After cleaning the mess they both sat on the bed tired.

“Gosh! Never thought that I’ll do all this work of cleaning and all,” Arnav said wiping the invisible sweat from his forehead while Khushi gives him a look and said twisting her mouth.


“You’re saying as if I’d wished for it. For god sake! We have come here to enjoy and on the first day itself we’re cleaning our room.”

“Thanks to daadi,” he muttered annoyed while she too nodded her head pouting.


“You’re right. What was the need for all this? Couldn’t she just let us stay there happily,” she said cupping her face.


“That’s daadi for you Khushi and as far as I know she would never let us live in peace until and unless she would make us real life couple,” saying this he frowned.


“But we already are. Aren’t we?”


“What?” he asked shocked at her statement while she too looked at him with her eyes opened as wide as saucer.


“Oho! You dumbo! I mean to say that in her eyes we both are already married in real life. Isn’t it?” she said doing face-palm while he rolled his eyes and said “Well! It is. But then don’t forget that we are always under her scrutiny if we are just faking it or not.”


“Hmm! You’re right,” she said making a sad face and then after a hiatus she looked towards him and added “You know! This is all because of you.”


“What? Me? Khushi dear now why are you blaming me?” he asked confused at the accusation just thrown upon him.


“Of course it is! Arnav I’m cent percent sure that it is only due to your bad acting skills that daadi had got this inclination,” twisting her mouth she said it and then looking towards the ceiling of her room she muttered enough loudly to be heard by Arnav.


“Oh god! Do you have to give me this dumbo Arnav as my husband who even don’? No! No! I mean contractual husband.”


“Six-months precisely,” he added with a lop-sided smile.


“Awee! My six month contractual hubby, you do heard me calling you this but I think you didn’t heard me calling you a dumbo,” she said with a wink while he pouted saying “Oh! That’s because I don’t wish to hear the unwanted things.”


“Bitter truth is always unwanted.”


You mad girl! Always hell bent on making me one like you,” saying this he rolled his eyes.


“Oye! I’m not the one,” saying this she throw the pillow towards him which he escaped by ducking below.


“What the?” he muttered looking at the angry kitten in front of him and then taking the other pillow throw it towards her, and soon enough both of them indulge in a cute pillow fight.


In the start they were throwing the pillow at each other but later they started hitting each-other with the same. And after a few minutes when Khushi feels a bit tired she said “Okay! Wait! Wait! Wait! Let us take some rest for few minutes and then we’ll start again. What say?”


“Hmm!” he too nodded.


After a few minutes when Khushi regain her breath she look towards Arnav with mischief in her eyes. With a smile she hit the pillow on his head and immediately got up and ran up to stood at the farthest corner of the room.


“What the?” he muttered as soon as the pillow hit his head and soon he realises that who is behind it making him look up only to find her standing in one of the corner of the room.


“What was that?” he asked.


“Well! The fight game resumes,” saying this she showed her tongue to him while he rolled his eyes and muttered “Oh! How can I forget the child-like prankster Khushi? But no problem, today he won’t leave her.”


And soon enough he ran to catch her while she too ran to save herself from him. This running spree of the duo keep on going for almost three-four minutes until Arnav catches her, jerking her towards himself, but then both of them lost their balance and landed on the bed with Khushi on top of Arnav.


Neither of them, had anticipated the fall so they both were shocked while Khushi’s lips touched Arnav’s neck making them froze in their places. Khushi raised her head above and stared in his eyes while he too stared back.


It was Arnav’s mobile’s ring which broke their trance and looks away embarrassed. Khushi hurriedly tried to get up but before she could, she lend back on his chest with a thud making Arnav yelp.


“Ouch! Be careful dammit!”


“Awee! Sorry! But not my fault,” she said with a pout.


“Oh really?” he asked rolling his eyes knowing very-well that another of her idiotic comment is on his way.


“Yup! This is all because of this wedding chain which I’m wearing because of you,” she said showing him the wedding chain which was stuck in the button of his shirt and then taking it out she got up from him.


Getting up from the bed Arnav said “Gosh! Khushi you’re so fatty.”


“What?” she asked angrily at which he nodded making her go more red.


“You know what Mr. Elephant Singh Raizada. The one whose house is made up of glass shouldn’t throw stones at the others.”


At this Arnav rolled his eyes and move towards the mirror checking-out himself and then said “Khushi! I think that you don’t even know how to quote examples. See! Neither my house is made up of any glass nor am I of elephant size. So,” but before even he could complete her sentence Khushi intervened.


“Oh hello Mister I-know-it-all! Let me correct you. If you believe that you’re not an elephant then you should also know that I’m not fatty and regarding that glass house. Well! It’s a saying so that one can taunt the other which I did,” saying this she crossed her hands below her chest in attitude and then added “And this remind me that just a few minutes before your phone was buzzing.”


“Oh shit!” he murmurs and immediately took out his mobile only to find miscall from home.


“It’s from home,” he said at which she nodded and asked him to call back which he did and then both have a talk with their family letting them know that they’ve reached Mumbai safely after which for around fifteen minutes both of them, especially Arnav heard a long lecture from his daadi so as to not waste the whole stay in the business meet, instead go and enjoy this phase of their life too. And at last Arnav has to agree to her each and every word so that the he can disconnect the call.


Finally after disconnecting the call Arnav took a sigh of relief and said “Gosh! Never thought that a day would come when I’ll be so eager to disconnect the call from home.”


“Yes Arnav! Me too! See they took so much of our time that those mouse which were earlier just roaming in my tummy are now running a marathon,” saying this Khushi pouted while Arnav look at her weirdly.


“Khushi! You are unbelievable. You know?”


“No! I don’t,” saying this she winked and then added “Now keep your sarcastic comments for later and order lunch as I’m famished.”


“Hmm!” he hummed and ordered their lunch, after which he sat upon the bed and said “Can you believe that daadi is all up with Arnav do this… don’t do this… Argh! As if I’m a school kid.”


“Well! You’re no less,” saying this she giggles while Arnav glared at her making her zip her lips.


“Okay! I know daadi is exaggerating things. But you know her? Don’t you? When she can go for making us marry just for guruji’s prediction then this is just a mole in comparison.”


“Hmm! You’re right.”


“I always am. And now hear me and hear me loud and clear, Arnav from today till the day we’re here we both won’t talk about her or any other family in that matter because it’ll just spoiled our mood which I don’t want. It’s true that we never wanted to come here but now when we had then let us just enjoy to the fullest. Okay?”


“Okay! But what about Dhruv – Sakshi?”


“God save me!” she said doing face-palm and then doing action in the air as if strangling him she added “Arnav! I’m also feeling bad for them, but let me remind you that we really can’t do anything from here, especially with daadi’s hawk-like eyes always on us. So we’ll act just ourselves till our stay here, though at the last day we’ll indulge in a huge fight so that when we reached back our daily routine can continue.”


“Awesome!” he said jumping and took her in a bear-hug excitedly making her shocked. Realising what he just did he loosened the hug and parted from her mumbling a sorry only to get a smack on his head.


“What the?” he muttered rubbing his head while Khushi put her hands on her hips and asked “Why were you ranting sorry?”


“Who! Actually! I hugged you so,” he said scratching the back of his head while Khushi rolled her eyes and said “You’re saying it as if you hugged me for the first time in your life?”


“No! Not like that! Actually!”


“Oho! Arnav please now don’t act like a scared kitten.”


“What? Scared kitten? Like really Khushi? Couldn’t you think of anything better? He asked frowning.


“God! Arnav from all what I’ve said you all you could think about is this? Huh! Okay! Let it be! But let me tell you… no actually remind you one thing Arnav… This slight and temporary change in our status won’t affect our stay in Mumbai. Here we’ll be just like we used to be earlier… without inhibitions, without awkwardness, without anything- just Arnav and Khushi. And yes! I don’t know about you but I’ll for sure leave every other thought behind and will live my life to its fullest,” she said with a smile while Arnav too ponder over her words.


Thinking for a few minutes he move towards her, cupping her face he said “You’re right Khushi. Why to worry for future when we know things can’t be change as of now? So, let’s live in present just as ourselves- as Arnav and Khushi.”


Both looked in each other eyes with a twinkle of joy- joy of relief, joy of letting go off inhibitions, joy of living forgetting about the whole world.


But soon their trance broke when they heard the knock on the door. Arnav move towards the door and open it only to find that their food has finally arrived.


As soon as their food was placed on the table and the man left back, Arnav closed the door and both of them attack on their food as if they’ve been kept hungry from god knows how many ages.



Precap: Now what? 
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