Thodi Masti Thoda Pyaar



“I can’t believe it… Daarji do you really agreed for it? I mean don’t think that I will be disheartened or something like that but…” said Khushi in shock.

“No Khushi… It is just that I am a bit insecure about you…but not anymore…and you mean the worlds happiness to me…so now go and get ready…after all u have to purchase and submit the forms of college,” he said with a smile.

“Don’t worry daarji I have already purchased the forms now Khushi just have to fill and submit them,” said Diya.

“Sacchi… You have purchased it Diya?” asked Khushi at which she gets a nod in affirmative.

“So let us go to submit the forms,” exclaimed Khushi in excitement.

“Khushi… First fill it yaar… And moreover we have time to submit it,” said Diya rolling her eyes seeing her best friend over excited with the thought of going to a co-ed college.

“No…No… I want to submit it today only,” said Khushi stubbornly.

“Okay. If you want to submit it today then it will happened guDiya…but first fill the form at least,” said Sumit.

“Yipee,” shouted Khushi and the started jumping in excitement.

“Khushi… Stop jumping like a bandariya, and fill the form first,” scolded Sumit lightly.

At this Khushi pouted and then making a sad face went towards her daarji and said in a baby voice “See daarji… Veerji is calling me bandariya… Do I look like a bandariya?”

“No my child… You only looks like a Pari…my angel,” said daarji caressing her hairs.

“Then why veerji is calling me bandariya?” she asked.

At this Sumit widen his eyes because he very well knows what is coming next for him.

“Sumit puttar… Why are you teasing my Khushi? Dare you do it again or else you will have to do what my baccha says to you for next whole week without any argument,” said daarji and then turning towards Khushi he asked “Happy my guDiya?”

At this Khushi very innocently said “As you say daarji.”

But from the corner of her eyes she saw her veerji who is staring at her and then she give a smile showing her 32 teeths to him and ran from there with Diya while he could just mutter dramebaaz.


“Thank god Khushi that your form is filled,” said Diya.

“Yes, lets go and submit these forms now.”

“Okay,” said Diya and then they both went downstairs.

“Yipee… I have filled the form daarji… Now I have to just submit them today… Should I go to college daarji?” she asked.

“Yes dear… You go… Sumit puttar you also go with them,” he said looking towards Sumit.

“Daarji… See I have to go college daily right,” intervened Khushi at which Daarji nodded in yes while Khushi continues on getting the nod “And veerji can’t go with me everywhere…so I should be going alone. Moreover Diya is with me daarji.”

“Okay guDiya… Whatever you want.”

Then Khushi looks towards her veerji who is facing away from her and asked “What happened veerji?”

“You should tell directly that you don’t want me to accompany you anywhere,” said Sumit sadly.

At this Khushi went towards her veerji and hugging him tightly said “ofo veerji… Don’t u want me to be independent… Hmmm…”

At which Sumit nodded in yes.

“Then I have to go alone and start from here only… And if there will be any problem then I will call you as I know that you are always there for me,” said Khushi smilingly.

“Okay…baby go but do call me if you land in any problem,” said Sumit.

“But why do you think that there will be any problem?” asked Khushi frowning.

“Because there is a very old and strong relationship of Khushi and problems,” exclaimed Sumit at which Khushi huffed while Sumit continues “And that is the only reason I called u disaster queen. It is just that where Khushi is present problems are automatically invited and no one needs to be shocked seeing you in any problem.”

“veeerrrjiii… U are gone today,” saying this Khushi ran behind Sumit while he ran for his dear life.
After almost five minutes they both stop while Sumit asked “Khushi are not you getting late for submitting the form?”

“Heyy devimaiya… I just forget it…thanku veerji…but don’t think that you are saved… I will show you who I am once I return home,” saying this she left from there with Diya while Sumit smilingly mutters “Pagli…”


Khushi and Diya are going to college on their scooty when it stop abruptly.

“What happened Khushi?” asked Diya.

“Ummm…tyre puncture,” said Khushi at which Diya starts smiling and said “Khushi by the way veerji was saying correct.”


“Aree… That you are prone to disasters and here is a live example,” said Diya winking at Khushi while the later pouted and said “You are my friend or veerji?”

“Aree baba…Okay no more masti… Now think what to do? We have to reach college too.”

“Nothing much… Just have to call veerji,” saying this Khushi called Sumit.

“Yes Khushi…What happened? Have you submit your form?” asked Sumit on the phone.

“No veerji…we have not yet reached…actually we are stuck on road,” said Khushi.

“What? But how?”

“First promise you won’t laugh.”

“Why? Aisa kya hua hai?”


“Okay baba… Promise…”

“Tyre puncture veerji.”

“OMG! I have said you that you are a disaster queen and see now,” said Sumit laughing.

“You promise veerji that you would not laugh and then also you are laughing. Here I am getting late and there you are laughing. Go… I will not talk to you,” whined Khushi like a baby.

“Okay…sorry…tell me where you are so that I can come there,” said Sumit apologising to Khushi while trying hard to control his laugh. Though Khushi guessed it but she shrugged it off and tell him the place and after getting the assurance cut the call.

“What has veerji said?” asked Diya.

“He is coming,” replied Khushi and then both started waiting for him.

After a few minutes a car passed from there splashing water of ground on both Diya and Khushi’s clothes.

“What the hell? Oyeee… Can’t u see?” shouted Khushi making the car stop after some distance and Sameera came out from the car.

“Have you called me?” she asked in attitude coming out from her car.

“No… I am talking with the air,” replied Khushi sarcastically hearing which Diya giggles while Sameera made a face.

“Can’t you see while driving? You have spoiled both of our dresses,” said Khushi.

At this Sameera look at her and then at Diya, then she opened her purse and took out few 1000 Rs. notes and keeping it in Khushi’s hands said “I think with this money you can bought many suits like this…now excuse me.”

“You are excused Miss,” said Khushi recovering from the shock upon seeing such an attitude making Sameera narrowed her eyes.

“But before leaving take this money of yours…and yes I think you have the driving license with this money only naa. A free advice for you Miss, first learn driving and then came on road with cars,” continued Khushi shrugging off her mean looks.

“Who are you to question me? You don’t know who I am,” shouted Sameera upon seeing the guts of the girl.

“Neither, I wanted to know,” she said and then after few seconds added “Just remember those people who walk on roads too as not everybody has cars like you.”

“It is their problem not mine.”

“This road is not yours. So you have to think about it otherwise kahi aisa na ho that someone will throw a bucket full of mud on you and your car.”

“You bit…..”

But before she could complete it a sound echoed in the air stopping her abruptly.

“Dare you say that to her,” shouted Sumit.

“Now who are you?” asked Sameera.

“Whoever… but it’s none of your business.”

“Okay but then make her understand that talk to me without using foul words.”

“She is not using any foul words but you.”

“You both…”

“Don’t make me angry unnecessarily. Its better you leave from here otherwise you will regret big time,” threatened Sumit.

For once Sameera gets scared seeing his anger and thought to keep mum and left from there.

“Are you both alright?” asked Sumit in a soft voice and upon getting an affirm nod from the duo he said “Now you both go back to home and give me your forms I will submit them.”

And taking the forms he left towards college while both Khushi and Diya left towards their home.

Next two days passed well for both Khushi and Diya and they both were happy within their own world.


Next day Khushi enters the premises of college with Diya and looks around in awe.

“Finally we are here in the same and one of the most prestigious college,” exclaimed Diya in glee.

“Yes, see students are studying there,” she said pointing towards the group of students sitting together with their books.

“Please also see something other than that. Let it be… lets move to our classes,” said Diya and both went away from there to search there classes. But they missed to see a pair of eye watching them with anger evident in the eyes.

Yes, Sameera saw both of them in the campus and their first meet came in front of her eyes making her grit her teeths and then murmurs to herself “You have to pay for insulting me miss whatsoever… Welcome to hell dear… You will soon know who I am?”

And smirking she left from there.


“Sameera… You called me?” asked Rocky.

“Yes… I called you,” said Sameera in her attitude.

“You… You really called me Sameera?” asked Rocky not believing his own ears. He have been trying to flirt with the college diva but she has not even talk to him properly ever let alone flirting.

“I said yes I call you. Then why are you repeating it again and again,” said Sameera frustrated.

“Oh! Sorry Sameera. Actually I can’t believe myself that you are calling me,” said Rocky making Sameera smirked to herself.

‘I myself can’t believe that I need your help…Huhh! But we said naa  “jarurat kai samay gadhe ko bhi apna baap banana padta hai” (At the need of time you have to make a donkey your father… )’ thought Sameera to herself and then said “You want to go with me on date naa…”

Hearing her say so Rocky nodded his head in yes like a love sick puppy while Sameera made a disgusted face and then said “So you can go with me on a date… I am accepting it…”

At this Rocky smiled, a smile as wide as soccer showing his 32 teeths.

“But I have a condition… Will you be able to fulfill it?” added Sameera making his smile fade but then after thinking he nodded his head in yes.

“Good, then see there. Can you see that girl in patiyala salwar?” she asked.

“Yes.. I can. But who wears this type of dress here?” he asked making a face.

“Forget it… You just have to rag her in front of all…and show her right place here.”

“For you I can do anything,” said Rocky.

“Then go and rag her in front of whole college.”


Arnav entered in college premises on his bike and all heads turned towards him…and why not he is the handsome hunk and most popular guy of college.

At the same time Yash came there to meet his best buddy Arnav.

“Hii man. Wassup?” asked Arnav hugging him.

“Awesome buddy…you tell… How was your vacation?” said Yash.

“As usaual Yash, tell me something new.”

“Well nothing…ohh yaa…got to know rocky is going to rag one junior.”

“It is normal Yash.”

“It is a girl.”

“Is he mad? I mean a girl… Hope he doesn’t do something unethical in name of fun. Lets go there,” said Arnav and they both move towards there.


“So you are a junior?” asked Rocky.

At first Khushi looks here and there and then looks towards Diya who nodded her head as if to say the answer…


At this Rocky rolled his eyes while at the same time both Arnav and Yash came there.

“So as you know I am your senior, so whatever I will told you… you have to do it without any problem,” said Rocky making Khushi widen her eyes.

“You mean ragging?” she asked while Rocky nodded his head in affirmative.

“But it is wrong. Ragging has been banned and now it is illegal,” said Khushi.

“Who follows the rule baby? You know rules are meant to be broken,” he said smirking.

“No daddy… Till now I don’t know… But now I got to know from you daddy,” said Khushi innocently battling her eyelashes making everyone present there burst out laughing while on one side Arnav looked on amused and on other side Sameera is fumes in anger.

“How dare you call me daddy?” shouted Rocky.

“The same way you dare to call me a baby,” said Khushi with gritted teeth. While Diya try to control her laugh as she knew that now no one can save him from Khushi.

“Don’t forget that you are my junior,” said Rocky.

“I have not.”

“So now take this flower and propose me,” he said.

“What?” exclaimed Khushi shockingly.

“Do as I say.”

“How can I?”

At this Sameera smirked to herself.

“I will see him Arnav,” said Yash a bit angry on Rocky.

“No Yash…let her manage it…let us see will she bend or not…wait for now,” said Arnav but stops abruptly hearing the cries.

“Mummmaaa…veerjiii… Uhh..huuu…I should propose you…aaa… Mummyyjii…” wailed khushi loudly.

“Areyyy…areyyy…stop crying…please stop crying…aree meri maa chup ho jaa…okay give these flowers back to me. You don’t have to do anything … See I am leaving,” he said pleadingly not wanting it to reach till teacher or Principal.

And saying this rocky left from there. All others too left except Yash, Arnav & Sameera.

“Khushi…stop crying…please…I should call veerji,” said Diya worriedly and took her phone out to call Sumit but before she could call Khushi snatched the phone from her hand and said “Have you gone mad Diya?”

“Khushi are you okay?”

“What hapenned to me?”

“No, just seconds ago you were crying…”

“ofo! Diya…that was acting yaar.”

“Acting? But for what?”

“To make that pagal senior run away,” she said winking.

“Are you sure?” asked Diya.

“Damn sure yaar. Now he will never rag anyone…specially a girl.”

Hearing all this Sameera fume in anger and left from there while both Arnav and Yash were amused and smiled at her courage.

“She is special…kuch to baat hai is ladki mai…otherwise on first day no one takes panga with their seniors…I like her…college life is going to be more interesting with her entry,” thought Arnav to himself and stared at the retreating figure of Khushi with a small smile playing on his lips.

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