Thodi Masti Thoda Pyaar

PART- 11




“Arnav I love you so much that I can’t live without you. You have now become my breathe, my life and my soul. I don’t know how but you have become the sole reason of my existence. I can’t even think of spending few minutes without you.”



“I know mishiti that you love me very much, and why not after all I am the hottest hunk of the college,” he said winking at her on which Khushi smacked his chest saying badmaash and then place a kiss on his broad muscular chest while he smiled feeling her lips on his chest and hugged her while nuzzling her, at which a moan escaped from her mouth.






“Mishti you know when I saw you for the first time, at that time itself I got attracted towards you. Your innocence, your fearlessness, and the way you always stood up for the right thing etc. All these things make me fall for you even harder,” he said kissing her forehead.






“Oh! Is it really,” she asked with twinkle in her eyes. At which Arnav nodded in his head in affirmative while she give him a smile and then said “But you know what? My opinion for you was totally different.”




“As in…” he asked.




“Umm! Actually Arnav when I first saw you I thought of you as a heady, arrogant and spoilt brat. And especially after that fresher’s party. But then the way you make us comfortable help us to bond, and see now I love you so much.”




“What? You think of me as a spoilt brat? OMG! All the girls of college can die to be with me and here you were thinking all these bullshits about me. You are really a single piece in this whole universe.”




Hearing this Khushi’s face turn into a big O and after punching him in his stomach she said “Whatever? Now you have to bear this single piece only naa because you have no other options.”




“Oh no mishit I do have many more options, but I prefer this one,” he said rubbing her lips with his thumb pad and then replace it by his hard, manly lips and soon both were indulge in devouring each other. They were making love to each other through their lips.









At the same time someone throw water and Arnav sat up on the bed with a jerk and look towards the person who dare to do this, but much to his horror he saw his daadi standing with a jug in her hand and smirking at him.




“What?” asked Arnav irritated realising that he was just dreaming about her and that too broke due to her ever lovely but naughty daadi.




“Well Arnav dear if you had full of your Khushi’s dream then come back from your dreaworld to the real world and get ready for your college or have you decided  that you are not going to college. But Arnav if you don’t go then you will be not able to meet your Khushi or your Mishti,” she said winking at which Arnav got embarrassed first, but then to hide his embarrassment he said “What Mishti daadimaa, I am not able to understand that what are you talking about?”




“Oh! Really but when you were in your dreamworld naa that time you were murmuring ‘Mishti’ so I thought this is the nick name you have given to your Khushi.”




“No dadimaa… Nothing like that.”




“Then what is it like Arnav?”



“Ugh… Daadimaa I am getting late for college,” and saying this he left towards bathroom leaving a smiling daadimaa behind.









Khushi just came out after taking bath when she saw her daarji in her room. She bends down to take blessing from him which he readily gives.




“Daarji you here?” she asked.




“Why? Can’t I come to my gudiya’s room?” he asked putting his hand on his head.




“Of course daarji you can come in whenever you want. After all it’s your house. I was just saying that you should have called me.”




“Whether I come or you is same thing.”




“Vaise daarji…. You here… Anything important?”




“Yes it is important… Vaise I think your parents have told you that someone is coming?”




“Yes daarji…. I know Vishu and uncle are coming today.”








“And you have fixed my marriage with Vishu,” she said looking down to hide her tears while daarji thought it to be out of shyness.




“I know gudiya that you must be shocked knowing that your alliance have already been fixed. But gudiya believe me that I will never thought bad for you.”




“I know daarji and I have full faith in you,” she said squeezing his hand while hiding her own tears.




“I always knew that you will be with me in this decision. Okay Khushi then don’t go to college today as you should be at home when they are coming.”




“Okay daarji…”




And then he left from their while at the same time Sumit and Diya enters in her room and saw her wiping her tears.




“Khushi yaar, What am I hearing? No… Wrong question… I should ask you that- Why am I even hearing this? And what’s all this going on?”





“Diya… Vo…”




“What yei / vo?”





“Then tell me Diyu what to do?”





“Tell everyone about Arnav and your love story.”





“It’s not as simple as you think.”





“And it’s not as difficult as you are making it.”





“I need sometime Diya…”





“Then take it… But don’t make it too long yaar…”










“Accha now get ready yaar. Don’t you have to go to college… Chal yaar get ready,” she said pushing her.





“No diyu…”





“What?” asked Diya and Sumit in unison.





“Yes, actually daarji has asked me to stay at home today as they all are coming.”





“Ofo! Khushi you and your daarji.. Okay you stay at home and i am going,” she said turning towards the door when Khushi stops her and said “Don’t tell about this to Arnav or anyone else as of now.”





“What? But Why?”





“Please Diya… Not now… Knowing this he too will get tensed which I don’t know.”





“Okay… Okay… You and your logics…humph!” Saying this she too left from there.





“Why are you doing this Khushi?” asked Sumit.





“Veerji what to do??? I am not able to decide. Tell me naa veerji,” said Khushi sobbing on his veerji’s shoulder while he was trying to calm her.




“Shh… Khushi you are my brave sis naa.. You know crying doesn’t suits you. Tell me are you a cry baby?”



At this Khushi makes an ‘O’ and then hit him smilingly “Here my life is at stake and you are making fun of me.”



“No Khushi yaar…. I don’t have this much strength so as to make fun of you.”






“Okay baba sorry… But why are you so tensed up about this. Tell family members clearly that you can’t marry that Vishu because you love Arnav.”



“No… I can’t….”



“But Why Khushi? Don’t you love him?”



“I do veerji… But how can I choose between both of them. How? For me both are important part of me. I can’t choose anyone among them. It’s like asking a mother to choose any one in between her two children,” she said wiping her tears.




At the same time they hear the doorbell and knew that they have finally come.



“Veerji you go downstairs. I am just coming.”



“You all right naa Khushi…”



“Yes veerji, when you all are with me then why should I get scared.”



Precap: Vishal’s Entry



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  1. Awct this khushi is crazy
    if her family truly love her they will listen to her
    shes hiding arnav from them
    n hiding everything else from arnav
    here he is happy dreaming about her
    n shes crying about her fate
    she needs to speak up b4 its too late
    if arnav finds out b4 she tells him hes gonna be devistated
    khushis making it worse than needs to be
    looking forward to seeing what vishu thinks of her
    if he just sees her as friend then we r half way there
    looking looking forward to next update

  2. Loved the update, brilliant. She should try telling her family about her love, if they love her they will understand, otherwise they will be hurt as well. Eager for the next part. Regards lily30 from IF.

  3. wow awesome update loved it can't wait for next part hope arnav khushi stay together and khushi does not marry vishal thank you for pm.


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