Thodi Masti Thoda Pyaar


PART- 3 (A)

“I just can’t believe it Khushi…you made that as**ole run. I mean he is senior to us but he runs like he is the one in problem… Bada aaya meri Khushi ko rag karne vala,” said Diya dsmiling remembering the way that guy ran away.

Khushi doesn’t hear anything which Diya said as she was lost in her own thoughts… And when Diya sees it, she shakes her to bring her out of the revere.

“What hapened Khushi? What are you thinking?”

“Nothing as such yaar…”

“Aree…aise kaise… Tell me what are you thinking…haa if you think that I am not worthy to know it then it is a totally different matter,” said Diya looking away.

“Areee pagal…what are you saying…it’s nothing like that… I was just thinking why they did only our ragging…”

“Oyeee… Why are you thinking like this? It is a college Khushi and all this is normal yaar…”

“Yes, I know it too Diya… But what makes me rethink is the point that there is no ragging held in any part of campus except our…no precisely to be mine…and other than that daddy senior no senior was indulge in ragging… It is kinda awkward yaar… I mean isn’t it looks like…”

“Khushi stop it yaar… Don’t try to act as James Bond…ok… Leave it dear & enjoy the college, otherwise this whole scenario will only result in our spoiled mood…and I really don’t want anyone or anything to spoil our first day at college,” said Diya cutting her in the middle at which Khushi nodded at her and they both left towards their class.


“I am sorry Sameera… I can’t able to do it…but you have seen naa how she was crying and…”

But before he could finish the statement Sameera cut him off almost saying “Just get out of my sight Rocky.”


“I said get lost…don’t u hear…now…”

And Rocky ran from there seeing Sameera so much angry…

“You bi**h… I will not spare you so easily…lets see how and till when will you be able to save yourself from me,” said Sameera and then smirked to herself.


“I can’t believe Arnav that girl…she has literally made Rocky ran from there…gosh I mean really? It really sounds funny…if anyone got to know about it…that a junior has made a senior run then no one will respect us… What say Arnav?” asked Yash.

“I don’t know about all this… I just know that she is different from other girls… She is courageous; smart; beautiful & a girl who can fight for right things… Interesting yaar…She is a beautiful mystery to be solved,” said Arnav all this in a stance but Yash was dumbfounded hearing him and clearing his throat he said “Arnav… By any chance are you falling in love?”

“Falling in love? With whom? What are you saying Yash?” asked a confused Arnav.

“With that new girl… I don’t remember her name…but are you?” he trailed of getting a glare from Arnav who said “Have you gone mad Yash… Aree I was praising her for her guts and you are thinking that I am in love…(and he gives a sarcastic laugh). Just stop overreacting Yash…and let us move towards canteen.”


“Accha Khushi… Yaar me getting bore… Chal naa canteen chalte hai,” said Diya.

“Areee Diya… I have joined this college for studying not for roaming… Okk…”

“But I am getting bored yaar…please…” pouted Diya at which Khushi rolled her eyes and nodded her head in yes making her squeal in happiness and then both left towards canteen.


“Hey Arnav…Hey Yash… What’s up guys?” asked Sameera taking a seat beside Arnav.

“Heyaa…” said both Arnav and Yash together.

“It is good that you yourself came here… Lets eat something,” said Arnav.

“Nopes yaar…”

“Why? What happened?” asked Yash.

“Have to go home…dad is calling…soo… By the way I have to say something important to you guys,” she said.

“Hmmm… Tell us… What you wants to say?” said Arnav.

“Actually you know we have to give a fresher party.”

“Yes, every year senior throws a fresher party for junior,” said Yash not understanding what she wants to convey.

“Yes, So this time we are seniors and we have to throw party.”

“Hmm… so what have you thought?” asked Arnav.

“Party is tomorrow…I had already make all arrangement for it. I have book the hotel for it too. Now we have to only invite freshers for it. But I have to leave now… So can you guys invite the freshers,” she asked.

“Okay, we will do that. You  take care of yourself Sameera,” said Arnav.

“Yaa sure… Byee,” saying this she left from there after hugging both Arnav and Yash and giving them the invites which have to be distributed.

“Give these to some other to distribute it too freshers,” said Arnav handling some to Yash who nodded at this and turn to other side but bump in Diya.

Diya thought that she is going to land on the floor directly and closed her eyes but when nothing like that happened she opened her eyes and saw a pair of eyes staring at her intensely. The intensity is too much that she herself can’t take away her eyes. But soon their stance broke by Khushi’s concerned voice.

“Diya you alright?” she asked.

“Yes, I am fine,” she said and then facing Yash said “Ummm thanx.”

“My pleasure…”

Both Diya & Khushi were about to go from there when Yash said “Can I know your name pretty lady… vaise myself Yash.”

At this Diya raised her eyebrow and looked at him from head to toe…then shrugging her shoulder said “Why do you want to know my name? See if you think that you can flirt with me… Then no chance… So just leave…”

All this while Arnav is staring at Khushi who is moving her head from Dia to Yash and making faces looking adorable.

“Cute,” murmurs Arnav but soon his stance broke when Yash elbowed him and mouthed “Do something…”

At this Arnav looked at him as if saying don’t you have any other work. But then nodded his head and said in his deep husky voice “See… We are your seniors…”

Now Khushi who was till now busy in hearing her friend and Yash’s conversation looked towards him as Arnav’s husky voice sent shivers in her body.

“Yes, We have seen you seniors in morning… Hope you guys know,” said Diya in attitude remembering the morning incident.

“See… I understand whatever happened was not good… But all of us have to study in same college so we have to keep these issues aside. I hope you understand.”

“Yes, we understand,” she said in sarcastic way and then added “Vaise what you guys want now?”

While Khushi squeezed her hand gesturing her to stop and listen to them.

“See I don’t want to extend all this… As according to me fight is not a solution of anything,” said Arnav in a matter of fact tone.

“I agree with you… But what you want from us?” asked Khushi this time.

“Every year seniors throw a party for freshers… So here is the invite for fresher party… Hope you guys will join,” he said extending his hand to give them the invite.

“Ummm… I am not sure… But we will try our best,” said Khushi politely.

“Okay, as u wish…here is the invite,” he said handling her the invite which she took gladly.

“Umm…But you can tell us our name?” he added.

Diya was going to retort once again but Khushi pressed her hand indicating to not utter anything and said “Myself Khushi Gupta & she is my friend Diya.”

“Nice name,” commented Yash.

“Khushi we are getting late.  We should leave now,” said Diya at which she nodded and both of them left from there.

“Khushi… Nice name,” murmured Arnav with a sweet smile and rest of all of their day went normal.

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  1. wow amazing update loved it can't wait for next part hope nothing happens to khushi in the party and arnav saves khushi thank you for pm.

  2. Loved the update, brilliant. Arnav impressed with Khushi. What has Sameera planned, eager for the next part. Regards lily30 from IF

  3. awesome
    poor rocky aint having much luck having to run fae two girls in one day lol
    now whats this sameera upto
    awckt she knows Arnav n Yash too n looks like shes friendly with them I hope it doesn't cause trouble later
    oh ho Yash flirting with diya interesting
    boy was she feisty with him though
    this time khushi being the buffer
    loved how Arnav got lost in khushi whilst yash was teasing him asking if he was falling in love
    oh goody looks like khushi aint immune to ASRs charms
    liked how he got her to tell their names ASR style
    cant wait to see what happens next
    thanks for pm nplz keep em comin

  4. hi
    already falling for khushi?? fresher party….
    Sameera is planning something to heart khushi … no problem… Arnav is there …


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