Thodi Masti Thoda Pyaar


PART-10 (C)


Khushi was sitting on her bed and seeing the pics taken in Worlds of Wonder which reminisces her of all the lovely moments she spent there specially with Arnav and was smiling to herself when her family members except her daarji and Sumit veerji enters in the room and seeing Khushi like this smiling to herself while looking at her phone they frowned thinking why is she smiling like that? So to bring her back from her stance her mother clears her throat which brought her back from her dreamland.


“What is in your phone that you are smiling like this?” asked Garima while sitting on the bed.


“Ugh! Nothing mom… actually voo…” stuttered Khushi not knowing what to answer them.


“What?” asked Vishwas confused seeing her stammering while speaking.


“Ofo! Nothing like that.. it’s just that I remembered some funny moments of college… yes and that’s the reason of my smile.”


“Oye Khushi just tell me that you go to your college for study or fun?” asked  Shashi.


“Dad I went college for study but you know what I can’t close my eyes like one of the monkey of Gandhi ji,” she said wiggling her eyebrows while imitating different actions at whichall the family members started laughing.


“Okay Khushi keeping all this fun aside, on a serious note I wanna talk to you about something important,” said Shashi seriously.


Upon hearing her father so serious Khushi too sat straight and nodded at him as if asking him to continue.


“Khushi I know whatever now I am gonna tell you will be a shock for you and maybe you have not even think about the same in your dreams even. But it’s daarji’s decision and you know naa that he will never ever want your ill.”


“I know dad… and as a fact I knew this too that no one among my family member will ever think bad for me as I am the most precious person of this house… right,” she said innocently at which all of them nodded their head. But she was unaware that her innocent talks are making it more difficult for her family to tell her the real reason for which they all have gathered in her room.


“Now don’t test my patience and tell me that what has daarji decided and in what context?”


“Khushi you remembered daarji’s friend Teji?” asked Rupa at which Khushi went in a thoughtful mode. But soon her bulg got it’s needed electricity making it glow while her eyes sparkle brightly and then she said “Don’t tell me taiji that you are talking about Teji uncle who used to pull my cheeks whenever he used to come here while I used to yell at him for always pulling my cheeks.”


At this all of them get amused that she still remembered them as it was in her childhood as after that they left from there and only now they are coming back that too for this marriage proposal. So to confirm their doubt Garima asked her “You remembered them?”


At this Khushi nodded her head and then said “How can I forget that shikayti tattu mom?”


“Khushi behave…” scolded Shashi at which Khushi stuck her tounge out and then said “Okay sorry Dad.. it’s Vishu.. alright now…”




“So what about him and Teji uncle?”


“Well they are coming here…”


“What? That means that shikayti tattu..oopss… I mean Vishu too is coming,” and seeing her parents nodding in yes she started jumping on the bed itself while shouting “Yayy….” But as soon as she saw her whole family giving her weird looks she sat on the bed and mouthed a sorry unknown to the fact that her  this reaction has given a little hope to her family along with the required strength.


“Khushi they are coming there for a purpose…”


“I know they are coming here to meet me because they have not seen me for such a long time… now you see how will I make him cry buckets.. shikayti tattu kahika…” but before she could continue her blabbering next set of words from her dad’s mouth make her stunned.


“Yes they are coming here for you only Khushi… but not to meet you. In fact they are coming here to take you for forever as the bride of Vishal,” said Shashi and upon seeing the stunned look of her daughter’s face he added “Khushi I know this is not what you have thought… I know marriage is not even in your list as of now but you have to understand gudiya that daarji has fixed your marriage with Vishal when you were born and you know your daarji naa… he never back off from his promises,” saying this he looks towards his gudiya who was just sitting numbly.


“Tell me something gudiya…” he asked.


“Yes Khushi please say something,” said Rupa this time but there was no response from her side. For almost another five minutes she didn’t speak even a single word while all of them were trying to make her say something.


And at last she spoke without even looking at them “Please leave me alone for some time.”




“Please mom I want to be alone for some time… please,” saying this she looks away and before Garima could say anything Shashi held her hand and gestures her to not speak now. And soon they all left from there.


As soon as they left tears started trickling down her eyes. She doesn’t know what is stored in future for her. She knew that she loves Arnav immensely but she also knew that she can’t go against her family. It’s like she has been trapped brutually. Neither can she go against her family and nor can she forget Arnav. Because in such a short span of time Arnav has become the essence of her life. Without Arnav there is no Khushi. But the problem is for her, family means a lot. She don’t know what she should do now.


“Why devimaiya? Why are you doing this with me? I am too your child naa… then can anyone do anything like this with her own child… tell me devimaiya… you know what my family means to me and you also know that what Arnav means to me. If my family is my heart than Arnav has become my heartbeats. I can’t choose anyoneamong them. What to do devimaiya? Help me out because I can’t hurt my family and neither can I think a life without Arnav. Please devimaiya show me a way…”



Precap- Vishal’s entry



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  1. This update has me worried
    khushis family have told her their wish to marry her to vishu
    n she kept quiet she didnt tell them about arnav or nothing
    i hope she confides in vishu maybe he will help her break the proposal


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