Thodi Masti Thoda Pyaar


PART- 13



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“Vishu I don’t want to beat around the bush, so I will straightly come to the point.”




“Hmm… Continue Khushi I am all ears…”




“I can’t marry you as I love someone else.”




“What?” asked a shocked Vishal.




“Yes Vishu it’s the truth. I don’t want to give you any false hope as I can’t give you anything. I know you must be feeling cheated because you must have many expectations from our marriage and I broke them all. But I can’t help it Vishu. You knew I have always mocked love marriage and all in childhood. I always use to say that I will go for an arrange marriage and then will fall for my husband and shower him with my love. And see today that same girl has fallen head over heel in love with her man. Yes Vishu my man, my love, my everything- Arnav Singh Raizada. I love him a lot. He is my life now Vishu. I can’t live without him. I never thought that I will fall in love. Hell I never ever thought that I will even be attracted to any guy, but still it happened with me. You don’t know Vishal he is enigma to me. I just got attracted to him like moth get attracted towards fire. His persona, his attitude, his caring nature, his affection for his friends, his always ready to help attitude are those small-small things which took me near him. I swear Vishu that I tried… I tried my best to not fall for him but alas how can anyone stop falling for him. No- never and same was the case with me. I too fall for him and that too very hard. Though girls of my college can just die for having his one look, whom he gave a damn. But don’t know how but he too fall for me. Maybe devimaiya also wants my love to be reciprocated and it did happened. He confess his feelings to me in full filmy style. I can never forget that day ever in my life. I was happy Vishu, really happy that I got my love. But then it is said naa that happiness didn’t last for long as sadness always wants to overshadow the happiness of one’s life and same thing happened with me as I got to know about the fact that daarji has given his words to Teji uncle that we both will get marry. But trust me Vishu that I don’t have even any inclination about this otherwise I would had maintained my distance with Arnav. But now I can’t do anything about it as I am madly in love with and can’t give his place to anyone. You must be thinking Vishu that why I am saying all this to you and that to now. It’s because I can’t keep you in dark as your life is also involved in all this. I know this all has become a complicated maze. But now we have to sort it out together. I can’t go and tell my family about Arnav because I know they will be heartbroken. So I am telling you all this Vishu as I think you will understand me. I am not pressuring you for anything, if after knowing that I can never give you anything- you still wants to marry me then it’s your decision and I will not say you to back off again and if in any circumstance you want to break this relationship then I will be the most happiest person and in that case we together will decide how to handle this situation,” saying this she closed her eyes praying to her devimaiya to make Vishal understand her perspective and agree with her as she really can’t think of any person to be at that place which she had specially reserved for Arnav. After a while she opened her eyes and look towards Vishal to see only a blank look in his eyes which scared her. There was neither hurt nor love, neither anger nor joy, neither jealousy nor accusation, nothing was there- his eyes were just blankly staring towards Khushi who was scared by now because she was not able to comprehend what is he thinking neither able to judge that what will be his next step and before she could ask anything Garima enters her room.



“Aree you guys are still not finished. I must say that when childhood buddies meet after a long time then they will have no inclination of the time. Accha gudiya, Vishu both of you come down daarji is waiting for both of you.




“Jee Maa I am coming just give me two minutes.”



At which Garima nodded and dragged Vishal outside with her.



“Now at least you come with me Vishu and let gudiya take her own sweet time.”



After both of them left Khushi sat on the bed with a thud and a lone tear escape from her eye, she looks upward and said “Why are you testing me devimaiya? Why? You very well know that I can’t live without Arnav and neither I can’t hurt my family and that’s why opt to talk with Vishu. I thought he will understand me and will try to help me. But seeing him like that few minutes back I am just not getting any good vibe. Please help me god. Please show me a way. Make everything all right devimaiya and I promise I will never ask you for anything.”



At the same time Sumit enters inside her room while she hastily wipe her tears so that he can’t see it but she was late as he has already seen the tear stricken face of his baby sister who meant the world to him.



“What happened Khushi? Does that scumbag Vishal told you something? I will not let him leave now when he make my baby sister shed tears,” he said angrily and was just going back to punch him when Khushi hold his hand and said “No veerji. It’s not his words but his silence which makes me vulnerable.”



“What do you mean Khushi,” he asked.



“I told him about Arnav- veerji,” she said.



“Then what he said? Is he ready to help us to make the family understand your love for him and vice-versa.”



“I don’t know,” she sighed.



“What do you mean by you don’t know?” he asked.



“Because he hadn’t told me anything veerji. He was just blankly looking at me and before I could ask him anything maa came and took him with her. And now I don’t know what will he do? I am scared veerji that if he told all this to daarji then what will happened?” she said taking a shuddering breath.



“Hmm… You are right at the point that we don’t know whether he will help us or not but i am sure that he will not disclose these talks to daarji. Still rest assure I myself will talk to him so that this matter didn’t worsen. Now you wipe your tears, wash your face and make yourself presentable as everybody down there are waiting for us.”



At which she nodded and turn to left for bathroom while Sumit pondered over the possibilities of Vishal’s reaction and ways to convince him.






Here Arnav, Sameera, Yash and Diya all were sitting in the canteen gossiping and laughing except duo Arnav and Diya while Arnav was worried for Khushi as from morning neither she has called him and nor replied to any of his text, similarly Diya is also worried for Khushi not because she is not able to talk to her but because she knew how much tensed she must be currently due to the fiasco which has suddenly risen in her peaceful life. She was lost in her own thoughts that she didn’t heard her name been called twice by Yash till the time he literally shook her which make her jerk back to the present and she look towards him with confusion etched over her face.



“What? Why you shook me so hard Yash?” asked an already irritated Diya.



“Because you were lost in your own lala land Miss Diya.By the way what were you thinking?” he asked.



“Ugh! Nothing was just lost in some past memories. You say what you wanna talk about?”



“Oh! Nothing we all were just talking about random things bht seeing you lost I thought you must be thinking something serious so thought to share your thoughts,” he asked.



“I said nothing naa Yash,” and saying this she soon diverted everyone attention from her by her idiotic and foolish in which she is mastered when the time comes and patted her shoulders on achieving the goal by not letting anyone of them know about Khushi’s turmoil.




Precap- Arnav comes to know the truth.



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  1. hi
    khushi has so much admiration for her Arnav. i like it how she express her feelings. Oh Arnav is going to aware of situation. Waiting for his reaction .

  2. Oh no
    Vishal never spoke
    He was blank
    Could be shock
    Or maybe he's gutted
    Either way let's see what kind of friend he is
    As for arnav have feeling diva is gonna blurt out truth
    Wonder how arnav will take it just hope khushis stupid idea to keep him in dark doesn't ruin what they have n doesn't make him do something stupid which he will regret later

  3. Loved the update, brilliant. Vishal hasn't said anything, what is he thinking and what will he do, eager for the next part. Regards lily30 from IF


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