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Sumit enters inside the room after talking with her gudiya. Though he has promised her that he will not tell Arnav about anything but still he couldn’t stop himself from worrying about her. So here he is standing in front of the person who is the only reason for his gudiya’s all worry yet he alone is the only one who can ease out all the tension from her life too.



Here as soon as Sumit enters inside the room Vishal cut the phone and gives a nervous smile to him which brings a frown on the handsome face of Sumit seeing the odd behaviour of Vishal but soon he shrugged it off and concentrated on the reason why he came here.



“Vishal I want to talk to you regarding something,” said Sumit in a serious tone which somewhere alarmed Vishal.



“I am all ears Sumit, go on.”



“Khushi has told you about her feelings naa…” he asked and Vishal sighed as whatever he thought is coming towards him is correct. How can he forget how possessive Sumit is for Khushi that he can’t see a single tear in her eye. Not only he but no one in this family can see her even sad let alone cry and so he affirmed him wanting to know what is further in store for him today.



“So you are backing off Vishu, Come with me now and tell the whole family that you are not willing to marry my gudiya so that she can get her happiness, her love, her life.”



Vishal kept looking towards Sumit after what he had said to him and when he saw him waiting for his reply he opened his mouth and said what comes in his mind that time “And what about mine?”



Though he had not completed his sentence but Sumit can guess that what he is hinting at and thus he felt bad for him. But he can’t be with him as he is very selfish whenever it comes to his gudiya- his Khushi and he knew very well that her happiness lies only and only with Arnav.



“I know Vishal that it’s a shock for you. You have come here after weaving so many dreams about your future with Khushi but here we are saying you to back off from this. But it’s not only best for my gudiya but you too as the girl who do not love you can never be happy with you and the person who is not happy herself, how can she keep other’s happy?” asked Sumit while Vishal turned towards window and looks outside. For few minutes there was pin drop silence in the room which broke when Vishal uttered the next words “I want to meet him.”



At first Sumit was confused not understanding as to whom he wants to meet but soon understanding dawned upon him and he asked not understanding that why Vishal wants to meet Arnav “But Why? We have already told you everything then what’s the need to meet him?”



“You will soon know it, just do as I said.”



Nodding in yes Sumit dialled Arnav’s number still looking towards Vishal and trying to gauge his expression but failed miserably while confusion was etched all over his own face.



Here Arnav was having a gala time with his buddies when he saw Sumit’s name flashing on the screen of his phone which instantly made him worried for his life- his Khushi and with thudding heart he picked the call only to hear Sumit saying ‘Meet me in thirty minutes behind the college, it’s urgent.’ And before he could even understand anything the phone was disconnected leaving him highly disturbed and worried. Not only he but all his friends for hell worried for the reason of Sumit’s sudden behaviour. But there was one person who was not only worried but scared too for her best friend. She is just wishing to her devimaiya that her bestie will be all fine and no harm can turn upon her and soon they all left for the place where Sumit had said them to meet.



After waiting for next twenty minutes Arnav sighed when he saw Sumit coming towards them but soon his face frowned seeing a man almost of their age is also coming towards them. As soon as Sumit reached near them he hugged both Arnav and Yash while assured Diya with his eyes though he himself is not aware of the reason that why Vishal wants to meet Arnav but he is just hoping for the best. His chain of thought broke when Sameera hugged him and peck on his cheeks which instantly brought a smile on his face, but that was soon wiped off when Arnav asked him about Vishal.



“Sumit you didn’t tell us who is he?” said Arnav pointing towards Vishal.



Here Sumit was trying to find a perfect answer so that he didn’t have to break the promise he did to her gudiya and also to let the truth out in such a way that he can calm down Arnav if needed. But alas everything went in vain when the person in question himself butted in to let everyone know who he is?



“Hello buddy… so you are the great Arnav Singh Raizada who had stolen the heart of my Khushi,” he said while Arnav clenched his fist till his knuckles turned white hearing someone else referring his Khushi as his while Vishal continued “well to be honest I am Vishal- Khushi’s fiancé.”




And that was it because soon he staggered back and felt as if his nose broke down because Arnav has punched him hard directly on his nose and then said in a very menacing tone “Never….. Never ever take my Khushi’s name with your filthy mouth. She is mine… only mine to cherish. Only I have the right to touch her, to be near her, only my name can be taken with her and you understand it better otherwise….”



“Otherwise what?” asked Vishal calmly as if nothing happened with him.



“Otherwise I will kill you,” said Arnav panting in anger while Vishal was still standing calmly and all others are looking at the duo with eyes wide open just trying to grasp everything.



“Oh! You can’t Arnav because I know that you will do any such thing which my Khushi will not like.”



Hearing once again my Khushi from his filthy mouth anger coursed in his veins and he was going to once again punch him but this time sensing what’s coming towards him Vishal blocked his hand before it his face and said angrily “First time I didn’t said you anything doesn’t mean that I will let you punch me again. Don’t forget I too can do the same with you, but I am not like you who loses his calm so soon and moreover it is my philosophy to always gives his opponent a chance before playing my last move and giving checkmate to the opponent.”



He said it with smirk on his face while Arnav was looking at him angrily and all the others who were standing there were just gaping at his audacity.



PRECAP: Arnav in Gupta Mansion



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  1. Interesting update:)! I don't know if vishal is really sincere with Khushi. Is he testing Arnav's love for khushi or something else? I'm kind if confused. I hope Khushi and Arnav's love story continues:(!

  2. Nice one
    Vishal wanting to meet arnav
    I'm wanting to think positive
    Maybe he just wants to size him up
    I'm thinking the person on the call might be his love
    Looking forward to next update


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