Thodi Masti Thoda Pyaar



“Veerji why you asked me not to tell anything to our family… You know that I don’t want to hide anything from them,” said Khushi pouting sadly.

“Khushi… If you had said the truth naa then you will be studying in a girls college. Do you want that?”

“Noo… Never…” shrieked Khushi.

“So do whatever I told you to do.”

“Okay,” she said sadly while Diya giggles at her.

“No need to giggle Diya… Because this applies on you too…”

“Me… But why? Aree what have I done now?”

“Hahahaha… What you thought that you will be spared… No way,” said khushi winking at her and trio smiled.

“And Khushi never ever cry… You didn’t look good when you cry,” said Sumit cupping her cheeks while Khushi nodded her head in yes.

“But veerji… I think you have said wrong to that Sameera… Even Arnav said that you shouldn’t have said about her parents,” said Khushi thoughtfully.

“Haaji… Ye sahi hai… She will say whatever rubbish she could but I couldn’t say anything to her,” said Sumit angrily.

“But veerji…”

“Khushi whatever we did that time was right and moreover she deserved it,” said Diya.

“Hmmm Khushi… Now end this discussion here only,” said Sumit.

“Veerji you are not understanding what I wanted say to you… And vaise bhi if someone is wrong towards us… Then that doesn’t means that we too have to be wrong towards them. And what if there is something or a past of Sameera which leads her to behave like this,” asked Khushi while this statement of Khushi make both Sumit and Diya thoughtful.

“Okay Khushi… If it is so then what can we do? Baccha we can’t do anything in this case and for helping her in anyway we have to know that reason… Which I think is not possible,” said Sumit.

At this Khushi get saddened while trying to cheer her up Diya said “Ofo! don’t look like lady devdas meri Khushi… And leave this work on me,” she said winking.

“How?” asked Khushi raising her eyebrow & tapping her foot.

“Suspense madam…which will be revealed tomorrow only… Now let us sleep…good night.”

“Good night,” both Sumit and Khushi wished her and Diya left towards her house while Khushi and Sumit both retire towards their respective rooms for getting sleep after a long and tiring day.


Arnav was pacing to and fro in his room as Sameera has not been receiving his phone call. At the same time Subhadra Raizada enters his room and upon seeing him tensed she asked  him “Arnav beta what happened? Why are you so tensed?”

“Daadi see this Sameera is not picking my call neither she is replying to my messages,” said Arnav worriedly.

At this Subhadra made him sit on bed and asked her the whole matter. On her insistence Arnav narrates her everything.

“See Arnav dear whatever happened shouldn’t have happened… Both of them were at fault One for tarnishing such a pious relation of brother and sister while other to question about the upbringing of someone not knowing even an ounce about her. Though whatever was said to Sameera was due to her own ego and anger but still he shouldn’t have said that. Both the girls have been hurt. I know this all was started by Sameera only but then one has to bend to end this which I think didn’t happen. Though I will not say that guy wrong as no brother will bear it but still rather then starting this accusation game you guys must have tried to sort out the matter. Okay, try last time her phone,” she said and Arnav did the same but of no use.

“No answer…”

“Then leave it and go to sleep.”

“But daadi…”

“Arnav you know her anger naa… Let her be cool and calm and then talk to her. Moreover I am sure that she will realise her folly by then too. Today her anger and ego was speaking and now her hurt is not letting anyone close but by tomorrow when you will meet her she will be calm and regret her actions and then you guys have to sort out this matter.”

“I think you are right daadi.”

“Now sleep Arnav and yes don’t forget to talk with that girl Khushi and apologise to her too. Okay,” she said at which Arnav nodded at this and laid on the bed closing his eyes. Soon enough Arnav went to deep sleep and then she switched off the lights and left from there towards her room.


“Arnav where is Sameera?” asked Yash.

“She is not feeling well and is upset too. So she is taking a day off,” he said sadly.

“Ok… Hope she will be fine soon.”

“She will be Yash. After all she is handling all this from long but still I am worried for her.”

“Now why are you worried Arnav when you know that she can handle this,” asked a confused Yash.

“She has bottled up all of her emotions. You know we both are her friends but still she never talk about all that again.”

“Hmmm… You are right Arnav..”

“I am just praying to god to send someone to whom she can show all those emotions and who can understand her pain.”

“Don’t worry Arnav… There must be someone for her too,” said Yash smilingly patting his shoulder at which he nodded and said “Now let us go we have to meet them too…”

And they both moved from their unaware of two pair of eyes watching them.


“Areey yaar… Why haven’t any of the chipkali’s call me till now. Are they in any problem again. Is that Sameera again up to something. I should call them myself… No Sumit Khushi has strictly warned not to call them as they themselves will call you. And what if whatever Khushi said was right (he remembered Sameera’s pale & crying face). Dammit I have no other option then to wait,” murmured Sumit frustratedly.


“You were right Khushi… There is a past of Sameera,” said Diya.

“But how do we get to know it?”

“Only Arnav and Yash can tell us now. We have to talk to them.”

“But do you think that they will tell us anything.”

“I don’t know Khushi… But we have to try.”

“Hmm…” and nodding in affirmative they both move towards Arnav & Yash.

“Yash… Arnav… Wait yaar,” shouted Diya from behind.

Hearing Diya’s voice they both stop and turn to face them. Arnav saw how Khushi is not meeting his eyes and looking here and there while chewing her lower lip and fidgeting with her dupatta.

“Soo cute… How can someone be so innocent and pure,” thought Arnav.

“Voo… We wants talk to both of you…can we?” she asked unsure of how to ask them.

“Of course… Actually we both are also searching you guys. Ummm… We wanna apologise to both of you on behalf of Sameera.”

“No need for it,” said Khushi, their words about Sameera still ringing in her ear.

“No Khushi… Whatever happened yesterday should not have been happened… But now we can’t do anything… But only apologise.”

“Okay we will forgive you but,” said Diya trying to grab this opportunity.

“But? Now are you going to apply conditions on forgiveness too,” asked Yash raising his brow.

“Yes… Something like that only…”

“Okay, Tell us what do you want?”

“Ummm…  Actually we wanted to know about Sameera…”

“About Sameera? What?” asked a confused Arnav not getting what they are talking about.

“See please… We have heard you guys and we know that Sameera has a past… Please tell us… May be we can help you guys,” said Khushi innocently at which Arnav and Yash both look towards each other and then at Khushi and Diya.

“Okay, we will tell you…but not here,” said Arnav after thinking for sometime.

“Okay, So where should we go then?” asked Khushi.

“Okay, there is a coffee shop nearby.”

“Okay… So we should move there then,” said Diya.


“Yes Khushi…”

“Umm voo… Can I call veerji too… Actually he is also feeling guilty… As he has not talk to any girl like that so… If you don’t mind…”



Arnav, Yash, Sumit, Khushi and Diya all take their seats at the Cofee Shop and that is when Sumit said “Umm… I am sorry for the way I behave with you guys yesterday.”

“No problem Sumit… We all have done faults. But it is good we all realised it on time,” said Arnav with a small smile.

“Yes, you are right Arnav… Okay leave it… Tell us about Sameera…”

“Sameera… She is our best friend and a very good natured girl which she hides behind her fake arrogance. I know her from childhood and she was very bubbly. The childhood which was a boon for every child becomes a curse for her and changed her altogether,” said Arnav taking a deep sigh.

“I didn’t understand,” said Sumit.

“Actually her parents had a love marriage. In starting everything was fine but after Sameera’s birth things started changing between the two. They started fighting with each other. At start they fight sometimes but gradually it becomes common. At that time Sameera was too young but all this started affecting Sameera’s mind and heart. She was just 6 when her parents get divorced. We can not even imagined what she has gone through at this age. And after the divorce she started living with her dad who have no time for her as he was always busy in his business. I am saying that he didn’t love her but he never showed it or you can say showed it through expensive toys. A child can manage without toys if they have the love and care of their parents but she got none. There was no one to correct her, to scold her whenever she did any mistake. No one to pat her head lovingly when she achieved something. No one to ask her anything for what she did and why she did. In start children use to tease her when none of her parents came to school and she used to cry buckets but later she make herself like this so that no one can hurt her. You know she has always yearned for a sibling but her fate had ditched her there too. To hide her pain she always wear a mask of arrogance. And now this arrogance has become her identity because it hides her vulnerability and at the same time no one dares to badmouth her. She is not bad by heart but just that she shows to others that she is worst. We both are her only friends. I am not defending her or trying to justify her yesterday’s actions. I know what she did was wrong but it was her arrogance and ego which didn’t let her realise her mistake in her anger. But once she calms down I am sure that she will come to you and asked for an apology Khushi.”

Hearing Sameera’s past all of their eyes become moist while Khushi said “I am not angry on her anymore Arnav. Yes I was heart at how she said all those rubbish about our relation, but not anymore. I will not say I am not hurt. Yes I am hurt but not angry and I know once will talk this too will vanish,” said Khushi smiling sweetly.

“I have to meet and apologise her,” said Sumit standing up realising that he had unintentionally make her remember the bitter past.

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  1. Loved the update, brilliant. Sameera has a bad past which has made her grow a touch outer skin.
    Loved the way daadi explained both were at fault for hurling insults at each other. Eager for the next part.

  2. Sameera had bad childhood and it is her way of defending herself behind her arrogance.. well now she have got a new set of people who will try to bring her old self back along with her present friends.. loved the update.. 🙂

  3. Awesome update
    so sams parent issues have been revealed by arnav
    now sumit wants to apologise n even khushi has decided to take the high road
    just hoping sam doesnt want revenge
    if she apologises too she could get another few friends plus maybe future partner [;)]
    Thanks for pm nplz keep em comin Heatsha8176

  4. Hi… i came across this wonderful blog of arshi thru… crumbling embers blog..
    I really wanna read all of dem from the start… if its possible can u please giv me the password to ur earlier updates…
    Thank u 🙂

  5. Loved the first 5 chapters.

    Initially I also didn't like Sameera's behaviour what with her hurting Khushi. But then after reading her past I can understand that her childhood is disturbed and that has led to her being like this.

    So their journey has just started.. Waiting to read the next updates.
    Please PM me for the next updates.

    Lots Of Love.. 🙂 🙂


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