Thodi Masti Thoda Pyaar

PART- 17



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Four more days passed but still neither Arnav nor anyone else get the courage to tell Khushi’s family that their only daughter is not happy with this marriage. Though Arnav has made a special place in the heart of every member of Gupta Family but they can’t deny the fact that making a special place in their heart and agreeing them for Arnav and Khushi’s marriage are two different things. While one is a cake walk the other is a coal walk. And upon that the marriage preparations for Khushi and Vishal is like adding fuel to the fire.



On one side all the elders are joyously busy in the preparations of marriage on other side all the youngsters are trying to find a way to confront the elders and make them agree for the marriage of Arnav and Khushi but to no avail.



All this is just increasing the tension between the youngsters specially Arnav and Khushi whose whole life is at stake and this is making them hell worried. The only moments they both smile heartily are when they meet during the night time in each other room to spend some quality time with each other by hiding from all other family members. As now they can’t even meet in the college because Khushi has taken a leave as per daarji’s instruction who wants her to focus on her marriage as of now making both the souls thirsty for even one look of the other because they can’t talk to each other in front of the family neither have a proper look because it can raise the suspicions in the mind of others and thus they avoid each other in front of the family and meet at the night time to cherish their togetherness. Though not talking to each other the whole day makes both of them frustrated but at the same time meeting each other by hiding from other members excite them to core.



On the other hand Khushi is getting suspicious about Vishal. She has been observing him and his behavior from last few days which makes her doubtful. She has been seeing him busy on his phone almost all the time as if he has no interest in marrying her. But as soon as this thought erupt in her mind she shrugged it off with same speed thinking that if he is not interested in all this then why he will give his consent for the marriage. Not only that, why will he even challenge Arnav for the same making her smack herself to even think in those lines. But even then this nagging feeling that something is amiss is not letting her ready in peace which increases manifold when neither Arnav nor anyone else reacted on this piece of information about Vishal as if they don’t care and ask her to do the same making her all the more confused.



Not only she is the one who is observing Vishal but the other family members too have observe him and like her they too are confused about his behaviour as to why I stead of spending his time with his would be wife he is glued to his phone as if he is going to get married to his phone and not Khushi. Daarji has even raised his suspicions in front of his friend Teji who in turn has asked Vishal the same only to get an answer that “He wants to finish some important meetings before his marriage so that after marriage he can give all his time to his wife.” And this reply of him not only satisfy all elders but also bring smiles on their faces who were just busy in telling Khushi that how lucky she is to get such a husband who cares for her so much. While Khushi was busy in cursing the same person under her breath to always make her land in such unwanted situations.



Meanwhile Arnav’s daai too talk with her and assure her that everything will be fine and no one can separate them, and she just have to believe in her devimaiya because ‘When we wants anything from the core of our heart then the whole universe will be there to help you to get what you wants.’ And this has helps her a lot whenever she feels low upon seeing her own family so happy regarding the marriage.






Khushi was standing near the window in her room and thinking about all these past incidents when she felt someone hand on her shoulder which makes her jerk back to reality. She turns back and saw Arnav standing there along with Sumit and Diya.



“What are you thinking Khushi?” asked Arnav.



“Nothing Arnav.”



“Oh! Really GuDiya… But it doesn’t look like so, now tell us what is the matter?” ASRed Sumit.



“I said naa veerji there is nothing like that. It’s just that I am really confused as to how will we stop this marriage and make all the family to agree for it.”



“Don’t worry Khushi everything will be okay, believe in your devimaiya,” said Diya.



“I do Diya… But still I am afraid for the consequences. Moreover we don’t know whether they will accept it or not.”



“I understand Khushi, but we have to take this chance and that too now only because after two days it’s your marriage with Vishal,” said Arnav.



“Yes Gudiya, Arnav is absolutely correct. Moreover I believe that the family members will be our side as they love you a lot and on top of it now they are impressed from Arnav too. So the possibility of both of your marriage taking place is huge,” said Sumit smilingly while Diya too nodded her head in yes making Khushi sighed a deep breath after which she said “I know veerji and believe me if it happens then I wold be the happiest person on this Earth. But at the same time I am worried for them as I knew that they will be shattered to know that we have broken their trust. Though our intention was not wrong but this can’t change the fact that we will be the reason of their broken trust and belief.”



“I understand Khushi but then you must remember one thing that if they comes to know later that you have been in love with someone else all the while and just for our family you have married that Vishal then it will only cause them more heartbreak,” said Sumit at which Khushi nodded in yes and then asked “So what’s the plan now? What have you guys decided?”



“Nothing much except the fact that we will reveal the truth to them,” said Arnav earning a loud gasp from Khushi.



“And you believe that everything will be okay?” she asked astonished as she knows that it is not the right way to divulge the truth in front of them.



“No, to be honest I don’t know what’s going to happen next,” he said taking a deep sigh and then added “And I know it was not what we have thought.”



“Yes, exactly Arnav. We have thought to make them think that Vishal is not what they have wanted for me and so they must reconsider of me getting married to him and at the same time you will make your place in their heart so that they can think of you and me together. Isn’t it?” she asked confusedly as to what’s happening all of a sudden while the trio glanced at each other not knowing how to handle the situation and make her understand when Sumit spoke up.



“Yes Khushi this was our exact plan, but now things are not moving according to us in anyway. You see half of the plan is successful as Arnav is successful in making his place in the heart of everyone but the other half that is making them realise that Vishal is not what they have wished for you has not been done as Vishal hasn’t been doing anything which will make us use it in our point,” said Sumit.



“What? Are you kidding me veerji? I have been telling you from past so many days that he has been glued to his phone almost whole of the day and you are saying that he is not giving you any chance to pin point his mistakes. You know we can use it in our favour letting the elders know that how carelessly he is behaving towards this marriage.”



Hearing her say all that about Vishal trio once again look at each other as if talking through eyes and then Arnav said “Khushi you are saying right, but you do know that he has already said to them that he is trying to wind up his meets so that he can give you all his time after the marriage.”



“Bullshit, It is not what he said. I don’t think so.”



“Gudiya it doesn’t matter what we think so because he had given an answer to your question which seems to satisfy all the elders. So now only option we have is to let them know what you want and that too by you only.”



“What? Me? No way veerji.”



“GuDiya don’t be a spoilsport. It is you whose wish matter to every family member and so you are the only one who is going to disclose it and make them understand.”



“But veerji…”



“Don’t worry Khushi we all are with you in this. It’s just that you have to be the one who has to confront them about it first and then we all will back you in it. Do you understand?” he asked at which she nodded her head not knowing really how she will handle all this.



“Okay Khushi now don’t worry much and sleep tight. We are also going to have our beauty sleep as tomorrow will be an action day,” said Diya and both she and Sumit left from their leaving Arnav and Khushi alone knowing well that they both need sometime alone for themselves but not before closing the door.



As soon as they both left Khushi hugged Arnav while he too reciprocate it. After few minutes they parted from the hug and stare intently at each other letting their eyes to talk with each other.



“Arnav everything will be okay naa?” asked Khushi fearing that what will happen when she will tell her family the truth.



“Yes Mishti… Everything will be fine… Don’t worry we all are with you… I am with you… then why are you worrying so much,” he said rubbing his thumb near her lips making her shudder.



“Ma… Arnav…”



“Yes Khushi,” he said still doing his ministrations near her lip while staring at her intently making her breath uneven. And her chest bulged up and down in an attempt to even her heavy breathing. She was just trying to come out of the web he was creating with his fingers when she saw him leaning towards her. Before she could even fathom what’s happening she feel his manly lips on her soft petals which makes her gasp. Taking it as a chance Arnav plunged his younger in her mouth and tastes the sweet nectar from every nook and corner of her mouth. The kiss soon turn passionate and they both were wildly kissing each other as if there is no tomorrow. After few minutes when they both felt lack of breath they parted away but still rested their foreheads with each other and attempted to even their breathing when they heard sound of something falling on the floor. Hearing the sound they immediately turn towards the door and froze upon seeing Khushi’s parents standing there and looking towards them with shock written all over their faces.



Garima and Shashi were sitting in their room and talking about how in just the matter of some days there life is gonna change totally as the only daughter of this home will soon left the house to make another house her home her Ashiyanaa and they will be left with her memories. They were talking all this and in mid they decided to once have a look at their daughter as they don’t want their Khushi to feel that her parents are sad or crying. Thinking all this they came towards her room and held the knob only to realise that the door is open. And as soon as they open the door what they saw shocked them to the core while Garima couldn’t balance herself making her drop the case which was beside her on the table, which gathers the attention of other two soul in the room who till now were lost in their own world.



Never ever in their wildest dreams have they thought that one day will come when they will see their own daughter hugging another man and saying those three words which were meant only for her husband and that too when she was soon going to get married. As soon as this thought crossed Shashi’s mind anger surfaced his hurt and he marched up to them who were still standing their numb, not knowing what to do, hold Khushi’s hand and started dragging her towards downstairs while tears were continuously descending from her eyes. On the other hand as soon as Arnav realised that Khushi has been dragged he came out of his numbness and tried to make them understand but of no use as Shashi was not listening to him. He was just dragging Khushi avoiding the words of Arnav or the pleas of his wife Garima who was again and again telling him to hear them out first before taking any action. But Shashi was not giving any heed to them. He was blinded by the hurt and betrayal which his own daughter has given him and on top of that his anger upon the whole situation is just making it all the more worse.



He had never thought that one day would come when his own daughter will betray him like this, when he has to bend his head low in shame due to the deeds of his own daughter whom he loves from the core of his heart. While dragging her downstairs he was just trying to find out that where he goes wrong in all this. He has always supported his daughter in everything and fulfil all of her wishes and if ever he found any of her demand wrong then he has always tried to make her understand in the best possible way he can and she has always understood it. Then why today he has been kept in dark, that too such an important matter of her life. He has never behave as a strict father but always tried to give his best to her. He has always tried to behave as a friend first rather than becoming a father so that there will not be any communication gap between them. And till today he was very happy that he has been successful in it but only till today. Because now only he realise that he has failed in his attempts. How big of a fool he was? How can he even think that the generation gap can be erased by him? How can he even think that his daughter will come and tell him first if anything is worrying her? How can he think that his daughter will voice out his feelings to him? How can he?



He always knows that this marriage was sudden for his daughter who probably hasn’t been thinking of even the prospect of marriage let alone getting married. But hasn’t he tell her that she has all the time to think about it? Hasn’t he tell her that maybe if it’s daarji’s decision but for them her happiness mattered to us? Then Why? Why had she agreed for this marriage at first place when she never wanted to go ahead for it? As soon as this thought cross his mind the answer to this question his heart replied automatically – She never wanted to hurt them. She never wanted to make daarji bow his head in front of his friend. She don’t want to break the belief daarji had on her.



Upon understanding why she had done this tears of guilt for not understanding her daughter, tears of helplessness for letting her daughter to suffer alone, tears of anguish of making her daughter land inn such a situation escaped his eyes not knowing what to do now because now things have gone beyond his hands. On one side someone is seeing the dreams of starting a new married life and here her daughter is seeking solace in the arms of her lover. Lover? Yes lover- one look at their position and he has understood that the feelings are mutual. Though in all this days as much as he have understood Arnav he has never thought that he will go behind their back and will fall for his own daughter. But then had he thought that his daughter would do something like that? No- Never. But if his own daughter can do all this then what he can expect from the outsider.



Hearing the commotion all other members came in the hall with confusion etched on everyone’s face except the face of Sumit and Vishal.


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  2. Nice one
    All convinced khushi to speak out 2moro about her feelings but here they get caught b4 hand
    Her father really angry but at least he realised why she didn't tell
    Now what's gonna happen
    Hope they let them speak
    N maybe even vishal will confess too
    Have feeling summit won't keep silent n will stick up for arnav n his sis
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  3. Oh no!!! Both Arnav and Khushi should have talked to Khushi's parents instead of meeting secretly. I hope and pray her family doesn't give them a hard time. Can't wait to read more🤔!


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