Thodi Masti Thoda Pyaar


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Next day they all reach college and got busy in their lectures. During lunch time they came to canteen and start gossiping while Yash’s eyes were searching for only one person who is nowhere to be seen. At last when he couldn’t control anymore he asked “Khushi where is Diya? Didn’t she come with you today? She is well naa?”

“Yes Yash she is absolutely fine… And everything is ok… And yes she has come to college with me,” replied Khushi.

“But then where is she?” he asked a bit confused.

Hearing it she looked towards Yash and then to her gang and at the same time starts nibbling her bottom lip, seeing which Arnav groans inwardly.

‘Oho! Khushi why are you nibbling your lips. That is my right to do. See Khushi ki devimaiya…. First your Khushi isn’t confessing anything about her feelings to me and then torturing me while doing all this. I am warning you Khushi ki devimaiya that either you made her realise her feelings or make her stop doing all these things which only I have a right to do with her…. Huhh!!!!’ thought Arnav and looks at Khushi….… Her pink luscious lips. But at the same time Sameera nudged her elbow to him and said “Arnav be patient….  Don’t stare at her like a hungry lion who is ready to pounce on his prey. She will get scared yaar and concentrate on that stupid, idiot Yash.”

Hearing it Arnav looks away embarrassed and then after calming himself down from his raged thoughts said “Yes Khushi…. Don’t think too much… We all are friends only naa.. (He emphasised on word friend) so Yash should also be knowing what is happening…. Am I right Sam?”

“Of course Arnav,” saying this she winks at him.

Now Yash looks confused… He don’t know what’s going on… But whatever it is he is not getting a good feeling.

“Yash woh… Actually Raj has came and asked Diya for date,” said Khushi.

Hearing it Yash’s breath hitched. But soon he composed himself and said “And what… What’s her answer?”

“What it should be?”

“Means?” asked a confused Yash.

“Of course she has said yes. And they both have gone for their first official date.”

Hearing Khushi say that for Yash it was like his worst fear came true.

“Diya…. His Diya had gone for a date…that too with that champu… Okkk… I agree he is not that champu but quite a good looking, handsome and smart man but still how can she betrayed me?” screamed Yash’s heart.

“Oh! Really… Your Diya… From when she become yours?” questioned his mind.

“From the day I first saw her as I knew that she is the only one for me,” replied his heart.

“Okay, if I agree with you… Then also are you sure that she too want you like you want her?” asked his mind.

“of course stupid… I know she is all mine,” answered his heart.

“And how do you know that?” asked his mind.

“Because I have seen her looking at me secretly,” came a smiling response from his heart.

“If it is so… Then why she has gone with Raj on date… Tell me?” countered his mind.

“It is because… Because…” But his stupid heart could not find any solid reason and this time his boiling mind pounced on his fragile heart screaming “You stupid…  Because you never ever confessed to her what you felt for her…. Gadha kahi ka….”

“But isn’t it evident from my way and actions that I love her so much,” asked his heart sadly.

“Maybe it was…. But buddhu haven’t you heard that girls need verbal confirmation…. Have you ever confessed your feelings… No… You haven’t done anything rather than flirting with her… And flirting is never count as your confession… As anyone can flirt with you,” answered his mind.

“Hawwww…. Why doesn’t I ever think about it… In my stupidity I loose my Diya,” said the voice from his heart.

“Oyee ghanchakkar… It’s better late than never… Go and confess to her,” buzzed the voice in his mind and the decision was taken then and there. Yash looks towards his friends who are staring at him only and asked “Where has they both gone for date?”

“Why Yash…. I know you are angry on her because we all know about her date… But at least let her enjoy naa,” said Arnav with a loop sided smile while Khushi give him a glare which he shrugged off.

“Yes Yash… She is with her date… Let her enjoy… Don’t know what they both will be doing,” said Sameera while biting her own inner cheeks to prevent herself from laughing out loud.

‘Devimaiya… You see what they both are doing… Why are they telling so much lie… Devimaiya please don’t make our whole plan backfired… Otherwise you know naa that Diya will kill me for sure,’ thought Khushi.

Arnav saw Khushi cribbing to her devimaiya cutely and admire her pouting face, rolling eyes full of mischief, her animated actions to her devimaiya… In short he admire everything about her.

But on other hand Yash was fuming in anger thinking about his Diya in someone else’s arm.

“Noo…. You guys just tell me where are they??? Khushi you tell me,” he almost shouted.

“Ugh! (She look towards Arnav who nodded his head then she turn her face towards Yash) Yash wohh….  Actually they are at XYZ resturant.”

But before she could complete her sentence Yash has ran away from there. And all of them broke into laughter holding there stomach while all passersby looked at them as if they have gone mad that’s why laughing like mad persons.

“Okay, It happened as we want… But why you were lying like idiots to him as if they both are going to do do…chi chi devimaiya.”

“Devimaiya ki bacchi…. That’s called jealousy…. We are just making him more jealous,” said Sameera rolling her eyes.

“But what if our plan backfires?” she asked.

“Ofo! Khushi these kinda plans never backfires,” said Arnav.

“Sacchi?” she asked cutely at which Arnav replied imitating her “Mucchi…”

“Okay guys… First of all inform Diya about Yash and then we have to reach there also,” said Sameera.

“Yaa… After all without ticket we are getting to see drama naa,” said Khushi.

“Not only drama Khushi but drama with romance,” replied Sameera and trio laughed and move out from there.


“What??? Sacchi Khushi… Ohh gosh!!! I so love you my darling… Muaah… Byee,” saying this Diya put the phone down and started jumping like mad shouting yipee.

Raj has to do a lot work to make her calm and he said “Hey Diya… We are in a restaurant so stop jumping like a small kid.”

“Oops… Sorry yaar but i am so much excited that i just couldn’t stop myself,” said Diya smiling happily.

“Okay…What’s the matter? Everything okay naa?”

“Areyy buddhu… Yash is coming naa… Khushi was saying that he is getting too much jealous… Oh! I so love my jealous bandar…. Just thinking that how will he looks like in his jealous avtaar.”

“That means our plan works.”

“Yes,” she said and in her excitement she hugs him and that’s the time when Yash saw them.  And seeing them together hugging each other his jealousy took a new turn turning him in an angry and possessive man. The hug was quiet friendly but to him it doesn’t seems like that… all thanks to Arnav and Sameera. But when he could not control anymore he move towards them and pulls Diya out of the hug which startled both of them and then punch Raj on his face.

“Stay away from her…. Got it,” said Yash gritting his teeth.

“What’s that Yash? You punched him… Have you gone nuts?” asked Diya shocked by the way he behaved.

“No not at all Diya… But let me make it clear to both of you… (Turning towards Raj) specially you… STAY AWAY…”

Raj was shocked at first but soon he recovered from it and thought to act fast and said “Why would I stay away from her? She is my date…”

“No she is not… She is only mine,” said Yash angrily.

“Who gave you the right to call me as yours?” Diya too added.

“My love for you… (Softly) yes Diya… I love you… Maybe from the first time i saw you but couldn’t gather enough courage to ask you.”

“You stupid… Why don’t you confess your love earlier… If you have then we don’t have to pretend all this,” said Diya hugging him.

“Pretend?” asked Yash knotting his eyebrows confusedly.

“Yes pretend,” chorused the voice from his back making him turn back and upon seeing his whole gang here he asked “You guys here?”

“Of course we have to be… Otherwise we all had miss this filmy scene,” said Arnav winking.

“But in all this Raj has to bear Yash’s punch… Ohhh… Are you all right?” asked Sameera.

“I am honoured that anyone of you remembered that your friend has punched me… If I had known beforehand naa that I have to face this then I would never say yes to your plan,” said Raj sarcastically.

“What plan guys?” asked Yash confusedly at which Arnav narrate him how they plan to make him confess his love for Diya.

“What? You guys were…”

“Leave naa Yash.. The best thing is that you confessed your love and I accepted it so now we are officially a couple… Yuhuu…” said Diya cutting him off in middle and jumping in air in her excitement.At this all congratulate her. While Yash apologize to Raj who readily forgive him and left from there bidding bye along with Arnav and Sameera as Arnav offered to drop Sameera home on Khushi’s insistence. After they left from there she thought to go home with Diya but seeing Diya and Yash busy with each other and all lovey dovey she makes an excuse  as she has her own scooty and left from there for her home leaving the couple alone to spend some time with each other.

But her luck she has crossed only half a kilometer when her scooty stop abruptly and doesn’t start again.

“Not now… Damn this scooty never listens me… Always stopped at weird places… You will be giggling up there devimaiya… And here your Khushi is stuck with this nikkami scooty that too at this weirdo place… I mean see no one is to be seen nearby…humphh… Okk I should call veerji,” she murmurs and took out her phone to call her veerji but twisted her lips, scrunched her eyes and made a pouty face and looking above towards the sky she said “Only this had left devimaiya… My phone is also dead… Gadha, ullu da pattha, kamina… When I need it’s help then only it’s battery got over… Otherwise will be ringing whole day… Devimaiya you naa… I am very angry on you… Haa.. What do you think that without you your Khushi will be helpless? Then you are wrong…. You don’t forget I am Khushi Kumari Gupta (she said proudly raising her invisible collar and looking upwards) now I don’t need your help see I will do it myself… Hmmm,” saying this she murmurs to herself “I have said it but how I am going to do it? Devimaiya…No… No Devimaiya… Aree khoto de putar koi to aajaao…”

At that time she saw a car with full speed coming towards her and her pea sized brain starts working and she tried to take lift but the car passed away.

“Le Khushi… You can’t even take a lift… What will you do now… Ugh…” she murmurs to herself.

But then she saw the same car stopping at some distance and then the car reversed towards her and stopped in front of her making Khushi to broke in a grin which wipe off after few seconds when she saw  drunkards came out of the car and offered their help. But seeing their conditions she politely refused their help.

“Aree madam…  Let us help you naa,” said one of them and started advancing towards her which makes her nervous.

“No… No thanks… I can manage,” she said nervously not wanting them to come near her.

“How can you manage? Your scooty is of no work i think (he said looking at her scooty and then again looks at her) and we will surely help you,” he said staring at her from top to bottom making her uncomfortable.

“I don’t need your help… You can go,” said Khushi trying to make her voice stern but it comes out as a whisper.

At this both men looks at each other and then started dragging her towards the car while smiling evilly.

“Aaj to mast item haath aayi hai… (Today we got such an item..)” said one of them.

“Haa yaar… Aaj to kismat n khoob saath Diya.. (Yes.. Today luck is on our side..)” said the another.

But Khushi is Khushi how can she let them win over her. Before they can make her sit in car she bites on one of their shoulder and scratched her nails on other’s wrist making them yelp and uses this time and ran away from there.

“Sorry devimaiya… Will not be angry on you… But save me… Please… Pretty please devimaiya,” she murmurs while running away.But she has not gone long when they caught her again.

“What do you think that you will be spared? Not at all?” said one of them and he threw her dupatta on road…

“Noooo…” shrieks Khushi.

“Oyeee… First mine,” said the other one.

“No… I have caught her… First me then you,” said the one who was holding Khushi.

“Okay” said the later one and then the former bends towards her lips to kiss her while Khushi closes her eyes in fear while tears flows from her eyes. But when nothing happened and she feels his hold loosened she open her eyes and saw Arnav there beating them black and blue and at last they ran from there to save their life.

“Ar…Arnav…” saying this she started sobbing.

Hearing her sobs Arnav look at her and ran towards her taking her dupatta from road and then drape it around her and asked “Khushi you allright naa?”

“Arnav…” saying his name she hugs him tightly.

“Shh… Khushi I am here… Nothing will happened to you… Okay… So stop crying… You are not a cry baby naa,” said Arnav trying to calm her down.

“But Arnav…”

“I hate your tears Khushi,” saying this he kisses her tears. While she closes her eyes and digs her nails in his shoulder by the first intimate touch of a man.

“You don’t know Khushi these are not mere tears but precious pearls… And I don’t want you to waste them.”

Both looked at each other for a long time while rabba vey was playing in the background and then finally their lips met for a soul searing kiss while none of them realize what they are doing as they have forget anything around them.

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  1. Loved the update, Yash confesses his love to Diya, the plan works. Arnav saves Khushi and their first kiss. Eager for the next part.

  2. Nice updste…

    Finally the olan works Arnav Khushi Sameera added the fuel in the fire… yash confessesd ..
    Poor raj gotvthe punch…
    Oh god khushi totally crazy…

    Arnav came on right time n saved her..

    Finally he fulfilled hos wish yo kiss her..

    Looking forward

  3. Loved it
    Plan worked
    Yashs jealousy sky rocketed
    Poor raj got punched but hey acceptable casualty lol
    Now yash n diva r together
    N even arnav got a kiss from saving khushi from those creeps
    Thing is what will happen now
    Will they become a couple or will khushi still be unsure n keep her distance
    Maybe even shy away
    Hope after this kiss arnav doesn't take no for an answer
    Looking forward to next update

  4. I can't say anything as of now dear.
    Reason is first my exam and tgen my health…
    Just sometime back got well after suffering from chickenpox and now down with chickenguniya.
    So just updating what I already have in my hand 🙂


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