PART- 34


As soon as their food was placed on the table and the man left back, Arnav closed the door and both of them attack on their food as if they’ve been kept hungry from god knows how many ages.

After having their food both of them sat on the bed wondering what to do next. While Arnav switch on the TV and started surfing the channels. On the other hand as soon as Khushi saw him doing this she makes a face and snatching the remote from his hand she press the power button to off it.

“Khushi!” Arnav whined while Khushi giggles.


“Now what? Why you switched off TV” he asked irritated at her.


“Here I’m thinking to make a plan and see you! Gosh! You’re no thing for good,” she said twisting her lips while he rolled her eyes and said “Plans! Like seriously? And can I know what plans are you talking about?”


“Arey! We’re here for a whole week and as far as I know you don’t have a meeting for a whole week instead it’s of 1-2 days. So we really can’t sit here idle. And as I’ve said you earlier too that we’re going to enjoy our stay in Mumbai so for that we’ve to make plans, it’s but obvious.”


“Oh! Okay! But Khushi why plans? I mean…”


“Arnav! Don’t irritate me otherwise I’ll just fry you and then take it as my meal,” she said glaring at him.


“Okay my mother. From now on my lips will be sealed.”


“Good! Now tell me what is the time of your meeting?” she asked but not getting any reply from him look towards him only to find him making faces.


“What now?” she asked amused seeing him behaving like a child while he said “Khushi, you know that when you’ve decided something then there is nothing more left for me to say, then why are you even asking me?”


“Arnav please don’t behave like a brat.”


“I’m behaving like a brat or it is you.”






“God! See! I really don’t want to waste my time like this so…”


“Oh so now you’re wasting your time. Very good! And now you think I’ll help you in any way?”


And their cute little fight continues whole day on one or other topic until they slept to welcome a new morning which will bring new changes and new dynamics in their life and relation unknown to them.



What we planned is not always what we get…
What we get is not always what we planned…
The reality of life is that it is unexpected…
So always expect something which you’ve never expected…





Slowly and reluctantly Khushi uncover her face and blink her eyes. Streaks of sunlight fall on her beautiful face penetrating through the window making her squirm her eyes. Opening her eyes she looks around only to find Arnav standing in front of the mirror combing his hairs. Sitting up she rubbed her knuckles onto her eyes. Yawning, she stretched her hands above her head making Arnav to turn towards her.


“You up?” he asked at which she cutely nodded and then passing a hand through her tangled hairs she dragged her feet off the bed and said “Yes, but why’re you getting ready? Are we going somewhere? And if yes then why had not you woke me up?”


“Ugh! Oh! I’ll say only when you let me,” he said rolling his eyes while Khushi pouted.


“Now don’t pout like a kid,” he said pulling her cheeks making him spank his hand.


“Okay! Okay! I’m getting ready because I’ve to go out for meeting and I don’t think that you’re required to accompany me there so haven’t wake you up,” saying this he winked while she smiles.


“Good then. At least I’ve a proper sleep. By the way by what time you’ll be back?”


“Umm! Hopefully by 2 or 3. It depends.”


“So long?”


“Yup! After meeting have to visit a site also so…”


“Oh! Okay!” she said and soon he left from there while she after bolting the door collected her toiletries and went towards bathroom to take bath.





Khushi was sitting on the couch watching her favourite cartoon show- Tom & jerry while eating snacks and sipping orange juice and that’s how Arnav found her when he enters the room.


“Gosh! Khushi Tom & Jerry? Like really?” he asked making her jerk back on her seat.


“What? You just scared me!” she exclaimed with a cute frown making him smirk.


“Queen of Jhansi also gets scared? I never knew it,” he said sarcastically making her groan in irritation. Standing up from the couch she move towards him, putting her hands on her waist she said while frowning.


“I’m not in a mood of fight. So don’t start,” she said and then looking towards the watch added “By the way why so late? It’s already quarter past two.”


“Hmm! Work needs time,” he murmured loud enough for her to hear while loosening his tie and then move towards bathroom to freshen-up.


After a few minutes he came out only to stop dead in his track. Frowning he look towards Khushi and asked “What are you doing?”


“Nothing! I know how lazy you’re going to be so thought to take out your dress.”


“But why?” he asked confused.


“What why? Of-course you can’t go out in formals,” she said twisting her lips.


“But where are we going out?”


“Arnav1 I hope you do remember that yesterday night I’ve told you that after you come back from our meeting we’ll be going out to explore Mumbai.”


“Ugh! Yes! But then at least let me rest for a while.”


“Not required.”




“Your rest not required. Because if I let you rest now then you’ll become another Kumbhakaran and will wake up around evening which means that out of seven, one day would become less. And I can’t take this chance.”


“Khushi!” he said trying to placate her but she didn’t budge instead threaten him.


“If you don’t want to join me then don’t. I’ll seek for someone else’s company who can entertain me better than you.”


Now this really boils his blood. Though she said it in a funny manner but one can always expect another meaning from it which he didn’t like. Controlling his anger he immediately took his dress selected by her and left to change not before warning her in a low grunted voice “Don’t you dare.”


After getting ready Arnav came out only to find Khushi ready in a beautiful off-white colour anarkali suit with minimum bare makeup.


“Oh my! Someone is really looking cute today,” he said winking making her shy.


“God! Someone is blushing.”


“Arnav plaes! Don’t embarrass me buddy. You know I’m not used to praises coming out of your mouth.”


“Okay! Okay!” he said raising his hands as if surrendering her but after a hiatus he added “By the way Khushi how will we go and where are we going?”


“Oh! Don’t worry for that. I’d already booked a cab for us. And well! First I want to visit celebs house. Coming to Mumbai if you didn’t see their houses means you’d not seen anything,” saying this she winked while he just shook his head knowing well her craziness about the film stars especially male.


“But Khushi why’d you booked the cab? I mean you should have asked the hotel management and they would have done the arrangement,” frowning he said.


“Well! Earlier I thought the same but later on granny’s smirking face came in front of my eyes making me stop at the right to do this blunder.”


“What do you mean?” he asked confused at her words.


“Ufoo! You’re such a brainless kid. If granny had made all these arrangement for us in Mumbai then I’m sure she must have hired someone from the management to spy on us which means that we’ll be caught. That’s why.”


“Had to admit that you’re getting smart.”


“Actually not because I’m a born smarty,” she said with a wink and soon both left from there.




Khushi’s happiness knew no bound. Being a movie lover she got very excited when she first reached ‘Mannat’ which is SRK’s house though she wanted to go to ‘Jalsa’ first but upon Arnav’s insistence she agreed. Nonetheless she took a selfie there with Arnav after which they went towards Salman Khan’s apartment and again taking a selfie there to cherish these beautiful memories later they move towards Juhu. Their as decided earlier they first went towards ‘Jalsa’ which is the veteran actor Amitabh Bachhan’s house. Reaching there she was disappointed as she had heard that Big B comes out to greet his fand at which with great difficulty Arnav placate her who was more behaving like a smool kid that it’s true but he comes out only on Sunday and that too in morning. After a few sobbing she agreed and capturing the memory they keep on doing the same along with clicking the photos with foreigners, playing pranks and enjoying the street food like golgappe (pani-puri), pav bhaji etc. and many more until it was evening.



“Wow! It was too much fun,” Khushi said.


“Yup! That’s true. Have never thought that something like seeing someone else’s house can be this much interesting.”


“Well! That’s because you are accompanied by the great Khushi Singhania.”


“Correction, Mrs. Khushi Arnav Singh Raizada,” he said in response but only after the words came out of his mouth he realised what he had said and both of them look towards each-other.


Breaking the eye-lock Arnav look sideways embarrassed at saying something like this and then said “Actually! Umm! I mean to say that your name includes my name that’s the reason I’m enjoying your company.


“Try a better excuse next time to cover up,” she said winking making him gives a sheepish smile.


“Okay! I think we should head back now. It’s already quarter to seven. What say?”


“NO” he almost screamed making her jerk back.


“Why?” she asked astonished.


“Umm! Well! We’ve come to Juhu so how can we leave without visiting Juhu Beach?” he asked shrugging his shoulder while Khushi gives him a calculated glance but soon pouted.


“What happened?”


“You should’ve said me naa that we’re going to beach. Now how can I dip my legs in water? My dress will be spoiled,” she said with sadness laced in her voice.


“Don’t think about all these let’s enjoy first,” he said at which she nodded knowing that they don’t have any other option and soon both move towards the beach. As soon as they neared the beach Arnav put his hand around her eyes closing it.


“Arnav what?” she asked trying to remove his hand from her eyes.


“Trust me and follow me,” he said and afterwards she didn’t utter anything and follows him.


Soon the cool breeze hit her nostrils making her aware that they have reached the beach. Oh! How she wanted to take out her sandals and roam with bare foot, but she knew she’d to wait.


After a minute or two they stooped and Arnav removed his hands from her eyes making her open her eyes only to stood stupefied seeing the beautiful small tent and two chair and a table placed in front of it.


“Wow!” she exclaimed in joy and then look around to find no one around.


“Umm! It’s a beach. Right? So why no one is around?” she asked.


“Well! People often don’t come towards this part.” (*It’s a part of fiction. No idea if it happens in real or not.)


“Oh! Okay! But how did you manage all this?”


“Well! Have decided it yesterday night when you said about exploring Mumbai and thought to surprise you so…”


“Awe! Never knew you can do all this to. But in a way it’s good as I got to see this shade of yours too.”


“Well! It’s just the beginning. But don’t worry we still have six more days and in these days you’ll see many shades of mine,” he said with a wink making her smile heartily.


Smiling he leads her to the chair. Making her seated he himself took his seat which was in front of her and was going to pour the juice when she denied.


“Arnav want to walk on sand with bare foot and dip my legs in the salty water.”


“Okay! Come!”


“Umm! Walking is okay but…”


“Not to worry when I’m here.  A dress for you is kept in the tent. Wear it and came out.”


Excitedly she mouthed a thank-you and went inside tent to change. After a few minutes she came out wearing a white polka-dots tank top along with a black shimmering shrug and a blue faded loose capry.


“Looking good!”


“Thanks! Not for only the dress but also for selecting something which you know I can wear comfortably.”


“What are friends for,” he said with a smile which she reciprocated and soon they started walking on the cold sand barefoot talking and joking with each other. They did everything they could whether it’s making sandcastle or soaking their legs in the cold water of the beach or throwing fist-full of water on each-other. After almost half-an-hour when they realised that they should stop now they came back and got seated on their chairs respectively.


“God! That was fun,” Khushi said.


“For sure,” Arnav joined while pouring juices in the glass and placing two packed trays on the table.


“What’s in it?” she asked pointing towards the packed plates.


“Open it yourself.”


Smilingly she opened it only to shriek in happiness.


“Woah! Italian Pasta! My favourite! God Thank you so much Arnav,” she said showing her teeth while he acknowledged it with a small curve of his lips.


And soon both once again indulge in their talks while eating and laughing heartily. Maybe so much of negativity and sadness which has been surrounding them from last many days had started fading away giving way to joy and happiness and one can see the same in their actions.


Finishing their dinner both of them went near the water and sat there gazing ahead.


“You know Arnav today I felt that we’re back to where we used to be- a carefree life without any worries or tensions.”


“Yes! You’re right. I’m also feeling a new positive vibe in me after so long. Otherwise due to the sudden tension it was like negativity is dominating us.”


“Hmm!” she hummed.


But their talks were interrupted as soon as they felt water droplets falling on them only to realize that it’s started drizzling. Arnav immediately ran inside the tent only to look back and find Khushi still sitting in the same position.


“Khushi! What’re you doing sitting there in rain? Come inside otherwise you’ll fall ill,” he shouted.


“I won’t,” she replied back.


Upon seeing that she isn’t budging he move towards her to make her understand, meanwhile it started raining heavily.


Reaching near her he put his palm on her shoulder and said “Khushi! Please you’ll fall ill. See it has started raining heavily.”


“Arnav please! I want to enjoy the rain.”


“But you’ll fall ill.”


“No. I won’t”


“Try to understand. Come with me.”


“Only on one condition.”


“What?” he asked exasperated.


“Dance with me.”


“What? Have you gone nuts?”


“Buddy please understand. I want to dance and twirl in the rain. But I need a partner and only you’re here so.”


“Khushi this isn’t a time to joke.”


“And who said that I’m joking?”




“If you want me to obey you then first you’ve to fulfil my wish,” she said stubbornly.


Knowing well that changing her decision is just next to impossible and realising that both are already drenched, he agreed wanting to end it soon making her jump in excitement.


“But how can we dance without song?” he put forward his question.


At this she move towards the tent, took out her i-phone from her hand-bag and played the song.


 Kabhi jo baadal barse
Main dekhoon tujhe aankhein bharke..
Tu lage mujhe pehli baarish ki duaa..

(Sometime, when the clouds rain,
I see you with my eyes full (of water, like clouds),
You look like a wish for the first rain of season..)

As soon as the song start both look at each other. Khushi move towards where Arnav was standing and gazed in his eyes. Raising her eyebrow she forwarded her hand to which she take it in his manly hand. She put her other hand on his shoulder while he on her waist and both started swirling on the tunes.

Tere pehloo mein reh loon..
Main khud ko paagal keh loon..
Tu gham de ya khushiyaan sah loon saathiyaa..

(I wish to live in your shadow,
I wish to be called mad (for you),
Whether you give me sadness or joy, I’ll bear, O beloved..)

Jerking her away he once again bring her back to him making her land on his chest and keeps twirling with her.

Koi nahi, tere siva mera yahaan..
Manzilein, hain meri to sab yahaan..
Mita de sabhi aaja faasle..
Main chahoon mujhe mujhse baant le..
Zara sa mujh mein tu jhaank le..
Main hoon kya..

(There is nobody other than you who is mine,
All my destinations are here (in you alone)
Come, end all distances,
I wish you to share me with myself,
Peek into me a little bit…
What I am…)

Both of them were looking in each other eyes while twirling in each-other arms, lost in their own world of happiness which they were trying to find from many days.


Pehle kabhi, na tune mujhe gham diya..
Phir mujhe, kyun tanhaa kar diya..
Guzaare the jo lamhe pyaar ke
Hamesha tujhe apna maan ke..
To phir tune badli kyoon adaa,
Ye kyoon kiya..

(Earlier, you never gave me any sorrow,
Then why have you made me all lonely..
The moments of love that we passed,
thinking of you as mine,
why have you changed your way,
why did you do this?)


Soon both of them stopped dancing and kept gazing in the eyes of other person as if everything around them came to a standstill, the song and dance long forgotten, the only thing which they were aware of was the eyes which was acting as a sea in which both of them were drowning unaware of the emotions budding in their own heart.


Still lost in each-other Arnav hand which was till now holding her hand in his, left it and move towards her face while other hand which was resting on her waist soon join the course. Cupping her face she wiped the water droplet which was resting on her eyelash. Taking a minute she pecks her forehead making her close her eyes feeling the soft touch of his lips. Parting, he once again gazes in her eyes while she hugged him.



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    • I understand ur viewpoint… but u see they didn’t do anything after a lot of thinking or after realising. It was just in the spur of moment…
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