Arshi SS- GHOST OF THE HAUNTED HOUSE (Season- 2)~ (Part 3)






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  After having a tour of the whole village Arnav and Khushi came back to their house with of lots of questions juggling in their mind. But upon finding everyone indulge in their own work, they both decided that they will talk about it later.



  “Arey! You guys came back,” Roshni asked upon finding both of them standing on the threshold of the entrance.



  “Yes bhabhi!” replied Khushi and then both of them entered together.



  “So how was your tour to our village?” she asked smilingly.



  “Roshni dear! Can’t you see that they’ve just returned back from outside,” Narmada Devi intervened glaring at her daughter-in-law before anyone of them could even reply to Roshni’s question and then turning towards them she added with a smile “You both go upstairs in your room and get freshen-up after which we’ll talk.”



  “Okay,” Arnav said and then gestured Khushi to follow what his granny has said just a second back, after which both of them left from there.



  As soon as Arnav and Khushi entered in their room Narmada Devi turn towards her daughter-in-law and said angrily glaring at her.



  “Don’t get so much excited that later on we, ourselves have to pay a heavy price for it.”



  At this Roshni looks down and said “Sorry Maaji! But…”



  “Now don’t nag me with your silly if’s and but’s. Go and do your work, they’ll be coming down shortly” Narmada Devi said dismissing earlier words of her daughter-in-law while Roshni left from there nodding her head.



  After Roshni left from there Rudra asked his mother “Maa what happened? Why’re you getting so scared?”




  “You’re talking as if there is nothing to get scared,” saying this she rolled her eyes at her son’s useless questions.



  “Mom! I’m not able to understand you,” he said shrugging off his shoulders.



  At this Narmada Devi frowned and then said “Well! When have you ever understood anything? I can’t believe that even after getting your son married I’ve to still spoon-feed you everything.”






  “Don’t… Don’t irritate me now. I can’t understand why’re you so stupid Rudra? You know that two of them have come back after touring our village. Do you understand what does it means?” she asked rather angrily upon seeing that her son is not able to understand where all this was leading to.



  “Maa… You mean…” Rudra said widening his eyes as realisation dawned upon him.




  “Yes! I exactly mean what you’re thinking now,” Narmada Devi said rolling her eyes.



  “OMG! Now what?” asked Rudra.



  “Let’s wait because we don’t know what they had come to know from them or if they even had come to know anything or not,” she said trying to calm her son when she find Arnav and Khushi coming downstairs and behind them Abhishek too comes.



  “Good that you all came downstairs or else I was just going to call you guys,” Narmada Devi said with a smile which didn’t reach her eyes and gestured them to have their seat.



  After taking their seats Abhishek looked towards his cousin and said “So Bhai! How was your tour to our village?”



  At this Rudra and Narmada Devi both shared a look while Arnav and Khushi thought about the incident which transpired with them in the village and the reaction of that old man when he came to know about their stay here.



  “Abhishek! The tour to village was quite nice,” said Arnav with a hesitant smile and immediately got a nudge from his beautiful wife and upon looking towards her he found her glaring at him.



  “Ask them,” mouthed Khushi with curiosity building up in her mind as to what is happening and why it is happening.



  At this Arnav nodded in affirmative and looked back towards the rest of the family while Roshni who was inside the kitchen till now, too came out and took her seat.



  On the other hand this little eye-talk between both Arnav and Khushi wasn’t unnoticed by rest of the family members.



  ‘It seems that this girl is controlling my grand-son,’ thought Narmada Devi after seeing the little eye-talk between them and remembering how earlier too Arnav has taken Khushi’s side.



  “Ugh! Ugh!” Arnav cleared his throat breaking Narmada Devi’s thought process and gaining everyone’s attention.



  “Actually when we were out, roaming in the village then something weird happened with us,” Arnav said at last and then looked back at Khushi who nodded in affirmative indicating a ‘go-ahead’.



  “And there we met this queer lady who was dumb. She was carrying a big bag and when we asked her, without replying to us she move forward. Not able to see her carrying that big bag at such an age we helped her carry the bag. But… But when we reached her house we were greeted by an old man probably her husband, sitting on wheelchair. But daadi what surprises us was the fact that the same old man who was smiling till now got paled hearing that we are related to you. And his this reaction confused us,” said Arnav without taking a pause in between and then looked towards them only to find their passive faces.



  “Daadi? We’re confused as to why that man behaved like that? Actually not only him, but we had a talk with few other people and they too seems a bit disturbed after getting to know that we’re your relatives. Isn’t it a bit weird? Please tell us what is this all about?” added Khushi.



  At this Narmada Devi look towards her son who himself was sitting their clueless while the other two members of the family- Abhishek and Roshni Malik were also sitting there not knowing what is going to happen now.



  “You guys must be very tired after taking tour of whole village, so I think we should talk about all this later,” said Narmada Devi trying to change the topic hoping in her heart that they’ll buy her excuse but all her hopes comes crashing down as soon as she heard Khushi’s next words.



  “Yes daadi we are surely a bit tired, but then more than tired we’re curious, and thus despite our tiredness we would love to know the reason behind the queer behaviour of the villagers,” said Khushi upon seeing her trying to ignore all this.



  Knowing well that now she can’t ignore all this, she take a deep sigh and then said “Tell me what you want to know?”



  “Everything, but starting with the reason behind the strange behaviour of villagers,” said Arnav now realising that all this while whatever Khushi was saying to him was not wrong. There is really something which his own family is hiding from him.



  “Okay! Honestly saying child I never wanted you to know of all this but now that you’ve got wind of it I wouldn’t deny you too from knowing it,” Narmada Devi said knowing well that whatever she’s going to say to them will not be understand by them in a good light, but she has too and she will in all ways will try her best to make them understand how and why it so.



  “The villagers as you both say went pale as soon as they came to know about you guys being related to us is not because they think that you’re related to us but because now they knew that you guys belongs to this big house or better say haveli.”



  “But what difference does it make?” Khushi asked getting confused.



  “A very big difference dear…. A very big difference,” replied Narmada Devi.



  “Because for this whole village, the place where you’re standing currently is a haunted house,” she added after a hiatus only to hear loud gasps of Arnav and Khushi.



  “What the?” said Arnav not believing the fact that in today’s era also people do believe in these kind of stuffs.



  “You’re kidding us, Right?” asked Khushi unbelievingly.



  “Why would I?” asked Narmada Devi, knowing well that they would respond like this only after knowing the truth.



  At this Khushi just shrugged her shoulder and looked towards Arnav who was already looking at her.



  “I knew you would never believe in all this and that’s why we’d not told you anything about all this,” added the elderly lady.



  “Believe it? Are you serious daadi? You want us to believe in this rubbish daadi? I mean seriously? Huh! These ghosts, haunted place and all looks good in books, not in real life,” Arnav said rolling his eyes at the stupidity of his own family members in believing in such things.



  “Just because you don’t think that all these things exists, you simply can’t ignore it,” Rudra said a bit angrily.



  “RUDRA!” scolded Narmada Devi making him look down while Arnav who was a little taken aback after his chachaji’s outburst asked composing himself.



  “So it means you do believe in all this?”



  “There is nothing to deny in it. If we believe in the presence of god, then we should also admit to the presence of ghosts and demons,” replied Narmada Devi instead of her son at which Khushi rolled her eyes while Arnav just shook his head.



  “Incredible! I can’t believe that living in twenty-first century you people still believe in all this crap,” Khushi said not really believing that in today’s era too people do believe in such things.



  “OMG! Don’t tell me that the locket which you’d given us also is a part of all this shit,” she added after a hiatus and upon getting a positive nod she closed her eyes in despair knowing well what’s coming next.



  “Fallible!” exclaimed Arnav making Khushi to open her eyes and looked towards him sheepishly.



  “I’d told you to not wear it but no… what you said? Oh yes! Arnav its god’s locket and blah blah… Now see,” he said a bit angrily.



  “But what could I do? I never knew all that Arnav,” she said a bit sadly at which Arnav hold her hand and smiled.



  “I understand that you don’t know about it then but now you do. Right? So take it off,” he said making her shocked while all other members of the family got worried.



  “No dear! You can’t take it off,” said Narmada Devi and was immediately backed-up by others too.



  “Why?” asked Arnav raising his eyebrow while folding his hands across his chest.



  “Because it’ll not be safe for both of you,” said Roshni scared of the consequences.



  “What bullshit!” saying this Arnav took out his locket and then gestured Khushi to do the same who hesitated.



  Seeing her hesitating to remove the locket Arnav said “Don’t tell me Khushi that you too are believing in this crap.”



  “Nothing like that Arnav,” said Khushi.



  “Then what?” he barked.



  “Actually Arnav! I know that the reason behind they wanted us to wear this locket is something which is just a fallacy but still this is a locket of god and we shouldn’t disrespect it.”



  “I don’t know anything Khushi apart from the fact that we’re made to wear this locket in the name of superstition. And I’ll not do anything which’ll encourage it, neither will I let you do it. So just take it out,” he said a bit angrily making Khushi shudder.



  Knowing well that the hot volcano of his temper will soon erupt if she didn’t do what he’d asked her to, she immediately removed the locket from her neck and give it back to daadiji.



  While Narmada Devi just looked helplessly towards her and then look back at Arnav and trying for one last time to make him understand she said “Arnav dear please! Try and understand…”



  But she was cut-off in mid by Arnav who said “Daadi please! I respect you but that doesn’t mean in any way that I’ll believe in something fallible and abide all your baseless demands.”



  “By the way tell me one thing! Why is that room closed,” he asked pointing towards the room which is locked with a big lock.



  “And not to forget why is it that from whosoever Khushi asked about that room, instead of giving an appropriate answer they shrugged the topic?” he added after a hiatus thinking about the time Khushi had told him the same.




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  1. Wow
    Arnav pulling no punches now
    So the necklaces were to protect them
    Maybe from being hurt or possessed
    Now they've told them about the villagers reactions will they tell them about the locked room
    N what will happen next


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