Arshi TS: WITH YOU- HAMESHAA… (Part-2)

arshi with you hamesha


Arnav is pacing to and fro in his room with his baby steps worriedly.

“How can this be possible? No… I am definitely missing something. That chuhiya… How can she? Ugh! Devimaiya why have you made that tiny-miny chuhiya so complicated? Always she is on her spree to take revenge on me whenever I did something which displeased her, but today… I can’t believe that after today’s marning school incident where I had literally stopped her ragging that too against her wish, she has still not taken any revenge from me. It is just not like her… hai naa Devimaiya?” he murmurs looking upward while pouting and then thought ‘Let me do one thing, I should myself ask her that why hasn’t she taken any revenge from me? Yes, it will be right,’ thinking this he was just goingto step out of his room when another thought strike his mind making him froze on his place.



“Oyee khotee Arnav… What are you going to do? Have you gone mad? If you ever ask her that why has she not p[ranked on you again to extract her revenge from you then that chuhiya will tease the hell out of you that too in front of everyone…”



And as soon as this thought cross his mind he literally screamed “Noooo….” And then said to himself “Arnav beta beware of that chuhiya. She may be tiny from you but don’t forget that she is like a chotey packet mei bada dhamaka (big bomb in a small packet). So it is better for you to be alert, otherwise don’t know when her bomb will burst open.”






Here Khushi was sitting with a gift in her hand with a small smile adorning her beautiful face while a mischievous glint can be clearly seen in her beautiful hazel eyes.



“Monkey beware, your Chuhiya is on its Spree to make you regret for spoiling my fun. You have to pay for playing gooseberry in my fun. Now you are gone,” she thought giggling to herself knowing well what’s coming next.



At the same time her mother Garima Gupta enters in her room and seeing the mischievous glint in her eyes she said “Oyee! What are you up to now?”



“Mommy why do you always think that I am planning something?” asked Khushi with a pouty face.



“Well it is because I am your mother and I know you better than yourself. There are two things in your life which you can’t leave even for a split of second- your chattering and playing pranks on other, especially Arnav, poor he.”



“Haww!!! Mommy how can you say that, that too for your own child,” she said making a sad face and then added “And as if that’s not enough that you said that monkey to be poor. From where do you find him poor? Huh!!! Always poking his nose in my work and earning a smack of my prank on his bum,” she said giggling.



“KHUSHI!!!!! How many times I have told you to stop your mischievousness. You are growing up dear,” said Garima trying to be a little strict with her prankster daughter. But who can show even an ounce of strictness to this adorable and cute munchkin.



“Mommy, have you forgotten that few days back only you said me that I am still small to even think about using makeup like Kuhu di, and see now today you are saying me that I am grown up… huh!!!! First you decide whether I am grown up or not, jab dekho confuse karte rahte ho iss nanhi si jaan ko… (always keep confusing this little baby),” she said pointing towards her very innocently while Garima just rolled her eyes knowing well that no one can win from this chatterbox and at the same time wondering that from where does she gets so much energy to keep on twaddle whole day and still never felt tired.



“Accha meri maa tu jeeti aur mei haari (Okay my mother you won and I lose),” said Garima at last and then raising her eyebrow asked “But tell me what is in your hand and for whom?”



“Mommy it is a gift for that monkey,” said Khushi smiling very cutely.



“Gift or another prank of your upon him?” asked Garima suspiciously.



“No mommy, it’s really a gift for that monkey. Why you always doubt me?” she said showing her innocent puppy face.



“Because you gifting Arnav something is just like someone saying that our universe has no sun to give light.”



“Ugh! Actually mommy I don’t want to gift him but today he has saved me in school from those boys, and you only said naa that always thanks the person who helps you so I am doing the same by gifting this,” she said showing her cute innocent face making Garima melt while Khushi giggles inwardly on making her mother a fool.






Arnav was now sitting on his study table reading her English chapter when from nowhere Khushi barged inside with a cute smile making alarming signals enter in Arnav’s body. He was gazing her from top to bottom so as to find out what her chuhiya is planning, but didn’t reach to any conclusion until his eyes landed on the Gift wrapped small box in her hand.



“Be cautious Arnav, this chuhiya is definitely up to something. And this gift…. Hmmm… I think this gift must be her weapon this time,” he murmurs to himself while Khushi came near him and said “I know what you are thinking monkey?”



“What?” asked Arnav coming out from his reverie.



“That I must have planned something against you so as to take my revenge for the morning incident.”



And Arnav just nodded in affirmative at which Khushi rolled her eyes and huffing and puffing she asked “Monkey why all of you think that I am always up to some mischief only.”



“Because it is the truth chuhiya.”






“Oh! Is it? Then prove us wrong naa…”



“Hmph! Leave it monkey because we can debate on this topic. See I am here to give yoy this gift,” she said forwarding her hand in front of him while he jumped back shrieking “Nooooo…..”



“What???” asked a confused Khushi seeing his reaction.



“I am not going to take this gift from you chuhiya. I know there is something inside this…”



“Oyee monkey of course there is something inside it, that’s why it is kept in the box. Duffer, Idiot,” she said rolling her eyes at his foolishness.



“Chuhiya I mean to say that I know you have planned something dangerous inside it and as soon as I will open it, it will burst out making my nose red like they showed in that joker game- open the box and the joker will pop out and then your nose will be all red,” said Arnav making a horrified face imagining his red nose.



“Uffo! You dumbo, idiot- that box is so big and see my box it is too shmall (small),” she said cutely.



“So what? You must have buy a small joker naa. Naa baba naa… I am not going to open this.”



“Alee (Arey) monkey there is nothing like that inside. Please open it,” she pleaded but her plead fall on his deaf ear as he stubbornly denied her making her huffed in anger as she knew very well that if he didn’t take this gift then all her plan will go in vain. But soon an idea strike her mind making her smirk inwardly.



“Monkey if you think so then I have an option for this too.”



“What chuhiya?” she asked.



“See you are scared in opening this gift…” she was saying it when Arnav cut her off in the middle saying “Oyee chuhiya! I am not scared from anything. Dare you say that again.”



“But you are behaving like one so what can I do monkey?”



“No I am not,” he retorted.



“Then prove it.”






“Uffo!” she said doing facepalm and then added “Let’s do one thing I will open this gift wrapper for you, what say?”



“Hmm… Okay,” said Arnav smilingly not knowing that he himself is walking in the devil’s trap.



And as soon as she said that Khushi open the gift wrapper and Arnav’s eyes widen seeing a beautiful pen inside it.



“Pen” he exclaimed in excitement.



“Yes, you always asked for a pen naa but uncle aunty don’t let you buy saying you are too small to write from a pen, so I thought to gift you one.”



Hearing her say that he look towards her with narrowed eyes and asked “But why are you gifting me this?”



“Ugh! Just like that,” she said.



“Not like that chuhiya. I know you better and that’s the reason I know you will not spend even a buck until you have any reason and especially if the person is me,” he said pointing towards himself.



“Huh! Well you saved me from getting rabb.. ugh! rageld (ragged)  in morning so I thought to thank you by gifting this pen.”



“Oh really!” he asked at which she nodded impatiently, trying to make him believe on her words.



“But I don’t so chuhiya. You know in morning you were so angry on me that I stopped those guys and now you are thanking him. I am not able to digest it.”



At this Khushi just prayed her Devimaiya to help her out and said “Monkey, you are right I was shoo (so) angry on you but then Kuhu di make me understand that whatever you did was right so I thought to thank you. Shouldn’t I do this?” she asked showing her best innocent and cute pouty face making Arnav to soften and he immediately took the pen from her hand but not before saying a Thank You to her while she smile widely.



“Ugh! I think you should write your name on the notebook by this pen. Won’t you?” she asked blinking her eyes innocently making him go gaga over his cute yet innocent chuhiya.



“Yes, I will” and saying this he took out his Maths notebook and open it for writing his name while Khushi closed her eyes taking few step backs and soon she heard his scream for which she was waiting from a long time and opening her eyes look towards him and couldn’t help herself from laughing upon seeing his whole face, teeth and T-shirt stained with the blue ink of the pen.



“Ewww!!! Chuhiya what is this?” he sreamed at her, while trying to control her laugh Khushi managed to say “My sweet revenge for morning incident. This is an April Fool pen” and ran away from there.



While Arnav was trying to understand what happened with him. He was happily going to write his name given by his chuhiya’s pen. But as soon as he tried to write the pen splash its ink splash all over his face and T-shirt.



“Chuhiya, I will not leave you,” saying this he too ran downstairs to catch her.



Below mother of both the children- Garima Gupta and Savitri Raizada were sitting and talking about their children when they heard Arnav’s scream from his room, but before even they could react they saw their little naughty girl came running downstairs and hide behind Savitri and soon Arnav to came downstairs soaked in blue colour and both burst out laughing making him groan in anger.



“What is there to laugh? Asked an angry Arnav glaring first at the elders and then at the little bombshell.



“You are looking like a joker monkey so we tend top laugh,” said Khushi now holding her stomach while laughing.



Hearing him say that tears formed in Arnav’s eyes making everyone shocked as they have never seen him crying.



Garima came forward, wiped his tears and cupping his face asked “What happen Arnav? Why are you crying? You know naa that crying doesn’t suits you.”



“Aunty, am I really a joker?” he asked, hurt clearly evident in his voice while Garima give a deathly glare to Khushi who gulps her saliva knowing well how much her monkey hates jokers.



“No Arnav you are not,” she said cupping his face.



“But she said just now that I am one,” he said pointing towards Khushi.



“She is an idiot Arnav and you know that very well,” said Garima while Arnav too nodded smiling a bit making everyone sighed a bit.



But Garima who was not yet done move towards her daughter and jerking her said in a stern voice “Khushi, just sometime back I have told you to behave yourself but I think my saying has gone in deaf ears.”






“Don’t mommy me… You are just getting out of hand. Before doing any prank you don’t even think for a single minute,” she said angrily raising her hand to slap her daughter while Khushi closed her eyes in fear, but when she felt no pain she slowly open her eyes only to see the back of her monkey who was looking at her mommy while Garima’s hand was still in air.



“Arnav don’t come in between today, she needs a tight slap so that her mind will start working in right direction,” said Garima angrily.



“NO… You can’t,” he said.



“What???” asked Garima.



“You will not beat her or scold her aunty as it is only my right.”






“Yes aunty you only said to me that day that I am elder one among the two and so I should protect her and I am doing the same. You can’t beat or scold her till I am alive. She is my chuhiya and only I have the right to do so.”



Saying this to Garima he turn towards her and cupping her face said “Don’t worry chuhiya I will not let anything happened to you ever. Remember that your monkey is With You- Hamesha…



At this Khushi hugged Arnav tightly nodding in affirmative while the elders have tears in their eyes upon seeing such a sweet and pious bond between their two children.









  1. Awwww that was sooo cute!!! He protects her even after she made him cry! So sweet!

    Can't wait for the next update!

    Thanks for the pm and pls update soon…

    [IF: amira039.303]

  2. Wonderful story.. chota packet ARSHI were so cute.. loved to see mischievous Khushi playing pranks on her monkey and Arnav protecting his sweet chuhiya.. loved the story.. 🙂

    thanks for pm <3

  3. Arnav is pacing to and fro in his room with his baby steps worriedly.— aadat bade ho kar bhi nahi jaane wali haha

    Khushi is such a prankster
    I thought that pen to be the “shock wala pen”
    N Arnav is really cute. Only he has the right to scold her awwww
    But one question Why he hates jokers???

    IF- Sukanksha

  4. Beautifully written and khushi is really naughty and gets away with that cute face of hers..
    But arnav is there to be played on her pranks and also save her from the scolding..
    Such a cute bond..

  5. Loved the update, sweet and innocent. Arnav defending Khushi despite her troubling him, awww so sweet. Thank you for the pm. Lily30 from IF

  6. loved it
    khushi is a right wee devil
    she knows exactly how to get round everyone with her innocent face
    loved how Arnav suck up for her even after what she did to him
    the poor soul was so upset by what khushi said
    looking forward to seeing if khushi calms down as she gets older
    thanks for pm nplz keep em comin

  7. So cute 😊.. Khushi really too naughty ya.. Arnav like little hero protecting Khushi lovely.. Awesome update.. Thanks for PM..
    IF : katj

  8. vartu dear.. this was so cute…
    loved khushi's prank…
    arnav worried that she dint do anything yet.. & khushi being herself… wil do craziest of all…
    lovely revenge…
    continue soon…
    thnks 4 d pm…
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  9. Aww!! That was so sweet.. Honestly I don't want to grow older…
    Khushi is very naughty and Arnav is over protected of her…
    Very lovely and sweet update!!

  10. Hehehehe…. I know… To be honest I too haven't planned them to grow… I have thought the story till now completed with two parts… But refers are demanding them to grow up and show the chemistry… That's the only reason I have planned for 3rd part with grown up Arshi 🙂

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    Chahe jo ho jaye…Armnv vill stand by khushi's sidealways..
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    Comimg 2 update..Arnv s getting scared of khushi;'s prank…
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    Aw..Khushi teasin arnv as joker n arnv cryin..Dat ws so cute…
    Lvd d way chotu arnv defended khushi…Khushi's prank ws nice…

    “Yes aunty you only said to me that day that I am elder one among the two and so I should protect her and I am doing the same. You can’t beat or scold her till I am alive. She is my chuhiya and only I have the right to do so.”

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