Thodi Masti Thoda Pyaar

PART- 10 (B)


*1640+ Words* 


“I can’t believe that finally you loves me,” Arnav said smiling and then shrieked “Ouch… What was that for?”



“You were saying that you don’t believe so i pinch you to make you believe that all this is real.”



“Aweee… You don’t know Khushi how happy I am. I just love you so much.” saying this he hugged her.



“I love you too Arnav. So now tell me where you are taking me on date. Hmmm…”



“Ummm… Wherever you wanna go.”



“Okay. So you…. (She started thinking deeply and then her eyes twinkle) Umm… Arnav let’s go to Worlds of Wonder (WOW)”



“What?” Arnav looks at her shocked as if she has grown two horns.



But seeing him so shocked she innocently asked “Why are you looking so shocked?”



“Then what will I do Khushi i mean you are really asking me to go with you on a date and you know i was so happy but you know how to spoil the fun.”




“Hey i had not spoil any fun.”



“Yes you have… Just tell me who will ask his boyfriend to go on his first date to worlds of wonder.” Hearing him Khushi pouted her face and twisted her lips in annoyance “what do you mean by who will ask?”



“Khushi we are no more kids that we will go there.”



“Haaa… You wanna say that just because i asked you to take me to WOW you will say that i am a kid” she asked with narrow eyes.



“Uhh… No Khushi i don’t wanna say you this. I was just saying that you know we are grown up and i mean WOW is not for us” he said trying to make her understand but Khushi is Khushi how can she accept her defeat.



“Haa you are saying that i can’t go there because i am grown up and mummyji used to say that i am small so i can’t go there. But i know that we can go there i have googled it. Now just tell me are you taking me there or not because if not then i am never gonna go with you anywhere.” saying this she left leaving a helpless Arnav behind.



“Oh! Really? Now I have to go to WOW that will the eighth wonder of world. But Arnav you don’t have any choice too naa otherwise you are a gone case so decide it Arnav… What to decide… As if i have any choice. Humph!”






“Daarji your friend Teji is on other side.”



“Ohh… What are you saying.. Is he really on the other side. Give me the phone,” said an excited daarji.






“Haa Teji how are you?”





“Aree yes… How can I forget about it. I still remembered it.”





“Arey yaar don’t worry about that… I have given you my words and i will abide by it whatever may be the condition.”





“Ohh really….  Then when are you coming??”





“Arey it’s good we will be waiting for you..”






“Really you are ready for going to WOW”



“What can i do when my mishty wants to go there…”



“Ohh yipeee….” And she started jumping and at the same time Diya; Yash; Sameera and Sumit came there and asked what was happening there and before Arnav could stop Khushi she had utter that they are planning for their date and as if it was not enough that she invited all of them also.



“Wooohooo… Only this was remaining…. Khushi k devimaiya my Buffalo is gone in water…” Arnav thought to himself.



“Ohh really… I can’t believe that you guys are going for a date and that too WOW” said Yash sarcastically at which Diya smacked on his head.



“You just shut your damn mouth Yash because it’s of no use. Moreover i think that it’s an awesome idea. You know what i also had never been to WOW because i always wanna go their with Khushi but uncle aunty denied it straight away so i too never went. But now i will be going there with my Khushi finally yipeeee”. Hearing which Arnav’s eyes popped out and he thinks “What a wonderful date i have got. Ughhhh… This Khushi naa… She has made such a tasty chutney for my all planning.”



“Come on guys it’s a date not a family show that you are planning to go WOW that too with whole team.” said an irritated Sameera which gives Arnav a hope.



“Whatever Sameera but I want to go WOW and that too not alone.” said Khushi stubbornly making Sameera sighed as she know when Khushi is at her best no one can win with her.



While Yash and Arnav both look towards Arnav with sympathy who was looking at them helplessly.



“Okay final then we are going to WOW that too now”



“Yipee…. Finally me going to WOW. I just can’t believe it” saying this Khushi started jumping in air and then pecks Arnav on his cheek making him smile which soon turns into a naughty smirk while she shied away as soon as all of them starts hooting seeing their open romance.






“Daarji isn’t it too fast. I mean our Khushi is too small for all this and we have not even told her all this.” Said Shashi



“Yes daarji…. Moreover i don’t think she is prepared for taking such a big responsibility on her shoulders” said Garima trying to convince daarji who is not ready to budge.



“I understand what you guys are saying is right. But now you have to understand that the time has come when she has to realise her responsibilities. And i know my child very well when she will know this then she will definitely understand her duties and all the responsibilities,” said daarji in an authorative tone and left from there leaving no room behind for any further discussion.



“What we will do now Shashiji??”



“I too don’t know Garima ji that how will I tell our Khushi about it and what will be her reaction?”



“But how can daarji do this with us? I mean our gudiya is still studying and now from nowhere all this. I don’t understand all this.” said a confused Vishwas.



“You are talking like we don’t know about all this.” said Rupa.



“Bhabiji we all were well aware that daarji in his childhood only promised that gudiya will marry to that Vishal but the point is gudiya is still studying and we all know that she is so much into her studies that i believe she has not even thought about marriage.”



“We can’t do anything about all this Garima so we better wait for the right time” said Shashi thinking about her gudiya’s reaction for the same.






“Ohhhh  wohooo…. see there are so many kinds of play games here,” said an over excited Khushi as soon as they reached WOW and dragged him towards shanghai Swinger telling him to enjoy the same with her. Soon all six of them took their seats and it started rotating which makes Khushi and Diya to scream in excitement While Arnav and Sumit roll their eyes seeing both of them so much excited. After riding on Shanghai Swinger they move towards Mega Disko and hoped in it. While riding in Mega Disko they all started hooting loudly and then they click photos. After that they move towards Big Beat and enjoyed it’s ride. After enjoying many other rides they took some light things for refreshment and then Sameera said “Guys we almost ride all of this but now I think we should move towards water park. I had heard that it’s amazing.”



“Really Sam… Then we should move towards it” saying this trio girls dragged their boys towards water park and saw different types of water splashes there to enjoy themselves.



“Which one you girls wanna enter at first” asked Sumit.



“I think at first we should first move towards free fall.” At which all of them nodded and then move towards washroom for change in the swimsuits.



“Yaar these girls take so much time. Here we all have came back after changing and see these girls are nowhere to be seen.” said Arnav irritatedly but soon his eyes popped out seeing Khushi in the swimsuit as he is mesmerised by her. Not only Arnav but Sumit and yash’s condition is also not different while all thre girls are also aware of their effect on their respective boys. But they too can’t stop themselves from drooling on them who were standing in front of them bare chested. Specially Khushi she was too shy but after seeing bare chested Arnav she is not able to even blink her eyes. It was first time that she is seeing a boy infront of her like this. Oopss…. No… Not a boy but her Arnav; her love; her life. As soon as Khushi reached near Arnav; he realises that she is busy drooling him which makes him smirk and he said “Liking what you are seeing” at which Khushi shyly looked away making his smile widen.



“Oh! Hello Mr. and miss if your staring session is over then can we proceed” said Diya at which both of them get embarrassed and moves towards free fall and soon all of them started enjoying it splashing water at each other hugging sideways, clicking photos doing some pranks and enjoying fully. They not only enjoyed free fall but also many other water splashes like rapid racer, underwater world, lazy river, deep sea adventure etc. After spending a great time enjoying in worlds of wonder and bidding each other bye all of them left towards their respective home unaware of the coming storm in their life.



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  1. Loved the update, all spending good time together. What's the impending storm, eager for the next part. Regards lily30 from IF

  2. Oh twist
    khushi enjoying
    arnav happy to just spend time with khushi
    both finally starting to act like bf gf
    n now this twist
    khushi promised to someone from childhood
    whats gonna happen when they tell her
    i hope she doesnt decide to give up her love for her family
    want to see her fighting for her love
    maybe all 6 can plan together
    thanks for pm nplz keep em comin


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