarding the same. I hope you do understand it,” she said while Roshni nodded at her.
  And then taking the locket from her hand Khushi took it in the drawer so that after talking with Arnav she can wear it and then turning towards her she asked “But roshni now that you’ve given me your locket then what about you? Do you have one in spare?”
  “No bhabhi.”
  “Then how can you give it to me?” she asked.
  “Because you need it more than me,” she replied while Khushi’s eyes got misty seeing how much her sister-in-law cares for her. This care and love is what she have never experienced in her life and now the determination to fulfill her small wish grows ten-fold.



Coming out of her stance she evilly look towards the box and taking out the ash pour it upon the sacred locket while murmuring some incoherent words.


After a few seconds she opens her eyes and taking the locket in her hand utters “Now this sacred locket is no more sacred. Three people are already in my zone and the rest three who are remaining too will join here and then will start the real game.”


Smirking evilly she placed the locket back in the drawer and hiding the box filled with ash so that no one can see it she joined Arnav on the bed. Looking towards him she caressed his forehead and whispers “It was destiny that you’ve come here to free me. Maybe it has to be you who has to complete the task which was left incomplete years back. Now when you’d come here then you have to bear the brunt of it too. Be prepare as tomorrow’s morning will bring one more wound on your family,” saying this she blow air on his face breaking the spell which she had casted earlier and then left Khushi’s body making her to jerk a bit.


“Aah!” Khushi yelped as a pain shot through her body making Arnav’s sleep to break.


“Khushi!” hurriedly sitting on the bed he called her seeing her yelping in pain.


“Khushi! Khushi what happened?” he asked worried seeing frown marring her forehead.


“Aah! Arnav… Nothing just a bit pain in my body,” she said cupping his face while he immediately made her sit on the bed and gives her a glass full of water to drink which she immediately gulps. After that he laid her back and started caressing her hair until sleep took over her and few minutes later he too was sleeping beside her unaware of the storm which was waiting to strike the next morning.






Spreading sunrise, tinted clouds and pinkish hue across the sky announced that it was the beginning of a new day. Everyone in the house were still sleeping when they heard a loud cry making them jerk back from the sleep. Immediately everyone left their inviting sleep and rushed towards the room from where the sound of cry was heard only to find Mr. Rudra Raizada sitting on one of the corner of bed with a pained expression on his face trying to stop the bleeding from his feet while the glass pieces was lying scattered on the floor.


“What the? What’s happening here?” uttered Arnav seeing his uncle yelping in pain while Khushi rolled her eyes and said “Can’t you see that he is hurt as the glass piece has pierced his foot.”


“Come on Khushi! That I too can see but…”


“No ifs and buts… Call the doctor first.”


“Let it be dear! It’s too early to call the doctor. Moreover first let us see if the wound is really that much deep that we need to call the doctor or not,” said Narmada Devi and move towards her son avoiding to keep her foot where the pieces of glass were lying. Somehow reaching near him she first take out the first-aid box and then taking his leg in her hand she kept it in her lap such that his foot didn’t touch her lap and then she bandaged it, thankfully the wound wasn’t too deep that they would need to call the doctor. After bandaging his foot she make him lie down on the bed and asked him to rest and then turning towards Roshni she said “Bahu! Do one thing bring turmeric milk (haldi vala doodh) for him and yes ask Lakhan to clean this mess,” she said indicating towards the scattered glass pieces which were lying on the floor, at which she nodded and left downstairs.


“But how does it happened” Arnav asked.


“I don’t have any idea dear. I was just getting up from the bed when I felt something piercing my foot and when I looks down I found the glass pieces scattered over here,” Rudra said trying to control the pain.


“It is so weird first your hand got bruised due to glass and now your foot uncle. Isn’t it Arnav?” Khushi asked with confusion marring her face while he shrugged his shoulder.


Soon Roshni came and handed the glass filled with turmeric milk to her father-in-law which he immediately gulps down and soon everyone left from there asking him to take rest.






Here as soon as Khushi entered her room, she thumps down on the bed with a cute frown while Arnav too sit beside her deep in his thoughts.


“Isn’t it all weird Arnav?” Khushi asked.


“What Khushi?”


“This all whatever is happening over here from a few days,” she replied.


“I don’t understand,” he said still lost in his own thoughts.


“Arnav! Haven’t you noticed that from last few days one or other bad thing is happening in this house, precisely from the day we had opened the door,” she said slowly while he jerk hearing her say so.


“What do you mean to say Khushi? Be clear!”


“Ugh! Arnav it’s just that the recent happenings had really shaken me up a bit. Daily one or the other mishap is taking place. And now when I’m pregnant it’s adding more to my fear.”


“Khushi! You know that there is nothing at all,” cupping her face Arnav tried to make her understand. But this time the mother inside her wasn’t ready to lose.


“I don’t know Arnav. I really don’t.”


“You mean to say that you do believe in all this shit?”


“No… And yes… Argh! How to explain you Arnav,” she said exasperated, then taking a deep sigh she added “Arnav! I don’t know if its truth or not. I don’t care if these things exists or not. At this time all I care about is my unborn. Under no circumstances I would want my child to suffer any misfortune. Now you’ve to decide,” saying this with a certain determination in her voice Khushi look towards him while he stood there boggled at her sudden outburst.


“What! What I’ve to decide?” he asked finally coming out of his confused state at which she move towards the cupboard. Taking out the locket which was earlier given to her by Roshni from it she move back towards him and showing it to him she said “Roshni has given me this locket for my baby’s safety. And now I think its high-time that I wear it.”


“But Khushi!”


Before he could even uttered what he was going to say, Khushi intervened saying “I know you don’t believe in all this and honestly I too don’t Arnav. But the things happening around us aren’t letting me live in peace. Hence, I’d decided to abide by Roshni’s wish to wear this locket.”


Cupping his face she added “Don’t take it as something else. Just think that by wearing this sacred locket the hand of god will always be on his child.”


Understanding her need he took the locket from her hands and with a small smile he, himself maker her wear it not knowing that the locket which to them seems sacred is no more vestal.


Precap: Another mishap


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