PART- 29


After dropping Khushi at her home Arnav was heading back towards Sheeshmahal, but his mind was occupied with day’s events which were making him confused, but above all was Khushi’s behaviour and that doctor’s advice. He wasn’t able to forget any of these. But what disturbed him is the fact that he is getting bothered by this to such an extent. Agreed that he considered her as his friend now but still, the very fact that she had this much of effect upon him is now scaring the hell out of him. But at the same time the point that he isn’t able to do anything- neither to help her nor himself is making him all the more frustrated.


He was in his thoughts and didn’t realised when he reached Sheeshmahal. Parking the car he came out of it and headed inside, only to be greeted by his family who were gathered in the main hall. As soon as Anjali saw him, she smiled and said “Arnav! You came?”


“Yes di,” he responded back with tired smile. Placing his laptop bag on the table he took the glass full of water from her hand and gulps it down as if he was thirsty from a long time. Putting the glass on the table he comfortably sat on the sofa with a sigh of relief, Khushi’s tired face still revolving in front of his eyes when he heard someone clearing her throat. Opening his eyes he looked ahead only to heard his grand-mother’s voice.


“Arnav! Go get freshen-up, till then Nakul will place the dinner.”


At this he hummed tiredly and then left from there towards his room with his laptop bag.


“Dadi ji, why haven’t you talked to Arnav about Lavanya?” Shyam asked.


“Will ask daamad ji but at right time,” she replied.


“What do you mean by right time daadi ji?”


“Ofo daamad ji! You know your brother-in-law too well. Don’t you?” Subhadra asked.


“Of course I do.”


“Then my dear you should also remember his temper. He has just came from office and iff we start now then don’t know how will he react. So let him have his dinner first. After that we’ll talk to him regarding this,” Subhadra said patting his shoulder while he too nodded realising that she is saying correct.


After some good few minutes Arnav came back in a white tee and black pyjama and joined the others on the dining table who were already waiting for him. After finishing the dinner Arnav got up and bidding them good night was going towards his room when Subhadra stopped him.


“Arnav! My son! If you’ve some time from your busy schedule for this old lady then can we have a word?” Subhadra asked making him to frown.


“Daadi! Are you serious? I mean from when you started taking permission to talk to me,” he asked bemused.


“Well! What to do my son, you see that my grand-son is too busy so I think why not to take an appointment before meeting him,” she too replied back in a casual tone and at which he shook his head while others started laughing.


Taking the seat on the sofa he sat down while others too got seated and then asked.


“Now tell me daadi what you wanted to talk about?”


“Umm! Arnav my son! You know Lavanya,” she said pointing towards her and then added “Actually she is pursuing fashion designing.”


“Wow! That’s great,” he said looking towards her with a genuine smile which she too reciprocated.


Then turning towards his granny he added “Daadi! Is this your important talk?”


“Oh no my son! I’ve not even started it,” she said and then caressing his forehead she added “Actually she wants to get some practical exposure too. So I thought why to go somewhere else when we’ve our own fashion house.”


At this Arnav jerk his head and look first towards Lavanya and then back to her.


“What do you mean by it?”


“Ofo! Arnav I mean to say that why should Lavanya go somewhere else when she can work with you.”




“Why are you giving such a response brother-in-law? Do you have a problem with my sister? Or you don’t want my sister to work with you?” Shyam asked annoyed.


“Ugh! Oh! There is nothing like that,” he said.


At this Shyam excitedly move towards Lavanya and giving her a quick hug he said “Then its final Lavanya you don’t need to go anywhere else. You’ll be working in the top-most Fashion house- Raizada Fashion House (RFH) under Arnav’s guidance.”


“Wait! Wait guys!” Arnav interrupted their merry moment making all eyes to turn towards him. Knowing that what he is about to say isn’t going to go down well with them but then he can’t help it. Taking a deep sigh he said “It’s good that Lavanya wants to get some practical exposure but just because I know her personally doesn’t means that she’ll be able to work in RFH.”


“What do you mean by it Arnav? Why can’t she work there?” Subhadra asked in astonishment looking towards Lavanya who was staring down feeling embarrassed.


“Because we don’t have any current vacancy.”


“But why do we need vacancy Arnav when you yourself can appoint her personally,” Shyam added not liking that things aren’t going as per his plan.


“And why do you think I’ll appoint her or will do any personal favour upon her?” he asked crossing his hand below his chest and raising his brow.


“Obviously because she deserved it. Arnav don’t forget that she is my sister and…”


But before he could complete his sentence Arnav cuts him off in middle and said “I’ve not forgotten that he is your sister jeeju. But at the same time you should also remember that we’re talking about my professional front… not personal front. And just because she is related to you I can’t give her any privileges, neither can you force me for the same,” saying this he move towards Lavanya and added “Don’t take me wrong Lavanya, but you can’t become a part of RFH, not at least now because I don’t change my rules, my policy for anyone be it my family. And currently there is no vacancy for you and even if there was any then you’ve to complete the whole procedure and get a selection on your own without taking advantage of my position only then you can be appointed. I hope you’ll understand me,” saying this he left from there even before anyone could ask him anything while the members left behind just stared at his back- two with disappointment while rest two with anger laced with fear, fear of not completing the task they were told to do.


On the other hand after letting the family know about his decision he enters his room and sitting down on his bed ran a frustrated hand through his hairs.


“Gosh! Why my family don’t understand me. Already I’m juggling with the changes I’m feeling inside me and now this. Don’t they know what will be my answer then why they even kept such a proposition in front of me? God save me!” he murmurs and then again his thoughts drifted back to Khushi.


‘But what was that with Khushi? Will she be fine? Should I call her?’ he thought and looked at the watch only to realise that it is quite late. ‘No, she must have slept by now. Already she wasn’t well. So I shouldn’t disturb her. As in I would be meeting her tomorrow then only will ask her,’ thinking this he too slept.






It was next morning, Sun shone brightly in the sky. Streaks of rays penetrated through the window touching her skin lightly, warming her from inside out while it blinds her eyes making them squirm. Soaking the warmth of the soft covers of bed, before rubbing her eyes from the back of her hands and opening them to let them see the sun rays, she sat up on the bed with her ruffled hairs presenting an adorable view. After combing her silky hairs from her hand she dragged her feet off the bed, wearing the slippers she get up and taking the metal frame in her hand she caressed the photo in it. Kissing it with all her heart she wished her.


“Good morning Pal! How are you? I hope you’re fine, but know what? I’m not. You know I’d tried hard but now I’m losing it and that’s the reason I’d decided to meet the psychiatrist that too without telling nani about it. You’re with me. Right?” she asked but then after a minute herself answered “Of course you’re! What to do you can never leave your sister alone for that matter,” saying this she winked and then one more kissing the photo she went to get ready.


After getting ready, having breakfast and bidding bye to her naani she started for her office but instead of going to office she called up Sheena and asked her to reschedule her meetings after lunch-time she herself went to meet Das aunty who is a well-known psychiatrist.


After reaching her home she parked her car, coming out of it she move towards the door. But before ringing the doorbell she did the exercise of breathe-in and breathe-out to remove the nervousness. Never in her life had she thought that a day will come when she’ll be standing at the doorstep of a psychiatrist, not even when she lost her soul sister. But maybe life always stores unexpected surprises and that’s the reason today she is here. After a few minutes when she feel that she is better and calm she rings the bell which soon got opened and she got welcomed by a woman of her mother’s age, but what amazes her is the fact that the age hasn’t make any difference to her. She is still looking as beautiful as she used to look when she was a child, just that her deep-blue ocean eyes are now hidden behind the glasses which she is wearing. Coming out of her thoughts she greeted her to which she was replied warmly with a tight-hug full of warmth giving her a feel of home. Coming out of the hug she entered along with her and the cozy and warm feeling she got just make her hesitation to fled away leaving behind a total feel of homeliness.


“So how are you?” Mrs. Das asked her while leading her towards the main hall.


“I’m fine aunty and what about you? I hope I haven’t disturbed you, telling to meet at such a short notice,” Khushi said taking the seat while Mrs. Das too sat alongside her. In the meantime servant came offering cold water which Khushi gladly accepted. Gulping down the water hurriedly she passed a hesitant smile.


“Hmm! So nervous. Are we?” she asked raising her eyebrow not before ordering the servant to bring two cup of tea with some snacks.


“Umm! Not really! It’s just I’m meeting you after so long and that too like this so…” she trailed off.


“Hmm! I can understand. Well! I’m glad that even after all these years you do remember that there was someone called Kshitija Das,” she said with a wink and then added “But for sure I would say that you’d grown-up in a really beautiful girl Khushi. Though, it wasn’t like I never knew-off it. You see you were beautiful from the time you born.”


At this Khushi giggles and said “Thanks for the compliment aunty, but know what amazes me?”


“What?” she asked.


“Well! The thing that even after so many years you’re still looking like you used to. What’s the secret of it? Uncle’s love or your health consciousness?”


“Maybe both,” she replied with a wink making her to broke in a fit of laughter.


“Oh! I forgot to ask. Where is uncle? And how is he?” she asked controlling her laughter.


“Well! Your uncle is good and currently he is Oman regarding some business work and will be staying there for a month or so,” she said.


“Oh! So you didn’t went with him?”


“Well! Wanted to. But you see being a psychiatrist I too have my own priorities so couldn’t go. But now I’m happy that I didn’t went with him,” she said happily.


“And why so?” she asked.


“Oho! If I would’ve gone with him then for sure I would’ve lost this chance to meet you,” she said caressing her hand making her smile a bit.


“So now tell me what brought you here?” she added after a hiatus.


“Why do you think that I’ve come here regarding something,” she asked.


“Well! It wasn’t like after so many years you suddenly got reminded of me and wanted to meet me. Moreover on the call you just sounded like you really wanted to meet me today itself,” Mrs. Das said making her shift uncomfortably in her place.


Fiddling with her fingers Khushi was thing on how to start when she found a hand on her shoulder, making her jerk-up and come face-to-face with Mrs. Das who was intently looking at her with an understanding gaze.


Patting her shoulder Mrs. Das said “See Khushi! I understand that whatever it is, it is very disturbing for you. But till the time you won’t tell me what’s disturbing you I will not be able to help you. So let it out. Think me just your doctor, nothing else. And you can always count me to never let it all out.”


Understanding her point Khushi nodded her head, wetting her lips she started telling her about all the events which had been transpiring with her from last few months, but didn’t disclose about yesterday’s happenings thinking that with this revelation maybe aunty will think that she is getting mad.



Precap: Khushi-Mrs. Das talks & Arshi confrontation

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