PART- 17


  Arnav was sitting on his chair engrossed in reading the file of Sharma Project when he heard the knock on the door of his cabin.


  Telling the person to come inside he continues reading the file, while the other person obliges to his command.


  But even after few minutes when he didn’t get any response from the other person who enters inside, he looks up only to find Aman standing there waiting to be acknowledged by him, making him smile but soon that turns into frown when he saw a girl probably in her early twenties wearing a black pencil slim skirt rested up to her knee and white formal shirt standing beside Aman with a smile on her face looking at him, or say ogling at him which makes him smirk.


  ‘Something never changes,’ he thought and then look towards Aman with raised eyebrow.


  “ASR! She is Lisa. Your secretary…”


  “What the hell Aman? You know that Muskaan will be my secretary then how can you hire someone else?” shouted Arnav roiling over him.


  “Oho ASR! At least first hear me out,” Aman said.


  At this Arnav nodded gesturing him to continue.


  “ASR! Lisa is Raj sir’s secretary but only for today she’ll work for you too.”


  “Oh! Is it? Then okay,” Arnav said giving a smile in return.


  “And yes! Lisa I’ll call you when needed,” he added after a hiatus at which Lisa nodded and left from there while Aman kept standing thee.


  Upon seeing Aman still standing there Arnav looked at him and asked.


  “Aman! What happened? Do you want to say something?”


  “Yes ASR! Actually Muskaan’s cabin is ready.”


  “Wow! That’s great! I want to have a look at it then so as to confirm that everything is as per my Muski’s choice.”


  “Sure ASR!” saying this both left from their and entered in the adjacent cabin.


  As soon as Arnav entered with Aman in Muskaan’s cabin a smile automatically crept on his face upon finding it exactly how it used to be earlier.


  “I hope it’s as per your taste,” said Aman.


  At this Arnav gives him a look and said “Well! No Aman! This cabin isn’t as per my taste.”


Hearing him say that, Aman furrows his brows and looks around trying to find any fault in the refurnished cabin. But when he couldn’t figure out it himself, he turn towards Arnav and asked “ASR! Seriously, I’m not able to pin-point anything which isn’t as per your wish. So care to tell!”


“Hmm! You’re right Aman. This cabin is refurnished as per my wish but not as per my taste,” saying this he looked towards Aman who was already looking at him with a look which says ‘Have-you-gone-mad?’


  Shaking his head he gives a small smile and said “This cabin is refurnished as per my Muski’s taste as this cabin belongs to her only.”


  “Ugh! Oh! Okay.”


  Aman gives an uncomfortable smile and left taking his leave from there.


  Here Khushi along with Anjali and Shyam enters in the Raizada Mansion having a hearty talk and carrying shopping bags.


  Priya saw them entering inside and smilingly said “So! Done shopping?”


  ‘Yes mom!” said and excited Anjali while Shyam just thumped all the shopping bags on the sofa and then making himself comfortable on the same said “Ask me mom! Because I’m the one who is carrying all these heavy bags in my hands not these two,” saying this he pointed his index finger towards them making Anjali frowned while Khushi along with Priya just stifle her giggles.


  “Oh hello! It’s you who wanted to join us and not the other way,” Anjali said huffing in anger.


  “Yes! I did! But that doesn’t mean that you’ll take me round and round the whole mall.”


  At this Anjali twisted her lips and said “That’s what shopping requires. And don’t worry, next time I’ll not take you with me anywhere let alone shopping,” saying this she looks away pouting while Shyam murmurs ‘Mood swings!’


  “Awee! My wife got angry. No shona! I can take you to world’s tour carrying you let alone these bags. It was just that I wanted to irritate you. Forgive me!” Shyam said cupping her face while Anjali looked towards him from corner of her eyes and upon seeing his puppy face she gives in.


  “Okay! I forgive you. But…” she said earning a smile on his face which soon vanished hearing her last word.


  “But?” he asked apprehensive at what’s coming next towards him.


  “But… But you’ve to prepare chocolate mousse for me,” she added after a hiatus.


  “What? No… Please say that you’re joking,” Shyam said showing his puppy eyes to Anjali who didn’t budge from her stance and said “Mr. Husband! Just few minutes before you were boasting so much and now when the time comes you’re backing off. Does that mean that you can’t even do a single thing for your pregnant wife?”


  ‘Oh god! Why’ve you included the feature of mood swings in a pregnant wife? Now see! How we husbands have to be up at our toes so that our wives will not get angry. Because an angry wife is like a tigress,’ murmurs Shyam to himself rolling his eyes and the smilingly look towards his smirking wife and pouted.


  “Okay! Don’t exaggerate now. Will prepare but for dinner,” he asked at which Anjali sweetly nodded and then she gets busy in showing all the dresses they have bought to her mother while Shyam sneaks away from there not wanting to become a scape goat of the tantrums of his pregnant wife.


  Here in the office after Aman left from the cabin, Arnav smiles- a heartfelt and sterling smile while looking around the cabin.


  ‘Wish you were here Muski and I bet you would have taken me in your love filled warmly embrace to dive in the ocean of amiability bestowed on me by you,’ thought Arnav and then with a smile playing on his manly lips move towards the ergonomic chair and caressed it.


  “Tomorrow you’ll be here, with me, in front of my eyes, sitting on this very chair and doing your work while I’ll be having plenty of time to look at you and bring back the same love, passion, predilection and affection in your heart which has been sepulchred deep inside in some nook and corner of your heart due to the ebbs that had been transpired in the past,” saying this he closed his eyes remembering the beautiful memory in this very place with the love of his life.


  “This Arnav too! Argh! He has given me so much work to do while he himself is busy with that shit of his client. Huh! What’s her name? Yes, Tiasha! If it was in my hands, I would have killed that Tiasha for laying her eyes on my fiancé let alone working with him.



  What was she saying? Yes!



  Oh ASR! You know I like you so much… for your work and… that it makes me crazy. How can you be at top in all the things? But guess what… This is the quality that you’re so in demand. (She mimicked in her voice)



  Huh! Demand my foot! What does she think of herself? If only I could tell her to stop laying your eyes on the man who has already been taken,” she huffed and puffed in anger standing near the window pane while looking at nothing in particular.



  “So why hadn’t you said that exactly?” came a voice from behind making her jerk back, only to be collided in Arnav’s chest.



  “What? What are you doing here?” she asked getting away from him.



  “What I should do with you?” he asked naughtily which raised her anger some more.



  “ARNAV!!!” she said angrily but he behave nonchalant to her angry voice and said “Muskaan! By the way, what were you saying just before I disturb your thought process?”



  Now this was the limit of her patience.



  She looked at him sharply and said “Nothing Arnav! Well! Why are you here? Your Tiasha must be waiting for you, as you know you drive her crazy. Moreover I’ve loads of work to complete,” saying this she grabbed her chair, sat on it and starts reading the file oblivious to the smirk which was gracing Arnav’s lips.



  Taking the file out of her hands, he tossed it and then cupping her face he asked smirking “Jealous? Are we?”



  At this Muskaan looked at him and then taking the file back starts reading it again without saying anything.



  Now Arnav made her look at him and said “Okay! Sorry! I was just teasing you with that Tiasha. Sorry!”



  Now Muskaan looked at him for few seconds and then smiled hugging him.



  Opening his damp eyes he whispered “Those were the golden days of my life Muski which were soon blemished with the blackness of that accident that separated us for so long. But it is said that no one can ever separate the soulmates for long. Though they have to face many hurdles but at the end of the day they will be united forever and ever.”


  “May be I can’t change the flecked past where we both have suffered, but at the same time I’ll not let it affect our beautiful future. Let bygones be bygone Muski and I assured you that from now on we’ll start afresh. My love is enough for us to sustain as of now because I knew soon you’ll be also joining me in this dive of love and passion,” he murmurs to himself with his damp eyes and a small smile lingering on his M-shaped lips.


~~Locha-e-ulfat ho gaya…. Isn’t it? Kya socha teaser padhkar aur kya ho gaya…hehehehe 😀


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  1. Superb update.. Arnav loves his muskaan so much and also misses her.. well lets see what will be Khushi's reaction to the office and how she will cope up.. loved the update.. 🙂

  2. Nice update
    Arnav getting everything ready as per muskaans tastes but will khushi like it
    He's determined to win his love back
    He says he's not wanting to live in past n look to future
    Let's see if he finds out khushi isn't muskaan what he will do
    Will he be able to love khushi knowing she's not muskaan
    I'm still hoping for some twist which shows she is muskaan but doesn't realise it
    Otherwise maybe she's muskaans twin n they were separated at birth???
    Fingers crossed all turns out ok
    Thanks for pm nplz keep em comin


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