After finishing his meeting Arnav came back in his cabin and sat down on his chair, leaning back he closed his eyes reminiscing yesterday night events and at the instant two scared faces came in front of his eyes- one of his daughter and another one of his daughter’s nanny- Miss Sia Jaiswal. He knew that he was rude with her but what could he do? At that time all he could see was the scared face of his daughter- his Pari, his life. After Lavanya’s death he had promised himself that even the shadow of pain and sorrow won’t reach near her. But when yesterday he had seen her scared face all hell broke loose. That time all he could think was the fact that he wasn’t able to fulfil the promise- the promise which he had make to himself and to Lavanya, and then all his anger and frustration came out on Sia. He knew she wasn’t at fault but still he did what he shouldn’t.


Sighing he opened his eyes which were showing restlessness and look towards Lavanya’s photo which was placed on his desk. Taking the solid metal frame in his hand he stared at it, able to see his own reflection in the thin sheet of glass that covered it. Caressing the photo from his hand he said “Why have you left me Lavanya? See! What have I become. I wasn’t like this, but the day you left me it seems that jovial Arnav too died. And the Arnav who is standing today here has no other emotion in him left, the only emotion I felt for is our daughter- our Pari. Sigh! I know sister and brother-in-law are also worried for me. But what can I do? I don’t feel anything anymore. See! Today I’ve hurt someone for no fault of hers. She too was scared but not even for once I cared for her. I may have become a good father but at the same time I’ve degraded myself as a good human-being. And it’s all because of you Lavanya, because you left me to suffer alone in this pain and agony of love. And I hate you for that Lavanya! I hate you! I hate you! I love you!”


Holding the photo near his heart, he cried over his fate murmuring the same line until he heard the knock on the door. Hurriedly wiping his tears he asked the person on the other side of the door to come in and soon like always he got busy in his work keeping all those hurtful thoughts and memories at bay.






After meeting Doctor Rawat, Akshat went to his farmhouse as he could neither go to Raizada Mansion nor to police station. Entering the farm-house he told the servant to bring a cup of hot steaming coffee while he himself went towards his room. Coming here had once again transported him to the time when there were happy days in their life. This farmhouse was a gift of his to his sister- Lavanya and this was the point which always makes all four of them to spend their holidays here in their own small world. But nothing is same now, he rued.


Shrugging of those thoughts he took out the diary of Lavanya which had lead him to where he is standing today. He smiled remembering how touchy she was for this same diary of hers. She’d never let anyone even know about it until he had accidentally caught her penning down something in it. But then she’d taken promise from him that neither he would tell about it to anyone and nor he would ever see what’s in it and he has abided by that promise till the day she die. He still remembers the day after almost a year when he’d came across this diary of hers and seeing her diary he wasn’t able to keep his promise given to her anymore. And today he’s really happy that he broke his promise given to his only sister.


Wiping his moist eyes he opened her diary and once again read the page where she had mentioned about her.



 Dear Diary,
 You know today I’ve come to know about something really horrible. You remember Sia? Sia Jaiswal? Yes, Madhu aunty’s daughter. She is so silent type- no talk, no joy, nothing. Madhu aunty had told me that she’d met an accident after which she has become like this but you know I’ve always seen this hidden pain on her face. It’s as if she is dying every minute. I can’t explain what I felt whenever I meet her. But I’ve always shrugged it off thinking that I’m exaggerating everything. But no! Today I got to know that I was right, I was always right. I’d heard Madhu aunty talking about her, but not even in my dreams I’d thought that reality can be this harsher. That girl Sia jaiswal isn’t really her, she isn’t Madhu aunty’s daughter- at least not the biological one. She is a girl whom aunty had saved from some goons and adopted as her own daughter after the real Sia Jaiswal died. But what shocks me is the fact that aunty too doesn’t knows her name. Maybe because the girl has still not opened up to her. I can understand her though. After all facing such brutality and abuse how someone can trust other person easily. I don’t know what had happened to her but from what aunty had told her I know that she has faced a rough time in her life. I just pray that she would come out of trauma and lead a normal life. But with today I’m promising one thing to myself, that I Lavanya Raizada will bring justice to her. That’s a promise which I’m making to myself and to her too.



Caressing the words written by her little sister he turn the page where there is another but the last entry about Sia.


Dear Diary,
You remembered I’d promised something to myself. Yes! To bring justice to Sia and I’ve already stepped onto the path and you know what today I’ve got my first achievement too. I’ve been to Lucknow and had tried to find about her, though I was disappointed as I didn’t get any success maybe because I was so conscious to not to endanger her life. But you know what? Today I’d come across this weird person. He saw Sia’s photo with me and then have asked me how do I know her? I just bluffed something but when I’d asked him the same question he’d left from there calling someone. Now I’m afraid. Had I endanger Sia’s life by this? I’m really worried for her now. I hope that what I’m thinking is wrong.




Akshat caressed the page with his damp eyes. He knew what must has happened after that. The person with whom she met that day must be one of them who are the reason behind Sia’s current state because next day only they’ve got the news of her death. He hadn’t tell about all this to either Arnav or Ashmita because he don’t want to endanger their lives now.


“I wish you’ve let me know the truth Lavanya. I wish you had let me handle it in my way, then maybe things wouldn’t have been like they’re now. But now let bygones be bygones. This was your promise to make Sia’s culprit got what they deserved so now your brother is going to do everything in his will to fulfil your promise. And I’ve two reasons for it. First you and then Sia. I promise you Lavanya that I’ll fulfil your this wish at any cost,” he muttered to himself.


Soon there was a knock on the door making him come out of the trance. Looking towards the door he finds the servant standing at the threshold. Gesturing him to come in he kept the diary back, taking the cup of hot-steaming coffee from he said “Do not disturb me unless it’s very important. Understand?”


At which the servant nodded and then left from there while he himself texted his wife that he is an important meeting so might be late.


Sighing he took that pouch and opened it only to find some CDs and a small diary in it. Taking the diary he opened it only to find some notes made by the doctor based on his conclusions. Closing it, he put it back in the pouch and took out the CD and played it.



  “Hello dear” Doctor Rawat who was sitting in front of Sia greeted her but his cheerful greeting was met with silence from the other side.
  “Okay! I know you don’t want to meet me like many other girls because I’m a bit old. Okay! Okay! Don’t look at me like that. Huh! Okay I know I’m quite old in comparison to you. But no tax will be imposed on you if you would talk to me,” he said trying to make a health conversation with her. But the girl in question maybe wasn’t ready for it as she didn’t even nod her head in acknowledgement.
  “I know why she’d asked me to meet you. I know why you’re here so cut the crap and come to the point. And yes let me tell you clearly I don’t want to share anything with anyone,” she said a bit frustrated.
  “Woah! Feisty girl! I’m glad that I’ve succeeded in at least making you talk to me because from Mrs. Jaiswal I’d come to know that before meeting me also you’d met few more psychiatrist but none of them were able to make you utter even a hello and here you’ve said this much of a long sentence,” he said patting his shoulder while she shift uncomfortably in her chair.
  “You know that I know you’ve suffered a lot in the past. But what you don’t know is that you are still suffering and this time the reason of your suffering are you yourself.”
  At this she look towards him without blinking. Seeing her still unresponsive he continued “You know that lady who has saved you? I think but she needs me as she calls herself your mother.”
  “She is!” she said a bit louder emphasising on her words while Dr. Rawat looked at her amused.
  “But as far as I know she hadn’t given you birth so how can she be your mother?”
  “So what if she hasn’t given me birth? But she has been taking care of me like a mother take care of her child. And to me she is more than a mother,” she said with damp eyes while the doctor nodded his head and said “If you really think so then why are you hurting her?”
  “I’m hurting her?” she asked innocently not knowing what had she done that the only person who had become her saviour is hurt that too due to her.
  “Yes! You’re hurting her by bottling up all the pain inside you. Dear! This pain will act like a poison to you which will lead you towards death slowly which neither I nor Mrs. Jaiswal want.”
  After hearing him she look down staring at nothing while fidgeting with her fingers. It was as if she was battling from herself, trying to make own self understand that she should cooperate with him. And thus after a few minutes she closed her eyes, taking a deep sigh she opened her eyes and looking straight in his eyes she said “I’m ready.”
  At this the doctor smiles and said “I’m really glad that you’re ready for it. Now first please tell me your name. Your real name?”
  At this her face paled, she looked ahead, staring at the white walls behind him, her eyes dilated as if she has been transported to some other world. Tensed lines started forming on her forehead and it didn’t took the doctor much time to understand that she is remembering her past. But what worried him is the fact that she isn’t talking about it instead just remembering it. He knew that this can lead to a panic attack so immediately shook her to bring her back from her thoughts.
  The jerk made her come out of her stupor. She look towards him with pale face and said “I can’t… I can’t… It is too much… Please!”
  He sighed and said “I know it’s not easy for you but we need to do it. Let’s do one thing if you’re not comfortable in remembering it all. Then hypnotism is the only option we have. But you have to cooperate with me.”
  At this she looks away, taking a deep breath she faces him and said “I’ll. If not for myself then for mom.”
  “Good!” he said with a smile and then opening a spiral kinda pattern in his laptop and moves it towards her so that it now faces her. Dimming the lights he said “Look at it without blinking and keep looking until I say to stop.”
  After a few minutes he saw her eye-lids getting heavy so he said “Your eye-lids are getting heavy Sia. You’re now sleeping. But you can hear me. Can’t you?” he asked at which she hummed.
  “If yes, then tell me your name. Your real name?” as soon as he uttered those lines he saw her forehead getting tense.
  “My name is Khu… My name is Khu… Khu…”
  But then she didn’t utter more while her forehead started getting tense.
  “This is the first time I’m seeing someone not saying their name. I believe that your name has some bad memories etched with it, that’s the reason even in your unconscious state you are not willing to take your name. Hmm! Rather than wasting my time on knowing her name I should move forward as that’s the only way now,” he muttered to himself.




Precap: Same as previous *Wink*


*I’m trying to cover each and every aspects. Still if you feel something is left do let me know. Those who were asking me how does Lavanya knows about Sia and how come Arnav had no idea. I hope your doubts too gets answered with this update*





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    • Thanks dear…
      Yes… time has come when the veil from her past will be lifting…
      Now many things will come to fore….
      Just wait for the story to move forward 🙂

      • Okay.. That was my comment… Don’t know how it comesout to be anonymus… Urgh!

        Thanks dear…
        Yes… time has come when the veil from her past will be lifting…
        Now many things will come to fore….
        Just wait for the story to move forward 🙂

    • Yupp… I hope I cleared out the part of Sia-Lavanya’s connection… And regarding Khushi’s past… well… it too will soon come to the fore… 🙂

    • Thanks dear…
      Well! I know that Arnav’s behavior isn’t what we wants to see….
      But if you think from his point of view then maybe you would feel concerned for him too…
      And he himself knew that he shouldn’t have behaved with her the way he did…
      That’s the reason he is feeling guilty…

  1. poor arnav remembering lavanya.akshat reading la’s diary was nice. so la wanted to give justice to sia and akshat will fuilfil her unfulfilled wish.wonder who that guy he behind la’s death?sia’s hypnotism is interesting. she didn’t say her full name. waiting to know more

    • Yes she did…
      And that’s why Akshat too is behind it…
      Because now he wanted to give justice to bot Lavanya and Sia…
      For getting the answer about the guy whom Lavanya met…
      You’ve to wait a bit…
      As we are heading towards the same 🙂

  2. So this was the connection between Sia and Lavanya and of course reason of Lavanya’s death
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    • Yupp… he does… but he has his own reasons… he doesn’t want his family’s life to be put in danger and that’s the reason he isn’t telling about the same to them

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