Thodi Masti Thoda Pyaar


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Khushi enters in college with Diya and saw Sameera waiting for someone. So they move towards them.

“Hey Sameera… Wassup? And why are you standing here?” asked Khushi.

“Hey Khushi…hii Diya…” said Sameera smilingly to which Diya too responded.

“Actually Khushi I was waiting for Arnav and that dumbo Yash,” said Sameera while Khushi nodded her head but inside she was feeling weird and thought ‘What’s this weird feeling hearing Arnav’s name… I am not going to meet him first time but then why I am feeling so different?’

While Khushi was lost in her own thoughts hearing Arnav’s name here Diya’s face got saddened hearing Yash’s name which didn’t go unnoticed by Sameera so she asked her “What happened Diya? Why are you looking so upset? Hmmm…”

“Uhh… Nothing Sameera.”

At this Sameera looked at her for few minutes and then said “If you don’t wants to share it with me then it is okay.”

“Areee nothing like that Sameera… It is just that…”

“Tu to rehne de haa… Sameera I will tell you… You know she is upset,” said Khushi cutting her off in mid.

“Upset… But why?” asked Sameera.

“Aree Sameera… She is upset because of Yash.”

“Yash… Now what he had done to upset our sweetoo?”

“He has done nothing that’s the only problem naa,” replied Khushi.


“Ofo!  Sameera our Diya is in love with him… And he has not proposed her yet. That is the problem.”

“What? This Yash also… Vaise all of us know that he has feelings for our Diya,” she said teasingly at this Diya blushed hard.

“Don’t blush so hard. We can see that your cheeks have turned tomato red,” sayinf this Sameera winked.

“But what’s the use of it Sameera? That idiot Yash will not proposed me,” she said with a baby face.

“Then make him confess his feelings,” replied Sameera.

At this both Khushi and Diya and looked towards Sameera.

“See if he really loves you then makes him jealous and he himself will confess his feelings to you.”

“Awee… You know Sameera you are really perfect for my veerji.”

At this Sameera turns a brighter shade and said “Don’t pull my leg Khushi,” making her giggle.

“Ohhoo blushing blushing… But I am quite serious about it… Because you both have same anger, love and now your thoughts too matched.”

“What you wanna say?” asked a confused Sameera.

“Ofo! My future bhabhi. The idea u gave to Diya now… Veerji also give to her.”

“But the problem is how will I make him jealous?” asked Diya.

“Don’t worry… Raj will help you in this.”

“Raj?” asked both Diya and Khushi in unison.

“Yes one of my admirer and a big flirt. He is perfect for it. Now don’t worry… And just ignore him,” saying this she winks at them.

“Worry about what Sam?” asked Arnav from behind.

Hearing his voice trio turn towards him with shock written all over their faces but soon composed themselves.

“Nothing Arnav… Was talking randomly… How are you?” asked Sameera trying to divert his mind.

“Good… You say?”

“Me too… And what about you Yashu?” she asked.

“You know me dear, I am always good.”

Hearing him say that Diya rolled her eyes while Arnav greets her to which she too responded back warmly.

“Hey Khushi,” finally he greeted Khushi in his husky voice sending goosebumps in Khushi and she somehow she was able to respond back and then composing herself she said ‘ I think we should leave otherwise we will be late…” saying this she literally ran from there taking Diya along with her leaving a sad Arnav behind.

Seeing him sad Sameera patted his shoulder and said “Don’t worry Arnav give her sometime… Vaise bhi I can see that she has some feelings for you. We can’t say it love as of now but still… Let her explore her feelings towards you.”

At this Arnav nodded his head and hugged Sameera saying “Thanks for understanding me so well Sam.”

Hearing him say so Sameera smacked his shoulder and said “After all I am your bestie naa… So majboori hai…”

And trio laughed at this and then leave to attend their lecture.


Arnav, Yash and Sameera enter in the canteen and saw Khushi and Diya sitting with a boy laughing and enjoying his company. At this Arnav clenched his fist but soon Sameera hold his hand which makes him looks towards Sameera and she winks at him and gestured him to look at Yash and Arnav understands that the person sitting with Khushi and Diya is none other than Raj to make Yash jealous as Sameera has told him their plan and he calms down while Yash was fuming seeing Diya laughing with that boy. Soon trio moves towards the place where they all are sitting and say hi to each other taking their places while both Sameera and Arnav act as if they don’t know Raj. Arnav sits beside Khushi making himself as a wall between Raj and Khushi and giving a glare to him as if to say don’t try to flirt with his Khushi. First Khushi was shocked seeing Arnav’s behaviour but then she understands everything on seeing him glaring at Raj while Raj starts sweating and shows his puppy eyes to him.

‘Poor Raj… He will die seeing Arnav glaring at him as if he will eat him alive… (And her heart did a little bhangra seeing him so possessive about her)… Aweee… Vaise he is looking shooo cute naa devimaiya,’ she thought to herself.

But Khushi’s reverie broke hearing Sameera’s voice.

“Oho! Diya won’t you introduce us to this hot guy?” saying this she winks towards them.

“Oh! Sorry Sameera… Forget to introduce him… He is my friend…”

“Ahhaa… I will give my introduction myself,” said Raj cutting her off in mid and then taking Sameera’s hand in his and said “Raj… Naam to suna hoga na beautifil lady,” saying this he kissed her hand. While all of their eyes popped out seeing him kissing Sameera’s hand in front of all. But before anyone could say anything Raj’s hand was jerked by someone who was glaring at him.


Yes… He is none other than Sumit who has seen Raj kissing his Sameera’s hand and angrily march towards the place to make that guy give a good lesson on his this act. While Raj was scared seeing Sumit angrily glaring at him… And if lookscould kill he would be dead by now for sure. 

(Bechara Arnav ka angry glare kam tha jo ab Sumit bhi usse angry glare de raha hai… Aaya to yaha par Diya ki help karne tha but kahi aisa naa ho ki usse khudki help k liye kisiko bulana pade…) 

“Don’t try to flirt with my Sameera,” said Sumit angrily throwing draggers with his eyes towards him making Raj scared first but then the later composes himself and dares to ask him “You…your Sameera?”

“Yes… My Sameera… She is my girlfriend,” he said proudly and then kissed her lightly while Sameera giggles.

“Hawww… Veerji…” said a shocked Khushi who was looking as if her eyes will pop out any minute.

“What Khushi?”

“Veerji you kissed Sameera. That too in front of your baby sister,” said Khushi making an innocent face.

“Tu itni bhi choti nahi hai ki tu haww karti fire… Aur itni probem hai to behna meri aakhe band kar le apni tu… Vaise yei to mai tab puchunga jab tera boyfriend tujhe kissi(kiss) dega… Kaha par y to vahi jaane.  (You are not so small that you will make faces… And if you have a problem then close your eyes… By the way I will ask all this when your boyfriend will kiss you… And where he will kiss you only he knew it.)” he said naughtily at which Sameera poked him to stop him from blabbering while she herself was blushing hard.

Hearing Sumit talks immediately Khushi look towards Arnav who was already looking at her and then averted her eyes but all this didn’t go unnoticed by a pair of eyes which belongs to Sumit who was contended somewhere as he is getting sure that his Khushi too has feelings for Arnav but she herself is unaware of it.

“But veerji why are you here?”

“Why I can’t come here kya??? Well I think I entered at right time,” he said glaring at Raj who gulps down his own saliva.

“You can come here yaar… And nobody will stop you… Well meet Raj Diya’s friend,” she said it while winking and now Sumit too understands who Raj is so he talks with him politely and uss bechare ki to jaan m jaan aagayi.

“Well I came here as I have book the tickets for your favourite SRK’s movie Dilwale… And I think you will love to watch it.’

All this while Yash was fuming in anger as he saw how Diya was talking to that Raj ignoring him completely.

“Wow… You brought the tickets of SRK’s movie,” shouted all girls in unison.

And Sumit nodded his head and in return receive a peck on his cheeks from Sameera while Khushi and Diya hugs him excitedly.

‘If I had knew this before then I myself had brought tickets instead of Sumit. At least I would have receive a hug from Khushi naa… But Arnav teri to kismat hi kharab hai..(But Arnav you have a bad luck).. And this Sumit… Can’t he give me this idea… Yaar he is already settled with Sameera… And here I am in waiting list,’ thought Arnav making weird faces.

“Then let us go,” said Khushi excitedly while all of them nodded and left for watching movie.


They all were sitting and watching the movie… Specially the girls as their eyes were just glued to screen watching their favourite  actor.

Well boys were happy seeing their girls excluding Yash. As Sumit and Sameera were sitting together, Arnav and Khushi were also made to sit together by the tricks of the whole gang for which Arnav was thanking them in his heart while his heart was doing bhangra sitting near his Khushi. And last but not the least Diya was sitting with Raj on one and Yash on the other side all the while talking to Raj and ignoring Yash royally (as per the instructions of Sameera…). While seeing all this Yash was fuming and his hands were itching to kill that Raj. (Ab propose naa karne ki galti ki hai Yash babu… Bhugtna to padega hi…). While Sumit and Sameera are sitting and watching movie while chatting with their hands in each-others and Sameera’s head on Sumit’s shoulder. On the other hand Khushi was busy in watching movie (or say her fav actor) while Arnav was busy in staring at his Khushi. Well Khushi was aware of his intense gaze on her but pretend that she doesn’t know about it as she was enjoying all this.

“Arnav…Arnav please hear me,” said Yash.

“What the hell Yash… Stop disturbing me yaar?” said Arnav irritatingly shrugging his hand from his shoulder and again stared at Khushi.

‘Why is Arnav continuously staring at me… But devimaiya it feels too good naa… Like I am special and wanted… Ohhh… I soo love this feeling devimaiya,’ thinking this she giggles and the started eating popcorns and watching movie unknown to her that love has entered in her life and making its own place in her heart.

“Please Arnav… I am always there for your help and you…” said Yash dramatically.

“Say… What you wanna say,” he said sighing, knowing well that Yash will not let him live in peace till he hear him out.

“Yaar this Raj… What is he doing in our group?” he asked.

“Why? Any problem?” asked Arnav somehow controlling his laugh.

“No…nah.. Nothing.. I am asking like that only,” he said fumbling.

“Then ask Diya naa… After all he is her friend… Oops special friend… And let me watch what I am watching,” controlling his laugh he said and then again stared at his Khushi and saw her enjoying her movie.

While by now Yash was totally fuming seeing Diya laughing and talking with that Raj while she ignored him which increases his anger.

Here Sumit and Sameera were enjoying each other company. And Khushi was enjoying the movie while Arnav enjoyed watching her antics during different scenes of movie like jumping on her seat, making weird faces, sobbing like a child on emotional scene and what not. But he likes her gesture when during one scene she took his arm and eat popcorn while watching movie. At last after watching movie they all bid bye to each other with happy mood except Yash who leaves grumpily glaring at Raj who smirks inwardly.

So how was it guys…
Hope u like it…
Abhi to kahi jealousy, kahi intezaar(wait), aur kahi pyaar hai…
Ab aage aage dekho kya hota hai…

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  1. awesome update
    please translate this sentence (Bechara Arnav ka angry glare kam tha jo ab Sumit bhi usse angry glare de raha hai… Aaya to yaha par Diya ki help karne tha but kahi aisa naa ho ki usse khudki help k liye kisiko bulana pade…)

  2. Oh! Okay translating below-

    Was Arnav's angry glare was not enough that now Sumit too is glaring at him. He has come here to help Diya out but now it seems that he will have to ask someone to help him only from duo.

    I hope now u got it 🙂

  3. Loved the update, brilliant. All the boys jealous and possessive, looks like the plan is working. Eager for the next part. Regards lily30 from IF.

  4. Nice one
    jealousy def working
    poor raj being warned off twice by our protective lads
    Diva ignoring yash n flirting with raj
    cant wait till he finally snaps
    Looking forward to next update


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