Arshi SS- GHOST OF THE HAUNTED HOUSE ~Season-2~ (Part 13)



PART- 13


“Va… Varsha… Roshni you’re joking. Right?” Khushi asked knowing well that she isn’t.


“Do you think I’m?” she asked and then in another moment started floating in air making Khushi scared who started screaming for Arnav.


“DON’T… Don’t scream otherwise your unborn child will die…. Understand?” she asked angrily making Khushi crouch back in fear, protectively she kept her hand around her stomach as if trying to save her child.


Nodding her head in affirmative and gathering all her courage she asked “What do you want? From me? Why do you want to kill my child? What harm we had done to you?”


“Harm? Really” she asked giving a sarcastic smile and then in next moment she was beside her and said “Harm is a very small thing in front of what I’d endure but now it’s the turn of this family. Hahahah! Haven’t you heard of the saying that what you sow, so shall you reap. So, the time has come for it. And now you’ll do what I say to you. Don’t you?”


“I… I… I’m,” she said stuttering.


“Good for you. Now call Rudra and Abhishek and ask them to come back soon.”




“No if… No but… Do as I say otherwise you know what I’m capable of… Don’t you?”


“Yes… Yes… I’ll…” saying this she called Abhishek and asked them to come home immediately while on the other hand that spirit left Roshni’s body who fell on the floor making Khushi step back in fear.


Gathering some courage she moves near her and tries to wake her up patting her cheek and calling out her name. After two-three times Roshni opens her eyes and sitting-up asked “How I came here… I was…”


“Roshni! We don’t have much time. You just call Abhishek and ask him to not come back home at any cost while I’ll just go down.”


“But sister-in-law…”


“Roshni1 Just do as I say. I’ll tell you everything else later,” saying this she rushes downstairs while Roshni dialled Abhishek.





As soon as Khushi reaches downstairs she started calling out to Arnav and Narmada who came rushing towards her.


“Khushi what happened? Why are you shouting all of our names?” Arnav asked hugging her as if scared to lose her while she first calms herself and then parting from the hug said “Arnav! She… she is here… She threatens me…”


“Who? Whom are you talking about?” he asked cupping her face.


“Varsha… Varsha is here to harm all of us.”


Hearing her say that Narmada and Rudra looks on shocked while Arnav gets more confused and asked “Who is this Varsha now? I’m not understanding anything you’re saying dear. So please be clear.”


But before Khushi could say anything Narmada comes there and jerking Khushi said “How dare you guys? I’ve told you not to open that door. But no, you guys still had the audacity to open it without saying anything.”


“Careful granny!” he said holding Khushi to himself and then after a hiatus added “How can you give her a jerk like that? Have you forgotten that she is pregnant? And what is this room, Varsha and all?” And above all let me remind you that I’d asked you what that old lady was saying? About whom she was talking? Who is going to revenge us and why? What had we done?”


“Varsha! Arnav, Varsha is the one about whom she was referring. Yes! Yes!”


“Okay! Okay! Hold on! I’m honestly getting confused. Who is this Varsha? And what she actually wants?”


“Varsha is that ghost who killed Lakhan and now wants to harm us.”


“Khushi you know right that I don’t believe in all these bullshits. Then why are you reciting the same line again and again,” he asked irritated.


“If so, then I think you’ll believe when you see it for yourself,” came a thundering voice making everybody to look up only to find Roshni floating in the air with her hairs scattered all over her face while her eyes become black.


“What the hell?” Arnav said staring at Roshni while the other three looks scared.


“Yes, it is a hell. Hell for your family. And I’m here to make this hell all the more torturous. Hahaha!” she said aloud while laughing.


“What? Who are you? And what do you want? And… And what’s your relation with that old lady and which revenge was she talking about?” Arnav asked.


“It’s good that Amma had told you that I’m here for my revenge. But regarding other questions… Shouldn’t you first ask your family? Let them answer because I too wants to hear their version of truth. Hahahah! Speak Narmada Devi… speak.”


“Stop all this. You can’t harm us as we’re wearing the sacred thread.”


“Like really? Huh! If so then how can I possess your daughter-in-law? Or how can I kill your faithful servant? Tell me.”


Hearing her say that Narmada Devi steps back in fear because till now she hadn’t thought about all of these.


At the same time the door opens and Rudra and Abhishek enters the house.


“Chachaji! Abhishek! You both. Hadn’t Roshni called you guys telling you to not come here?” Khushi asked.


“No Khushi! We haven’t received any such call. But why are you saying so?” Abhishek said.


“Khushi dear first tell us that why did you called us so urgently?”


“I didn’t. But she made me call you saying that if I didn’t obey her then she’ll kill my unborn.”


“Who? And where is Roshni?” Abhishek asked at which Khushi pointed towards the ceiling making both of them to look towards the pointed direction, only to get the shock of their life.


“Roshni!” Abhishek murmurs.


“Surprise! Surprise!” Roshni who is possessed by Varsha’s spirit said and then with a thud she sat on the sofa placed there and added “You must be welcomed to meet this GHOST OF THE HAUNTED HOUSE.




“Who? Who are you?” Abhishek asked.


“Var… Varsha! You?” Rudra said making everybody to look towards her while Varsha in Roshni’s body smiles.


“Aren’t you happy to see me back?” she asked while he gulped her saliva not knowing what to say and how to say.


“Don’t be scared of her my son. Go and call the mahant ji. He’ll deal with this evil,” Narmada Devi said patting Rudra’s shoulder who nodded his head in affirmative, though still scared with the turn of events he move towards the door only to stop-short as the door on its own gets closed.


“You really think that I’ll let you go just like that?” she asked at which Narmada Devi smiles and said “You don’t have any other option. With him wearing this sacred locket neither you can harm us nor stop us. Go my son! Go and call mahant ji.”


“Tut! Tut! Tut! You mad old lady! Tell me one thing. Are you really that mad or just pretending to be or is it that you don’t want to see the reality? Huh!” she asked and in other second Narmada Devi was screaming in pain while blood was flowing out of her forehead and glass pieces were scattered around her. Everybody rushes towards her while she cries in pain.


“Hehehehe! Now don’t tell anyone that I can’t harm you because I can do much more than just ‘harm’. And that’s actually what I’m here for.”


“What do you want? And why are you hurting my granny?” Arnav asked angrily after coming near her. But in the next second he was in air while everybody else screamed his name in fear.


“It’s so good to float in the air. Isn’t it?” she asked while Khushi pleaded her to leave her husband.


“Please leave my husband. Please! What had he done to you? We don’t even know you. Please! I beg of you,” Khushi pleaded sitting on her knees in front of her.


“Hmm! Okay I’ll. But…”




“But for that you’ve to do something in return. You see T’m a ghost and I don’t do anything until it benefits me. So, are you ready?”


“Anything! I’ll do anything you say. But just leave my Arnav.”


“Khushi! What are you saying? Don’t come in her talks. Think about our baby and go from here.”


“As if I’ll let her go,” she said angrily and the next moment Arnav started spinning around in the air making everybody scared.


“Please! Please pardon him. I’ll do as you say. Just leave my husband. Please!” she pleaded with tears in her eyes.


“Hmm! For that do what I ask you to do. Okay?”


“Yes! I’ll.”


“Good!” she said with an evil smile on her face.


Precap: Death is calling Raizada family….. 


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  1. So the ghost is here out of closet finally and making its presence felt by doing all the tricks.. Arnav is not ready to believe and wants to know the reasons which nobody have opened their mouths to tell.. Arnav’s concern is his Khushi and their child in her womb.. lets see what the ghost asks Khushi to do?? nice update..

  2. Though khushi told the truth arnav didn’t believe her.sad.but finally the possessed roshni appeared before them n now arnav is troubled by her.what will she make khushi do in return of releasing arnav?


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