Thodi Masti Thoda Pyaar


PART- 15


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“First time I didn’t said you anything doesn’t mean that I will let you punch me again. Don’t forget I too can do the same with you, but I am not like you who lose his calm so soon and moreover it is my philosophy to always gives his opponent a chance before playing my last move and giving checkmate to the opponent,” said Vishal with smirk on his face while Arnav was looking at him angrily and all the others who were standing there were just gaping at his audacity.



“What do you mean?”



“Simple man…. You just said that you love Khushi and she is yours… so just giving you a fair chance to take what you claim to be yours. Make your place in the heart of Khushi’s family and then you know buddy….” He winked giving a sarcastic smile to Arnav as if daring him to accept his challenge.



“I will do it Vishal and that too in such a way that you will fall on your face not knowing what have hit you so hard but for sure you will remember whole of your life this ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA” he said pointing at himself.



While Vishal just laugh mockingly and then said “Dream on dude.”






Here on not seeing both Vishal and her veerji in the whole Haveli Khushi started worrying. She don’t know why but her heart was pacing relentlessly at a very high speed as if something big and drastic is going to happen in her life about which she has no clue and at the same moment she saw both the man in question entering inside the gates while one seems to be happy and relax while the other one seems to be quite worried which makes her all the more tensed. Not knowing what to do she kept standing their mum when Vishal approached her with a smile and asked “Where are elders?”



“Ugh! They all are in daarji’s room.”



“For what?” he asked pooping one of his eyebrow with the smile still intact on his face.



“Wohh…. They are discussing about our marriage,” she said and lowered her eyes not out of shyness but to hide her vulnerability on even thinking about them together while Vishal just nodded and left from their as if he was not bothered from this which makes her eyes brimmed with tears. Slowly she look upward towards her veerji whose eyes were showing helplessness only on seeing her in tears and then wiping them away she asked “What is his decision?”



“Sumit avoids her question and leave towards daarji but not before saying “I will tell you later but for now I have no time.”



While Khushi just keep gaping at her veerji’s back. Never in all those years even for a single second has her veerji ever avoided her because for him she was his top most priority but today when she needed him the most he just left her alone. ‘Why? Why only her?’ thinking this she left towards her room to cry her heart out knowing well that if anyone from the family saw her like this then there will be thousands opf questions which she can’t answer in any case.







Subhadra Devi enters inside her grandson’s room and saw him packing his clothes as if he is going somewhere making her frown and so to know the reason behind this she called out to him.



“Arnav… What happened son? Are you going somewhere?”



“Yes daadi,” he said and immediately hugged her.



Subhadra Devi felt him emotional and parting from the hug she asked him that what’s bothering him and like an obedient child he told everything to her. She was already aware about her grandson irrevocably in love with Khushi, so she can understand his turmoil on knowing the recent developments and she knew she have to assured him enough so that he can be confidently win his lady love back all for himself.



“Arnav do you believe in devimaiya?”



He nodded in yes.



“And in your love?”



Once again he nodded in yes but this time more earnestly.



“Then don’t worry Arnav because I know that it’s only you who will marry Khushi otherwise babji will not have shown you this way.”



Hearing her granny saying this a wide smile spread on his lips and he quickly put his head in her lap while she lovingly patted his head.






Here Sumit enters in the room of his daarji and saw everyone deeply engrossed in talking about the preparation of his gudiya. This makes his heart wrenched in pain, not able to see all this he just want to smash everything and tell everyone what his gudiya wants. But he knew he can’t do this because inspite of making things easy it will just mess up everything big time. So he sought for calmness and after taking a deep breath he cleared his throat and when he saw everyone’s attention on him he moves towards daarji and sit near him and then said “Daarji I have to talk something important from you.”



After getting a go ahead from him he continued “Daarji Will you let a guy live in our house as a paying guest?”



“What?” was only daarji could mutter after hearing what Sumit said.



“Daarji who…”



“SUMIT!!!!!! Have you gone nuts? How could you even ask me something like this? It’s our Haveli not any dharmsahala that you wants me to give you a permission for letting some stranger to stay here that too when it’s the house of marriage and a young girl is there in our house.”



“But Daaarji….”



“Can’t you hear me at once. I said no means no….”



“But then where will he go?”



“There are many places where he can live, but definitely not here,” said Shashi while all others nodded.



“But he don’t know anyone here.”



“So do we….” Said Vishwas this time.



“And what’s the guarantee that he is not a bad person or any bad intention,” said Garima remembering her child daughter.



“I give you the guarantee,” comes a sweet voice from behind and when everyone looks in that direction they saw Diya standing there with a sweet smile. She entered inside greeted everyone and then said “Yes daarji I assure you that there is nothing like you fear will be going to happen.”



“But who could you?” was the only question that came out of his mouth after hearing her.



“Because he is my brother.”



“What? But Diya as far as I know you don’t have any brother,” said Garima.



“Oh! Yes auntyji you are right, but he is not my real brother… you see he is my cousin brother and I can assure you that he is very sweet, simple and decent person.”



“Then why are you asking us to let him stay here. He could have stayed at your place also,” said Rupinder.



Now that question was quite genuine and can caught anyone off-guard but Diya was already prepared for it, so making a fake sad pouting face she said “Yes, you are absolutely right auntyji but what to do- you know that mom and dad has left to US for mom’s operation and I am alone here and at such a time when people will see me living with Arnav then they would start saying hundreds of things. Though he is my brother but not a real one and that too a distant cousin, and you know these neighbours well that they can’t kept quiet without poking their nose in other person’s matters. I can’t even say him to live elsewhere as he can’t digest outside food. So I thought that he can live in your house as no one will question you because already there are some guests so if one member got added to it then no one will doubt. But still if you don’t want then I will think of something else.”



Hearing her daarji’s heart melt and why not Diya too has being an important part of their house. He had never differentiate between his Khushi and Diya so finally relenting to her he gave a nod which makes her smile widely and she thank him wholeheartedly while wink at Sumit who too has a wide smile on his lips.



But there in her room Khushi was immersed in her own thoughts about what will be her future? Will she ever get united with her love? And If not then will she ever be happy again in her life? What will be Arnav’s reaction on learning the truth about her marriage and all? Not knowing tthat the person in question has already got to know every bit of it and has now started taking his step towards their beautiful future which also includes the blessings and happiness of both of their families.






Today is the new dawn of Arshi life while one is aware about this dawn the other person is still thing it to be the dusk which is making everything scary. Khushi was sitting on the table with everyone else having their breakfast when her hart start beating rapidly.



Dhak Dhak… Dhak Dhak… Dhak Dhak…



Just like the way it used to happen whenever Arnav was around her. But then why today? She is sure like hell that Arnav can’t be here in any circumstance then how?



But her revere broke down when she heard Diya’s voice and as soon as she turn her face to look towards her she frozed.



“Arnav…” was only she could mutter, but thankfully it was not too loud that anyone can heard it. But two persons still heard it and look towards her to see her shocked and stunned face.



Diya entered inside along with Arnav and said “Daarji he is Arnav and Arnav he is daarji.”



At which he greeted him and took his blessings and then greeted other members, but not even once glanced at Khushi who was feeling restless as soon as she came out of her shock.



“Arey puttarji you too have a seat and have breakfast with all of us. I heard Diya saying that you don’t like outside food,” said Garima.



“Yes auntyji,” saying this Arnav took the empty seat beside Sumit and started having his breakfast. But there was a poor soul who was not able to gulp even a single byte of her breakfast but was sitting there for the sake of courtesy.



As soon as Breakfast got over daarji asked Sumit to show his room which he happily oblidges.



Here Khushi was restlessly pacing to and fro in her room cribbing to her devimaiya “What is happening devimaiya? For sure I am not dreaming, but then Arnav in my house means that he knew about my marriage fiasco but the question is how? Because as far as I know in no circumstance veerji or Diya will break my promise. But then I am cent percent sure that they both knew about Arnav’s homecoming. Hai devimaiya!!!!! Arnav will be angry on me for not telling him about all this…. Save me from his wrath devimaiya.”



“That he can’t Khushi,” came a manly voice from behind sending shiver down her spine. She slowly turned her face and saw Arnav standing on the doorstep folding his arms below her chest and leaning on the door.



“Arnav… Arnav what are you doing here?”



“Oh! So now you have a problem to even meet me,” he asked cocking his one eyebrow.



“No Arnav, never but you are standing at my doorstep and if anyone see you like this here then for sure they will burried you alive.”



“Well I am here to meet my would be wife and I don’t think it’s a crime.”



Hearing him say that Khushi’s jaw dropped open.



“Close your mouth Khushi otherwise fly will enter inside,” he said at which she immediately close her mouth.



“You shouldn’t have come here Arnav.”



“Oh! Yes I shouldn’t have come here and let them marry you to that Vishal. Well I believe that till now you must have thought about your future with that Vishal. Right?” he asked.



“Arnav,” she whimpered and try to touch him but he shrugged it off.



“It’s nothing like you are thinking Arnav,” said Khushi not able to take it all anymore.



“Oh! Really? Then care to explain it Khushi.”



“Arnav I just don’t want to make you worried.”



“Damn you Khushi, when will you understand it Khushi that anything concerning you is my top most priority. And here we are talking about your marriage. How could you Khushi? How could you hide such a big thing from me Khushi? And upon tht you make both Sumit and Diya promised you that they will not disclose me anything. Haven’t you for once thought that what will happen when I will come to know all this? Or you don’t trust me enough Khushi,” he asked.



“I did Arnav, I did. I trust you with every single vibe of mine. But then you were happy thinking about our future and then I just don’t want to wipe that smile from your face. I was confused Arnav. I thought Vishu will understand my plight as he is my childhood friend. But…. I don’t know what to do anymore Arnav. I am scared. I am scared of losing you Arnav. I can’t live without you Arnav. I will die…”



“Shhh….. Don’t talk like this Mishti. Nothing will happen to you. Don’t worry about all this because I assure you that it’s only me who will marry you.”



His this sentence for sure bring a smile on Khushi face and they both hug each other tightly.



After few minutes they parted from the hug and Arnav kissed her forehead.



“I missed you Khushi. I missed you so much.”



“Me too Arnav. By the way Arnav how come you are here? And how do you know about all this?”



 And hearing her question Arnav narrated her how he met with Vishal, their fight, Vishal challenge, his acceptance, Sumit and Diya’s drama and everything. Hearing him Khushi got emotional and give him a tight bear hug making Arnav smile wildly. But soon they parted and Arnav said “Khushi I think I should leave now because if anyone sees me like this then we will be in problem. Moreover Sumit will be waiting for me.”



At this Khushi nodded her head and then pecked his cheek lightly before he left her room leaving a smiling Khushi behind him.


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  1. Loved the update, brilliant. So Vishal thrown a challenge, accepted by Arnav and now Arnav to win the hearts, eager for the next part. Regards lily30 from IF

  2. Yay so vikram challenged arnav to win her families heart
    I'm thinking he's on their side but is doing this act to make arnav fight for his love
    Looking forward to next update


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