PART- 28


‘We have feelings that are not visible, we do things to prevent ourselves from being
 miserable. Being honest is what makes us believable, for our feelings may not always 
be reachable.– Quote taken from google



“Khushi! Khushi! You okay? Khushi?” he asked patting her face, trying to wake her up while his own eyes got moist seeing her in such a vulnerable situation.


Not knowing what to do, he immediately picked her up in his arms and move towards the car. Placing her on the backseat of the car, he took the driver seat and immediately move the car towards the nearest hospital.


With a screeching halt the car stops in the hospital premises, opening the door he take Khushi in his arms and ran towards the hallway.


“Doctor! Doctor!” he shouted running inside.


“Sir please don’t shout like that,” said the receptionist standing-up from her chair.


“If you don’t want me to shout then call the damn doctor, otherwise be assured that the headline of tomorrow newspaper will be that due to ASR’s wrath this hospital has been closed down for forever,” he shouted in anger making her and everyone else present there shudder.


At the same time hearing the commotion, the doctor came there and knowing well who is standing in front of her she immediately ordered the ward -boy to bring the stretcher and then turning towards him she said “I’m sorry ASR on behalf of them. You don’t worry I’ll personally tend to her,” she said assuring him not wanting to face his wrath at which Arnav nodded.


Soon ward-boy came with a stretcher, making Khushi lie on it he move ahead with the stretcher. Reaching the hospital ward, the ward-boy was going to pick up Khushi to make her lie on the bed but before he could do it Arnav picked up in his arms and did the needful.


The doctor came and asked him to step aside after which she check her heartbeats with the help of stethoscope and found it to be normal and then check her blood-pressure which she founds to be a bit high than normal, turning towards the nurse she asked for the injection which was immediately given to her by the nurse. Upon seeing that the doctor is going to give injection to her Arnav panicked and asked.


“Doctor! What happened to her? Why’re you giving her this injection? Is she fine?”


Hu should have continued if the doctor hadn’t interrupted her.


“There is nothing to worry ASR!”


“Then why’re you giving her this injection? And why is she not responding?” he asked.


“Because she has fainted.”




“Yes ASR! Due to some kind of stress her BP shot up and she lost her consciousness. But don’t worry I’ve given her injection. Soon, she’ll come back to conscious,” saying this she left from there leaving a confused soul behind.


‘Stress? And Khushi? What did the doctor just said,’ he thought as he knew that it was not the case until they reached that hut.


He look towards her and seeing her lying there unconscious his heart writhed in an unknown pain as if it’s not her but him who is squirming in pain. He isn’t liking her lying there like a lifeless doll, maybe because his heart knew what his mind isn’t ready to accept. He knew that he likes spending time with Khushi as with her it is as if time crumples down into a small spot which is unidentifiable. Maybe because somewhere he knew that he is getting attracted towards her like a moth to the fire, like a butterfly to the nectar. But what can he do? Her chirpy nature, her doe-shape eyes twinkling in sheer happiness, her butterfly like smile illuminating her surroundings, everything about her is just gravitating him towards her like a magnet.


“What the?” he uttered coming out of his own thoughts.


‘Like? Since when does I started liking her?’ he thought. “No… I don’t like her… I can’t like her or anyone else for this matter. Because I know this likes will first turns into love and then the so called love will give pain which will further bring only sadness and grief with it,” he uttered to make himself belief on the same.


Closing his eyes he leaned back reminiscing himself that he have to keep  himself away from any such kind of feeling which’ll left him with nothing but pain at the end of the day. But then somewhere down the lane he knew that from the time he had met her she has become the Sun of his vapid life and he is like that planet which though is not like others but still couldn’t help to feel the warmness of sun.


He was in his own world when he heard the movement, opening his eyes he look ahead only to find her coming to consciousness. Moving towards her he sat on the stool placed beside her bed and waited with bated breath to open her eyes with a renewed joy he never knew existed in him after that fateful day.


As soon as she opened her eyes she saw magnolia coloured painted walls in front of her while strong smell of medicines hit her nostrils. Scrunching her nose she looks around only to come face- to- face with Arnav who was sitting on the stool beside her bed.


Confused, she was going to ask him where are they when he heard his concerned-filled voice.


“Khushi! Are you okay? How are you feeling now?” he asked.


‘What happened to me?’ she thought but then all the events happened today before she fainted came in front of her eyes like a movie making her closed her eyes while Arnav panicked and immediately call the nurse and ask her to send the doctor.


“Khushi! Khushi!” he called her out making her open her eyes and look towards him in vulnerability which was soon masked by blankness.


Sighing, she assures him “I’m fine Arnav. Nothing to worry,” she said seeing his concerned eyes. At the same time the lady doctor too enters and moving towards them she asked “So how are you feeling Miss Gupta?”


“I’m fine doctor. Just that my head is aching a bit.”


“Oh! That’s not an issue. It’s just that you’ve taken a lot of stress it seems and these are its repercussions. I’m prescribing the medicine. Take it and you’ll be fine soon. ASR you can take her as she is fit and fine now.”


“Thanks doctor,” he said while the doctor left after acknowledging the same.


As soon as the doctor left Arnav turn towards her and asked “What was that all about?”


“What?” she asked playing innocent, though knowing well what he was talking about.


“You know what I’m talking about,” he said frowning and then added “What was there in that hut, why were you screaming like that and then you fainted. You know how scared I got seeing you unconscious.”


At this she looks away not knowing what to say him when she herself has no answers for all these questions. Taking a sigh she looks back and trying to divert the topic she said “I think we should leave. We’re already late. Both of our family must be waiting for us.”


“If you don’t want to answer then don’t but at the same time don’t behave like nothing happened,” he bit out glaring at her and then storm out from there while she felt sad for upsetting him but nonetheless follows him.






“Gosh! Are you for real? I was thinking that you would come-up with some strong plan and this is all you come-up with,” said Lavanya angrily.


“This is the best ever plan,” he said with a smirk while she just shook her head and said “And here I was thinking that it is even any plan or not.”


Nodding her head sideways she asked “Have you gone mad? You know that he has ordered us to do it as soon as possible Shyam but hearing so called plan of yours I think that it’s not going to happen in the coming year too.”


“Oh! Come on. Don’t be so negative lady. And by the way you don’t know my power on my wife and her power on that so called Raizada heir. You don’t worry, I’ll handle it,” saying this he winked while she just sighed hoping that this will work out.


“I hope what you’re saying is truth otherwise we’ll land up in a mess bigger than this.”


“You don’t worry. Just follow me,” saying this he move downstairs where his sweet and naïve wife is sitting talking with her grand-mother.


Reaching there he took the seat opposite her and clear his throat making the two aware of his presence while Lavanya who follow him down sat beside him. Seeing that he has attention of everyone present their, he said “Anjali! Umm! I want to have a word with you. If you guys are not talking on something important then…”


“Oh! Please Shyam! Why this formality? All of my time is yours,” she said and soon bit back her tongue realising what she just said.


“Yes! Yes daamadji, Anjali’s all time is yours,” Subhadra said nudging her grand-daughter’s shoulder making her go red in embarrassment.


“Okay! Jokes apart. Anjali go with damaadji, he needs to talk to you.”


“No daadi ji… Not only her. Actually to both of you.”


“Oh! Is that? Then tell us,” she said.


At this Shyam gives a small smile and said “You guys know that Lavanya is pursuing fashion designing.”


“Yes! We do. But what’s new in it?” Anjali asked.


“Actually Anjali! Lavanya wants to gain some experience too. So I suggested her to join Arnav’s company. This way she’ll gain some experience and working there will be easy for her too as Arnav will be there for her as her support.”


At this Anjali and Subhadra both smiled instantly bringing a smile on Shyam and Lavanya’s face.


“That’s a great idea,” Subhadra said eyeing Lavanya while the latter gives out a sigh of relief and asked “Are you guys okay with it? I mean you both don’t have any problem?”


“Why would this be a problem for us Lavanya?” Anjali asked with a smile while Subhadra added “Anjali is saying correct Lavanya dear. There is nothing to be worried about. You’re like a family to us. So don’t hesitate for anything,” saying this she cupped her face while her heart did a happy dance thinking that both of them will be together with each other and maybe this can melt the heart of Arnav and finally she’ll be able to see her grand-son getting married.


“But what about ASR? Is he be okay with it?”  Lavanya asked still not fully convinced.


“Oh! Don’t worry Lavanya. I’ll talk to him. And rest assured he’ll never disobey me,” Anjali assured making Lavanya smile who look towards Shyam from the corner of her eyes and found him smirking at the success of his plan.






Rubbing her forehead from her fingers Khushi came inside only to be halted on finding her granny- Mrs. Devyani Gupta waiting for her like usual. Dropping her bag on the table she sat beside her, keeping her head on her shoulder while snaking her arms around her waist.


“You okay?” Devyani asked.


“Hmm!” she hummed in the response and after a few minutes parting from the hug she asked “Why you’re asking so?”


“As you’re looking tired,” caressing her hair Devyani replied and then after a hiatus she added “Dinner is ready. Go freshen-up till then I’ll ask Hari to place the dishes on table.”


Though not in a mood she didn’t show it not wanting to worry her granny and went to freshen-up.


After freshening-up she had her dinner with her granny and then after making her sleep in her room she enters her own room, bolting the door from inside she move towards the bed and sat on the corner of it, her thoughts wondering over the day’s events.


“What’s happening with me? With each day things are getting more complicated and messier now. First my night dreams and now this? Sigh! Earlier I was just seeing all these weird dreams during my sleep only. But today… today it was day time and I was relieving the dream- the dream which looks more real than imagination. And if all that wasn’t enough then that hut. It was as if that I was in some other world. Nothing else registered in my mind. Those things, those words, and those blurred images everything seems to be so real. Like that weren’t my dream but a living reality. But how that can be even possible. And if not then what about the emotions which surged inside my heart seeing that hut? What was that for? Crap! What’s all this about? What’s really happening with me? God! Am I getting mad or what?” murmuring she ran a frustrated hand through her thick long hairs while her face mirroring a mixture of confusion and frustration.


Hugging herself she took a deep breath, looking towards the ceiling she closed her eyes and taking a deep breath said to herself “I think I need a psychiatrist.”



Precap: What will be Arnav’s answer to Lavanya for joining his office?





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    • Actually it’s not confusion but the fact that he isn’t ready to accept that he has started developing feelings for her…
      Awee… Poor her… Abhi tak toh usne kuch kiya bhi nahi h fir y hate kaha s aa gaya?

  1. Loved the update, brilliant. Arnav realising he is building feelings for Khushi. Shyam and La plan. Eager for the next part. Thank you for the pm. Regards lily30 from IF.

  2. Hey awesome update yaar …arnav is confused about his feelings hope he will release soon but you have disappeared for almost a month hope you are ok.

    • Thanks dear 🙂
      Lets wait and see if he will or won’t…
      Was busy dear so wasn’t able to update.
      Yes I’m fine dearie 🙂

  3. Wonderful update loved it
    Khushi and Arnav both are confused for what happening with them
    We to want to thank dream mystery to be solved sooner
    Waiting for next update eagerly


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