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After both Sumit and Diya left from her room, Khushi start getting ready. She wore a peach colour salwar suit, applied kohl in her hazel eyes and strawberry gloss on her rosy lips. She don’t want to even wear a nice suit when she will go in front of them so that Vishu can reject her. But then she knew that her family will be expecting her to look presentable in front of them and she can never deny their wish in any case because she love them a lot. Finally she took a deep sigh and left for downstairs.



As soon as she reach downstairs she saw Teji uncle sitting there and exchanging pleasantries with her daarji, and on the other side Vishal is sitting and talking with Sumit who was faking happiness, and why not? Which brother would love to talk with the person who is the reason of his sister’s tears? If it was in his hands then he must have buried him alive somewhere in the deep forest, but no he can’t do that because this time his hands are held back by his very own family members. Moreover he is well aware that there is no fault of Vishal in all this. It’s the elders who have taken such a baseless decision for the duo that too at such a tender age. But he knew well that he have to make everything like before to bring back his sister’s happiness.




“See here comes my gudiya,” said daarji looking proudly towards Khushi who just look down not able to look straight in his eyes, for she knew that somewhere she had broken his trust by falling in love with Arnav. But she can’t help it as she didn’t fall in love by choice but by chance. And now even if she wants then also she can’t make herself understand anything, nor can she make her heart stop loving him because she knew if it happen then it will be the end of her life. But soon her stance broke when she heard Teji uncle saying “I have to admit this yaare that your Khushi is a rare diamond. Must say that devimaiya had made her in spare time.”




At this everyone present their smiled while Garima said “What to do bhaisaab, devimaiya has given us a daughter after a long time, so she must be special naa…”




“Yes, you are absolutely right Garima beta.”




“Aree Khushi why are you standing their staring at the ground. Come here,” said Shashi. At which she slowly started moving towards them and bend down to touch uncle’s feet, when he stop her and placing his hand on her head said “May god fulfill your every wish and you live long merilly.”




At this Khushi passed a small smile to him while trying to stop her tears which were threatening to fall down and think- What a game fate is playing with me. The one who is granting me the wish to get every happiness of my life is the one who is the reason of her every sorrow currently, though not directly but still.




“Uncle how are you? And I hope you do miss me while you were away from here,” she asked trying hard to bring the cheerfulness in her voice.





“I am fine Khushi and no I don’t miss you because we missed those whom we forget, but then I can never forget my would be bahu,” he said while patting her shoulders lightly. While hearing him say that Khushi’s smile faltered. Not only his but also Sumit’s facial expression too got changed. But seeing Khushi composing herself and still showing that fake smile to others he too composed himself, but his heart wrenched seeing his Khushi in so much pain. The girl who never knew what pain was is today enduring so much pain which life is giving her and the most hurtful thing is that even after knowing all this he is not able to do anything for her.




“Oho! So Khushi also know how to shy? Hmm… okay beta won’t you want to meet Vishal or your Vishu or what you used to say him… ummmm… haa.. yes… shikayti tattu…”





“Grandapa…” whined Vishal who till now was a silent spectator of the conversation which was taking place in between him and Khushi.





Vishal’s Photo



“Oho! Teji don’t you dare call my Vishu with that name,” said daarji with mock anger at which Teji replied “Why? He is my grandson and I can call him with any name.”




“Yes Teji you can call him with any name except with this because this name is specially reserved for our gudiya, and she has the sole right to call him that.”




“Daarji you too.”




“What me?”




“Forget it. So how are you Khushi?” he asked.




“I am fine and what about you?”




“I too am absolutely fit and fine. So I heard you have joined one of the prestigious college here,” he asked. At which she merely nodded not wanting to continue this conversation as mentioning even a single thing about college will make her remember only about Arnav.




“Ofo! Khushi took him to your room and then talk to him as you guys want,” said Rupa while all of them smiled and daarji nodded his head in approval making her sigh in disappointment. As the more she wants to avoid him, the more is everyone forcing her to be with him. So, with no other option she took him into her room.








Here as soon as Dia entered in the college she saw Arnav standing in front of her with Sameera and Yash. And she instantly knew that trio are waiting for me but not alone.




“Where is Khushi, Dia?” asked Arnav on not seeing Khushi accompanying her.




“Vo Arnav she will not come to college today.”




“What? But Why? Is she alright?” he asked concerned.




“Yes, she is alright. It’s just that some guest has arrived at her home so she will not be able to attend college today.”




Her words made everyone sigh in disappointment but soon Sameera asked her “Dia I don’t get that why is she not attending college due to the arrival of guest?”




“Oh! Vo… haa… actually Sameer these guests are very important for her family, so daarji has advised her to stay at home.”








“Leave it Sameera, I know Khushi well. She will never take a leave until it’s very important. Moreover she will come tomorrow in college, so we will ask her about all this tomorrow. As for now I think we guys should head for our classes.”




Hearing Arnav getting convinced for her lie, though partial she took a sigh of relief. But somewhere she was guilty of not telling him about that Vishal. Because according to her Arnav has every right to know about him and the prospective marriage of Khushi as the entry of Vishal is not only affecting the life of Khushi, but Arnav too.








Both Khushi and Vishal enter in Khushi’s room while Khushi was staring down and Vishal was watching around the room.




“Nothing has changed Khushi,” he said after a while.








“Oh! Hello madam where are you lost?” he asked waving his hand in front of her.




“Nowhere,” she answered.




“Okay, so I was saying that nothing has changed in your room. It still look the same as it used to be years back.”




It will be Vishu, because when I don’t change even a bit then how can my room get changed?”





“Hmm… interesting yaar. So that means you are still a chipakli (lizard) who used to get scare from cockroaches.”




“What? What you just said me? Chipakli….. YOU…” and she started throwing the pillows on him while he was dodging them one by one to save himself. And upon seeing that she is not gonna stop anyhow, he swiftly hold her hands while she struggled to free herself.




“Shikayti tattu just leave my hands and I will show you what I can do to you?” she said angrily while he was thoroughly enjoying this little banter with her.




“And if I don’t?”




“Then I will puke over you,” she tried to threatened him.




“Oh really. I am scared yaar…” he said dramatically making her laugh hard and soon both of them were laughing aloud when Vishal continued “By the way, know what? When Vishal hold someone’s hand then it’s for a lifetime.”




Hearing him say that Khushi got conscious and averted her eyes away from him. She knew making his hope high is not good so she finally decided to tell him the truth, because somewhere she believe that only he can help her out. She knew him from a long time and for a fact she knew that on knowing the truth he will help her to not only break this alliance but also to convince her family about Arnav.




On seeing her lost in her own world Vishal released her hand and wave his hand in front of her, which make her come out of her thoughts and then he said “Ofo! Don’t be so serious I was just kidding.”




This earns a smile from her which in turn make him smile too and then he saw once again Khushi turning serious and after a few minutes of hesitation as if thinking to say or not he heard her speak.





“Vishu actually I want to say you something…”



“Yes Khushi tell me, but why are you sounding so serious,” he said seeing her so serious for the first time ever in his life.



“Because it’s serious Vishu.”



“Hmmm… Then I hope that I just don’t get a heart attack hearing it.”



Already conveying him the truth about Arnav and her relation is so difficult and upon that he is not making it easy for her in any way- she thought to herself, in fact he is making it all the more difficult for her- she cribbed to her devimaiya.



“Vishu I don’t want to beat around the bush, so I will straightly come to the point.”




“Hmm… Continue Khushi I am all ears…”




“I can’t marry you as I love someone else.”





So, what do you guys think?


What will be Vishal’s reaction?


Will he agree with Khushi or still want to marry her?


Will he tell about this to her family or not?


And if Yes, then what will be her family’s reaction towards it?




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  1. Loved the update, brilliant. What will Arnav do when he gets to know about the proposal? What will Vishal decide? So many questions, eager for the next part. Regards lily30 from IF

  2. Nice update
    I do hope vishal understands
    Khushi really needs to tell arnav
    Have feeling vishal has feelings for khushi
    One things for sure he seems like a nice guy
    Looking forward to next update


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