PART- 36


It was next morning when Khushi woke up, yawning she stretched her arms over her head and then leaving the comfy bed she went out of the room only to find Arnav sitting on the sofa, having his breakfast all-ready in his business suit. Frowning she move towards him and thumping herself beside him she asked.

“What’s up? Why are you going being ready in this formal attire?”


“Well! Well! Sleeping beauty your question itself has the key to answer it so why to waste my time?” he asked making her frown. Rolling her eyes she said “Mr. Raizada first of all your time is not so precious that it’ll get wasted by just answering me which I think will hardly take a minute or two. Secondly, I don’t want to bug myself so answer straightly.”


“Ofo! Dumbo! If I’m in these formal attire that simply means that I’m going to office. And by the way I want to remind you that we are here for the same.”


“Oh! Okay! But why are you taunting me?”


“Am I? Really?” he asked popping his right eyebrow making her roll her eyes at his drama and said “Don’t try to act over-smart and yes come back soon because I don’t want to die out of boredom.”


“Even if that means me to die out of your blabbering,” he murmurs to himself and then passing a smile acknowledging her words he left from there for his office.


It was quarter past one, Khushi was sitting infront of television watching her favourite movie – Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi with popcorns and cold-drink when there was a knock on the door. Ignoring it she continues watching it when there was another knock.


“Gosh! Who the hell is there? Can’t even let me watch my SRK having this golgappa competition with his Teni partner,” mumbling in frustration she got up and went to open the door thumping her foot on the floor.


“Yes?” she asked a bit loudly after opening the door while the person standing on the other side was taken aback.


“Umm! Sorry to disturb you mam,” he said apologetically making Khushi to realise her folly.


“Oh! Umm! Actually I’m sorry. It’s just that you knocked the door when my fav scene was airing so…” she left the words floating in middle.  “By the way I’ve not called anyone?” she asked at which he affirmed it and said.


“Yes mam! You’d not called anyone. It’s just that today our hotel has completed its twenty-five years so we are throwing party for the same and you all being an important pillar to make us come so long are cordially invited for the same. Here is the invite along with the passes,” he said forwarding the same and added “We would be honoured on your presence. The party will start by 4O’clock and other details are mentioned in the invitation.”


“Oh! Wow! That’s so sweet thought of your management. We’ll surely come.” Khushi said chirpily.


“Thanks for your positive response mam,” saying this he went from there while Khushi closed the door and started dancing in glee.


“Thank God that I opened the door otherwise for sure I would have missed this VIP treatment,” she murmurs and then open the invite and started reading it curiously.


“What the hell? The theme is western and I don’t have even a single western outfit. Mumma! What to do?” she murmurs and then after a while she took her phone and started dialling Arnav, only to get angry as he didn’t responded to the same.


Disconnecting the call angrily she throws it on the bed and murmurs “Whenever I’m in need…he is out of reach…”


“Woah! It just got rhymed,” she added after a hiatus with a giggle and then not having any other option she decided something.


Here in Delhi, Dhruv was sitting in the college canteen lost in his thought when someone patted his shoulder making him jerk out of his stance.


“Hey! What happened Dhruv? Is there any problem? You know you can share it with me,” Sakshi said taking a seat beside him.


“Ugh! No! Nothing like that,” he said averting his eyes.


“Really? But then why don’t I feel the same? You know what Dhruv? I’ve been observing you from morning and to me you seems to be lost. So now spare me with this drama and blurt out whatever is bothering you.”


At this Dhruv looks down and after wiping the moisture he said “I… I don’t know Sakshi… But this insecurity… it is getting better of me… And… And I don’t know what to do?”

At this Sakshi cupped his face, and giving a light squeeze to his hand as if assuring him she said “I know Dhruv that it’s hard for you and I totally understand your condition because both of us are standing at the same position where there is just insecurity and uncertainty.”

Hearing her say that Dhruv turn and stares at her while she gives him a small smile and continues.

“You know Dhruv you may think me as the culprit behind the present scenario but believe me whatever I did, it was for the betterment for all of us.”

“How? What betterment are you talking about? This insecurity? Uncertainty? Fear of losing the one you loved or what?” he asked a bit angered while Sakshi just gives a wry smile to her and asked “Would you want Khushi di to lead a unhappy life?”


“Never!” came his prompt reply.


“That’s the reason I did what I did. Dhruv! ASR and Khushi di both are an important part of my life. And I would never want them to lead an unhappy life. I may be immature Dhruv but at the same time I knows what is right or wrong. Never think that I took this decision after coming in the talks of granny. No! I didn’t. I took this decision by taking a leap of faith, for all of our happiness.”


“What do you mean Sakshi? I’m not understanding even an ounce of it.”


“Dhruv! When granny was saying all those things, at that time only two things were roaming in my mind.”


“And what were those?”


“Dhruv! You and I, we both knows that ASR and Khushi di both have a different kind of bonding with each other which they never shares with anyone else. Not even us. When they both are together they’re in their own world. One wouldn’t mind saying that they are as different as chalk and cheese but at the same time they are just like sugar in the tea which when together complement each other.”


“And thinking this you wanted them to come together? But what about the love I hold for Khushi, you for bro and vice-versa?”

“No, I never wanted this. Neither had I intended for the same at any point of time.”

“Then what you were intending for?”


“Just that all of us get our soulmate and nothing more. Dhruv, mom had always said that let the one you loves go away from you. If it comes back then it was yours otherwise believe that it never was. And this time I just did the same. Yes! I’d taken decision on all of our behalf but I still believes that it’s the best decision of our lives. And I hope you too will agree with me,” saying this she left from there, giving him time to sink in everything in his mind and heart and hoping that now he’ll see things in a different light.


On the other side Dhruv was dumbstruck hearing Sakshi’s thoughts, but after a few minutes he just shook his head and murmurs to himself “Today, with this you’ve proved that you never really loved bro. But I did Sakshi and I’ll not let my love go away like that. Never-ever. Khushi is mine and she’ll remain mine for forever, no matter what,” with this said he too left from there determined to not let his relationship with Khushi break at any cost.


Here in Mumbai, Khushi was resting on the bed after coming back from shopping and was now waiting for Arnav to return. It was not like that she had forgotten about yesterday’s incident or Dhruv’s call, but for time-being she just wants to keep all these thoughts aside and just enjoy. Soon here revere broke down hearing the knock on the door. Hurriedly she went to open the door only to find Arnav standing there with a tired look on his face.

Entering he placed the bag on the tabled and thumped himself on the sofa. Gulping the glass full of water he said “I’m not in a mood to hangout anywhere today so don’t ask me for the same.”

“Well! I don’t need to. As I already had got the invite for the same.”

“Invite? From whom?”

“Well! There is a grand party organised by the hotel management for completing its twenty-five years and before you say anything I’ve decided that I’ll go there irrespective of you accompanying me or not. Not only this, I’ve bought a beautiful dress for the same too, and have bought something matching for you too, in-case you wants to accompany me. The party will start in another two hours and you know being a lady I need at-least this much time to get ready. And yes by the way I’ve kept your dress over there,” she said pointing towards the packet lying on the table and left from there to get ready.


Precap: Khushi mesmerises Arnav in her western look.


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  1. Loved the update. Insecure Dhruv going in the wrong direction. Arnav and Khushi to attend party, what will happen? Key change in relationship coming up. Eager for the next part.

    • Thanks dear…
      Well! Insecurity always leads to wrong path…
      Let’s see if he’ll understand this within time or not…
      Well! Yes! I already told that this trip is going to change many things between Arshi… 🙂

  2. Loved the update. Insecure Dhruv taking the wrong way. Arshi both getting ready for the party. Will this be a sign of their changing relationship. Eager for the next part.

  3. Awww that was awesome update I really love the connection that Arshi shares hopefully this party would start change their feelings…… And for dhruv he should agree with what would happen in the future…update sooooon 😘😘

    • They have always shared this connection… And I always try to show the same too…. 🙂
      It’s not easy for Dhruv specially when his brother is in picture that too because of his bro’s lover…
      Let’s see what he’ll do next 😉

  4. till now everyone thought that sakshi is selfless.but with this update she captured our hearts.she is selfless who understands arshi more than anyone else and what’s best for them.her dialogues were so meaningful n lovely.but druv cant let go khushi like that.hope very soon he too understands that arshi are meant for each arshi going for the party.can’t wait

    • Let’s see if he’ll understand and accept the truth or will do something which will bring a tsunami in all of their lives. 😉 🙂

  5. Liked what Sakshi said and she is on right path however dhruv is not getting the point.. hope he understands and take things the way they are happening instead of destroying things.. well waiting to see Khushi mesmerizing Arnav and Arnav’s reaction?? amazing update.. loved it..

  6. well he is right… she never really love arnav…
    dumb move… she never tries…
    her love to win… but testing if he stay faithful
    the problem is going to be Dhrvu


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