*This shot is written by me on this Valentine eve.*

*Arnav’s text in Brown colour and Khushi’s in Blue colour while Flashback in Pink colour*
Khushi was pacing up and down in her room while munching jalebis and cursing her dearest husband Arnav Singh Raizada aka ASR for umpteenth time.
“How dare that Raizada? What does he think of himself? I am bearing all his antics like a good wife so he has taken me for granted. Humph! Once again he has forgotten what day is today? For God sake today is Valentine day and like any other wife I too want to spend some quality time with my all time busy husband. But he… Argh!!! Always busy either in his work or with his girlfriend. Why devimaiya? Why have you given me such a complex husband?” she asked to her favourite diety and on getting no reply she once again started munching her jalebis making plans as to what should be done for making him remember today’s day and asking her devimaiya to not spoil today’s day due to his girlfriend. And thinking all this she called him so that she can give him clue about the same.
Arnav was sitting in his cabin and typing something on his laptop when his mobile vibrate indicating him of an incoming call and once glass at his cell phone and he sighed with frustration, then closed his eyes to calm himself and receive the call.
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“Hello Arnavji”
“Arnavji have you eat your lunch?”
“Khushi you have called me for this?”
“No… Yes… No…”
“What the hell? Khushi first you decide that what you wanna talk to me and then only you call me because I am really busy.”
“Anything else?”
“Yes, you remember what day is today?” she asked hoping to get a positive reply but to no avail.
“Dammit Khushi everyone knew that today is Sunday but what’s a big deal in it?”
“No… no… not Sunday Arnavji, something else… please try to remember Arnavji,” she said hoping for the best.
“Khushi I don’t have spare time for your rubbish so if you have something important than say otherwise I am cutting the call,” he said and upon getting no response from her side he sighed and cut the call.
At the same time Aman barged in his cabin huffing and puffing while Arnav just rolled his eyes.
“ASR everything is done as you wanted it to be.”
“Hmm… Well done Aman.”
As soon as Aman left Arnav stopped typing and leaned back on his chair and murmured “Not for her Aman. It’s for the one I love with every fibre of my being. The love of my life- my Kitty.”
And as soon as he remembered her, a small smile automatically crept on his face which only get widen reminiscing his cute and lovely moments with her. After which he took out his cell and texted her.
Hey sweetheart,
Wanna meet you at my farmhouse at 7 pm. Hope you will not disappoint me and yes don’t forget to wear that Red backless dress which I have gifted you on our last meet. Love you baby more than yesterday but less than tomorrow.
And within a minute his cell beep indicating the incoming message and he quickly read its content which in a split of second brought a huge grin on his face.
Oh baby I am always ready for you and you know that. Well I too have a surprise for you and just hope that you will love it.
Your Love
“Oh! So madam has a surprise for me.. Woww…. How much I love your surprises Kitty you don’t know it. Let’s see what it is this time.” He thought to himself and then texted again.
Sweetheart, eagerly waiting for the evening so that I can get my surprise *wink*
Oh baby be patient, because you know that patience bears sweet fruit.
Okay sweetheart looking forward for the evening and your surprise. *smile*
At the same time Aman came back to inform him that clients have come and he left to attend the meeting.
Here in Raizada Mansion Khushi was once again busy in cursing her husband and his girlfriend.
“What does he think of himself? It’s been three years of our marriage and still he is going around with that Kitty and she has been silent all the while. Now she can’t stand this two-timings. Yes, today I will ask him to choose between her or me along with our baby Tammana. Humph!” thinking this she left for downstairs to help other ladies in the kitchen.
Here around 6:30 Arnav reached his farmhouse and check all the arrangements and after getting satisfied with it he went to freshen-up before his lady love reached here.
As soon as the clock strike 7, Arnav heard a screeching voice of car making him realise that she is here and soon he saw her entering inside the cabin wearing that Red backless dress, he was stumped out of its wits.
While the girl came slowly but very seductively towards her and pecked his cheeks saying “Hey Arnie Happy Valentine Day.”
“Well Sweetheart I will be happier if you had kissed me on my lips rather than my cheeks,” he said while making her wear a diamond necklace and later on jerking her towards him and soon started kissing her like a mad man craving for water.
After feeling out of breath they both parted while Arnav rest his forehead on her and murmur “I so missed you Kitty and more than this I missed your wild side.”
Hearing him say that she blushed scarlet and said “I knew baby and I too missed you like hell as from last two weeks you don’t have enough time for me. Oh! I forget you have a wife too so you must be busy in pleasuring her.”
“Oh! I can’t believe you think so…”
“So Am I saying something wrong? As I very well knew that you do have relation with her.”
“Yes baby I do and I am not going to say that I am not satisfied with her because she is what I need. She satisfied me too well. And in return she too deserved to get satisfied by her husband. Isn’t it? After all she is the wife of ASR,” he said smirking.
“If she is enough to satisfy you then why do you need me?” she ask frowning.
“Because I love you. Well baby why are we discussing about all this as for sure we are not here for this discussion,” he said while nuzzling her neck, making her giggle.
And they both move towards the table in the pool side to have a romantic dinner date.
“Arnie there is only one chair.”
“So how are we gonna sit?”
“Why will we need it baby?” he said sitting on the chair and with a jerk he make her sit on his lap making her eyes widen but as soon as she understood what had happened she blushed scarlet and make herself comfortable.
“Ugh! Baby please don’t move so much because I am getting harder,” he said looking directly in her eyes.
“I know but I don’t want your stomach to grumble when I will be inside you and rocking you very hard so better we first have dinner because after that I will not leave you.”
And they both have their dinner while Arnav was caressing her thighs and licking her fingers whenever she tried to feed him. On the other hand Kitty too was not less time and again she was rubbing him making him aware of her desire. And as soon as they have their dinner Arnav took her in his arms and move towards his bedroom and soon the whole room was filled with her moans and his groans.
After having two rounds of love making she stopped him and said while panting “Now it’s time for your surprise.”
“Oh yes, I totally forget about it. So now give me my surprise.”
At this she handover a report to him.
“What’s this?”
“See yourself.”
But as soon as he opened the reports he got shock of his life.
“You are Pregnant?”
“Hmm…” she said shyly.
“One month pregnant and you got to know this two days back,” he said eyeing the date.
“Hmm… Are you not happy?”
“I remembered some urgent work and we will talk it later,” saying this and without meeting her eyes he wore his dress and left from there leaving a worried Kitty behind.
“What? I thought he will be happy but he….” She thought to herself and after getting dressed she too left from there.
Here in Raizada Mansion as soon as clock strike 10 Khushi murmured “Dunno where he is? Till now he should be back but….”
At the same time she saw Arnav entering the room drunk.
“Khushi” he said hugging her.
“Arnavji you are drunk?”
“Hmm… was rejoicing to become a father once again but this time it’s me and my Kitty’s baby,” he said looking in his eyes to gauge her reaction but no one came.
“Aren’t you upset about it?”
“Why should I?” she asked.
“Because you are my wife dammit and only you have the right to bear my child,” he said frustratingly upon seeing no reaction from her side.
“But Kitty is your love, your life and thus she have the right to bear your child in her womb,” she said looking sideways.
“I am sorry Khushi.”
“For what Arnavji?”
“Why now?”
“Because I realise I have wronged you all the time while satisfying myself, my….”
“Shhhh….” she said placing her finger on his lips and then said “I understood you Arnavji and I forgive you.”
“But I can’t….. I can’t forgive myself Khushi. How could I do all this? I was just blinded with my ego and desperation that I…”
“I said that I forgive you. I have no qualms with you Arnavji. I just want you… whole of you only for myself.”
“And today I willingly give myself to you and only you, my wife- KHUSHI KUMARI GUPTA SINGH RAIZADA.”
“And what about that Kitty and her baby?” she asked.
“Well the baby is mine and will always be mine but Kitty is not the mother of my child because it’s you- my wife.” He said tracing his hand on her flat stomach.
“Really?” she asked.
“Yes Khushi. I was a fool to not understand that whether you married me or Kitty it’s one and the same because Khushi is Kitty and Kitty is Khushi. I was so happy when I saw you in our room on the wedding night but then I remembered how you aka Kitty told me to forget you and our love and move on like you were going to do by marrying someone else which enraged me. It was our sheer luck that we both get married to each other, but my anger over your betrayal to marry someone else doesn’t subside upon seeing you as my bride and I start avoiding you. Though I can’t stop loving you and being intimate with you but at the same time my anger was not letting me show you my love towards you and thus when that day you ask me that why I am behaving like his I just said what came in my mind to hurt you more.”
“Arnie why are you avoiding me?”
“I am not.”
“Oh yes you are.”
“Okay if it is so then what?”
“Arnie How could you? You love me then…”
“Arnie I am only your Kitty.”
“No! You are not. You are my wife Khushi Singh Raizada with whom I got married only because my Kitty left me to marry someone else and asked me to move on in my life and I am doing the same.”
“But Arnie…”
“Okay what do you want?” she asked knowing his stubbornness very well.
“I just want my girlfriend, my love- my Kitty back because only my Kitty can make me smile and forget my pains.”
“Then you will get her back,” and saying this she left from there.
“And after that day just because of me you start living as two different persons. At home you behave like my wife- docile and homely while whenever I need my Kitty you will be there too, but not as my wife Khushi, instead as my girlfriend Kitty. It’s been three years of our marriage and I am still punishing you for something which I knew you never wanted to do from your heart but still you did it just because of your ailing father. I hate myself to put you through all this when I knew that you too are suffering the same hell like me.”
“You still didn’t forgive me?” he asked.
“I forgive you… Infact I was never ever angry on you.”
“No you are lying,” he said stubbornly.
“And why you think so?” she asked.
“Because you are still calling me Arnavji and not your Arnie,” he said pouting cutely at which Khushi giggled and then ruffling his hairs she said “Because I love my Arnavji and Arnie both. But yes I am angry on you for something else.”
“You didn’t wish me or gift me anything on Valentine day,” she said cutely showing him her pout while he just wanted to take her lips in a soul searing kiss which he resists as of now.
“But we enjoyed our time in the farmhouse and I gifted you too.”
“But that was for your girlfriend?”
“You are my girlfriend, you are my wife and you alone are my everything.”
“Oh! I know Arnie. I was just kidding.”
“But I was not, so here is my gift,” he said taking out a red velvety box out of his pocket.
“Wow! For me,” she squealed making him grin.
As soon as she open the box tears brimmed in her eyes.
“This… Arnie this is the same ring….” She choked on her words not able to utter anything else.
“Hmm… This is the same ring which I gave you three years back to propose you on our last meet before marriage.”
“But I brutually rejected it. You still have it.”
“Yep, How can I throw anything which is related to you in anyway.”
“Oh Arnie….” Saying this she hugged him and before they could get lost in the throes of their passion a knock on their door interrupted them and soon a cute chubby girl enter inside the room holding a painting.
“Tammy…” said Arnav and pick the doll in his hands while kissing her cheeks.
“Tammy wants to khow (show) soothing (something) to maa and pa.”
“Oh! What is it baby?” asked Khushi.
“This” she said moving her right hand forward which has a drawing book.
And this time both Arnav and Khushi has tears in their eyes upon seeing that their sweet and cute daughter has written I LUB MY MAA & PAA.
“We love you too,” both said in unison and later give her the good news that soon she will have a small baby sister or baby brother.
“Sacchi maa?” she asked innocently blinking her eye lashes while Khushi just kissed her chubby cheeks and nodded in affirmative making her squeal in joy.
That night not only Khushi got her best valentine gift from Arnav (as their misunderstandings got clear putting an end to the game of Gharwali ya Baharwali) but also Arnav got one of the best gift any husband would want from her wife (that he is going to be a father once again). And how can we forget the cute Tammana Singh Raizada who also got the best gift from her parents in the form of a small baby Raizada.





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