PART- 35


Still lost in each-other Arnav hand which was till now holding her hand in his, left it and move towards her face while other hand which was resting on her waist soon join the course. Cupping her face he wiped the water droplet which was resting on her eyelash. Taking a minute he pecks her forehead making her close her eyes feeling the soft touch of his lips. Parting, he once again gazes in her eyes while she hugged him.


It was the thunderstorm which brought them out of their own world and make them see the events which transpired just now making both of them embarrassed. Breaking the hug they looked away not really knowing what to say. But after a minute or so breaking the awkward silence Arnav said “You’ll catch cold Khushi. Go inside the tent,” saying this he looks ahead passing his fingers through his wet hairs while she nods her head and went inside the tent to change. After a few minutes she came and stood on the threshold of the opening of tent wearing her earlier dress but soon seeing him standing in the rain with those wet clothes she mentally smacked herself for her stupidity upon realising that though she did had a change of clothes but he didn’t. Sighing she called out to him and when he turns to look at her she said “Arnav! Come inside otherwise you’ll catch cold.”


Nodding his head in affirmation he came inside the tent and wiping the water droplets from his hand he shook his head letting the water to fall from his hairs on Khushi’s face.


“Oops! Sorry!” he said realising what just happened due to his actions while Khushi just gives a weak smile wiping it away with her hands and said “Arnav! I think we should reach to the car and went back as if you kept wearing this wet dress then for sure you’re going to catch cold which is really not good.”


“Umm! You’re right but you see if we tried to go out then you’ll get wet too.”


“Yea! That’s true. But!”


“No Khushi! I’m already wet from head to toe but don’t want you to be in the same position like me,” he said while she fidgeted with her fingers looking away.


There was a complete silence for few minutes which was once again broken by Arnav.


“Ugh! Khushi! I’m sorry for what happened back then. I didn’t mean it. I mean it just… Oh god!” he was trying to form the words to justify what he did but was intervened by Khushi who look towards him and giving a small smile said “It’s okay Arnav! I know it was just a friendly gesture and there was nothing more to it. Moreover I know being friends hugging and pecking on forehead is allowed.”


At this Arnav stares at her for a minute or two making her nervous but then stepping near her he cupped her face and said “You know what? I like this thing about you so much.”


“What are you talking about?” she asked with a nervous smile.


“This! What we shares with each-other,” he said pointing towards them and added “Our undeniable friendship and the way you understands even my silence without me uttering a single word. Sometimes it really amazes me. It’s like you’re my perfect partner who knows what’s going inside me, the one who understands me and always ready to make me feel comfortable even when you yourself are not.” At this she looks at him while he holds her hand and continues saying.


“I know that whatever happened back then must have made you uncomfortable and awkward but…”


Arnav! Please! I think we shouldn’t make this matter serious. As I said earlier it was just a friendly gesture from your part and I know and trust you enough to make it as an issue. I know that I’m not comfortable being touchy with people until and unless I really give them some place in my heart but then you’re my childhood friend. Moreover it was me who brought you under rain to have a dance against your wish so it must be me who should be sorry.”




“But! It was just that whatever we’d seen in previous days had taken a toll on us. And now when we’ve got a chance to relax ourselves from all those tension we just get with the flow and started enjoying ourselves and in that same emotion you peck my forehead. And as my best buddy there is no problem in it. Also as I’d said earlier that here in Mumbai we’ll only relax without any worry or tension then this will be our only motto. So the topic is closed. Okay?” she asked at which he hummed, nodding his head in positive making her smile while she herself looks out and excitedly said “Arnav! The rain has stopped. I think we should get going.”


“Yup!” he said and soon both left.


The drive back to hotel was normal as both of them were trying to erase the awkwardness in their own ways with Arnav telling some jokes which were so bad that instead of laughing Khushi was giving him looks while scolding him to focus on driving rather than cracking jokes. But Arnav is Arnav, instead of hearing her he was happily irritating her.






Here in Delhi Subhadra Raizada was really happy upon knowing how her plan is working in the right direction as she has come to know from her sources that both of them had went out for sight-seeing making her glee in happiness. While on the other hand the two souls affected by this sudden trip are trying to come in terms. Though somewhere Sakshi had convinced herself for the positive as well as negative outcome of the current situation but it’s Dhruv who is in misery fearing to lose his love. And currently it is only Sakshi who is his only solace. Irony of the life! The person who is the reason behind his current state is also the person who is comforting him by being with him and trying to divert his mind which is always thinking about the negative consequences of this contract marriage between the love of his life and his elder brother.






It was around mid-night when Khushi’s phone rings breaking her slumber. Slowly and reluctantly, she uncovers her face. Yawning, she sit up, rubbed her eyes from the back of her hands and then pick up her phone lying on the corner beside her bed only to realise its Dhruv calling her. Hurriedly she received the call worried as to what had make him call her this late at night.


“Hello!” she said.


“Hello Khushi! How are you?” Dhruv replied from the other side.


“Hey Dhruv! I’m fine. How are you and others?” she asked stifling her yawn.


“All are hale and hearty.”


“Oh! That’s good! Then why’d you called me?” she asked placing her head on the bed-rest.


“What do you mean by it? Can’t I even call you now?” he asked sounding offended making Khushi to smack her head mentally.


“I didn’t mean it that way Dhruv. It’s just that you’ve called me in mid-night so I though it must be something important.”


“So me talking with you isn’t important?” he asked.


Now this time Khushi could feel that something is definitely wrong so she asked “What happened to you Dhruv? Why’re you sounding like a cranky kid? What’s the matter?”


“Umm! Nothing,” he replied making Khushi wonder why he is sounding so low.


“Dhruv! I know you won’t call me like that at such an hour. So spill the beans.”


“Nothing as such Khushi! Was feeling like talking to you, but I bet you didn’t miss me. Right?” Dhruv asked to which Khushi didn’t know what to reply as this was the truth that she didn’t missed him. Somehow composing herself she said “It’s nothing as such Dhruv. Moreover its yesterday only that we’d reached here so…”


“So what? See me. Here I’m missing you but you?” he said clearly annoyed.


“Dhruv! What had happened to you? Why are you behaving such? It has never happened earlier then why now?”


“Because these days whatever is happening has never happened earlier too,” he replied little frustrated. His insecurity towards their relation is making him do all these but what he isn’t understanding is the point that this insecurity is just going to make their relation more vulnerable rather than strong.


While Khushi understand his turmoil first thought to calm him and thus said “I know Dhruv that whatever is happening is too much for you. But you’ve to understand that it’s not only you who is going through all this chaos but all four of us. Coming here to Mumbai was neither mine nor Arnav’s choice but we didn’t have any other option. I hope you understand me.”


Feeling guilty of his outburst due to his own insecurity after hearing what Khushi said, he closed his eyes in regret and then after few seconds opening them back he said “I’m sorry Khushi. I shouldn’t have talk to you like that but then all the happenings around me took a toll on me and I landed up doing something I shouldn’t and I’m really sorry for it.”


“It’s okay Dhruv. I can understand. But yes I do wish you to maintain your calm.”


“Yes! Sure.”


“Okay! It’s quite late. You should sleep now.”


“Hmm! Good night my love. Have sweet dreams of mine,” he said with a smile.


“Good night Dhruv!” Khushi replied distracted and ended the call.


Dragging her feet off the bed, she wears her footwear and move towards the window, her sleep long gone. Folding her hands below her chest and placing her head on the window-pane she looked ahead, at the black inky canopy freckled by numerous stars twinkling and spreading its light in the dark sky. Playing with the nuptial thread tied around her hand she stood there reminiscing all the recent happenings from the time daadi had revealed about both of their grand-father’s wish. She smiled at her own fate as to how from that time she has been telling and convincing everyone that sooner or later things will fall in its place, but what about her? To whom she should open her heart? To whom she should tell about her own juggling thoughts? To whom she should say that she herself is scared as to where her fate is leading her. And it has been like this from god knows how long. Why is it that when she felt things are going to settled down a storm comes and everything turns upside-down for her to gather and correct it. Why? She herself don’t know.


Tucking the hair strand behind her ear she remember Dhruv’s call just few minutes back and how low and insecure he was sounding. She knew that if anyone else would have heard him then to them it may seems that he is very possessive about her. But she knew the truth- truth that it wasn’t his possessiveness but his insecurity which leads him to do what he did. But can she blame him for it? No- she can’t because like hell she knew it’s due to her that he is so insecure, that her not reciprocating his love had lead him to this situation. But then how can she? How she can when she herself is confused about her feelings. No, she can’t give him any hope yet at the same time can’t see him like this. That’s the sole reason she can neither deny nor accept his love.


Tears filled in her eyes at her own helplessness. She knew that Dhruv really loves her so much but the question is- Does she loves him back with the same intensity? Does she feels for him the same emotions he felt for her. But the answer to this question like always is a question mark to her. She doesn’t know what she feels for him till date. Yes! She did said yes to him for this relationship but that was because he wanted to be with her and his urge to give this relationship a chance  make her think that maybe like Arnav-Sakshi they were also meant for each-other and thus deciding to forget her earlier thoughts and feelings she said yes. But now she really don’t know what to think or say? For sure she knows that Dhruv is more than just a friend to her but at the same time she also knows that he isn’t her soulmate because whenever she had tried to think about him in that place she always have been left disappointed with herself because for her love and Dhruv just doesn’t come together. Why? She herself doesn’t knows. But till date she is trying, trying hard to make herself accept him as her lover, her soulmate. But then, now with the current situations things are getting more and more complicated and this is really scaring her.


Not knowing what to do and how to do she sighed and wiping her damp eyes she prayed to her deity to give her enough strength to make everything correct and then left to sleep waiting for the new dawn.


  Precap: Khushi mesmerises Arnav in her western look.




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  1. first arshi scene was romantic. Arnav apologized. liked khushi saying that she knows that its only a friendly gesture.loved Arnav saying that she is a true partner who understands him completely even without saying a word.druv is so frustrated.khushi consoling him was nice.but she is guilty as she is not loving him with the same intensity. now i feel bad for druv.wish before his heart breaks he and sakshi become a couple

    • Glad u loved it di…
      Hahaha…. Well! Honestly i too felt bad while typing this but what to do tat’s how it is going to be…
      Let’s see what’s in store for him… 🙂

  2. Khushi doesn’t love dhruv.. well can understand earlier she gave in to his wish but now in the situation she is not able to connect with him.. Khushi didn’t put any light of what she feels for Arnav? she is clear about dhruv not her soulmate but what about Arnav.. agree he is friend just friend or unknowingly she have started to feel something for him but is scare to even bring that thought in her mind.. well will be waiting to see where this all leads them to.. loved the update..

    • Yes… For sure she doesn’t feels that kind of love towards him which one should fell for their soulmate or life-partner…
      And that’s why she is so messed up in the current situation…
      Regarding arnav there are still many things to come out in open so let’s see what’s gonna happen next 😉

    • Well! That only time will tell…
      Though they are bound to get hurt…
      But with hurt will come new budding feelings which will lessens the same… 🙂


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