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After the party they all bid bye to each other and left towards their respective home. On one side Sameera was really happy as she has got her soulmate, her life partner in Sumit while on other side Sumit too is happy about his relationship but on the same time confused about Arnav and Khushi’s relation.

‘What is happening between Arnav and Khushi. Have they any feelings towards each other. I don’t know about Khushi but Arnav… He was looking so intensely towards Khushi…as if he owns her If whatever I am thinking is right then…(His eyes got widen)……no…no… I have to talk to Arnav yes…I have to… And got to know what he thinks about Khushiu…hmm,’ thought Sumit.

On the other hand Arshi’s condition was not different, but yes both are thinking different aspects of their life. On one side Arnav is happy and has realised his feeling towards Khushi while Khushi is left wondering on the intimacy she shared with Arnav.

‘What was that? Why doesn’t I feel anything wrong when he touched my bare waist, when he looks so intensely in my eyes? Why was I craving for his touch that time? Hey Devimaiya… What’s happening with me? I have to talk to Diya…yes tomorrow morning I will talk to Diya,’ thinking this she goes to a deep slumber.

On the other hand Arnav is lying on his king size bed and is thinking about Khushi.

‘OMG!!!!! Dancing with my Khushi is like a bliss to me… My Khushi???? (Confused)… Yes she is my Khushi… I have never thought about any girl the way I thought for her. I just want her to crush in me, take her petals and suck them… I want to claim her mine, want to cherish her for forever… (And Arnav’s eyes widen as realization dawn upon him and he crush the pillow to himself). Is it called love? Is it what daadi always said me that when you are in love with someone you always want her beside yourself. It means I love Khushi… OMG!!!!! I can’t believe that I am in love with Khushi,’ thought Arnav anda radiant smile came on his face just thinking about Khushi and at the same time his cell ring.


“Hey Arnav… Wassup?” said Sameera from the other side.

Arnav looks towards the watch and said slightly irritated “What will I do at 11 o’clock… Hmm…”

“Oho!  So I think i disturbed you while you were dreaming about Khushi? Isn’t it?’

At this Arnav blushed and got embarrassed as Sameera has caught him red handed.

“No…No…It is not like what you are thinking Sameera.”

“So what it is like? Huhh,” she asked teasingly.


“Oh… Come on Arnav… I know you from childhood… And can very well tell what’s going in your heart just by seeing your eyes… And today the way you were dancing with Khushi told me everything Arnav.”

And Arnav blushed at her comment…

“So when are you proposing her?”

“No…no… I can’t Sameera… You know Khushi… She is very reserved type in these matter. Moreover I don’t know what she thinks about me. What if due to this love I lost her friendship too?”

“You idiot… Duffer… Why are you so negative about it…huhh… If everyone thinks like this naa then no one will get his/her love… Okay.. Just tell me would you like if she got married to someone, if someone else claims her to be his,” she asked annoyed.

“No… Never… I couldn’t bear it,” he prompltly replied.

“Then what is the problem? And moreover what if she loves you and waiting for you to make a move towards her like in my case,” she said and then bit her tounge.

“I think you are right sam… Hey in your case…means… Oh come on who is the lucky guy… Hmmm… Tell me Sameera.”

Sameera blushes remembering the confession and then said “Woh… Arnav I am in relationship with Sumit.”

“Wohaa… I can’t believe what I have heard… From when?” he asked.

“Today only we confess to each other.”

“Congrats Sameera…”

“Thanks Arnav.”

“But after the entry of Sumit don’t you dare to forget me,” he fakely threatened her.

“It will never happened Arnav… And no one can take your place… Okay”


“Okay now good night Arnav and think about what I have told you.”


Next morning Arnav was leaving towards his college when Sumit called him.

“Hey buddy… Wassup?”

“Hello Arnav… Me fine… You tell how are you?”

“Oh I am awesome yaar… Vaise… Congrats.”

“Congrats for what Arnav?” asked Sumit confusedly.

“Oh!  Don’t try to act so innocent yaar… I am congratulating you for entering in relationship with my bestie Sameera.”

“Thanks yaar… So you got to know.”

“Of course I got to know yaar…”

“Okay… Arnav are you free?” asked Sumit getting serious.

“Why? What happened yaar?”

“No nothing like that… It’s just that I wanted to talk to you something important… Only you… Can you meet me at our usual place?”

“Yes of course”

“Okay… See you then.”


Arnav enters CCD and upon seeing Sumit al;ready sitting there he move towards him and taking his seat said “Hey Sumit…”

“Hi Arnav…”

And they both shook their hand.

“Anything serious Sumit?” asked Arnav.

“Umm… You can say it serious.”

“What is it about?”

“About Khushi, Arnav.”

Now this comes as a shock to Arnav and he asked “About Khushi… With me?”

“Yes Arnav… And I want an honest answer from you.”

Arnav nodded his head in affirmative as he doesn’t know where all this is heading towards…

“I am not going to talk in round and round… I just wanna ask you do you love Khushi?”

“Ummm… Woh… Sumit,” he fumbled and looks everywhere else other than Sumit.

“Arnav see in my eyes and tell me what’s in your heart?”

“Yes… Yes I love her Sumit… I love her a lot,” said Arnav closing his eyes.

“From when?”

“Maybe from starting.”

“Does Khushi knows about it? Does she loves you too?”

“No she doesn’t know about it. And I don’t know whether she loves me or not.”

“How much you loves her?”

“Till eternity… I can do anything for her happiness… Please… Please permit me to confess my love to her Sumit.”

Sumit doesn’t say anything, closed his eyes. But here Arnav was losing his hope seeing Sumit so silent… And his eyes got moist… But before tears came out of his eyes and touched his cheeks… He is taken into embrace by none other than Sumit.

“I permit you Arnav…”

Arnav looks at him with teary eyes and asked “Really?”

And Sumit only nodded his head but then added “I am with you Arnav because I know that no one other than you is capable of her. And also I have seen a twinkle in her eyes when she is with you. But i don’t know whether she has realised it or not. But yes she has a soft corner towards you. So I am allowing you to confess your love towards her.”

“Thanks Sumit.”

“But if she doesn’t love you then I will be with her. As Khushi’s happiness matters me a lot.”

“You don’t worry… I too will respect her decision.”

And they both hug each other once again.

PRECAP: Arnav confessing his feeling to Khushi… What will be Khushi’s reaction?

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  1. Loved the update. Arnav realises he is in love and is to propose to Khushi, eager for her response. Eager for the next part. Regards lily30 from IF.


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