arshi with you hamesha


A car stops in front of St. Xavier’s School and a cute little boy who has Carmel brown eyes and dusky complexion with a beautiful yet mischievous smile adorning his perfect M- shape lips of around six years who is studying in second standard came out with a bag hanging on his shoulders. He looks around his surrounding and smiled a little while moving towards the entrance of school. Though he may be small yet still he gets all attention from his surrounding due to his cuteness yet killer attitude which he shows in such a small age.



As soon as he enters inside his school he saw a group of boys probably of fourth and fifth standard were gathered at one corner making him frowned as to why are they standing like that. So he move towards them to see their centre of attraction. But he couldn’t as he was too small from their height which makes him annoyed and frustrated and he curse devimaiya saying “You are very bad devimaiya. You make me so tiny that now I am not able to see that side. But don’t worry I am Arnav Singh Raizada and Arnav Singh Raizada never loses,” saying this he looks on his right side and nudges the boy who is standing on beside him while the boy looks at him and then shrugged making him all the more angry.



Seeing the boy ignoring him, he twisted his lips thinking “How dare he ignore Raizada’s. I will sue him for it.”



And after thinking for few good minutes an evil smirk came on his lips and then the next second the same guy jump in the air screaming as he realised that he has been pinched on his thigh.



“Ouch! What was that for?” asked the boy looking at Arnav with narrowed eyes who in turn just smiles widely showing him his innocent puppy face while laughing inwardly.



 “You were not listening to me. So, I pinched you as a punishment for ignoring me,” said Arnav in his cute babyish voice while that child’s eyes widen in horror realising that just because he didn’t hear him out, he has been pinched and if by any chance he dare not abide him then God knows what he will have to face by him and said “Okay, I am sorry. Tell me what do you want?”



At this Arnav smiles widely at him and then said, no rather commanded “Pick me up in your arms as I too want to see what all these children are doing here?”



“But, that I can tell you naa. What’s the need for me to pick you up?” said the boy.



“No… I too wanted to see it by my own eyes. So you have to pick me up in your arms.”



Hearing him that boy rolled his eyes and muttered under his breath “What time has come? I have heard seniors ordering juniors but here this chit of a junior boy is ordering me. And my ill luck is that- I have to follow his order because he is the son of one of the trustee of our school. Hmph!” But soon the boy’s reverie broke down hearing Arnav’s next words.



“Aree…. what are you thinking? Pick me up naa,” said Arnav raising his hands in air as if gesturing him to do it now while the boy huffing and puffing pick him up making him squeal in joy but not before telling him to took her to front which he follows making faces.



As soon as Arnav reached there and saw the scene unfolding in front of his eyes, his mouth flung open. There a cute little girl with fair milky complexion, hazel eyes, button like nose, pink petals having two pigtails which were dangling from left to right due to her continuous head movement was standing with wide eyes while the senior students were laughing at her.



Arnav looks around once more and then upon not getting what’s happening or why he asked the boy.



“Why are they all laughing at her?” he said pointing towards the cute little girl.



“Oh! They were just asking her to tell a poem to them and then give a kiss to all the boys present there.”



But before even he could say anything more he saw the cute little Arnav flaring his nose with widen eyes and then looking at the girl again he said “Put me down now.”



As soon as he stand on his feet he marched towards them, pull the girl behind him and started throwing dragger towards the boys through his eyes who were laughing till now, while the boys who were laughing a minute back were standing in  amusement seeing him behaving like this.



“Hey, what are you doing? Don’t spoil our fun and leave from our way,” said one of the boy.



“No way, you will not force her for anything,” said Arnav stubbornly and then turning towards the boy continued “See, I am not spoiling your fun but protecting my chuhiya from you all,” he said pointing towards all of them.



“What?” exclaimed the guy standing beside the first one and soon started laughing joined by others making Arnav frowned.



“Why you all are laughing now?” asked an annoyed Arnav.



At this the first boy said “Oh! Actually we just got to know that her name is chuhiya, so not able to hold back our laugh.”



“Oyee! She is my chuhiya. Dare you call her that or I will make you the smallest ever chuha of this whole world and you will regret calling my chuhiya as your chuhiya,” said Arnav possessively while the girl who was till now standing behind him comes in front and after giving him an accusing look move forward and said “Bhaiya please don’t mind that monkey,” she said pointing towards Arnav and then added “He is like this whenever anyone called me that, so you shouldn’t call me by that name. But you can call me by my name- Khushi Gupta,” she said extending her hand towards him while a small smile was playing on her lips.



Hearing her say that blood boiled in Arnav’s veins and jerking her back he angrily said “What are you doing chuhiya? They were making fun of you and here you are extending hands of friendship towards them.”



At this Khushi just rolled her eyes and shrugged him again moving towards the seniors with a cute smile and said “You ignore that monkey and do what you were doing earlier.”



They were just about to say something when the bell rang indicating that it’s the time for morning assembly and they left from there,  leaving a half smirking and half annoyed Arnav while a totally fuming Khushi behind them who turn towards him and stomp his feet with full force earning a scream from him.



“Ouch!!! What was that for chuhiya?” he asked in a pained voice while throwing draggers towards her from his eyes for pulling this stunt on him.



“It is your punishment for spoiling my fun,” she said annoyed and then look away folding her hands below her chest.



“What? But when did I spoiled your fun?”



“Just now.”






“Aur nahi toh kya? You monkey donkey… Why did you shoo the seniors away?” she asked turning back towards him.



“Because they were blocking you and were trying to…. Ugh! What does mommy use to say…” he thought for few seconds and then as he remembered it, his eyes sparkled and he added “Yes, they were trying to nag you. And mommy always say that a boy should always help a girl and if they ever see a girl being teased by someone then we should stand by her and I too did the same. Moreover Garima maa said me to be With You- Hamesha,” he said it smiling widely while clapping his hands in air as if he has achieved something big while the girl just frowned and twisted her lips and did facepalm.



‘Ofo!!! Devimaiya What a Buddhu Singh Raizada you have send on this Earth. I commiserate with my mommy Earth to bear such a big monkey,’ she thought and then looking towards him said “Oyee monkey, it was not them who were trying to nag me, but me who said them willingly to do it.”



“What? But Why chuhiya?” asked a shocked Arnav.



“Simple, because I want to be rg… ra…Ugh! What was that word which di used?  Yep… ragged like Kuhu di.”



“What???” exclaimed a shocked as well as surprised Arnav and did a facepalm thinking ‘What else can I expect from my chuhiya? When she is indulge in anything then only she will be the one who will be making everyone dance to her tune and not the other way round. How can I forget such a big thing? But what lead her to it?”



“Chuhiya, But I don’t understand why you wanted to be rag… ragged?”



“Aree simple naa… because I too want to enjoy my first day in school like Kuhu di,” she said with twinkle in her eyes while Arnav just rolled his eyes and asked “Oyee duffer, Kuhu di is in college and you just joined today in standard one. And do you think that ragging is fun?”



“So what??? It was her first day and mine too. It doesn’t matter whether she is in college and I joined first standard,” she said wiggling her eyebrows and then excitedly added “Yes monkey, rging (ragging) is fun. You know, I heard Kuhu di telling her friend that how much she enjoyed it, but you… you just spoiled the whole fun of it,” she said accusingly and left from there not before deciding in her mind to avenge him for spoiling her fun.






  1. Hey, Anjs here from IF so cute both are………and young Khushi wants to be ragged………hahahahah…….initially when she said Arnav spoiled the fun, I was like, “What the, she wants to be kissed by the other boys” 😀

    But i guess she doesnt even know all that………….so cute she is……..and even Arnav, who pinched a senior so that he could pick up tillu Arnav ………..cant stop laughing…….hehehehe

  2. Thanks for Password … Cute story … I wud love to read all Stories,of urs … But its locked with password :((
    IF name : chandni4433

  3. Amazing and cute story ….really loved Chotu arshi ….arnav as child also in full ASR attitude and saying devimaiya ….great idea ..looking forward to read it

  4. Loved arnav and khushi cuteness personified please give link to the next part very eager to know what happens next


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