Thodi Masti Thoda Pyaar



Khushi is not only the most pampered girl of Gupta’s but also their proud. Each and every member love her… And why not after all they had been awarded by a daughter after five generations. Gupta’s are dying to see their own blood lady Gupta…and finally their dream come true when Khushi Gupta was born. It was like diwali for Guptas. 

One tear of Khushi… makes Gupta’s heart bleed…
One smile of Khushi… makes all Gupta’s happy…

It is the value of Khushi in Gupta family.

Khushi is sleeping on the bed looking like an angel. At the same time Garima enter the room and tried to wake her up.


“Khushi wake up beta… Its morning now… Chalo utho…”

At this Khushi open her eyes and whining like a child said “Mom please… You always interrupt me in my dream world.”

And saying that she again went to sleep with a small smile tugging her lips.

“Okay Khushi… You just sleep… And I will call sumit here.”

But before Garima could say anymore she saw Khushi sitting on bed and staring at her with a cute irritated face making Garima smiled knowingly.

“Mom you know what? I am not gonna talk to u,” said Khushi with a cute pout on her face.

“Why Khushi?” asked Garima surpressing her laughter.

“Haww… You are saying like you don’t know. If u call veerji…than to wake me up he will empty the whole jug of water above me. Don’t you think it is the worst way to wake up anybody?” she asked frowning.


Just then sumit entered and hearing Khushi statement he could not control himself and said with a smile “But Lazybones like you deserved it well.”

“Veeerjjjiii… You…… I…”

“Stop this U, Me aur Hum gudiya, and now go and freshen up…chalo wake up…”

At this Khushi makje a cute pouty face and nodding her head left from there.

“Now I am going take Khushi with you,” said Rano.

“Ji taiji”


“So Khushi what have u think now…you have got 95% so what will you do now?” asked her daarji.

“Daarji I have thought to take admission in XYZ college,” said Khushi in a very excited tone.

“But that is a co-ed college na Khushi?”

At this Khushi nodded confusingly.

“Sorry Khushi… Then you can’t take admission in it.”

Khushi’s face fell hearing it.

“But why daarji?” she asked.

“Khushi you believe in me na?” asked daarji at which Khushi nodded in affirmative and upon getting a positive response daarji continued “Then I will just say that I will always take decision keeping your good in my mind, and no more question on it,”saying that daarji left from there.


In his room Arnav was doing his tai-chi practice in morning, When Sameera walks in and starts drooling on Arnav.

‘Arnav you are looking smoking hot dude,’ she thought and giggled to herself eyeing him from top to bottom.

At the same moment Arnav turn around to face her with an irritated expression.

“How many times I have told you Sameera not to came here like this but when will u understand it?”

“Come on Arnav… If I will not come like this then how come I will drool on your sexy body haa…and I will understand you on the same day when you will understand me,” she said with a wink.

“Sameera not again… Now go downstairs I will join you after taking a shower,” said Arnav with an irritated look and he left from there.

“Till when you will be away from me Arnav… I will make you love me Arnav… It is my promise… And Sameera Aggarwal never loses,” she murmurs to herself with a smirk and left for downstairs…

“Time will tell what will u lose? And what will u gain?” said devimaiya sitting above in the heaven.


“Khushi don’t you want to go to XYZ college? You have score 95% marks and still you are going for girls college?” asked Sumit.

“Yes veerji I wants to go to that XYZ College. But not against the wish of daarji. I will go where he wants me to go,” saying this Khushi left from there towards her room.

“But I will not let it happen Khushi… I will not let your dreams spoiled,” promised Sumit to himself looking at her retreating figure.


“Diya will you help me in it?” asked Sumit.

“Yes I am in it… For Khushi I can do anything. She is like my sister. What you want me to do?”

Sumit told the plan in her ears and they both smiled.

“But are u sure that it will work?”

“Cent percent sure… Now we have to make everything and everybody ready,” he said with a winning smile.

“Okay… So lets start…”


“Coming…coming… Daarji is coming…” said Diya coming inside the room hurriedly.

“Now everybody take your position and start the drama,” said Sumit.

“Diya dear… Daarji has decided that Khushi will not study in XYZ college… Instead she will study in girls college,” said Garima.

“What? Are u serious auntyji… I mean how you can do this with Khushi? She has scored 95% marks auntyji to fulfil her dream and got admission in XYZ college, and if she has to got admission in girls college than what is the reason to study so much because in girls college she can get admission in 60% marks too.”

“We understand your feelings but it is daarji’s decision,” said Vishwas.

At the same time her wife elbows her and showing her by action that now I will speak…

“Yes dear, you know we will never go against our daarji. Aree he is our…our daarji puttarji… How could u think that we will go against him puttarji…aree are u trying to manipulate us puttarji…haa… tell me…tell me dear?” asked Rupa.

Hearing Rupa all are tensed while Sumit keep his hand on his head and then by eyes tell his dad to stop her mom from speaking further. At which Vishwas squeezed her hand and in response what he get make his eyes widen.

“Aree…what have I done now?”

“Chup kar jaa meri maa… Varna tu pure plan ka satyanash kar degi… Bilkul chup…” (“My mother just shut your damn mouth…otherwise u will make our plan go in vain with no result at all…”)

“Sorry beta… She wanted to say that if daarji has taken the decision then he must have thought somethimg naa…” said Vishwas.

“Can u give me some insights what daarji has thought about it uncleji?”

“Aree beta u know today crime rate is so high and girls are not safe. I think that is why daarji has taken that decision because he don’t want anything to happen our Khushi.”

Hearing Vishwas statement daarji who is standing on the door of room smiles and murmurs to himself “My all children understand me so well.” But he is unaware of the fact that what is cooking in the mind of his those children.

“Yes puttarji… It is just that we want you to accompany her. After all you are her childhood friend,” said Garima.

“I understand aunty what you want to say, but sorry aunty ji. This time I am not with you all. I am going to take admission in XYZ college only.”

“But dear it is not safe naa,” said shashi.

“Sorry to say uncle…It may sound rude, but the truth is no one is safe anywhere. Uncleji in today’s era you are talking about no safety in co-ed college…but according to me girls are not safe in her home too… And what will you do then…uncleji it is not people but our thinking that where should we reach. And you are talking about girls college naa…but according to me girls college are more unsafe then boys college.”

Daarji’s ear perked up hearing her statement.

“Areee… How is this possible?” asked Garima.

“It is pretty possible auntyji. You don’t know about it at all, there are many cases where one girl is being tortured by another for one or other reason. So many cases have been come in front of police, but nobody focus on it as we have a mind-set that nothing will happen in a girls college while if the same daughter goes in a co-ed college we will check each and everything reducing the problems. Further there is so less scope in girls college. As our competitor will be limited and we don’t get a proper competitive environment for our studies, which we can get in a co-ed college.”

Hearing all this daarji left from there.

“Now you can stop your lecture Diya as daarji has left,” said Rupa while Vishwas glares at her…


“Can’t you seal your mouth for sometime. Always blabbering one or other thing,” said Vihwas while Rupa faces away in irritation and then all congratulate each other.

“Maza to tab aayega jab daarji apna faisla badal denge,” said Diya. (“It will be fun when daarji will change his decision.”)


Daarji is sitting on his chair and thinking deeply about whatever he had heard right now. After sometime he stands up with a determined face. And left from there…


All Guptas including Diya is standing in the hall room with finger crossed as they all know in what context they have been called here except our Khushi who is totally unaware of anything.

“Khushi come here,” said daarji upon which she went towards him with confusion written all over her face.

“Give me an honest answer for whatever I ask, Okay.”

At this Khushi nodded confusingly.

“Do u want to get admission in XYZ College?”

At this Khushi’s eyes widden and she stuttered “daarji vo… Nahi…haa…”

“Truth Khushi?” he asked at which Khushi noded in affirmative and bend her head down. While Daarji lifted her face and kissing her forehead say “So why are u bending your head my gudiya?”

Khushi looked at daarji confusingly not understanding what is happening.

“Yes dear, you are allowed to take admission in your choice of college. Now give me happy vali smile of yours.”

And Khushi shows her full-fledged teeth to him, and then giving a peck on daarji’s cheek and saying a quick thank you left towards other family members with a wide smile playing on her lips while daarji left from there.

Before Khushi can reach to her parents she saw each of them congratulating each other which makes her confused and she thought ‘Thank you babaji, but don’t you think that they should congratulate me naa. Then why are they congratulating each other?’

As if understanding her confusion Sumit came there and told her what they did to make daarji realise about his decision.

“Hey devimaiya… You have cheated daarji… No I will tell him.. And then whatever decision he take will be fine,” she said while all are shocked at Khushi’s statement.

“Have you gone mad gudiya? You know we have done so much to make your dream come true… And here you are saying to tell daarji.

“I don’t want my dreams on the basis of my daarji in dark… No it will not happened,” she said determinedly.

“Gudiya…try and understand,” said Sumit but then gulps his words seeing daarji in front of him. Seeing her veerji shocked Khushi too follow his gaze and saw daarji standing there, she too gulp hard as she know daarji hate liars and then she saw her whole family and then again at daarji.

“Daarji vo…”

But daarji raised his hand indicating to stop right there and came in and put  a case in front of Sumit, making   everybody present their astonished he hug him…

“I am proud of you my son…really proud of you.”

All are gaping with their mouth open while Sumit gather some courage and asked him about it on which the reply he got shocked him……

“What do you think that I have grown my hairs white from? Dear it is from my experience? When I heard you all I knew that it is all as per your plan, but the thing that matters to me is that whatever you said is right and like me you all want good for Khushi and I am proud of Khushi that she keeps me above her dreams,” saying this he patted Khushi’s shoulder who smile at him.

Precap- Khushi in college… Arshi meet


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  1. Very nice start
    Khushi is full too pampered one
    Her family is full too dramebaaz but full of values too
    Arnav was ittu Sa
    Waiting for ArShi meet ❤


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