A little girl of around 7 years was pacing up and down frowning, her face contorted in anger with the clock ticking away every minute while a lady with hazel eyes, white-milky skin, black long curly hairs with a smile to die is sitting on the bed folding the clothes, glancing towards the little girl in every 2 minutes barely concealing the smile which was threatening to erupt on her pink petals.


After almost 15 more minutes the little girl glanced towards the door and upon seeing him not coming out she roared in her little yet cute angry voice “It’s been more than half-an-hour Mr. Daddy Singh Raizada and if you still didn’t comes out then your punishment will double-up.”


“Aku! Baby please pity your daddy. Don’t do it,” came a pleading voice of the mighty Arnav Singh Raizada from the bathroom who though is a terror for the outer world, but a scared cat in front of his baby doll, his daughter- Akira and yes not to forget his mishty, his wife- Mrs. Khushi Arnav Singh Raizada who is currently doing nothing but giggling on the fate of ASR.


“No, not at all. You did wrong and now you’ve to bear it,” cupping her face she said in her baby voice.


“Aku please!”




“Aku! You’re my little angel baby. Won’t you do this for your daddy?” he asked from inside while she nodded a no and then did a face-palm realising that her daddy can’t see her so biting her tongue she said “No daddy! I’ll not. So just come out of this damn bathroom.”


“Khushi! Shona tell her to change her punishment,” this time he called out to his mishty to save him from the devil his sweet angel has become.


At this Khushi muffled her laughter and looking towards her daughter she winks and then said “Sorry Arnav! Can’t help! You see your daughter is as stubborn as you and won’t hear from anyone. So you have to abide by her.”


“But shona!”


“No Arnav! It’s of no use. This you must have think before going on your IMPORTANT MEETING due to which you missed the birthday of your daughter.”


At this Arnav cursed his luck, oh! How he wish he can turn the time, go back and attend his angel’s birthday instead of the stupid meeting and then that stupid rain and landslide which had lead him to this weird punishment of his daughter.


“But baby that meeting was important because I wanted to give that land to my daughter as her birthday gift,” Arnav tried once again but this time he was cut-off by his cute little devil.


“But who said you that I want that as my gift?” she asked annoyed and then added “You know daady that even if you guys won’t give me any gift but will just spend your whole day with me, it’ll be a bliss to me. I don’t want any gift but just my parent’s presence beside me. But due to your stupid gift that didn’t happen. So now you have to bear the brunt of Akira Arnav Sing Raizada’s punishment.”


“But baby!”


“I’m counting till 10 daddy. If you still didn’t come out of this damn bathroom. I swear babaji I’ll never ever talk to you,” she used her trump-card and started counting.


“1… 2… 3… 4… 5… 6… 7… 8… 9… and the last”


But before she could say ‘10’ she heard the door click open and came out the mighty Arnav Singh Raizada looking everywhere but at them.


But as soon as he comes out, the two people who were already present in the room couldn’t stop themselves and started laughing like there is no tomorrow.


“OMG! Arnav you’re looking… you’re looking so…” and she again started laughing holding her stomach while Arnav look down at himself embarrassed at wearing a white-colour knee-length frock.


“Daddy! Your punishment isn’t complete yet. Don’t forget that you’ve to do a ramp walk too,” Akira said battling her eye-lashes innocently while Arnav made a puppy-face.


Yes, this was his punishment which was set by his cute angelic devil- to wear a frock and do a ramp walk in it.


“Aku! You’re my shona naa… Please spare me now,” he said pouting which definitely has no effect on his daughter who immediately took her mommy’s phone and opening the camera in it click a picture of her dad in this attire.


Showing that pic to her dad she giggles saying “Daddy! Now if you don’t agree to me then I’ll definitely post this picture of yours on Facebook and Instagram with a caption ‘My hot and sexy daddy’. So do you want it?”


“No!” he screamed thinking of its consequences while the other two giggles.


“Baby! You wouldn’t want your daddy to be embarrass?” he asked sweetly.


“Daddy! You wouldn’t want me to be angry and this photo to be seen by others,” she said showing the mobile in her hand.


“Khushi! At least you say something,” he turns towards his wife who was giggling to herself.


But hearing him say that she move towards him and said “Sorry! Hubby darling! You see I wouldn’t want to come in between daddy and his sweet angel, neither would I want to become the victim of this little devil’s mischievous idea. So I’m out of it. Moreover I’m getting free of cost entertainment so I’m really enjoying it.”


At this Arnav glares at her while she shrugs her shoulder and caressing his light subtle she added “By the way you’re really looking too cute with this sexy frock on you,” planting a quick peck on his cheek she immediately went back near the bed while Akira clapped.


“Daddy! Now start your ramp walk,” she said grinning ear-to-ear.


Though Arnav didn’t wanted to but he knows that he really have no option. Moreover he really doesn’t wants to risk his fragile heart with another one of his devil’s punishment so he decided to abide his daughter’s demand. Though not with heart but he was going to take the step when Khushi stopped him.


“Wait! Wait! Wait! Wait a minute! We can’t do like this,” Khushi said coming in front of Arnav making his face to lit up with happiness thinking that finally his mishty is on his side while little Akira frowned and placing her hand on her hips she asked “Mommy! Why did you stopped daddy?”


“Awee! My little muffin! Don’t worry! I aren’t coming in between both of your fight like I said earlier. It’s just that I’m a viewer to this whole free-of-cost entertainment so I wish to put some more colours in it,” Khushi said with a wink.


“What?” both Arnav and Akira shout together with a slight difference that the former one shouted in shock while the latter one in excitement.


“Khushi! What are you doing mishty?”


“Nothing much hubby! Just increasing the dose of laughter,” saying this she plays the song ‘Fashion ka jalwa’ on her laptop making Arnav’s eyes widen while on the other hand Akira giggles and then both mother-daughter hi-fi each other.


“Daddy! What are you waiting for? Come on start now,” she said at which he wince but then start doing the cat-walk giving poses while Khushi click his photos without his knowledge thinking to keep it as a memory and to later show it to her grand and great-grand-children.

After almost 15 minutes, when Akira felt that now her daddy should be forgiven then she told him to stop as she is not angry on him anymore. Even before she could say anything more, Arnav rushed inside the bathroom and came out after few minutes dressed in his usual shirt-pant. Taking a sigh of relief he murmurs to himself “Arnav beta! Do remember not to anger your daughter. This time she only made you wear this, otherwise, god knows what she will make you do the next time.”


Moving towards his daughter he bends down on his knee to reach her level, placing a peck on her forehead he said “Sorry Aku! I know I screwed up a big time. But honestly I just… Sigh! Daddy forgiven, Right?”


“Yes daddy you’re forgiven. Moreover if you screwed up more also then too I will be happy as I’ll be able to give you more punishments like this,” saying this she giggles.


“What?” Arnav responded shocked at his daughter words but soon he too joins her along with Khushi.


“Okay now! Me going, you enjoy with mommy,” saying this she winked and left from there while Khushi and Arnav just shook their head because now they’re use to it.


Locking the door after Akira left the room Arnav went towards Khushi, jerking her to him he said “Well! Mishty today your laugh was unstoppable.”


“What to do Arnav? If such a cute husband will be standing in front of me then….” She trailed off garlanding her hands around his neck.


“Couldn’t you help me pacify her?” he asked frowning.


“You just did it,’ she said with a wink.


“Oh! Not of that kind,” he said making a face while she giggles and said “Well! She is too stubborn to be pacified like that you see.”


“Hmm! That’s right,” he said with a frown.


“Moreover I couldn’t help you when your daughter gives you the taste of your own bitter medicine. You see! The same ASR attitude. Telling you Arnav she is going to be future lady ASR version.”


“Well! This is the house of ASR. And honestly in future someone has to make this world remember who ASR is. So I’m okay with it,” he said with a lop-sided grin while Khushi rolled her eyes.


“By the way I think that as of now you need to see some ASR style hotness,” saying this he sweep her off the floor and placing her on the bed he added “And some punishment too for not helping me with Aku,” saying this he hovered over her and soon both were lost in their own world of love and passion.





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  1. amazing shot.. poor Arnav.. well Khushi had a great time enjoying her hubby dressed in white knee length dress and doing cat walk.. loved the one shot..

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