Arshi SS- GHOST OF THE HAUNTED HOUSE ~Season-2~ (Part 12)



PART- 12

Though the elderly women left but with that she left numerous questions for which no one have any answers or maybe they do have but not want to divulge it.


Looking towards his grandmother he asked “Granny what was the lady talking about? About which truth she was saying?”


“I myself am confused my child. I’ve no idea what that lady was bluffing. But why are you getting worked up with this. See, currently Khushi needs you. After whatever happened she must be worried sick.”




“Arnav! My child! Don’t think too much about her words. Must be a mad woman who keeps on bluffing. You go upstairs and be with Khushi. We’ll handle everything here.”


At this he hummed and left for his room, though he earnestly wants to know the answers of all his questions which has just increased after talking with that lady. But at the same time he knows that currently his wife needs him more than anything.


Here as soon as he left Narmada Devi asked Abhishek to handle the police matter and then left for her room with her son Rudra in tow.


Reaching her room she sits on her armchair while Rudra too sat on the bed after bolting the door.


“Maa! I’m really afraid with the things happening around and now with this old lady coming here and saying all this…”


But he stopped in mid upon seeing her mother raising her hand upward indicating him to stop saying anything.


“By getting afraid we’ll get nothing in return Rudra. But yes, I’m also shocked that why that lady came here and said all those things. Why now? The ghost is still captured in that room then how can all this happened and also when Lakhan was wearing that sacred amulet then how can he be killed by the ghost?”


“You’re saying right maa. But still I’m not too sure about staying in this house. Things happening around are just…”


“Rudra! You know that this house is our ancestral property and by no means I’m going to leave this house. Now go and see what new police officer had found out about Lakhan’s case.”





Here on the other side when Arnav entered his room he finds Khushi sitting on the bed with something in her hand, lost in her own world. Sitting beside her he called out to her breaking her thought process and said “What happened dear? And what’s in your hand. I’ve never seen this with you.”


“You hadn’t because it’s not mine.”


“If not yours then whose?” he asked.


“The one who is behind Lakhan’s death.”


“What? You know who killed him?” he asked shocked.


At this she nodded her head in affirmative and said “That girl’s ghost. She is behind all this Arnav. She is behind everything.”


“What rubbish Khushi? From when you started believing in all this? Tell me?” Arnav asked irritated.


“From the time I started experiencing it. From the time I’d read her diary.”


“What’s written in this diary that you started believing in these fake stories?” he asked.


At this she told him all that what she had read making him to give it a thought.


“Now you do believe it. Right Arnav?” Khushi asked hoping that he’ll understand her.


“Well! I agree that Lakhan’s death isn’t any accident instead he has been murdered. But at the same time let me tell you that I still don’t believe in all this.”




“No Khushi! Something which science can’t explain and which has no logic behind it will never be accepted by me. But yes, now granny needs to answer my questions. Because for sure there is some mystery which is buried in these four walls about which that old lady was telling me. And for that I need to have a word with granny. Because I believe only she can answer my question.”


“Which old lady are you talking about Arnav?”


“Khushi! You need not take any stress. Please understand me. You just take care of yourself and our unborn. Rest I’ll deal,” saying this he gets up and called for Roshni and as soon as she came he asked her to be with Khushi and left from there towards Narmada Devi’s room.







Standing on the threshold he knocks the door and then entered only to find his grand-mother standing near the window.


“Arnav! My son! You here? What happened? My daughter-in-law is fine, right?” she asked.


“Don’t worry she is hale and hearty and currently Roshni is with her.”


“Oh! Okay! But what brings you here then? Anything important?”


“Hmm! For you I don’t know if it’s important or not but for me it is.”


“What are you talking about? Don’t speak in riddles my child. Be clear!”


“Okay! As you wish,” he said and then taking a deep breath he asked “What are you hiding from me granny?”


“What? What are you talking about?”


“Don’t! Don’t try to act as if you don’t know what I’m talking about granny. Because I know that you very well know that I’m asking you to disclose what that old lady was saying and why.”


“Arnav I’ve told you earlier too that she must be a mad woman making her own weird stories.”


“If so, then what about this diary?” he asked forwarding the same in her direction.


“Diary?” she murmurs looking at it while gulping her saliva and then asked “From where do you get this?”


“That’s not the answer to my question.”


“I’d asked you something Arnav. From where did you get this? Did by any chance you open that room?” she asked sternly yet her voice reflects fear in it.


“Yes! Khushi has…”


“I’d told you to stay away from that room but still you and your stupid wife.”


“Granny! She is my wife. Don’t call her stupid,” he said a bit loudly.


“I don’t care for that. But due to her stupidity death is now looming over our head,” she said moving towards the cupboard and taking out the suitcase started filling her clothes in them.


“Go! Pack your bag. We need to move out from here till Guru ji came back and closed that door. And yes call Rudra and Abhishek and ask them to pack their bags too,” she said still stuffing her belongings in the suitcase.


“What? But why? See granny we’re not going anywhere until you tell me the truth,’ he said amadmant.


“We don’t have time for all this. Just understand that there is a curse on our family and by opening that room you’d activated it again. So, if you want to save your wife and unborn then do as I say.”







Khushi was sitting with Roshni who was telling her about that old lady when suddenly she stopped speaking and looks down.


“Roshni! Roshni what happened? Why are you looking down?” Khushi asked her at which she looked towards her with her blood-shot eyes and said “You grand mother-in-law thinks that she can leave from here without any harm but she doesn’t know that I’ll not let her go easily. She’ll die and then only she can leave but not before that,”


“What? What are you saying Roshni? And what happened to you? Your… your eyes…”


“Not Roshni! I’m Varsha… the one whose diary you were reading yesterday,” she said with a devious smile.”


“Va… Varsha… Roshni you’re joking. Right?” Khushi asked knowing well that she isn’t.


“Do you think I’m?” she asked and then in another moment started floating in air making Khushi scared who started screaming for Arnav.


Precap: “… your unborn child will die……”


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  1. arnav still can’t believe supernatural things and want to know the truth.good.shocking that the possessed roshni is hell bent on destroying lives over will khushi protect her baby and Granny from varsha?

    • One who doesn’t believe in all these do takes time to admit it… But now we can just hope that he’ll understand before things go worse 😉

  2. Hope nothing happens to Khushi and her child.. the ghost will not allow anybody to leave now.. superb update.. do continue soon…

  3. ohh what a turning in events……I loved the update but hope nothing will happen to Arshi’s unborn..update soon


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