Arshi SS- GHOST OF THE HAUNTED HOUSE ~Season-2~ (Part 11)

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“We don’t know how this happened bhabhi. When I came here to put some things in store I freaked out to find his dead-body here. From morning we all are trying to find Lakhan but he… he is no more,” Roshni said sobbing. At the same time they heard screeching voice of tyres and soon finds both Abhishek and Arnav making their way towards them.

Seeing them coming towards them Khushi immediately rushed towards Arnav and hugging him she said “Arnav! Arnav! He…. He is no more… Someone killed him.”

Arnav was patting her back to calm her down and then move towards the place where Lakhan’s dead body covered in blood was lying.

“How did this happened?” he asked.

“We knew nothing dear. From morning all of us were trying to find him but none can find him and now this,” Narmada Devi said with sadness laced in her voice.


“Who reached here first?” he further asked.


“I was the one who first saw his dead body brother-in-law,” Roshni said in a teary voice.


“Hmm! Okay! But does anyone have called police?”


“No,” Khushi replied still clutching his arms.


“Abhishek! Please call the police.”

“What are you saying son? Police that too in our house! No ways. This can’t happen,” Narmada Devi said making Arnav and Khushi shocked.


“What do you mean by it daadi? A death has happened in our house and you want me to stay quiet and not to call police. Have you gone insane?”


“Arnav! I agree that Lakhan is no more. And believe me I’m the one who is most affected by his death because I’d known him when he was a toddler. He was not less than a son to me.”


“That’s the point daadi. You said you considered him as your son but still you’re saying me not to call police.”


“Yes! I’m saying this because that’s the right thing to do.”


“How can that be right daadi?”


“Arnav jus answered me one thing. If someone dies accidently then would you called a police. No… you wouldn’t. Police are to be called for murders not for accidental death.”


“Oh really! And what made you believe that it is an accident and not a murder?” he asked.


“No one can dare to enter our house without our permission let alone murder someone. Moreover Lakhan has a bad habit of drinking at night on the terrace. So maybe in his drunken state his foot got slipped and he falls down from the terrace,” Narmada Devi said.


“Well! Daadi honestly saying that the story you just narrated seems really interesting but what to do it doesn’t matches with the facts.”


“What do you mean by it Arnav?” Rudra asked.


“Well! Well! You see this place where his body is lying is quite far from the servant’s quarter he is living in. And if by any chance your story is true then his body must be lying there not here. And second thing over here (pointing around the area) there is no terrace I can see from where he can fall down.”


At this everyone quietened down because they all knew that there is point in Arnav’s talks while Abhishek called up police.


But all this while none noticed Khushi who was lost in her own thoughts remembering yesterday night’s events while Arnav was keeping his point of view forward.


Confused and scared at the conclusion she decided to tell Arnav about what she has seen and felt last night.


“Arnav!” she said meekly holding his hand with her shaking one making him turn to look towards her.


“Khushi! What happened?” he asked wiping the dampness from below her eyes.


“Arnav! I wanted to tell you something,” she said after a hiatus.


“We will talk later Khushi. You shouldn’t take much stress,” he said cupping her face and then looking towards Roshni he gestured her to take her upstairs in her room.


“No Arnav! We need to talk first. It’s important. It’s about Lakhan,” she said in a breath.


“Lakhan? What about him?” he asked confused while Khushi narrated all the events that transpired in the night.


“What? Khushi! I think you didn’t had rest properly that’s the reason you had imagined all this. Nothing else. Now go and rest.”


“No Arnav! Believe me! First I too thought that it was all my imagination and that’s the reason I hadn’t said you anything but now after all this I too think that there is an unknown presence…”


“Bullshit Khushi! I hadn’t expected this from you. You know I don’t believe in all this. But what amazes me is the face that you from all is telling me this. I think your pregnancy is taking a toll on you.”


“No Arnav! Now everything is making sense. From last few days all the weird things happening with us is making sense now. But what I find shocking is how come that evil spirit gains so much energy that she is trying to harm us even after locked in that room and wearing the sacred locket. Locket? Yes, locket,” saying this she immediately move towards Lakhan’s dead-body to check whether he is wearing it or not but got astounded to see him wearing the locket.


“How can that be possible?” she murmurs loud enough to be heard by everyone else present there.


“What can’t be possible maa?” Rudra asked.


“He is wearing the locket Rudra. So it’s not possible for the evil spirit to kill him.”


“See! That’s what I’d said,” Arnav said kissing Khushi’s forehead and then told her to go upstairs with Roshni and take some rest. Though reluctantly but she obeyed him while everyone else waited for the police to come.


After some time police arrives and started investigating the matter ordering all of them not to leave this village in any circumstances to which they nodded in affirmative while the police went off.


Soon the news spread in the whole village like fire and everyone started gathering outside the house but no one really dared to enter inside except the same old lady with whom Arnav and Khushi had met earlier while roaming around the village.


That same old lady came inside laughing and said “Time has come for you all to pay for your sins. Now no one will remain alive. Hahahaha! Everyone has to pay for their sins in this birth itself and now it’s your time. Years back, I and my family was at the receiving end, helpless crying to be spared but now it’s going to be you and your family. Hahaha! This house, this haveli will soon be drowned into the pit sadness where there will be only bloodshed. One had already gone and many to go. Hahahaha! Someone had said so true- There maybe delay in god’s house but not denial. Hahaha! The delay has come to an end today and now the punishment will be served. The punishment will be served. If you can then save yourselves,” saying this she was about to go when Arnav stooped her.


“You’re the one whom I and my wife had met sometimes back. Isn’t it?” he asked but upon seeing her not responding he further added “Why are you saying such things for my family? What my family had done to you or your family? See! I think you’ve any misconception about them. My family is very nice and…”


But he was cut-off by the elderly lady who looked towards him strangely and then said “Never comes to any conclusion before knowing the truth. Go and first find it out only then you’ll be able to say something meaningful otherwise you’ll just keep on blabbering things which no one will account for except your family. Go child! Go! And find out, unveils the mystery around this house who knows your own questions will also get its answers,” saying this she left from there leaving a thoughtful Arnav behind.



Precap: Lakhan’s death mystery and accident with Khushi.

*Small update… I know… But this is what I can manage as of now…*


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