Thodi Masti Thoda Pyaar



Sumit saw all this but before he could do anything he saw Arnav jumping in pool and carrying Khushi out.

“Are you alright?” he asked once they were out at which Khushi nodded her head in yes.

Few of the people standing there started laughing at her upon getting a nod from Sameera who comes their and said “Why you enter pool if you don’t know how to swim?”

Hearing Sameera’s words and seeing all people laughing at her tears came in her eyes.

“Sameera please…can’t you see her situation?” asked Arnav.

“What had I done now? Huh… Come on Arnav now it is her mistake not mine… If she don’t know how to swim then why she entered the pool. And by the way no one gets drowned in the swimming pool,” she said in a mocking tone.

“Yes you are right no one get drowned in the swimming pool… But at the same time no person would enter in pool if he/she don’t know how to swim,” said Sumit angrily.

Sameera was shocked seeing Sumit there. As from the first meet itself she knew that he is not an easy guy but having a bad temper.

Khushi went towards Sumit and hugs him tightly. Seeing Khushi hugging a man something snapped inside Arnav. But he doesn’t react on it.

“Who are you? As we have not seen you in our college,” said Yash confused.

But Sumit paid no heed to Yash’s question… And start patting his baby sister’s head so that she can calm down. Same time Diya went towards both of them and made a baby face with a pout and Sumit blink his eyes assuring her that everything will be fine.

“Oho! So you have invited your majnu here…haa…” said Sammera angrily not knowing what else to do to revenge that girl.

This statement of Sameera make Sumit fume while Khushi and Diya widen their eyes. And Sumit look towards her with a deadly cold look which shook Sameera too. And he move towards Sameera to give her his peace of mind. But a hand stops her from moving forward.

“No veerji…don’t be,” said Khushi nodding her head in no. But this time Sumit doesn’t hear her and move towards Sameera. While all of them especially Sameera is shocked as they have not thought that Khushi and Sumit shared this sacred bond of brother-sister.

“I pity you miss… I really pity you for your narrow thinking… You guys can only think of a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship between a girl and boy… I thought that you belong to a high class. So you guys will not talk like this… But sorry to say I am so wrong about you high class people. You may belong to a high class and live a life of high standard but you guys are still so narrow minded,” said Sumit fuming in anger.

Hearing Sumit’s words Sameera’s face went pale as she look around the party hall as all people present in the party are just staring at her. While Arnav and Yash are helpless today as they both know that whatever Sumit is saying is right up to some extent.

“See Mr.” tried Sameera.

“Sumit…Sumit Gupta,” he said his name very proudly.

“Whatever… Just listen… It is not my fault if you are behaving like one love sick puppy around that Khushi… And its proof is you yourself standing here in a freshers party when you don’t belong to this college…why?” said Sameera trying to prove herself right not knowing what rubbish she uttered in her haste. 

There is an awkward silence in the air after Sameera’s statement leading to whispering sound of people present there…

“Sameera… What are you doing… Just stop it yaar,” said Arnav trying to handle her situations.

Sameera glared at him making sure that he understood that she will not back down now. And Arnav sighed knowing how stubborn Sameera is.

“Arnav stop Sameera yaar… Otherwise this will not end,” said Yash.

“Her ego is big than anything… She will not back down now,” said Arnav sighing.

“What happened… No answers… Tch… Tch… Tch… How can you have any answers…huh… Anybody who see this will guess the same what i have guessed… With not a slight difference… But yaa… They will definitely say things moving forward between you two. But it is my class that I have not said anything,” said Sameera blind with her ego. 

Sameera said all this in one go without realising what she is saying and how she is insulting a sacred relationship to satisfy her hurt ego. But when she realised what she said she closed her eyes and curse herself for uttering such nonsense. While Arnav kept his hand on his head and Yash popped his eyes hearing Sameera. On the other hand Sumit’s anger rose to its peak hearing Sameera’s rubbish talk. But in all this no one notice the condition of Khushi. The girl who is literally pampered in her home is bearing so much insults. Her tears are not stopping inspite of the efforts of Diya to calm her down.

“Enough… You are a girl that’s why I am not saying much… Otherwise till now I would have literally shown you your place for whatever you have said to my Khushi. And about your question I would just say that I think you don’t know the meaning of a relationship. I think you don’t have a brother that’s why you don’t know about the strong bond of brother-sister. But what made me amazed is that your so called high class society parents have not taught you any ethics or manners,” said Sumit roaring in anger.

Hearing the last two lines tears came in Sameera’s eyes while Arnav and Yash are stunned as they never thought that all this will lead to such a drastic stage.

“What happened? Why are you showing these crocodile tears…huhhh… Ohh… Truth hurts right,” said Sumit mocking her.

“Arnav do something… You know it has taken altogether a different turn now,” said Yash scared at the turn of events.

Arnav looked at Yash and then towards Sameera who is sobbing now and he fisted his hand making his knuckles turn white.

“Oh! So now you want to earn sympathy by showing these fake tears… But I don’t think I have said anything wrong. Seeing you one can say that how your parents must be and what values they must have inculcate in you,” said Sumit.

“Enough Mr. Sumit Gupta… It is enough,” roared Arnav. But Sameera can’t hear anything more and ran away from there crying.

“Sameera…Sameera stop,” shouted both Arnav and Yash in unison.But she doesn’t pay any heed to them and ran away from there.

“Yash you go behind her and see to it that she reached home safely…you know naa what I meant,” he asked Yash at which Yash nodded his head and assured him that she will take care of her and left from there. After Yash leaves, Arnav faces Sumit with anger evident in the eyes of both.

“How dare you say those harsh words to Sameera.. See she is my friend and I won’t take any bullshit about her and…” but he was cut off in middle by Sumit.

“Oh! Really… Well when your same friend was insulting my sister then where were you…huhh… When she is questioning our relationship then why were you standing there as a mute spectator haa…bolo…say something…why are you so quite now…tell me?” asked Sumit.

“See I know whatever Sameera said to Khushi is inappropriate… And she doesn’t have to say all those words, neither she have to abuse your and Khushi’s relation… I understand what you are saying.”

“Noo…you won’t… You won’t understand it…neither your friend Sameera… See my sister… Just see she have never ever get humiliated like this in her whole life till now,” shouted Sumit jerking Arnav back.

At this Arnav looked towards Khushi who was already looking towards them with her teary eyes standing with Diya who is hugging her and seeing Khushi’s tears something snapped inside him. But before he could understand this change in himself he is brought out of his thought process by Sumit’s next words which change his mood and again makes him angry.

“I would never forgive you all especially your good for nothing friend Sameera. And I don’t think I have said anything wrong. I don’t know how can any parent bear a brat, arrogant, rude and egoistic child like her in home,” said Sumit.

But before Sumit could say anything more he got a hard push which makes him stumbles on the floor.

“Don’t you dare say anything against Sameera especially when you know nothing about her or her parents or their relationship. Do you got it?” shouted Arnav.

Before Arnav could say anymore or Sumit can react anything Khushi came in her sherni mood seeing her veerji stumbling on floor and moves towards Arnav.

“Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada” shouted Khushi.

Arnav faces her hearing her taking his name.

“I don’t know who is right or who is wrong. But if my veerji can’t talk to your friend like that. Then you also can’t talk to him like that. Samjhe aap. And by the way don’t forget this whole fiasco is done by your friend Sameera to satisfy her Dianasour’s size ego,” saying this Khushi twisted her lips, huffed in air. While Arnav is amused at her dinasour statement as according to him how can Khushi make such a funny remark in such a situation.

“Khushi see I know that Sameera did wrong and I am not taking her side. I am just saying that she is not bad by heart… In fact she has a heart of gold but she never shows it to anyone. She is not like this… There are some reasons why she has become like this…so please don’t think negative about her. She is really nice just that…”

“Please Arnav we don’t want to hear anything now and I think we have enough for today,” said Sumit cutting him in between and left from there with Khushi and Diya leaving Arnav speachless.

So what do you think is the reason for Sameera’s bad behaviour…
Most of u guys are hating my Sameera…
So I thought to give a twist…
Hope you guys are not disappointed…
As it is said that there is a valid reason behind everyone’s behaviour…
So is the case with Sameera.
Hopefully by next update you will get the reason behind Sameera’s behaviour and attitude…
Till then keep guessing…
And don’t forget to tell me your guesses…
Love you all…

Precap: Takraar k baad pyaar ka maza

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  1. Loved the update, brilliant. Arnav, Sameera, Khushi and Sumit having arguments, what Sameera did was wrong, Sumit was right to reprimand her, will wait to see her reason for her bad behaviour, eager for the twist. Eager for the next part. Regards lily30 from IF.

  2. Nice update..
    Sumit xane n showed Sameera her place..

    But surprised Arnav try to defend Sameera..

    He punched sumit n loved the way khushi showed her sherani roop..

    Whatever it was Sameera should have not done this..

    Looking forward

  3. Whatever .. She can be your sameera but she can never be our sameera and what ever happened in her life it's no excuse for her behaviour

  4. Nice update.. loved Khushi's statement about sameera's dinosaur sized ego.. well sameera's personal life doesn't give her right to humiliate people and relations of others.. loved the update..

  5. Nice one
    have to admit I was in the sameera deserves a talking too club
    hmm the way an
    Arnavs talking im thinking either sams parents dont give a shit about her or maybe they r no more
    she still had no right to do that
    but maybe shes possessive n craves attention n seeing khushi getting it instead of her shes retaliating
    just hoping Arnav doesnt start hating khushi because of her
    loved how arnav squared upto sumit but backed down when khushi confronted him
    hoping arnav makes his friend see sense b4 she hurts khushi more
    also think sumit might be good for sam too
    Looking forward to next update


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