Thodi Masti Thoda Pyaar


PART- 3 (B)

As soon as Khushi enters in her house her Daarji who was sitting on the sofa looks up and asked “How was your day Khushi?”

“It was nice daarji,” she said smilingly.

“So that means you guys enjoyed it?” asked Garima.

“Yes, We enjoyed too much…But daarji… Something happened in college,” said an over excited Diya.

“What happened?” he asked worriedly and looks towards Khushi. Khushi bend her head and narrate the whole fiasco.

“How dare he? I will not spare him,” roared Sumit from staircase who heard everything when coming downstairs.

“No veerji… You don’t have to do anything,” said Geet.

“Yes, Khushi has made him ran back… and now I don’t think he will ever thought to rag someone,” added Diya giggling.


“Ofo! Veerji… Everything is sorted now…don’t be angry…you know… So smile please,” she said hugging him sideways and then started tickling her veerji resulting into the sweet smile of Sumit.

“So now, tomorrow we are going for party for ur this act,” said Sumit patting her head.

“No Veerji.”


“Voh veerji… Actually seniors are throwing a party for freshers tomorrow so… Can I go there daarji?” she asked.

“No beta…party… What if there also they do something?” asked a tensed Daarji.

At this Khushi went towards daarji and sitting beside him she said “Daarji…nothing like that will happened… And vaise bhi we can’t sit in our home like this naa.”

“But Khushi…”

“Do you want people to call me darpok… Bolo…bolo bolo daarji?” she asked.

“Never ever… Ok… You will go there…”

“And don’t worry daarji, I will be there with her,” added Diya.

At this he nodded while Khushi kissed him and left towards her room with Diya.

“But daarji aise kaise?” asked Sumit with a frown.

“You will also go there without her knowledge,” he said and Sumit nodded as he understood what his daarji wants.


Next day Khushi got ready in her dress looking stunning and ready to kill anyone by her mere look.

“Areee… Khushi you are just looking like angel,” said Garima entering in her room.

“Really mom?”

“Yes, mera angel baccha,” she said kissing her forehead and then hug her.

“Areee.. What is it? Am I not looking good? Huhhh! No one cares for me,” said Diya dramatically from threshold of the door.

“Betaji you are looking gorgeous…but western dress?” asked Garima.

“Don’t worry aunty ji… Mummy purchased it… And vaise bhi it is a Party… So we should look something different naa,” she said winking.

“Okay, Chalo come down fast,” she said and left for downstairs.

“What Khushi?  At least today you can wear any western outfit.”

“Diya you know naa…that I am not comfortable in those… Now let us leave…otherwise we will be late,” she said and they both leave towards the hotel to attend freshers party unaware that Sumit is following them.


They both reached and entered the hotel looking around the sorroundings when Khushi’s eye landed on Arnav while Diya’s on Yash. But at the same time Diya’s eyes landed on Sameera too who is standing with Yash in her own glory.

“Oyee… Yei chudail yaha kya kar rahi hai?” asked Diya. (“Oyee… What is this witch doing here?” asked Diya)


“Aree  vahi see the one with Yash & Arnav,” she said pointing in their direction.

“Yes dear, Strange naa… Is she a fresher too?”

“Don’t know,” said Diya and then asked a random girl “Hey… Who is that girl?”

“Oh! She is Sameera… Our senior and the college’s Diva,” replied the girl and left from there amking both of them shocked.

“Oyee teriii kii… She is our senior… Ab to gaye hum log,” murmurs Khushi.

“Leave it yaar. Whether she is our senior or junior it is none of our businesses,” said Khushi.


“Guys you carry on I am coming,” saying this Sameera left from there.

As soon as Yas’s eyes landed on Diya he kept his hand on his heart and taking a deep sigh murmurs “Beautiful…”

“Not again Yash… You call every other girl beautiful… So it is nothing new,” said arnav shaking his head.

“Just look there Diya is looking so beautiful,” said Yash still looking in her direction. At this Arnav turn towards them but his eyes got struck on Khushi and he murmurs to himself “Angel descended from heaven.” And then he moves towards them with Yash following him.

“Hey… I hope you are enjoying the party,” said Arnav.

“Yess… And arrangements are really very nice,” replied Khushi with a genuine smile,

“Thanks…” he said and then after a little pause added “By the way you are looking pretty.”

At this Khushi blushed and murmurs a soft Thank You while Arnav smirked seeing Khushi blushing.

“And Diya you are looking out of the world… Just gorgeous,” said Yash and then murmurs to himself “and don’t forget smoking hot.”

“Thanks Yash… Vaise you too are looking smart,” she said while Yash blushes at this statement.

And they all enjoyed the party a lot while Khushi, Diya, Arnav & Yash have a nice time with each other.


“So plan is ready?” asked Sameera.

“Yes Sameera,” said Rita.

“Okay. Then do your work in such a way that no one could know,” she said.

“Okay, but Arnav and Yash are with them,” she said looking towards them.

“No worry… I will manage them…you do your work,” saying this she calls Arnav and Yash stating some work leaving Khushi alone with Diya.

While Rita moves towards the area of swimming pool which is near them and starts pretending that she is searching something.

“Umm… Are you searching something?” asked Khushi.

“Yes actually I lost my expensive ring so,” said Rita faking a sad expression.

“Oh! I will help you,” said Khushi and along with Diya start searching for it and as soon as she reach near pool Rita pushes her in the pool.

“Help me… Please help me… I don’t know how to swim,” shouted Khushi afraid of the pool water feeling like she is going to drown.

“Khushi wait me coming…please someone help her,” said Diya shocked at the turn of events.

Sumit saw all this but before he could do anything he saw Arnav jumping in pool and carrying Khushi out.

“Are you alright?” he asked once they were out at which Khushi nodded her head in yes.

Few of the people standing there started laughing at her upon getting a nod from Sameera who comes their and said “Why you enter pool if you don’t know how to swim?”

Hearing Sameera’s words and seeing all people laughing at her tears came in her eyes.

Precap: Sameera-Sumit face off

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  1. Nice update
    sumit following girls to party
    glad he did as he saw all
    cant wait for him to put that bitch in her place
    looks like our arnav n yash r smitten
    liked how arnav came to the rescue
    cant wait for next update


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