Thodi Masti Thoda Pyaar


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PART- 10 (A)

Both Arnav and Khushi looked at each other for a long time while rabba vey was playing in the background and then finally their lips met for a soul searing kiss while none of them realise what they were doing as they have forget anything around them as if this world never exists  for them. But soon their revere breaks when Arnav phone ring and they both stands stunned as soon as they realise what they had done. At one side Arnav is elated knowing that finally he got his most awaited first kiss while on the other hand Khushi was not getting how to react after their kiss and what shocked her is the thought that she is not regretting kissing him.

“Umm… Arnav” she whispered slowly.

But Arnav doesn’t hear her as he wass in his own lala land.

“Hey devimaiya….. Now what happened to him…  Why he is not reacting…. For sure he is thinking that how I can kiss him like that…. Now what will I do….” She murmurs to herself and then shook Arnav to break his stance.

“Ugh! Yes Khushi…. Are you saying something to me?” asked Arnav breaking from his revere.

“Actually Arnav….. Your phone is continuously ringing.”

“Oh! Yes…. Excuse me,” saying this Arnav took the call. It was from Sumit who was asking about Khushi’s whereabouts. At which Arnav told him that he is with Khushi only so that Sumit will not worry about her and cut the call.

“Was it veerji call?”

“Yes Khushi….  But you don’t worry I have told him that you are with me.”

“Thanks Arnav.”

“For what Khushi?”

“For being there for me. If today you hadn’t come on time naa then I don’t know what would have happened with me? And also for not telling veerji anything,” she said with a small smile playing on her lips.

“Well Khushi I will be always there for you whenever you need me. And when I am there nothing can harm you. And it is Arnav Singh Raizada’s promise….. and about Sumit then I know that if I had told him about it then he will be only cursing himself for not taking care of you as he loves you a lot and neither he will stop worrying you till he sees you in front of him.”

Hearing it Khushi can’t stop herself from admiring him. His caring nature not only for her but also for her family is making her lose herself in him unknown to her. And as soon as she thought about it the images of both of them kissing each other comes in front of her eyes making her look away and the awkwardness which few minutes before was not there comes back. And as if on cue Arnav understood her reason of looking away and get hurt. He knows that it wass not Khushi’s fault but he can’t comprehend the thing that the kiss which is his most price possession is nothing for Khushi other than a mistake maybe.

“Hmmm…. Arnav I think we should left from here…. Veerji must be waiting for me.”


And they both left from there. The whole drive on way back to home was silent and no one tries to reduce this awkwardness as they both don’t know what should they tell the other person.


“Why you took so much time to confess your love Yash? You know I was waiting for this confession from so long,” asked Diya pouting.

“Sorry Diya… I never know that you too have strong feelings for me….. otherwise I would have  confessed it long back.”

“Really or you are just blaberring… huhh?” she asked raising her eybrow.

“Diya I really love you… I have fallen for you on the first day I met you… your simplicity and your care for Khushi is what attracted me towards you. And knowing you from so many days only increase my love for you ten folds. Yes it’s true that I never confessed my love for you but it’s not because I don’t love you,” said Yash entwining both of their fingers and placing a kiss on her knuckles.

“Then what was the reason?” she asked innocently.

“Because I use to feel that you don’t love me Diya.”

“You idiot… don’t think on your own…you buddhu… if we all had not plan all this then you would have never confess it to me,” saying this she made a cute pouting face while looking away.

“Diya I know I am a dumbass…. But I promise you that from now on I will never keep anything in my heart (cupping her face) instead I will tell you everything and we will together make each and every moment beautiful for us.”

At this Diya blinks her eyes as if assuring him that she will always be with him no matter what while he gazes in her eyes and then at her lips and again at her eyes  silently asking her permission at which she closes her eyes and parted her lips inviting him. And soon both of their lips met for the first time and fireworks starts in the pit of her stomach.


“Khushi you are so beautiful…. I love you… you know in this green suit you looks pataka…” said Arnav.

“Really Arnav?”

“Of course Khushi… why will I lie to you?” saying this he take her hand in his and then added “Khushi you don’t know you have become my life, without you now I can’t imagine my life at all. You have become an inseparable part of my life,” saying this Arnav started placing butterfly kisses on her hand.

At this Khushi closed her eyes. When Arnav looked at her and saw her closed eyes he cupped her face at which Khushi open her eyes. Arnav rubs his thumb pad at her lips at which Khushi moans ‘Arnav….’ which only increases his desire and soon his lips replaces his thumb and they both starts kissing each other. Arnav’s hand on his own accord reaches towards Khushi’s waist and he squeeze it which makes her gasp at which he enters his tongue in his mouth to taste her sweet nectar while Khushi threaded her fingers in his hair. The kiss which started as a normal smooch soon turned into a wild and passionate kiss where both of them were fighting for dominance. It was like no one wants to leave each other but they have to part from each other as they were both breathless.

“It was amazing…” murmured Arnav after parting from her to take much needed breath.

“Huhh…” said Khushi still in trance.

“Ofo! Khushi… You know I am never going to forget this,” saying this he once again takes her plump soft lips in his manly one.

“Noooo….” Shrieked Khushi sitting up and then looks around only to saw that she is in her room. She switch on the lights of her room and saw the time.

“Haiii devimaiya… it’s 1o’clock of night… and there is no Arnav… but then what was that? He kissing me.. Am I dreaming? Oh no… If it was really a dream then how can I? But… why? Why I don’t regret it? In fact I loved that feeling. When those creep persons even try to come near me I was feeling disgusted but with Arnav it was like I was in a beautiful world with him. A world full of bliss and ecstasy.  (Putting her hand on her forehand) haiiii devimaiya…. How can I even think about something like this? Haina devimaiya… Khushi you just sleep that’s good for you. But devimaiya no more dreams…. Okk naa….” She murmurs and then taking the blanket slept again.


Whole night Arnav was not able to sleep due to his mishty (yes finally Arnav has given another name to Khushi after their sweet hot encounter yesterday) as whenever he tries to close his eyes images of him kissing Khushi came in front of his eyes  making him restless.

“Oh god! Mishty what had you done to me? It’s been morning and still I am not able to forget the feeling of your lips on mine. Goshhh… I so wanna taste them but can’t do it,” he murmurs while making a sad face.

“Arnav you can do all those things later too but first of all you have to introduce her to me,” came the voice of Subhadra Raizada.

“Now I am completely gone,” he murmurs embarrassedly.

“Yes it is…. So tell me when are you letting her meet me? And how she looks? Well I am sure she must be beautiful,” asked Subhadra.

“Not beautiful dadi… she is an angel who has descended from heaven just for me,” he said it with a thousand watt smile on his face.

“So then final that she is meeting me today only. Invite her after all I too wanted to see the angel who has stolen the heart of my handsome grandson,” she said winking at her grandson.

“It is not so easy dadi as you think,” said Arnav sighing.

“Arnav don’t talk in riddles and tell me what is going in your mind?”

“Nothing dadi.”

And then he told her that how he proposed her but she rejected him.

“I am losing my hope now dadi.”

“Don’t think like that beta. You know here neither you nor she is at fault.”

“I didn’t get you dadi.”

“See dear you love her that’s why you are feeling like that. But this doesn’t mean that she have no feelings for you.”

“But dadi…”

“No Arnav… you only told me that she said that she likes your company. But you forget that it’s new for her. Give her some time to understand her own feelings. Till the time she herself doesn’t understand her feelings for you then how can she expresses it to you tell me dear,” saying this she left from there leaving Arnav pondering on her words and giving a new encouragement to him.

“Well Miss Khushi Gupta I have never left the fight for my true love but now I am back to make you mine till eternity,” he murmurs to himself.

Above in the heaven Khushi’s devimaiya also smile.


Khushi was passing through the room of her veerji when she heard voices coming out from there and out of curiosity she peeps in the room and saw her brother talking with Diya but before she take any step to go inside she stops herself hearing there talks.

“So finally all is set Diya.”

“Yes veerji and this all is due to you guys. If you had not suggest me all this then that idiot will never gonna confess his love for me.”

“That is not a problem Diya after all you are also like my sister naa. Well what you guys did yesterday?” he asked winking.

“Veerji…. You too,” said Diya blushing.

“You too… means who else than me got this opportunity?”

“Well none other than your own girlfriend who has called me early morning.”


“Now you tell me what’s going on?  When are you going to tell the family about her?”

“Very soon Diya… I too can’t live without her. She has become a necessary part of my life. You know what now a days I had started dreaming about our married life. I used to imagine how will we fight, then how will I placate her and all and it is such a bliss for me.”

“Oho! kya baat hai aap to Sameera k majnu ban gaye. (Oho! You have become Sameera’s Romeo.)”

They were laughing and chatting with each other unaware of how their talks are effecting the heart of Khushi. Soon Khushi ran back to her room and closing it lean back on the door and closed her eyes. But as soon as she closes her eyes images of their kiss came in front of her making her open her eyes at the same instant.

“What is happening with me devimaiya? Why am I not able to forget that kiss. It is like that kiss has been imprinted in my heart which I am not able to remove. But if it is so then why I like him kissing me? Why I want to kiss him again and again? Is it love… no…. how can I love him? No Khushi all this is nothing to you. It is just that it was your first kiss so you are not able to forget it nothing else.”

Although her heart was telling a different story to her but she just shrugged that thought and left from there. But whole day she was only thinking about Arnav as other than him nothing was making sense to her and she herself was confused about her own behaviour. But the problem wass she even can’t tell about her problem to anyone as to what she will tell them that she has kissed Arnav of course it was not intentional but then at the end of the day they both has kissed each other is the point. Moreover she was afraid of her veerji’s reaction. As she very well know that how much protective her veerji is and she don’t want Arnav to lend in any problem or enter in the bad books of veerji totally unaware of veerji’s thought about their relation.


Next day when Khushi reaches college she saw Arnav waiting for someone and instantly a smile crept on her rosy lips thinking of the possibility that he may be waiting for her and then she saw Diya leaving her side and joining Yash while few seconds later she saw Yash whispering something in Diya’s ear and then they both left from there citing some excuse at which both Arnav and Khushi shake their head.

“Ummm… hi Khushi,” said Arnav not knowing how to make her comfortable after last day’s stunt.

“Hi Arnav,” she said while smiling which automatically brings a smile on Arnav’s face but then he reminded himself for what he is here and said “Wohh… Khushi I want to talk to you.”

“Yes Arnav…tell me.”

“Actually I just want to apologise to you.”

“Apology? But for what Arnav?” she asked rather confused.

“Wohhh…” he looks around confirming that no one was seeing or hearing both of them and then continue “I am really sorry for yesterday,” saying this he saw Khushi’s eyes shot up to his eyes and he hesitentaly added “Yes Khushi I mean I shouldn’t have kissed you like that and I feel really ashamed of this. If you can please forgive me,” saying that he left from there without letting Khushi speak anything. While on the other hand Khushi could not understand why she is feeling so hurt hearing him apologise to her for that kiss. Kiss that she truly cherished from the core of her heart and wanted it to last forever. Kiss that she don’t want to end instead want him to kiss her senselessly.

“What the hell? Hai devimaiya what is happening to me? How can I even think about all this? If someone gets to know about all this then what will they think about me that how shamelessly I am thinking about someone kissing me.”

But at the same time at the back of her head a little voice told her that he was not someone but Arnav who loves her so much but then her mind screams that if he really loves her a lot then how can he regret kissing her in reply of which her heart only said that he never mentions regretting it but yes he apologise to her may be thinking that she doesn’t love him. And then her heart questioned her that why she enjoyed that kiss as she clearly don’t love him. And this question stirred her entire being. And she asked this question to herself but in return she got only one answer that she too is in love with him which she just shrugged off thinking it is just all her mind playing games with here and left from there for her class.

During the break Khushi and Diya came out and saw Arnav, Sameera and Yash waiting for them outside. Somewhere she feels good seeing Arnav there but didn’t make it evident on her face.

“Oh! They are here… chalo let’s go guys,” said Sameera.

“Where are you guys going Sam?” asked Khushi wiggling her eyebrows.

“Not me… but all of us are going Khushi.”

“But where?”

“Bike racing Khushi… and now no more questions.”

And they all left from there while Sameera tells Khushi that Arnav, Yash and Sumit are taking part in it.

“What? How can they participate in it. It is dangerous and you guys are letting them take part in it?” asked Khushi shocked.

“Oh! Come on Khushi don’t behave like a scared little lamb and enjoy it,” said Diya shrugging her shoulder as if it is very casual.

Khushi tries to argue with them but they all denied her leaving her with no option but to follow them as this race was just for fun sake with no harm. So it was decided that both Sumit and Yash will be accompanied by their girlfriend but the question was who will accompany Arnav as he have no girlfriend. While they all wanted Khushi to accompany him but at the same time they know Khushi will not be comfortable so Arnav himself asked any random girl to be a part of it with him unaware of the effect of his words on Khushi’s innocent soul.

Here Khushi’s heart pained seeing him asking anyone to be with him and then she saw a random girl wearing a mini skirt and a tank top which is barely coming till her chest came forward announcing that she will be the one which only increases Khushi discomfort which soon turn into jealousy when she saw that girl hugging her Arnav from behind after sitting behind him on his bike. She doesn’t know when the race starts who is winning or losing as her whole concentration was on Arnav and that girl behind her. She fisted her hand when she saw that girl roaming her hands on Arnav’s chest and tears came from her eyes.

“Why is that witch hugging my Arnav?” she thought to herself and soon her eyes widen realising what she just said.

“My Arnav… how can he be yours? Khushi what has happened to you?” she murmurs to herself but then she saw all of them coming back and she was happy that Arnav was first but that happiness soon faded as she saw that girl clinging on Arnav while hugging him and then she pecks on his cheek which break the last thread of her patience and she pounced on that girl making Arnav to jerk while all of them gape at her with open mouths.

“Oyeee chudail stay away from him. Why are you hugging and kissing him again and again?” asked Khushi angrily jerking her away.

Khushi’s this statement not only shocked that girl but all of them. Somewhere Arnav was happy as he too was uncomfortable with that girl but did not show it but when Khushi separate him from that girl he was relieved but at the same time was confused as to why Khushi reacted like this. Here Khushi too didn’t know what she was saying as jealousy has got the best of her.

“Well what will you do if I did not abide by your words?” asked the girl in attitude not liking the way Khushi separated him from the hottie.

“You will have to… Humph!”

“Oh! Really and may I know why so?”

“Because he is not the one for you.”

“Oho! Are you his girlfriend or what? As far as I know he is single and ready to mingle and if I am willing to be the one then what is your problem.”

This makes Khushi shut her mouth as she herself don’t know what she was saying till now while others were waiting for her to say something. But when she did not utter anything all of them got disappointed while that girl smirks and said “You know what you have nothing to say as you are not of his standard. Girl like me only deserves him,” saying this she was going to kiss on his lips but before Arnav can do anything Khushi jerk her and placed her soft pink luscious lips on Arnav’s manly lips. Arnav who even in his wildest dream had not thought about Khushi kissing him was numb for few seconds but soon reality dawns upon him making him respond with equal fervor and passion but it did not last long as they heard loud gasps and hooting voices making both of them separate. When Khushi raised her eyelashes she saw her brother’s narrowed gaze on her making her realise what she had just done. But she also knew that now there is no way out.

“What was that Khushi?” asked Sumit.

“Veerji wohh…”

“I want a clear answer Khushi with no lies otherwise you know…hmm…” said Sumit a bit sternly.

“Veerji…. I… I love Arnav,” at last she said what she has been trying not to confess to her own with lowered her eyes while tears form in her eyes and as soon as she blurt this out she immediately closed her eyes afraid of her veerji’s reaction but when for few minutes she heard nothing then she slowly opened her eyes and saw her veerji standing in front of her with a smile intact on his face making her confused.

“Thank god Khushi at last you confessed your feelings,” said Sumit cupping her face.

“You are not angry veerji?” asked Khushi.

“Why would I when I know that Arnav is the only one for you and not only that he is the best for you,” saying this he placed a kiss on her forehead and then gives her hand in Arnav’s hand and said “You have to take care of my princess.”

At this Arnav nodded his head smilingly.

“But yes please next time don’t kiss each other at least not in front of me. I am her brother and the guy must be scared of his girl’s brother. Though I know I have given you permission but still maintain my image of a strict brother,” said Sumit winking at which all of them start laughing and soon all others left from their leaving the couple to themselves.

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