Arshi TS: WITH YOU- HAMESHAA… (Last Part)

arshi with you hamesha

PART- 3 (Last Part)

hushi is sitting in her room while a sweet smile is playing on her lips. She is very happy as tomorrow is her engagement with the mighty Raizada of the world and her Monkey. But at the same time she is angry too at him. And why shouldn’t she be? After all he has not yet proposed her officially. Though she knows that he too loves her but at the same time she wants to hear those three magical world from him. But alas that monkey is taking full advantage of this arrange marriage. Arrange? Yes Arrange Marriage which has wiped out all her dreamy fantasies of the marriage, she thought bitterly. She has always wanted to fall in love with her handsome prince charming and then after a wonderful and unique proposal from his side she wants to get married with the same man. But here this arrange marriage with that monkey has killed all her dreams. Though she knew that he is her prince charming only and she has already fallen for him. But the thing which she didn’t like is the fact that he has still not proposed her while tomorrow is her engagement with him.

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 “Devimaiya why are you testing my patience? You know how much I want to get proposed by my Monkey but he… argh!!! That sadu monkey is not proposing me. Oh! How I wish that both of our parents have not decided on our marriage, because then he will have to propose me because I know that he loves me and also is very possessive of me. I still remember that party when Karan has asked me out for a date in front of him and he, like a lion pounced on him. Poor Karan! He got so scared that he never ever look towards me forget asking me out,” saying this looking upward she giggles and then continues while talking animatedly to her deity and making all hand and face gestures “But devimaiya it is so bad that after giving so much hints to him that I want to be proposed by him, he still is not thinking on it. And after yesterday’s mischief he should have proposed me by now, but alas,” she said pouting her face and remembering yesterday’s events.


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Khushi was getting damn irritated due to the fact that Monkey is still not proposing her when there are only two days left in their engagement. She was worried that what she would tell her chunnu, munnu when they will ask her that how their dad proposed her. She gets tensed realising she will have no answer to give her chunnu, munnu and they will laugh on her saying that her story is too boring without any spice and they are worried that they shouldn’t get any traits like this otherwise they too will have no fun and romance in their life when they grow old. NO- she can’t bear this and thus from last few days she is giving him hints so that he can realise that she wants him to propose her before engagement. But that Monkey is ignoring all this, though he knows very well that what she wants so today she is going to have a clear talk with him, but before this that Monkey deserves a punishment to ignore her and she has decided that she will give it to him and thus she has planned everything at night only and now she is just waiting in his home and soon-to-be her home for the bomb to blast which she knows will be going to happened.






“Here he go,” Khushi thought smiling inwardly and when she looks upward, she saw Arnav coming downstairs throwing draggers towards her while all the other members who at first were shock seeing him  were now trying to hide their laugh just like her.



“Chuhiya, What have you done to me now? And Why?” asked Arnav angrily.



“What Monkey? Why it is like every bad thing happening with you will be due to me? I know I do play pranks and especially on you, but then at that time you were only my friend but now you are my would be and mommy said that Pati parmeshwar hota hai aur hum apne parmeshwar kei saath aisa kaise kar sakte hai? (Husband is our God and how can I play prank on my God?)” she said battling her eyelashes and giving the best innocent look which can even melt a stone. But this is Arnav Singh Raizada we are talking about and his chuhiya’s monkey who knows her better than herself. Moreover he can read mischief in his chuhiya’s eyes but before he could even utter a single world Ratna interrupted then and said “Arnav she is saying correct. Why do you always blame her? She has just come and is sitting with all of us.”



“But mom…”



“No Arnav… Just go and wash your face with water and come back. We all are waiting for you.”



“But mom this colour,” he asked pointing towards his face which is totally black and glaring at Khushi from corner of his eyes knowing well that she has mix something in his face wash due to which after using it his beautiful face has blackened now making him look like a devil rather than hero.



But Khushi just shrugged her shoulder as if she is really not the one behind it while a small smirk was playing on her beautiful petals. But who knows her better then him and thus he knew she is the one behind it and also knew why, but he is not going to do what she wants, at least not in her way, thinking this he left from there towards his room to rub off the black colour while Khushi too followed him and as soon as she enters inside his room he pins her to the wall, locking the door and coming dangerously close to her said “Tomorrow is our engagement and you blackened my face. Have you thought that if this colour will not remove from my face than people will be joking on us that too on the eve of our own engagement?”



“Well don’t worry Monkey it will be removed once you used your face wash and rub it off with light hands for few minutes,” said Khushi rolling her eyes.



“But what was the need of it?”



“It is your punishment.”



“Punishment for what?” he asked raising his eyebrow.



“As if you don’t know,” she said irritated. At which he nodded in negative with a lopsided smile knowing well that what she is talking about.



“Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada let me warn you that if you didn’t propose me before our marriage then I will make your life a living hell just like this. Today’s incident was a trailer. Just think what you will do if I start irritating you. So propose me and let it over.”



“Ugh! No way chuhiya. This is the fun part of my life and I can’t let it over anyhow.  Now I have got so addicted to your pranks that even if you wants to stop then also I will not let you stop,” he said with smirk and then added “And about the proposal then what’s the need of it now? I mean we proposed before marriage and here our marriage is fixed so officially you are going to be mine chuhiya and that too very soon.”



“But I want naa….” She said grumpily while he bit back his laughter and said “That’s your problem chuhiya because I am very happy with the way things are moving forward.”



At this Khushi push him back angrily and pointing her index finger towards him said “It must be okay with you monkey but not with me. Let me be clear to you Monkey that if you didn’t propose me before our engagement then I swear that I will not let you make chunnu, munnu for sure,” and saying this she storm out of there while Arnav could just utter “What the?”



-Flashback Over-



“Devimaiya I have warned him that I will not let him make our chunnu, munnu. So as per my theory he must have proposed me till now. But see that Monkey- Donkey Singh Raizada has still not proposed me. I am telling you devimaiya that it’s not me but that Monkey who is not ready to bring our chunnu, munnu in this world.” She said pouting and hoping that he will come and propose her but nothing like that happen and whole day passed like this. Its next day and the day of their engagement and Khushi is getting ready with grumpy mood muttering “Devil Monkey and No chunnu, munnu.”



“Khushi bitiya haven’t you got ready?  Arnav with his family has come downstairs and are waiting for you so that the ring ceremony can take place.”



“Let that Monkey wait,” she thought inwardly, but then said “Mommy I am ready, let’s go.”



And then Khushi with her mother descended downstairs while as soon as Arnav saw her coming towards him he just got lost in her not caring for the rest of the family members, but somewhere thanking devimaiya that it’s a family function with just both of their families and no one else as both the families wanted to keep it low profile.



“Arnav dear stop staring at her like you want to eat her raw. It will make her scared,” said Aarav, Arnav’s father.



“Dad are you kidding me? Scared and she? Joke of the millennium,” said Arnav still staring at Khushi who looks down blushing. ‘Well this is new- a blushing chuhiya. I so love her,” thought Arnav and then smiles to himself.



Upon seeing that Arnav isn’t ready to look away from Khushi, Shashi- Khushi’s father said “Arnav dear you can stare at her later, as of now make her yours officially by placing the ring in her finger.”



At this Arnav just looks away embarrassed but then soon composing himself he said “No before this ring ceremony takes place there is one thing which is left and which I wants to do earnestly.”



“What is it dear?” asked Garima. At this Arnav bend down on his one knee in front of Khushi and brought a rose in front of Khushi and said.



“I cherish your friendship,


I cherish your companionship,


I cherish your innocence,


I cherish your mischief,


But now I want to cherish your love,


Am I honoured to be the one?


Will you be mine till forever and ever?


So that I can cherish the whole of you.”



Khushi who was looking down at first was shocked to see him bending down in front of her but the moment he starts professing his love she was stunned as she has thought that her fantasy will remain a fantasy, but No- her monkey make it a reality. Mentally she told her devimaiya that now there is green light for her chunnu, munnu when she heard his husky voice.



“Khushi please reply yaar, my knees are hurting.”



At this she make him stand up and nodded in yes not able to voice out her feelings making a smile came on his lips. But then her eyes widen seeing him coming close to her and when he was just an arm distance from her he hold her hand and brought the flowers which she had taken earlier in her hands near her face and looking intently in her eyes he said “I love you Chuhiya.”






Before Khushi could reply him a stream of water splash on her face making her close her eyes and after few minutes when she open her eyes she saw Arnav standing with an oh so innocent look and upon roaming her eyes towards others she saw everyone trying to hold their laugh and then she once again looked at Arnav narrowing her eyes and asked “What was that?”



“Nothing Chuhiya, just a small prank for a prankster queen,” he said winking at her while all the rest of people couldn’t hold themselves anymore and starts laughing holding their stomach.



“This is not fair,” she said whining like a child upon seeing everyone laughing at her.



“Everything is fair in love and war baby and this is the war of love you know,” saying this Arnav winked making her gape at him and then making a pouty face she said “Mom- dad it is not right. It’s my engagement and here my would be is playing prank on me and see you guys- instead of scolding him you all are laughing with him,” she whined.



“What to do Chuhiya? They only granted me the permission to play this prank on you.”



“What?” she asked and then look towards them with narrow eyes, in response of which Shashi said “It was his last chance Khushi because now soon you will be his wife and this whole world knows that  a man should never crippled his wife otherwise soon he will be a gone case.”



At this everyone starts laughing while Khushi pouted her face looking away. Arnav then turn her towards him, cupping her face and looking intently in her eyes said “This prank was not to make other laugh Chuhiya. It was just that with this small prank I wanted to convey you that these pranks are the essence of our beautiful relationship, your innocent mischiefs are what I look forward in my life and I don’t want to lose it at any cost. How much old we turn but I will always look forward for your mischiefs because it enlightens my life the same way you enlighten my heart,” saying this he put the ring in her finger and then kissing her forehead he said “I want to live my life With You- Hamesha…



Hearing him tears brimmed in Khushi’s eyes while a smile adorn her lips. After putting the ring in his finger she said “Only for you, only With You- Hamesha…



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  1. Lived the last part. Loved Arnav's proposal and the whole family contribution to the prank. Lovely ending, to a funny lovely story. Can you please do shots for tjis post marriage, pregnancy and growing up kids as eager to read more. Regards lily30 from IF

  2. Aww, Lovely lovely ending.Love the proposal and everyone's masti with it.
    Arnav wanted to make her blush and enjoy the moments with her.

    Chuhiys….aww. that is not fair
    she is absolutely opposite of this name….
    Thnx for the lovely TS dear <3

  3. Hi,

    I went to the blog to read TS: WITH YOU- HAMESHAA… Part 1 & 2. However there require password.

    Would be able to provide the password? I would love to read them!


    Sent from my iPad

  4. Awesome!!! Such an Amazing and lovely end to the TS didu. Specially the way Arnav proposed Khushi and laid his heart in front her! That was just so so sooooo beautiful… I lived it purely… Thank you so much didu… Muahh…


  5. Awwww Cho cute ending
    Just like the whole ts was
    The proposal was so beautiful… But the splash thing was so khushi-ish.
    Its actual essence was khushi's pranks…
    N her chunnu munnus 😂

  6. awe lovely endin
    Arnav couldn't help but tease n torment poor khushi
    like how she got her own back
    but hey he got the last word in
    pranking her on their engagement
    he knew hed get away with it though seeing he proposed like she wanted n then after prank pacified her with more sweet words
    loved it


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