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A week have already passed from the time Arnav started living in Gupta Mansion and he has won everyone’s heart due to his jovial, kind and helping nature. If ask about Arnav then every person would be saying ‘Aree Arnav puttar to bada hi accha banda hai… Hamesha sabki help karne k liye taiyaar… Apne s bado ki ijjat karta hai aur choto ko pyaar karta hai… Hume to lagta hi nahi ki yeh hamare parivaar ka sadasay nahi hai…’ (‘Arnav dear is a very nice person. He is always ready for helping others. He respects his elders and love the younger ones. Now it doesn’t seem to us that he is not a part of our family.’)



And this has make daarji happy too though he was apprehensive when he gave the permission to let him stay in the Mansion knowing that there is a young girl in their house, but now observing him from a whole week he had come to the conclusion that Arnav is a really nice person by heart.



At the same time he saw Arnav passing from there and he couldn’t sto p himself from stopping him.



“Arnav puttarji,” he said.



“Jee daarji,” he asked.



“Come and have a seat, I wish to talk to you.”



“Jee,” he said and then sat beside him.



“So tell me Arnav who is there in your family apart from you?” asked daarji.



“My daadi.”



“And what about your parents?”



“They are no more in this world.”



“I am sorry son.”



“It’s Okay daarji,” he smiled genuinely.



“So it’s your last year?”






“So what have you thought that what will you do after your college.”



“I will be handling my business daarji, because I want my daadima to take rest now from all these works. She has been doing non-stop work in this age too so that I could not stress myself and have all things which I needed in my life but now I want her to rest because I am now capable of handling it,” he said with damp eyes.



“I am amazed for your determination son and I know you have got this in virasat from your granny.”



At this Arnav gives a small smile and nodded.



“Arnav puttar your granny must be proud of you.”









“Jee daarji she is not because I am the one who is proud to get such a wonderful daadi who loves me to core, who all my life pampered me as my mother, protect me as my father, helped me as a true friend and be with me all my life as my shadow. So it’s me who is grateful to have her and not the other way round,” he said smiling sweetly while Daarji too has a small smile on his lips.



“Not only he even I am also proud of you my son,” he said and patted his shoulder and then added “So young man what do you think about marriage after all now your granny too needs a companion?”

Hearing about marriage Arnav’s eyes widen but soon he compose himself and then said “Marriage is a very beautiful and sacred bond which not only united two persons but also bonded two families with each other.”

Upon hearing Arnav’s thought about marriage daarji smiles and patted his back and said “Glad to hear that you understood the importance of marriage, when in tidy generation people mock the same and believe to have a live-in relationship. Well what you prefer puttarji- an Arrange or a Love Marriage?”



Now this is the world’s hardest question to answer that too to the family member of the girl he loves with his heart, body and soul. But then he can’t be quite and neither will he lie because he wants to win their trust by truth and not by lie.



“Daarji for me Arrange or Love Marriage doesn’t matter as long as all of us are happy.”



“I don’t understand your point son,” said daarji.



“It’s simple daarji, See I will happily go for arrange marriage if the girl I am marrying is happy with it, both the families are also happy and not to forget the groom that would be me in this case will be happy too, but if in any case even if a single soul among them is not happy then I will step back and same with the love marriage because as I said you earlier too that marriage is not a bond which binds two souls but two families. And what is the reason of marrying when even a single person among the family is not happy? Marriage is done for bringing happiness in the lives but if that same marriage brought darkness or dullness in anyone’s life that simply means that the sacred bond behind the marriage is incomplete and what we will do with an incomplete marriage?” he asked.



On hearing him say all this tears brimmed in daarji’s eyes and he patted his head and then said “I must say your thinking is elder than you son. To be honest I too have never thought like this because I am strictly against Love Marriage but then today hearing your words I think it’s not about what kind of marriage you do but it’s about how much you care about not for you but for your family.”



“I am glad daarji that I am able to make you see through the facts beyond the word love,” he said smilingly while Daarji too nodded his head with a small smile lingering on his lips and then said “Chalo now down make me more senti and I believe you were going somewhere?”



“Jee to my college.”



“Oh! Then go.”



And nodding his head Arnav left from there while Daarji murmurs to himself “Kaash meri koi aur poti hoti to mai uski shaadi Arnav puttarji sei Kara deta.”


(“Wish I had any other granddaughter then I would have married her to Arnav son.”)



While ironically on the other hand Arnav was thinking ‘I am glad that daarji understood my perspective and hopefully when in future he will get to know about me and Khushi then he will be with us, with my Khushi.”






“No…. No… Everything is going as we want dear…. You don’t have to worry…”






Hearing his name from behind he immeDiyately cut the phone being scared of getting caught but then soon compose his features and turn to look backwards.



“Auntyji you,” he said upon seeing Garima- Khushi’s mother standing behind him.



“Yes puttarji it’s me but I am angry on you,” she said while Vishal sighed in relieved thanking devimaiya that she heard nothing and then said “And Can I know why are you even angry on me at the first place?”



“Because I think that now you will call me mummyji but here you are still on your auntyji Spree,” said Garima crossing her arms across her chest.



“Oh! Is it? No worries because from now on I will call you mummyji, from now on,” he said smilingly while she too nodded in yes with a smile and then do face palm and said “Hayo rabba… I for get to tell you why I have come here?”



“Then tell now auntyji…oops… I mean mummyji.”



“Areey puttarji daarji and your grandfather is calling you.”



“Oh! So let’s move.”



And then they both move out of the room.






Here in college the whole gang was sitting in the canteen busy in making various plans to convince the Hands Family when Arnav tells them about the morning conversation with daarji.



“Wow…. That’s awesome Arnav,” said Sameera excitedly.



“What is awesome in this?” asked Sumit.



“Everything dear…. I mean see as now daarji has been convinced with Arnav’s talk so that means the way ahead is easy for them.”



“It’s only a figment of imagination Sameera,” said Diya.



“Exactly,” backed Sumit.



“What do you guys means?” asked a confused Sameera this time.



“Means there is difference in saying and doing (exact words- kathni aur karni mei antar hota hai). As for I am not saying that daarji will not abide by his words but the problem is he has been thinking all the while about mine and Vishal’s marriage that thinking of someone else at his place will not be so easy for him and above all that idiot, stupid moron is not helping us instead creating hurdles in our path,” butted in Khushi while hearing her every other person sitting there share a quick glance with each other and then look ahead.



“Well Khushi I understand your worry but still you know that we had got a plus point now. So chill and don’t panic because when Arnav is there then there is nothing to fear,” he said sinking at which Khushi blushed.



“You know Khushi you are quite lucky to get a protective brother and a doting boyfriend while I have none,” said Sameera sadly.



“Why are you saying so?” asked Diya.



“So What should I say Diya you tell me. All of you know that I have no brother… Let it be…. But then I was happy thinking that at least now I have a boyfriend, but now all waste. Huh!” she whined.



“What? Now what did I do?” asked Sumit feeling offended.



“That’s the only problem Sumit that you didn’t do anything,” she said twisting her lips while all other try hard to stifle their laugh.






Ignoring him she turn towards Khushi and said “You know Khushi your brother is such an idiot that he is trying to make everything okay in your life but never giving thought to US,” she emphasised and continue ” See I am not complaining that he shouldn’t help you. Instead I am happy that he is so much protective about you but then along with you if he thinks a little bit about our relation then will the Earth swallow him? After all after you it will be we who will get married or is it that he is fed up of me,” she asked but before Sumit could counter it Duya butted in between.



“Let it be Sameera because not only Sumit veerji but all boys are same except few like Arnav,” she said while looking at Yash with accusing eyes who was confused as to why now he has been pulled into all this while the other two- Arnav and Khushi tried hard to not laugh.



“Well I think I should answer your questions in my own ways,” said Sumit and took her away from there towards his bike while Diya too left from there stomping her feet followed by Yash who was still trying hard to know what wrong he had done leaving Khushi with Arnav alone.



“Well…” said Arnav.



“Well” mimicked Khushi.



“Khushi I think we should also get going to get more privacy as with all these bunch of college students It’s hard to get and after reaching Gupta Mansion, I am even banned to look at you,” saying this he wink and before even she can protest he was dragging her out to have some quality time with his sweetheart while the discussion of how to convince Gupta Family long forgotten.


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  1. Loved the update, brilliant. Arnav fitting in well with the family, will that change when the truth is out, eager for the next part. Regards lily30 from IF

  2. Awesome update
    Arnav rising to the challenge
    N winning over khushis family
    But khushi is right it will take a lot more like a miracle for them to choose arnav over vikram
    I'm still thinking vikram has his own girl
    As for sumit I'm thinking he's gonna repose soon whilst poor yeah is still oblivious to what his love was hinting
    Looking forward to next update


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