Thodi Masti Thoda Pyaar


PART- 7 (B)

Khushi was sitting in canteen with Diya and at that time her phone ring and she saw it was of Arnav, automatically a smile spread on her lips. She picks up her phone and said “Hello…”

“Hello Khushi…”


“Khushi I wants to talk to you.”

“Haa to bolo na Arnav… (Yes… Then say Arnav…)”

“No Khushi… I can’t tell you on phone… I have to meet you.”

“Okay… Then you come in the canteen as I am here only.”

“No… No… Khushi… Do one thing you came on the backside of college library. You remember the small room there. Come in that room. I am waiting for you there.”

“But why there?” she asked confusedly.

“Nowadays you are asking too many questions. If you trust me then came here without saying anything. And I promise you will get answers of all your questions,” saying this he cuts the phone before she can ask anymore question. And there Khushi was looking at the phone as if she will eat it.

“Hey devimaiya… Is he angry with me? Chal Diya… We have to go backside,” she said p[outing.

“But why?” she asked stuffing the last piece of Pizza in her mouth.

“That I too don’t know why? Well we will get our answers after reaching there.”

And they both left towards the backside.


“Now do your work… Fast…” said Arnav.

“Saale apne chakkar mei mujhe mat pitwa diyo…”

“Don’t worry Yashu… I am with you… The great ASR…” he replied cheekily.

“Usi ka to darr hai… (That’s the only thing to be scared…)” he murmurs.

“Dial her phone Yash.”

And Yash dial her number nodding his head.


“Hello…” said Diya.

“Hello Diya… Can I meet you now… It’s urgent,” said Yash.

“Now?” she asked and then she gulped her saliva and looked towards Khushi who was looking at her with narrow eyes.

“Yes now Diya… I need you urgently… Please come… I am waiting for you outside.”

“Okay…ok… Me coming,” she replied excitedly and then cuts the call after which she somehow convinces Khushi for and then both the girls move towards their respective places.


Khushi enters in the room told by Arnav and then someone closed the door from outside without her knowledge making her scared.

“Arnav… Arnav…”

But she got no answer in the reply. The room was also dark and she was hell confused and scared now.

“Arnav has told me this room only. But then where is he? And why is this room so dark? Devimaiya raksha karna apni bacchi ki,” she murmurs.

After getting no response she thought that by mistake she came in wrong room so she thought to go out of the room only to find the door locked. At this she started to scream for someone to open the door. At the same time she saw some flash of lights and when she turns around she saw her pictures on a screen and then a voice which makes Khushi scared.


(This beautiful edit is done by Lakshu di 🙂 )

Mai tera dewanaa hu…

Aashiq hu mai tera…

Tujhko hi yei dil Diya apna…

Ab tera dil mangta…

Socha nahi tha ki itna  chahunga kisi ko kabhi…

Par is chahat par mera jor ab chalta nahi…

Teri muskurahat pei mera dil hasne laga…

Teri aakho mei aasoo dekh dil tadapne laga…

Yei deewangi apne charam (peak) p hai…

Is dillagi ko koi jhutla sakta nahi…

Mohobbat hui hao ab tujhse mujhe…

Is mohobbat ko koi mita sakta nahi…

Bol kya hai teri razza ab…

Qki tu hi hai mere jeene ki vajah ab…

(Written by me)

Before Khushi can understand what had happened with her. Light came back and she saw Arnav in front of her bending on his knees and staring at her intently.

“Arnav what was it all about?” asked Khushi.

“Vahi Khushi… What you heard just now,” he replied with a small smile on his lips while his heart was beating fast.

Khushi looked at him with wide eyes as if he has grown two Horn on his head.

Arnav: Don’t stare at me like this Khushi… Its true Khushi that i am in love with you… Probably from the time i have seen you first… Buss realise thoda late hua… Tell me Khushi do you feel something for me… Bolo Khushi…

But Khushi is not hearing him… as his words ‘I am in love with you’ is again and again ringing in her ears.


“What Sumit? You know how I wanted to see Arnav confessing to Khushi but due to you I am not able to,” saying this she hit Sumit on his chest.

“Ouchhh… Sameera dear have you started body building?” asked Sumit mischeviously.

“Why do you think so?” she asked confusedly.

“Because your this beating has proved it.”

And as soon as Sameera got his meaning she ran behind him saying “I will not leave you Sumit… Ruk tu jara…”

After chasing him for 15 minutes she sat in the park and said huffing and puffing “Okay… I am not able to catch you… I lose… Happy… Now come here.”

Soon Sumit came there and bend on his knees and hugging her from the waist he said “Sameera can never loose from his Sumit as I am always ready to lose in front of you… Vaise bhi I have lost my precious heart to you… So these small things now don’t matter to me.”

At this Sameera give a peck on his cheek and said “I never know that you are so cheesy and romantic.”

“You don’t know many hidden things about me then. Don’t worry you will know soon… Ek baar shaadi to ho jaaye…”

While Sameera looks on amusing and then they both hug each other tightly.


“Khushi my knees are hurting… Please reply yaar,” said Arnav still sitting on his knees.

Hearing him Khushi come out of her thoughts and looks at Arnav.

“Khushi bolo yaar,” Arnav urged her to say something.


“Khushi bolo… Please…” he pleaded.

“Woh Arnav…”

“Khushi please speak something else too.”

“Wohh… I don’t know anything,” she said in one go and closed her eyes. But when she didn’t get any response she open her one eye and then look down but got confuse upon not finding Arnav there. Then she open her both eyes and looks around but still no one was there. At the same time someone tap her from behind and she gets scared.

“It is me Khushi,” assured Arnav.

“Woh… When did you reached at my back?” she asked.

“When you were standing here closing your eyes then only. But Khushi what is this answer that I don’t know anything…hmm… I have never heard anyone saying this as answer when the other person say I Love You,” he asked amused.

“Woh… Woh… Because I don’t know naa,” she said pouting.

“What you don’t know Khushi?”

“Yahi ki whether I love you or not,” she said confusedly a pouting innocent face.

“And when I don’t know then how can I tell you?” she asked further.

Arnav gets sad hearing her. But what he heard next brings a smile on his face.

“But Arnav I like your company. I mean I like talking to you, spending time with you… But love… Umm… I don’t know.”

“No worries Khushi… You like my company that is what matters to me. And about love take your own time,” he said with a smile and thought ‘Today you like me… And I am sure that tomorrow you will love me.”

“Uhhh… Arnav let’s go then.”



“Khushi what happened to you? In whose dreams are you lost?” asked Diya sitting on the bed in Khushi’s room.

“Yaar Diya woh… Today Arnav proposed me,” said Khushi shyly.

“Wohooo… Kya baat hai… I can’t believe that the great Arnav Singh Raizada proposed you. Yaar girls are ready to die for his smile and he proposed you,” said Diya winking.

“Haa toh… Don’t forget that I am Khushi Kumari Gupta… Vaise bhi whose side are on you?” she asked irritatingly.

“Accha baba… Leave all that… Tell me what you said to him.”

“I said I don’t know.”

“What?” asked a shocked and bewildered Diya and stared at Khushi for few minutes and then murmurs “Khushi ki devimaiya please give some brain to her pea size brain… Khushi yaar College Handsome hunk has proposed you… And you said you don’t know… Tujhse badi jhalli koi nahi hogi…”

“Tu ruk… I will call veerji and then he will tell you who the biggest jhalli is?”

“Yes… yes… Scream… And when after hearing your scream he comes naa then tell him that Arnav has proposed you so that he will beat him up,” said Diya mockingly.

“Yaar I did not thought about it… What to do now?” she asked chewing her nails.

“I will tell you,” said Sumit entering in her room.

“Veerji…” both of them said in unison and then look at each other and then towards Sumit.


“Veerji you heard everything?” asked Khushi at which Sumit nodded his head in yes.

“Don’t fight with Arnav on this veerji,” said Khushi even before Sumit could say her anything.

“Why?” asked Sumit angrily.

“Because I can’t see him hurt,” she blurted what came in her mind.

At this both Sumit and Diya looked at Khushi while Khushi gulped her saliva understanding what she said and then tried to correct it.

“I.. I mean… I can’t see you hurt naa.”

At this Sumit nodded his head and then thought ‘Yei Khushi bhi naa… She loves him… But herself doesn’t know… Okay then let her understand these feelings on her own… Arnav… Khushi to teri hi hai…’

“Khushi don’t worry I will not say him anything. In fact I have a solution for your problem,” he said.

“Sacchi… What’s that veerji?”

“Spend more time with him… And try to understand your feelings towards him.”

“Aap Khushi ki hi help karo veerji… You don’t care about me,” said Diya making a sad cry face.

“Now what happened with you?” he asked.

“Woh Yash… I feel like beating him,” she said remembering Yash and thinking how to beat him up.

“Why?” asked both Sumit and Khushi.

“What had he done now that you wants beat him?” he asled.

“Don’t ask what had he done… Ask what he hadn’t done?”

“Ok… What he hadn’t done?” asked Khushi.

“Veerji see Arnav has proposed Khushi… (At which Khushi shied away) and that Yash… He hadn’t even took me to a single date,” said Diya pouting.

“So you wanna go on a date,” asked Khushi winking at which Diya throw pillow towards her and said “Yaar he always flirts with me but never proposed me.”

“But today you went with him naa,” asked Khushi.

“Don’t remind me about it Khushi.”

“Why?” asked Sumit.

“Don’t ask veerji.”

“Okay… I am not asking,” teased Sumit.

“Veerji,” growled Diya.

“Okay baba… Tell us,” said Sumit.

“He took me to a shopping mall and make me select a gift. I thought that’s for me. But you know what,” she said making an irritated face at which both Khushi Sumit nodded their head in no indicating that they don’t know.

“He wanted to gift one of her friend that… And that too a girl… What to do veerji…”

“Do you love her Diya?” asked Sumit now seriously at which Diya blushes and shied away.

“Do you think he loves you?”

“Phle to lagta tha… But ab…”

“Then let us try to make him jealous and see if it affects him or not,” said Sumit.

“Yaa… If he loves you and see with another boy then he will definitely get jealous and confess to you,” said Khushi.

“Aweee… Thanku veerji… You are best,” saying this Diya hugs Sumit.

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    oh my what a proposal by Arnav.. Khushi seriously i dont know what the :(..

    Thank god Sumit gave her suggestion to spend more time with Arnav

    Diya superb…

  2. Loved it
    arnav proposed n khushi said I dont know
    sumits suggests she spend more time alone with him
    although everyone except khushi can already see she loves him
    as for yash poor boy is gonna suffer
    cant wait for next update for jealousy


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