Arshi SS- GHOST OF THE HAUNTED HOUSE (Season- 2)~ (Part 1)





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  It’s hard to believe for Khushi that she has finally arrived to the place she so much wanted to visit from the last year- from the time Arnav has told her about their ancestral house, and now she is standing on the door of this beautiful and palatial house which looks nothing less than any palace. And her dream becomes the reality of her life just due to one person, cut it- it is possible due to her man, her Arnav, her life. But soon she broke out of her revere when she heard Narmada Devi- grandmother of her husband telling them to perform the next ritual.



  “So now Arnav perform the last important ritual, I know you hate the rituals and traditions. But then for a fact I know that you will be eager to perform this one.” Hearing his granny say something like this Arnav got embarrassed but anyway steps forward to do it.



 While hearing her says that Khushi look towards Arnav confusedly but it was soon replaced by shock when he sweeps her off the feet and enters inside the house.



  “Arnav what are you doing? Arnav leave me… Arnav… Arnav everyone is seeing us…” Khushi pleads him but he did not stop till he placed her on the sofa while Khushi just pouted thinking what all of his family members will think about them.




  “There is nothing to worry Khushi dear as it is one of the ritual of our family,” said Narmada at which Khushi took a sigh of relief and look towards Arnav as if throwing dagger at him from her eyes.



  “Okay dear you must be tired, so go and take some rest. Lakhan take both of them to their room.”



  “No daadi I am totally fine. And honestly I want to take of tour of the house.”



  “Dear, you are here only so you can take tour whenever you want but first rest for some time.”



  “But daadi… I just..” and she look towards Arnav with a pout on her cute face at which he just shook his head and then looking towards the elderly lady said “Daadi let her take a round first because she will not be in peace till that time.”



  “Okay Arnav then you only took her along with Lakhan,” who nodded at her malkin’s command and asked them to follow him, “And Roshni dear you come with me,” saying this she left from there with Roshni in tow.



  Well the house is not new to Arnav, but yes he is coming here after almost twenty years. It is not like he never wanted to be with his paternal family or something, he too loves them. But then he was told to never ever step here back from his maternal uncle for reasons unknown. Though he knew few facts like after his father’s death when he was still in his mother’s womb, his mother has to face many problems that his uncle has asked her to leave this house and come back but his mother never abide by it and later face the worst. No one knows what had happened with his mother apart from the fact that she was admitted in the hospital and his uncle was told to choose between him and his mother. Though he had wanted to choose his sister but abided by his sister’s promise he choose him and that very day he lost his mother even before he could see her. And his uncle thinks that it’s all because of this house which he deems to be evil and thus his uncle never wished him to come here and he had also abided by it (though he has been in contact with them) till Khushi comes to know about his paternal family and this ancestral home and ask him to take her here and with this he had also got the reason to come back here and find out what had transpired in the past.



  But soon he came out of his thoughts when he heard Khushi asking about a room which seems to be locked.



  “Lakhann Kaka can you tell me that why this room is locked?”



  At this he stares at her and then towards the door for few minutes and then said “Bahu rani as per malkin’s order this room is closed.”



  “But why kaka?” she asked confusedly.



  “Bahu rani I think you should ask this question to Malkin only,” saying this he look down not wishing to answer anymore.



  “Oh! Okay I will,” and saying this she along with Arnav left towards her room to freshen up.






  “Roshni dear do you remember that I have asked you something?” asked Narmada Devi.




  “Yes maaji.”



  “Hmm… good, so have you done it?” she further asked at which Roshni took out two lockets from her hand bag and give them to Narmada.



  While looking at those lockets she said “That’s like a good daughter-in-law, now go and check whether the preparation are done or not for today’s dinner.”



  At this Roshni nodded her head and left from there while Narmada devi once again look at the locket and smiles.








  When Arnav and Khushi reach at dining table, Khushi saw two men sitting there while talking something related to business, but as soon as they saw them both stop talking and hugs Arnav while Arnav introduce them to Khushi.



  “Khushi he is my uncle Mr. Rudra Malik,” he said pointing towards the elder man. “And Khushi he is my younger cousin Abhishek Malik- husband of Roshni,” he continued pointing to the other person who is wearing a spectacle. After greeting both of them she was going to sit beside Arnav when Roshni stops her from taking the place.



  “Aree… Khushi bhabhi how could you sit now?” asked Roshni at which all of them look towards her.



  “Why? What happened?” asked khushi confusedly not understanding why she have been stopped from sitting beside her husband.



  “Bhabhi don’t you know that we are bound to sit and eat after our husbands and that too in the same plate from which they eat,” she asked looking shocked. But more than her Khushi was shocked… hearing her words and immediately look towards Arnav who himself seems to be shocked. But both of their revere broke when Arnav’s daadi spoke up.



  “No problem Roshni it’s just that Khushi bitiya is not aware of our tradition. May be they doesn’t believe in one but now she will follow it. Right Khushi,” she asked looking at her face expectantly.



  While Khushi who was just confused and shocked till now gather herself and spoke “Of course daadiji I do believe in traditions and I am always ready to fulfil all traditions of the house.”



  Now this line of Khushi brings a smile on everyone’s face except one. Yes, frown came on Arnav’s face thinking that why is she talking likes this. He knew very well that Khushi believes in traditions but he also knew that she is against any tradition or ritual which creates discrimination between a man and woman. But before he could ask her the same, Khushi’s next set of words brings a smile on his face while the smile of other’s face immediately vanished.



  “But daadiji I am against any such tradition which in name of it only creates discrimination among people. So, sorry to say but I will not follow this tradition of yours.”



  “But dear,” Narmada Devi tried to say something, but Arnav cut her off in the middle and said “Daadi I really respect you, but I too am against this kind of ritual because it is like an insult to the ladies of our house which I can’t stand.”



  “No Arnav, there is nothing like that. In fact it is a matter of pride for us. Right Roshni,” she asked at which Roshni just nodded in affirmative.



  “Daadi I don’t know why you guys think that it is something to be proud upon, but according to me it is not. Moreover we are here for few days so I don’t want her to follow these stupid rituals which held no importance for us. She is free to live her life as she want,” he said looking lovingly at his wife who gives a broad smile to him in return.



  “But Arnav dear…”



  “Leave it maa, he is here for few days that too after a long time and I don’t want him to be upset,” said Rudra Malik cutting her mother in between. After that the dinner was a silent affair and then everyone left for their respective rooms.






  Arnav was sitting on the recliner in his room while Khushi was on his lap, both were kissing each other passionately, Arnav’s one hand was busy fondling her br**st while with the other hand he was supporting her back so that she will not fall back with his assault. On the other hand Khushi was also busy opening his shirt button when there was a knock on the door making both of them part with each other.



  Arnav run his hand frustratetdly in his hair saying “What the hell? You know that’s the reason I hate joint families and wants to live alone with you. No privacy at all,” hearing him say that Khushi giggles and said him to open the door and in the mean time she makes herself presentable.



  When Arnav open the door he saw his daadi standing there and asked her “Daadi you here, is everything okay?”



“Yes, everything is okay. It’s just that I have to talk to both of you. Hope I have not disturbed you guys.”



  “After disturbing us, what was the need of asking this?” he murmured to himself and then making a straight face he said “No… no daadi… how could you disturb us? Please come inside.”



  And as soon as she enter inside her blood fume seeing Khushi standing there in a nighty which barely cover her thighs and makes a disgusting face but soon sober it knowing very well that they wouldn’t like it if she said something just like the dinner incident, so she decided to talk for what she is here.



  Although Arnav understands that daadi didn’t like Khushi wearing the nighty, but he shrugged it off knowing well that it’s her fault that she came  this late when the couple wants some privacy.



  “Daadi you here, anything important?” asked Khushi.



  “Yes dear it is important for me, but don’t know if you will consider it important or not?”



  “What is it daadiji?”



  “Dear I know that you think that our rituals are illogical and what not, but still as the elder of this house it’s my duty to tell you that every member of this family wears this locket,” she said showing them the locket and further continues “And I know you guys don’t believe in all this but still, till the time you guys are here you can wear it,” she said looking towards Khushi hopefully.



  “Daadi please you know I don’t believe in this crap…” but before he could say anything else Khushi squeezed his hand and said “Daadi we will wear it, you don’t worry.”



  “But Khushi…”



  “Arnav please for my sake,” she said looking towards him with puppy face and then turn towards daadi, “Don’t worry we will wear it for sure,” and then took the lockets from her hand while daadi left from there smiling after closing the door.



  “Khushi what was that? You know I don’t believe all this?”



  “Oho! Arnav it’s just a matter of few days. Now let me wear this and you too wear it,” she said handling him the locket which he put on the dressing table and hugging her from backside said “No need to wear it now, will wear it tomorrow.”



  “And why so?”



  “Because in few minutes you are going to be all sweaty so it’s better for you to wear it tomorrow after taking a bath,” and saying he sweep her off the floor, throw her on the bed, and soon hover over her making their first night in this ancestral home blissful.


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  1. wow brilliant update loved it can't wait for next part there is some thing fishy about the daadi i hope she does not try to separate arnav and khushi thank you for pm.

  2. Love the first part, interesting. Mystery going on with his mother, uncle and the grandmother. Eager for the next part. Regards lily30 from IF

  3. Interesting update
    This family of Arnavs seems weird
    I wonder if the lockets r cursed somehow
    Maybe makes the women become obedient to the rituals or something
    Looking forward to story continuing
    Thanks for pm nplz keep em comin

  4. Nice start… I wonder whose ghost is in there… Is it actually Arnav's mother's? If it was, why would she cause harm to Arshi…? Or maybe she'll try to get revenge on someone else in the family through Arshi? Either way, I just hope that this Arshi come out of this safe and sound, together… Can't wait for this story to unfold – please do continue soon!


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