Soon after Roshni left Arnav entered and seeing his Khushi looking so ethereal in yellow embroidered brasso fashion sari, he couldn’t help but whistle making Khushi look towards him, and upon seeing the glint of mischief in his eyes she lowers her lashes in coyness.

“Can’t believe you’re still shying,” he said moving towards her with a lopsided smile.


“I’m not shying away. Okay,” she said blushing profusely at which he cupped her face and then caressing her cheeks asked “So is it a season of Tomato farming?”




“Oho! Your cheeks are giving competition to tomatoes so thought,” he trailed off while she hit his chest and then hugged him.


Parting from the hug he cupped her face and said “Well! I would love to say that you’re looking damn hot and sexy, yet sweet and lovely my wife. And above all this pregnancy I think is adding more to your glow,” saying this he pecked her cheek.


“By the way you too are looking just like my handsome prince charming in this black armaani suit.”


“Awee! Thanks for the complement my love. I’m truly honoured.”


“Okay! It’s enough now. We should go downstairs. Everyone must be waiting for us.”


“Hmm! Right,” saying this he entwined his arm with her and move downstairs.






Here in the main hall everyone was already present waiting for the guest-of-honour aka Khushi who descended downstairs along with Arnav gracefully.


“Once again congratulations to you bhabhi,” Roshni said hugging her while Khushi just smiled.


Parting from the hug Khushi gives a dazzling smile to her and said “Thank you so much dear.”


One after another everyone congratulated which they too reciprocated.


But soon Khushi’s smile turn into a frown and she asked “Arnav! When you told me about the party I thought the whole village will be here but it’s not the case.”


“Ugh! Actually Khushi. It’s just that….” He didn’t know how to say her the reason as he knew that she was really looking forward for a big gathering.


“Khushi! My child! It was me who declined the same,” intervened Narmada.


“But why granny?”


“Actually dear you know the belief of villagers about this a haunted house so no one will come here and upon that with what had happened with Roshni earlier I don’t want the same to repeat again. I hope you understand it,” she cupped her face saying this.


Khushi though was upset but then she had also understood that people living here do believe in all this mythical thoughts. So, she didn’t say much, just gives a small smile nodding her head.


At the same time Lakhan brought a chocolate cake with ‘Congratulations to be parents’ written over it. Both Arnav and Khushi together blow the candle and cut the while everyone clapped and congratulated them once again.


Khushi fed the first bite to Arnav while he too did the same and then fed others too. After feeding everyone Arnav and Abhishek started talking while Khushi came back near the table on which cake, knife and tissue paper was kept to take a tissue for wiping the hands filled with cream of cake. But what she forgot to see was the fact that the table was placed right below a big chandelier dangling in the air.


Arnav who was talking with Abhishek looks towards Khushi to see if she is okay or not when his eyes landed on the chandelier which was about to fall. His eyes widen in horror seeing his life, his wife- Khushi standing just below it. Not caring for anything he rushed towards her screaming her name.




Khushi who was busy in wiping her hands with the tissue got startled hearing him calling her name in panic. But even before she could look towards him properly or ask him anything she felt someone pushing her away and soon a shattering sound echoed in the hall.


Gasping she closed her eyes in fear while placing her hand on the belly not wanting her unborn baby to get hurt, but when she didn’t get any pain she opened her eyes slowly only to find herself caged in the protective arms of her husband, lying on top of him.


Immediately making her stand on the floor Arnav cupped her face and asked “You okay?”


“Hmm!” she hummed in affirmative caressing her flat stomach while tears cascade from her eyes.


Wiping the tears he pecked her forehead while all other family members come towards them worried, asking for their well-being. But in all this no one noticed Roshni standing at the threshold of the kitchen with a smirk on her face, while her eyes gleaming red.


“This is just the beginning, there are still many to come,” she said smirking.


After a few seconds Roshni’s body jerk a bit, her face contorted with pain, while eyes back to normal.


As soon as she came to her senses she gaped in shock seeing the big chandelier lying down on the floor.


Immediately she rushed towards the place where everyone are standing and asked “Khushi bhabhi! You okay?”


“Yes Roshni! I’m fine.”


“How? How did this happened?” she asked.


“No idea! Maybe the chandelier lose its grip and fall down,” said Arnav caressing Khushi’s back.


“No… No… It can’t be… Arnav bhaiya this can’t be a coincidence. Till yesterday everything was fine, but see as soon as the news of Khushi bhabhi’s pregnancy is declared this incident happened. This… This must be that ghost’s doing,” she said worried for Khushi’s safety.


“What rubbish Roshni? There is nothing like that,” he said dismissing her thoughts.


“But Arnav dear I think Roshni bahu is saying right. I know you don’t believe in all these but see just today all this happened then,” tried to say Narmada Devi but Arnav cut her in between and said “Please granny! I’ve said earlier too and telling the same again that there is no ghost or any such things, I’m taking her upstairs and I don’t want any further discussion on this topic,” saying this he picked Khushi in his arms and loft upstairs for his room.


Rest of them too left while Roshni kept standing t her place with a smile and then whispers “From years I’ve tolerated enough being caged in that room but now it’s time for payback.”







Here entering his room Arnav placed Khushi on the bed and get seated beside her.


“Arnav! Arnav that… It… I’m scared,” saying this she hides her face in his chest while he patted her head and said “Shh! Calm down Khushi! You know that there is nothing like that. So just calm down,” saying this he made her lie down and caressing her face said “You just rest and don’t worry about anything else. Till I’m here nothing can harm you or my baby,” he said pecking her forehead while she closed her eyes tired with the day’s happening and soon drifted to sleep while he too lied beside her not wanting to leave her alone.







Narmada Devi was sitting on the arm-chair deep in thoughts while Rudra was standing near the window looking outside at the vast expanse of sky.


“Mother! Whatever happened today wasn’t good,” Rudra said turning towards his mother after taking a deep sigh while Narmada Devi too nodded her head and said “Yes! You’re right. Whatever happened today shouldn’t have happened but then we can’t change the past.”


“Yes mother. But we’ve to make sure that things won’t repeat again the same way they did today.”


As soon as he finished saying it strong wind started flowing and the window pane shattered with the force it collided with the wall while a glass piece pierced Rudra’s finger making him scream in pain.




“Rudra!” Narmada Devi screamed and went towards him only to find his bleeding finger.


Immediately, she took out the first-aid box and did his first-aid while he moaned in pain.


“Mother this?” he asked shocked looking at the window with broken glass while Narmada Devi too got worried, but then calming him down said “It can’t be my child. First of all the ghost is locked in that room from where it can never come out and upon that we’re wearing this sacred locket for our prevention only,” saying this she showed the black beaded sacred locket to him at which he too nodded and said “I know. But then I’m scared too.”


“I understand. Not only you but all are. But then we don’t have a fear till this locket is with us.”


Roshni who was standing on the threshold evilly smirked upon seeing them and said to herself “Huh! You guys don’t have even the whiff that your death is out of the clutches of the four walls of that room and now waiting for you to take with it. If you think that this locket can protect you from me then you’re in for a big shock soon. Maybe with you guys wearing it I can’t harm you directly but indirectly I can and the trailer I just showed you. For now it maybe a small wound but not for long. Death is awaiting for you all at every step of your life and I’ll make sure of it.”


Soon she jerk back as the ghost left her body and slightly moaned “Aah! What is happening with me? This pain and weird feeling. Ahhh!”


Gathering her thoughts she looked ahead only to find herself standing in front of her grand-mother-in-law’s room.


‘What am I doing here?’ she thought and then shaking her head left from there forgetting to see a misty figure of a lady just standing behind her.







It was night time, after having their dinner everyone retires to their room while she started waiting for the mid-night to come in action.


As soon as the clock strikes twelve she went in Arshi’s bedroom only to find both of them sleeping snuggling into each other.


“Manners said that I shouldn’t see you guys like this but… Hahahaha!” she said and soon she entered Khushi’s body.


Here Khushi who was sleeping till now jerked open her eyes and looked sideways towards Arnav who was sleeping soundly.


Coming in the sitting position she gently lean onto him, caressing his hairs she murmurs “Well! I shouldn’t enter your wife’s body but I need her body to fulfil what I intend to do,” saying this she pecked his forehead and then caressed his forehead and eyes.


After a few seconds she detangled Khushi’s body from his arms and came out of the bed.


Looking at him she said “Now you’re in my spell and you’ll not wake till I want. So! Sleep tight,” saying this she came out of the room and started moving towards the main door. Opening it she moves out while the doors on its own closed behind her back.


In the dead of the night everything seems dark, the night sky stood as an inky canopy of darkness freckled by the stars. The occasional hoot of the dogs was only sound to permeate the silence. But she kept moving until she reached the cremation ground. Moving ahead she looked around to find that all this left behind the fine people over here is their ash depicting that the last rites of that person is completed.


She smiles knowing well that no one who is in the right frame of mind will come here that too at the night time as this place is known to be the residence of evils.


Moving ahead she took out a box and bending she collected a hand-full of ash and pour the same in the box.


Standing-up she smiled looking at the box and murmurs “The evil force is going to strike so harder this time that you’ll repent for everything.”




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  6. Awesome update….is the ghost related to Arnav? as I see that she has soft spot for him ;)….hope he is able to save Khushi and his baby…..Nilman


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