Arshi SS- GHOST OF THE HAUNTED HOUSE (Part 11-Epilogue)

Ghost Of The Haunted House

PART – 11 (A)



“But Gauri where will we find him?” asked Arnav.
“I don’t know where he lives but you guys can start his search from my village. I think there must be something which can lead you guys to him.”


“okay… so we will start from there. And I think now we should leave” said NK.


And after convincing Gauri they all left from there towards the hospital to meet Anjali.


“Your end is near Radhey. You have to pay for each and


every sin you had committed. Hahahahah….”


After leaving from there they all decided to meet Anjali and then as decided Shaleen  stays in hospital with Anjali and rest of all left for village Rokapur.  After reaching village Rokapur they tried to find the address given by Gauri but no one was ready to tell anything. After a lot of searching they reached Radhey’s house but his house was locked and when they tried to find about him no one answered them.


“Yaar what’s happening no one is telling us about that douchbag Radhey. Why??” asked Akash.


“Because I think they all are afraid of him.” Said NK.


“ohh come on  yaar he is not leaving here. Hell no one from his family is to be seen here then how can we find him.” Said an angry and irritated Arnav on not finding anything related to him.


“Calm down Arnav. We can not find anything about him by getting angry too. Moreover  it’s getting late so I think we should rest somewhere.” Said Khushi  calmly at which all of them nodded.


“But guys where we will stay. I mean we don’t have any place to live here” asked  Payal.


“Yes you are right Payal. Okay let’s ask someone to let us stay in their house atleast for tonight” Said Lavanya.


“Hmmmm….. come on let’s ask for shelter from someone” said Khushi.


And they all left from their to ask villagers to let them stay for tonight. But as if all of them got an attack or something as they all rejected to let them in. But one of the old kind lady who was seeing all this silently asked them to come in her home.


“Aree have you gone insane. You know the consequences for the same still you are allowing them inside” said that lady’s son.


“You leave it ji.” Turning towards her mother-in-law “ You have become old but atleast think about us. We have our full life ahead. How can you endanger our life for these people.”


“Yes maa why are you trying to help them.’


“But my child…”


“Mom please i hope you know that due to Gauri we all had faced a lot and after so much difficulty we have been able to come to the terms of our life and now your one stupidness can cost all the villagers alot. So you better not utter a single word.”. Then turning towards all of them he asked them to leave from there because none of them want to get in a fight with chote sahib. Although they tried to make all of them understand but none of them was ready to go against their sahib.


“Don’t know what kind of black magic that Radhey and his family has done on these villagers that they are not ready to see the truth” said  Lavanya.


“It’s not due to any magic La instead all this is the result of fear” said Khushi.


“ How?’ asked Lavanya.


“offoo La… you know that Radhey is very powerful and I think using his power he had scared all the villagers to keep themselves out of all this.”


“Okay friends so now what to do. See we have no place to live, no one is ready to help us instead they are trying to send us back from where we had come.” Said Arnav irritatedly.


“And they will do so” said the same old lady.


“Aunty you here asked NK.


“Yes my son I am here to help you. My name is Shanta.”


“But why you want to help us aunty”


“Because I want justice for Gauri.” And when she sees all of them looking at her wide eyed then she continue “Yes children, Gauri was just like my daughter. She use to share everything with me. One day she came and told me that she was in love with Radhey aka chotey sahib. I warned her because I know these kind of people they can use us poor people for their own benefit but can never love us, give respect to us and nor can they take our responsibilities. But she was blinded with his fake love which lead her to the path of destruction. My child do you know where is she or how is she or wheteher she is alive or not?”


All of them has moist eyes and are not able to utter a single word. Atlast Khushi composes herself and said” You are right aunty that pathetic Radhey’s fake love had lead her to not only towards the path of destruction but also leads her to the death.


While crying “That means…. Gaui… my child is no more… my Gauri..”


“Aunty please you have to be strong for Gauri because she will not like to see you like this” said an emotional Payal.


“you are right my daughter I can not fall weak and I know that none of the villager will help you in this because they feared for their own life. But let me tell you one thing if you want to find anything about them then only two places in this village can lead you towards him or the truth can be unfold”


“Which place aunty?” asked Arnav.


“Either Gauri’s home or Radhey’s home. From only these two places you can get any hint or clue. Okay children I think I should leave now otherwise my son or daughter-in-law will get suspicious about me.” And telling them the directions for their next destination she left from their.


“Thank god that someone in this village is ready to help us to get the justice.” Said an excited Payal


“Yes… but now let’s not waste our time because we don’t have much time” said Khushi and soon they all left from their towards Gauri’s house.




“Yes chote sahib few people has come here and enquiring about Gauri and her family. Now what we had to do Sahib?”


“What the bloody hell- when they are trying to indulge in our village matter then what are you all doing there- staring at their faces- you bloody morons.”


“Sorry sahib”


“To hell with your sorry. Now listen very carefully. I don’t want any outsider to be involved in our village matters. So do anything but make them return back from where they have come.”


“okay Sahib we will do only what you want us to do.”


“And I want the result. Do you understand this. “


“Yes Sahib not to worry. Moreover no one is going to help them. Well Shanta tai was trying to help them but her son and daughter-in-law make her shut her mouth.”


“Hmm… good”




All of them enter Gauri’s house which was fully covered with dust, spider web, mouses, lizards and what not.


“Ewwww… I can’t even take breath in this house guys. It’s so suffocating.” Said Lavanya


“La this house must be closed after the death of Gaur’s parents so this has to be the condition of the house” said Khushi as if trying to make her understand.


“So let’s clean this place first” said Payal.


“Oyee Akash  tell me one thing” asked NK .




“Is your girlfriend mad or what?”


“Why? Now what had she done?”


“Yaar she is telling to clean this place.”


“So what’s wrong in it?”


“What a fantastic Jodi…. What to say… yes.. Rab ne bana di Jodi..” muttered NK and then smiles.


“Payal yaar we are not here for cleaning the house… we are here to search this house so that we can get something which may lead us to that scumbag” said Khushi.


“Correct… so guys please stop your commentary and get on with your work” said Arnav. And they all started searching in the house but could not get anything and then they heard khushi’s voice and they all rush upstairs from where they heard the voice. As soon as they reach upstairs they saw Khushi standing there with something in her hand.


“What happened Khushi why you screamed like that?” asked a worried Arnav.


“Guys I have found something” said an excited Khushi showing them the envelope which is in her hand.


“What’s that?” asked NK.


“I don’t know” saying this she open the envelope and started reading the letter. But after reading the letter she makes a disappointed face and said “There is nothing in this letter. That jerk Radhey had written this letter telling about his feelings- my foot- how easily he could lie.”


“That’s the reason Gauri got trapped in his fake love” said Lavanya.


“Well guys I don’t think we will get anything here.” Said NK.


“yes guys let’s do one thing today we will rest here and tomorrow all of us will go to that Radhey’s house to find any clue” said Arnav at which all of them nodded and after cleaning one room they all went to sleep. While on the other hand one person has lost his sleep thinking that now who is trying to peep in his past.


“No…no… I will not let you do it. I don’t know who are you and why are you searching for Gauri’s past but I will not let you come near it- never. And if you ever come to know about the truth then also you will not be able to find me…hahahaha….”


PART- 11 (B)




A man with a shabby beard; black and red rotten teeths; a large cut just below his right eye which looks like someone has attacked him from a knife; and wearing a red kurta with white pajama and holding a gun in his hand entered in a room which is engulfed in darkness; with only a single source of moonlight which is coming inside with the window which is opened and saw a man with his back is also standing there. He places his gun on the side table; bends down on his knees; bows his head and said “Chote Malik ki Jai.” Hearing him say this the person facing the window turn towards him and smile a crooked smile and said “How are you Lakha?”



“I am fine chote malik. Moreover till the time your blessings are with me nothing can happened to me. But how are you and bade malik?”



“All is good but today I need you in one of my most important work.”



“Always at your service chote malik.”



“That’s the thing I like about you and it is the reason i trust you among all others. But now the work which I am giving you should be your top most priority.”



“Okay Malik.”



“You know my village naa”






“Then go there and kill them.”



“Whom are you talking about Malik?”



“See when you will go there you will see some city people. Kill all of them.”



“As you say Malik” saying this he left from there while the other person smirked evilly.






Khushi was sleeping along with Payal and Lavanya when her sleep broke at early morning and she went outside to take some fresh air when she saw few persons heading towards them which made her afraid and she ran fast inside and wake all of them.



“What happened Khushi why are you screaming at mid-night?” asked NK.



“Guys few people are heading towards us.”



“What?” shouted Arnav and they all move outside and saw those bunch of people who are now standing in front of them.



“What are you doing here at this time?” asked Arnav.



One of them who is probably leading them answered on behalf of all “We have come here to warn you that go away from here otherwise you yourself will be the reason for the things which will happened with you. And we in no way will be responsible for it.”



“ You are saying as ifyou know that some bad thing is going to happened with us.” Asked Akash.



“Yes, because we know him from years and now when he knew about you then how can he will sit quietly. Never,” said the same person while all the other nodded.



At this Lavanya got angry and said “You guys are so coward. It’s okay that you don’t wanna help us but atleast don’t scared us like this.”



Hearing her one of those people also said “We just want to help you but if you are to keen on dying yourselves then it’s up to you guys.”



At which Khushi keep her hand on Lavanya’s shoulder and gestures her to calm herself while she herself came forward and said “We can understand that your intentions are good and that is the reason you have came here to warn us. But please try to understand that this has become a situation of do or die for all of us. One of our friend is in coma due to all this mess. I can’t explain you all this now but I would just say that we are fighting for justice and we will get the same anyhow.”



Arnav too backed her “Please all of you try and understand that we are doing this so that no other family will have a horrendous end like this. Help us- maybe Gauri and her family will forgive you all to not help them in their need. Moreover you too will get free of him.”



After a lot of thinking they agreed to help them and told them that they don’t know about him much as he rarely came here, neither do they know that where he lives except the fact that he is currently living somewhere in Delhi.”



“But Delhi is too big how will we find him without any photo or anything.” asked Akash at which all of them nodded.



“Hmmm…. You can find something about him in his house.”



“And yes you can find something from this number of his with which he used to call us” saying this One of them give them the number and showed them the way to Radhey’s house and left from there.








“This pic belongs to Radhey guys” said Khushi coming where everyone is present after searching the whole haveli.



“Wow! So that means now that bas***d is gone for good” said a smiling NK.



“And finally we can sigh in relief as all this mess will end; real culprit will get punished and Gauri’s soul will rest in peace” chirped Payal at which all of them nodded.



“No guys- I don’t think it is gonna happened so soon” said Khushi still looking at the photo and continued “because his face is not clear it has stains on it; so this photo is of not much use.”



“Oh! I don’t think god wants us to reach anywhere near him” said Akash with a sad face.



“No Akash don’t talk like this…. Infact I think god too want us to help Gauri to fight for her justice and that is the reason we got to know about the injustice being inflicted upon her” said Arnav firmly.



“Yes Akash in this I too agreed with ASR; and see we had reached till here I think that somehow we will reach at him too and then he will get the deserved punishment for inflicting such a brutality upon Gauri and her family like her brother and sister-in-law” said Lavanya and then looked towards Khushi who is still staring at the photo and asked “What happened Khushi? Why are you staring at the photo like this?”



“I dunno guys but I think I have seen the same tattoo.” Said a visibly confused Khushi. At which all of them came forward to see it while NK muttered “Come on yaar it’s only a tattoo. And today every other person has a tattoo on his/her body.” At which all of them sighed nodding their head in yes while Payal muttered  “So that means we got nothing from this photo.”



“No guys it’s not an ordinary tattoo. See here,” said Arnav pointing towards the pic where tattoo is clearly shown on that person’s hand.



“What is not normal about this?” asked Akash who is not understanding why Arnav thinks that it is not an ordinary one.



“Oho! See There are some letters imprinted in it. Ummm… it’s ‘R’ here,”  he said pointing at one point while Khushi chirped “R for Radhey.” At which all of them nodded. “And here it’s something like ‘S’ I think,” Said Arnav.



“But What doe ‘S’ stands for?” asked Payal.



“No idea,” said Khushi.



“And this last word is again a ‘S’. this is strange.”



“yes, it is” said NK.



“Khushi try to remember where have you seen the same tattoo.” Said Arnav.



“I am trying Arnav but currently I am not remembering anything.”



“I think we should ask the villagers. May be they knew something about the same.” Said Payal. At which all of them agreed and moved outside but couldn’t get anything which can help them. Finally when Lavanya reminded them that from tomorrow their college will start again after vacations then they thought to went back otherwise their parents will get worried. They are just happy that Anjali’s parents have gone to USA for some urgent work and they don’t have to tell them anything as of now as they don’t want to worried them. Moreover that Radhey is also in Delhi – hiding somewhere. So after bidding the villagers bye they left from there. 



PRECAP- Lakha’s attack on the group !!Boom!!




PART-11 (C)


 Finally when Lavanya reminded them that from tomorrow their college will start again after vacations then they thought to go back otherwise their parents will get worried. They are just happy that Anjali’s parents have gone to USA for some urgent work and they don’t have to tell them anything as of now as they don’t want to worried them. Moreover that Radhey is also in Delhi – hiding somewhere. So after bidding the villagers bye they left from there. 


They have just reached near the end of village when Payal told them that she is feeling thirsty and that moment they realised that neither they had any water nor any food for this small journey of their from the village towards Delhi. So, they told her that we have to move on like this only as they don’t have any water, moreover there are no shops from where they can buy the same. But Payal rejected the idea saying that she can’t move even a single step in such a bright sunny day without gulping water. At the same time NK saw that there is an old hut nearby and told them about the same at which they all decided to move towards the hut and asked the person living there for some help at which all of them agreed.


After reaching in front of the old hut Arnav knocked over the door but none answered. So he again knocks, but same happened. Like this he knock few more times but the result was same.


“I believe no one is there in this hut,” said Lavanya furrowing her brows while Khushi nodded her head in yes and all of them agreed with her. So they decided to move back with a cranky Payal who is muttering curses to the owner of the hut. But as soon as they turn to go back they heard the door creaked open an old- no rather very old man having snow white hairs, with a wooden stick in one hand so as to support him while walking and his other hand on his back while he himself is bending forward- looking like he is going to fall any moment, came out and looks towards them with a piercing gaze for few minutes and then ask showing his black and red rotten teeth “Who are you and why have you came here?”


“See my friend is really feeling very thirsty,” said Arnav while pointing towards Payal and continue “we do not have any water with us, so if you can give us a glass of water then it will be very humble of you,” he said very politely. While the person stared at them for few more minutes and without saying anything left from there.


“I don’t like this old shabby man,” said Khushi frowning while looking towards the place from where the old man just left.


“Oh! Come on Khushi what we have to do with your feelings towards him. We have come here to get some water so as to subside our thirst,” said Arnav calmly.


“No Arnav you are not getting my point. I am saying that….” But she stops abruptly seeing him coming back with tray full of glasses in his hand all of them gulps the water except Khushi who doesn’t like drinking it and throw the same which went unnoticed by everyone. And in few minutes she saw that one by one all of her started falling unconscious. At first she was shocked but later on she realize that it was all a t rap laid for all of them so she herself pretended for the same because at this moment she can’t risk the life of any of her friend in danger and soon she heard footsteps coming closer so she too lie down pretending to be unconscious.


 Soon the old man enter back in the room and seeing all of them unconscious he gives a satisfied evil smirk and calls up his master.


 “Hello Malik”


“Yes Lakha”


“Malik your work is done. All of those desi firangi are lying in front of me unconscious.”


Hearing this Khushi was sure that this person is probably talking to Radhey as no one from here is there enemy and then slightly opening her eyes look towards him and saw that now all his get up to show him an old man is gone and now he is looking more dangerous than before. But she closed her eyes as soon as she saw him turning his head towards her. And in that instant she decided that she will pretend to be unconscious so that she will see who this Radhey is.


“Well done Lakha. I was counting on you as I know you can never fail and I am glad that you have succeeded in it.”


“Thank you Malik. It’s an honour for me that you trust me so much.”


“Oh! Yes I do. Now tell me how many they are?”


“Malik they are six of them,” he said eyeing them “Three girls and other three boys.”


“Hmm… I think they are the love pairs. Well it will be quite good to not only separate them but have the girls for ourselves.”


“Malik you mean I too will have them,” he said eyeing the three girls.


“Oh! Yes Lakha. You too can enjoy them but after I had enjoyed to fullest. After all you have done such an important work for me. Well tell me how are the girls? I mean they all are worthy of me or not.” He said with a snide hint of proud.


“Oh! Malik yes they are. In fact I think they too will enjoy with you.”


“Wow! That’s interesting Lakha. So I am waiting for you. Kill those nasty boys who tries to meddle in my work and bring those beautiful girls to make my night colourful,” he said while laughing evilly.


Here Lakha turn towards the group who are lying unconscious and move towards Lavanya, touches her lips and wetting his lips with his own saliva said “oh! I am waiting for it.” Then she move towards Khushi and held her waist and at the instant Khushi felt disgust seeping in herself but she dare not open her eyes as she know that it is not the right time and soon heard him say “Oh! How will it feel when I will able to touch you skin to skin. I know that will be amazing but Malik first. Moreover I have to first complete my work. Oh! My beautiful ladies I am sorry that you are not conscious to even say last good bye to your friends. Come on Lakha get back to your work.”


His words shook Khushi to the core and she was overcome by a sudden fear that, “How will she save all of them. She is alone here stuck with him while all of her friends are lying unconscious unaware of the impending danger over them. She has to think and act fast otherwise she will not be able to save them but what? And she thought to call the police and tell them about all this. But as soon as the idea comes at the same speed it was gone, reason being what will she tell the police? That a ghost wanted to seek revenge for the brutality happened with her and her family. Huhh… Whom is she making a fool? She knows no one will believe her. Moreover Radhey is not an ordinary man he must have his connections in police too. So now what?”   She was thinking all this when she heard him say “First I have to bring my car here which I have parked quite away from here. But this will take 10-15 minutes,” and then she looks towards him and murmurs to himse3lf “Huhh… They all are lying unconscious here. Meanwhile I can bring my car.” Saying this he left from there.


As soon as he left Khushi sits back and started thinking hard she thought to call Shaleen but then she drop the idea thinking that he is already worried for Anjali and if she calls him then it will only increase his tension. Moreover till the time he will get some help for them all will be over. And so after thinking a lot she decide that she had only one option and not much time is left so she jumps from the window and run back in the direction of village as fast as she could praying to her deity devimaiya to be with her and help her save her friends.


Here when Lakha reached near his car he saw that front right tyre of his car is punctured and with no option left he starts changing the same.


After all most  20 minutes Khushi reached in the village huffing and puffing and upon asking the reason for her this state she told them everything and asked for their help. At which some of them got scared and tell her to save her own life rather than her friend’s which she denied outright and told them that she would prefer dying rather leaving her friends alone in such a situation. And that time the sarpanch of the village agreed to help her and told all the villagers “If this girl can fight against him staking her own life then why can’t we fight him. We are more than him in numbers. Moreover we have not worn bangles in our hand that we will get scared of him. Now it’s enough of living like coward because it’s time that we will live with our head held high.” And soon the whole crowd of villagers gather for the fight. The enthusiasm for the same can be clearly seen. Some of them are holding wooden sticks, some brooms, ladies belan and whatever came in their hand they took hold of it and move towards the place but not before sarpanch asking their vaidya (like doctor) to come along with his medicines and instrument so that he can check the persons who were lying unconscious.


Here finally Lakha succeeded in changing the tyre of his car and sped off towards the old hut. But when he reached there he saw one of the girls missing and instantly understood that he was fooled by her and this angered him. “You will pay for this girl and that too very dearly,” saying this he started searching her around the hut but couldn’t find her. “Now what will I answer Malik. He will be angry on me that I let the girl run away.”


Khushi along with the villagers has just crossed half of the path back when they heard thundering and lightning sound and then she heard someone say that seems like rain will be pouring soon. But they continue to move in the direction but when they reach near the old hut khushi stopped them and shows the hut and saw a car parked outside it.


“I think he is back and that means he knows that I was fooling him all this time. He must be angry with all this. I just hope that he had not harmed anyone,” said Khushi. And soon they decided that they can’t let the time pass by waiting here and started moving but as soon as they saw Lakha coming out they abruptly stopped where they were. But he was not alone he was carrying a boy with him and dropped him roughly in the backside of the car.


“Arnav” murmur Khushi and run towards him without thinking anything and ignoring the calls of villagers. As soon as she reached near him she patted his cheek trying to wake him up but all in vain. She jerks back when someone place hand on her shoulder and turns back to only find Lakha standing there smirking evilly and said “So the little princess got worried for his prince I think. I thought you run away leaving your friends here alone with me but I was wrong. So now infront of your eyes I will kill them one by one,” he said eyeing Arnav while Khushi looks over his shoulder and saw villagers advancing towards him slowly and steadily. And at the instant she know that she had to indulge him in talks so that neither he harm Arnav nor he saw villagers advancing towards him. And she did exactly the same as she starts abusing Radhey which works like a fire because Lakha starts defending his Malik forgetting about killing Arnav and after few minutes he realised what was that girl in front did with him when he was held captive by villagers and looks angrily at her and said “You cheated me. You silly girl. You again fooled me.”


But she responded with “Tit for tat.”


Soon vaidya give ayurvedic medicines to all of them after which they regained consciousness and Khushi told them whatever happened. Then they move towards Lakha and asked him about Radhey. But he did not open his mouth even after getting some really hard punches from the boys and few from the villagers. At last when NK threatened him that they will hand him over to the police he seemed shaken and told them that he will help them but for that they will have to open his hands. And then everything happened in a split second. As soon as Akash open his hands he pushed him aside and took the locket like thing which is hanging around his neck in his mouth and next moment he was lying on the road lifeless. All this shook them a bit. But when vaidya told them that he took the poison himself so as to not to reveal anything about Radhey and with this the hope to reach Radhey again becomes dull. And so assuring the villagers they again set off to leave for delhi with nothing in their hands other than the fact that he too lives somewhere in delhi.




Here Radhey was really worried for Lakha because according to him he must have come back finishing his work with those three girls. But he is not to be soon anywhere.


“Dunno where that idiot Lakha had gone? Neither is he taking my phone nor am I getting any updates from him. Just hope that everything is fine with him,” he said running a hand through his hairs frustratedly.




After reaching Delhi the first place they visit is the hospital and saw Anjali lying on the bed while Shaleen was sitting beside her looking pale as ever. There is no improvement in her condition and all of them were sad to know about the same that she is still in coma. And when Shaleen asked them about Radhey, they told them whatever happened in the village and what they had find about him. After discussing about him for what seemed like eternity they bid bye to him asking him to take care of not only Anjali but of himself too and assuring him that Radhey will be caught very soon they left from there towards their college.




The whole group was sitting in the canteen planning how to find whereabouts of Radhey when Payal saw Khushi coming towards them huffing and thumped beside Arnav.


“What happened to you Khushi? Are you okay?” asked Arnav concernedly. At which Khushi nodded her head and then taking a deep breath said “I know him. I know who he is?”


“What are you talking about Khushi?” asked Payal.




“What about him?” asked NK.


“He is here in Delhi only. I have seen him myself.”


“What?” said Akash still shocked.


“Yes, he is here.”


“Who is he Khushi? And do you know where he is at present?” asked Arnav sounding impatient.


“He is none other than Shyam.”


As soon as she uttered those words everyone gets stunned, unable to believe this.


“I think that you have got any misconception Khushi. How can Shyam be Radhey?” asked Arnav still a bit shaken up.


“No I am sure about this,” said Khushi with determination.


“How? How can you be so sure that Shyam is Radhey?” asked Lavanya wiggling her eyebrows at this new information.


“Do you guys remembered the tattoo we had seen on his hand,” and when she saw them nodding she continues “The same tattoo I have seen on his hand too.”


“But that can be a coincidence naa….” said Akash.


“No it can’t be. If you guys have forget then let me remind you that tattoo was not an ordinary one but there are three letters imprinted in it- R S S , remember.”


“But then I just can’t believe it. I mean we know him from such a long time. Yes he always creates a ruckus in our life but still he can stoop so low I don’t think so.” Said Payal thoughtfully.


“But if khushi is saying it then atleast we can dig some information about him and find out whether he is Radhey or not. But Khushi how come you know about his tattoo?”


“Oh! That’s just in morning I bumped in him, lost my balance and fell on the ground.”


“Are you all right?” asked a concerned Arnav at which Khushi nodded in yes and continued “And when he extended his hand for helping me then… then I saw the same tattoo on his hand, and exactly same place.”


“So now what we have to do?” asked NK.


“Nothing much but we just have to gather some information about him.”


“But how? I mean where to start?” asked Payal.


“I think we should start from his college record because from there we can know his background.” At which all of them nodded and Arnav along with NK and Akash left from there while Khushi, Lavanya and payal started hatching a plan to trap shyam so that without his knowledge they can bring him to Gauri.”




After almost two hours trio of them came back with a look of shock written all over their faces and upon asked tjey confirmed that Khushi was right and indded Shyam himself is Radhey.


“Yes Khushi you were right. His full name is Radhey Shyam Shrivastav; i.e. RSS” said Arnav.


“But now the problem is how will we bring him to that house?” Asked Akash worried.


“That’s not a problem as Khushi has already managed it.” said Payal.


“But how?” asked Akash.


“Well that’s a long story.”


“So tell us in short,” demanded NK.


“Oh! It’s just that I tell him that I am giving a party as tomorrow is my birthday,” said Khushi.


“But it is not,” said Arnav.


“Oh! That he does not know and neither have I wished to let him know.”


“So he agrees to come along. That’s so dumb of him,” said NK.


“Not so easy but when I mentioned him that he also can watch the video of our stay in the haunted house then he immediately agreed.”


“But what’s the use of it because he will know that where we are taking him,” said Arnav.


“No, he does not. As I have tell him that as the place is a surprise who no one knew apart from three of us so we will take him there blindfolded and reluctantly he agreed for the same.”


“But we can’t leave you girls alone with that shit of a person,” said Arnav worriedly.


“Oh! Don’t worry about it Arnav,”said Lavanya.


“Not to worry when that Shyam is with you guys. Not at all,” said Arnav angrily.


“Offo! First hear me out and then show your anger to me,” she said glaring at him and then turning towards other side continue “As three of us along with Shyam will be moving towards the haunted house in one car and three of you will follow us in another car. In this way neither Shyam will know about our plan nor will you be worried. Is it okay now with you guys,” asked Lavanya at which all three of them nodded in yes.




Next day along with Shyam they all reached at the same place where he brutally killed Gauri. Although Shaleen too want to come with them after knowing that Shyam is none other than Radhey but seeing Anjali’s condition and upon everyone insistence he stay back wishing them all the best.


As soon as Shyam stands in front of the door, it automatically gets opened and they knew that Gauri has got to know that he is here. So they took him inside the house while he was still blindfolded.


“Can’t I remove this blindfold and open my eyes now?” asked Shyam when they suddenly come to a halt.


“Just few minutes Shyam and I bet you will be really shocked… umm.. I mean surprised. And I bet you this will be your biggest surprise which you have never ever dreamt of,” said Khushi in her honey sweet voice dripping with sarcasm which he failed to notice.


After few minutes they saw Gauri’s soul appeared in front of them with a slight smile on her face but as soon as she looks towards Shyam her smile was gone, replaced by anger and then she gestured to open his blindfold which Khushi obliged.


As soon as the blindfold from his eyes gets removed, he blinks his eyes so as to adjust them to the bright sunlight but what he sees in front of him paralysed him for a moment. After few minutes when he regain his composture the only word he uttered was “Gauri.”


At this she smiled and said “So you remembered me Radhey.”


“No…I… Gauri it’s just see…”


“What is there to be heard and watch?”


 “But how come I am here,” and he turns to ask the same from the girls when he saw their boyfriends with them and then reality dawned upon him that he was being fooled and anger took over him at the instant andhe advanced towards them swearing to kill them but before even he could touch any of them he was thrown away in the air by a sudden push and hit his head in the opposite wall and blood started oozing out of his head. All this happened so suddenly that no one realise how all of this happened but as they look towards Gauri they knew that she was behind his this state.


Gauri was looking more dangerous and ferocious in this state. Her eyes have turned light red, all her hairs are flying in air while some bruises on her face, neck and hands are visible and soon they realised that these are the bruises which she got before dying all due to one person and their hatered for him increase manifold. But all of their stance broke when they heard Gauri’s voice full of hatred towards Shyam.


“You still have not changed a bit Radhey, same arrogant and hot headed. But this time you cannot win from me. How dare you try to harm them? How dare you? Was I not enough to bear your anger that now you are trying the same upon them?”


With a lot of difficulty he stands up and give a look of hatred mixed with anger to all six of them and then look towards Gauri’s soul and said “You desesrved it. Whatever happened with you was all due to your own fault. I was ready to live my life as it was going but you were insisting to give birth to that shit…” but before he could complete his sentence he was once again thrown away in the air and this time he hit the painting on his backside, while one glass pierced his hand and blood starts dripping from there as well. Seeing all this Khushi hides her face in Arnav’s chest while Payal closed her eyes.


“You… How dare you call my child a shit?” echoed Gauri’s voice in the whole house and at the same time another glass piece pierced his shoulder and he screamed loudly not able to bear the pain.


“How are you feeling Radhey? I know it’s not hurting much and you still want to bear some pain so why not I enjoyed seeing you being torture before ultimately killing you.”


And in next instance he was hanging in air upside down and started screaming “Leave me… leave me.. I don’t want to die… I beg of you… just leave me.”


“Do you leave me when I was pleading you for the same? NO… Do you show any mercy upon me? NO… In fact you treated me like an animal. Before killing me also you… you raped me,” she said with her voice full of venom. “I beg you to think about the child in my womb but you just shrugged it off as if he meant nothing to you. And today you are asking me to leave you. Never”


“I promise I will never do the same. From today onwards I will respect them and never look towards them with bad eye,” he said still dangling up and down in the air.


“That will happen when you will be alive,” she said with pure loathing in her voice and next moment with a loud sound of thud Shyam was writhing in pain on the floor while Gauri was smirking evilly.


“No… please don’t kill me. I want to live more,” and he move towards Khushi “Please ask her not to kill me,” moving towards Arnav “Hand me over to police but not to kill me. Please you are my last hope,” he said struggling to stand upon the floor but was unable to. But his this hope too got vanished when he saw them turning their faces and he realized that no one is going to help him and he alone will have to do something to save his life. But before he can think something he was being pulled by a force towards the stairs very harshly and he realized that his bones are being crushed away so he started screaming to leave him but nothing happened. As soon he reached on the top most stair he realised that no one is pulling me anymore but he suddenly jerk back seeing gauri behind him who said “Remember all the brutality you imprinted on me. Remember how you make mockery out of my true love. How you killed me along with my child? Remember all this and think for a while whether your sins are even forgivable for god?”


 And before he could even think about it he was thrown downstairs by a sudden push and till he reached on the ground with blood spluttering all over the stairs he closed his eyes after muttering a feeble “Forgive me.” And he was dead. The person who murder an innocent child and her mother, who god knows what unforgivable crimes committed in his entire life is no more and with her Gauri’s soul too set free after thanking them and assuring that nothing will happened to Anjali for sure.




The whole mansion is decorated with lights and flowers, making it look like a new bride. People are rushing here and there giving instructions to each other. At the same time a boy of around four years, wearing a white colour small sherwani which exactly fits him came there scowling and looks here and there and soon his scowl turns into a full-fledged smile as he had found, what he is searching from a long time and moves towards his target. As soon as he reached there he catches the hand of that person and said in his sweet childish voice “Uncle NK I have caught you and now you can’t run away from me this time.” At which Nk looks down and picking the baby in his arm he said “Parth, the naughty one please let me take a calm breathe at least.”


“Oh!” said the boy looking down as if he thinking hard and then said while pointing his index finger towards him “Don’t lie to me, I know no one can leave without breathing, mom told me that it is the necessary part to live. Now, I will complaint to Aunt Lavanya and she will make you sleep on the floor outside your room.”


“What?” said NK absolutely shocked with what he just heard, “Who told you all this rubbish?”


“No foul language in front of child,” said Parth scowling “I think you forget that mommy told you all to never use such words In front of us.”


“Okay Parth I will not use any such words but don’t complaint it to your Lavanya aunty.”


“Oh! I will not but for that you will have to go with me upstairs.”


“No I am not,” shrieked NK.


“Then I will told Aunt Lavanya,” said Parth showing with his fingers towards the stairs from where Lavanya is heading upstairs.


“Okay… okay… will go with you,” and started moving upstairs with Parth who is happy that he made his NK uncle agreed for it. While NK was muttering “Dunno how can a four year old boy makes us dance on his tune?”


As soon as they reached the room NK saw in horror that the whole room is upside down while Akash is struggling with the three naughty child almost the same age of Parth- Rashi, Yuvi and Garv who are giving a really hard time to Akash who is panting and sweating, running behind them trying to make them wear their dresses.


“Thank god you have come NK, now help me with them.”


“I have not come on my own, instead I have been blackmailed,” he said looking at Parth who giggles and run towards the trio child and all of them started playing.”


“Do you think we can manage them?” he said pointing towards the children who are busy in their own world playing and running around the whole room.


“Dunno but we have no option as our wives are very busy with the bride. Yaar I am not going for another champ because I think Garv alone is equal to two,” said Akash looking towards his son.




“Khushi you are looking so beautiful. I am sure Arnav is going to be gaga over you,” said Payal at which Khushi shyly lowered her eyes while turning a brighter shade of pink.


“Oho! Someone is looking just like tomato. And know what Khushi,” said Payal bending over her “I think that now a days Arnav like tomato very much.”


“Oh! That I really do,” beamed a voice from behind them and both looked towards the source to see Arnav dressed in a dark green colour sherwani and with his one hand the small hand of Parth who is trying his best to make Arnav leave his hand which was noticed by both the girls.


“Umm… I think Akash will be searching for me. So I should leave,” saying this she left from there while Parth succeeded in breaking free from Arnav’s grip and run towards Khushi and hides behind her at which Khushi smiles while Arnav furrowed his brow and said “Parth your naughtiness is increasing day-by-day.”


At this Kushi looks from Arnav to Parth and said “Now what my Pumpkin does that you got angry on him?” But before Arnav could answer Parth speaks coming in front of Khushi and keeping his small chubby hands on his waist while wiggling his eyebrows “Mom I am not a pumpkin,” then turning towards his dad innocently asked “Dad do I look like a pumpkin?” At which Arnav nodded his head in no while Parth face beams in smile and then said to her mother “See mommy I don’t look like pumpkin so stop calling me that,” he whined while his parents smiled. Khushi started bending down when both Arnav and Parth shouts not to bend at which Khushi shakes her head and mumbled “What to do of my over protective husband and son? I was just bending a little  and nothing will happened by it.”


“But I don’t want to take a risk Khushi. You know that you are due now and I really don’t want anything happened to you or my daughter,” he said while roaming his hand on her swollen belly.


“Arnav how can you be so sure that it is a daughter not a son?” asked Khushi.


“Because I have a great contribution in it, you know.” He said while winking at her making her blush hard. “Moreover Parth wants a baby sister and you know what a beautiful bond he has created with the baby inside your womb so I think that it is going to be a girl only.”


“Well as I think of it, I realised that we should go downstairsin Anjali and Shaleen’s wedding. It’s a big day for them after a real tough time and I don’t want it to get spoiled due to us,” she said looking in Arnav’s eyes and he too admits that indeed it was a tough fight for them. He still remembers how Anjali stays in coma for almost three years. And after coming out of coma also she has not forgotten about that incident of haunted house. There were times when she used to dreamt about all that happening with her again. It took her months to come out of trauma and accept the reality with the fact that Gauri never wanted to harm her in fact she herself was the victim of Shyam’s brutality.  And then only she started leading a normal life, pursue her college and only after completing her degree she accepted Shaleen’s proposal who all this time had waited for her with all his love and hope. And finally today they both are going to be bonded in this sacred institution of marriage.


As they descended from the stairs along with Parth- who later on went to play with other children, they saw Anjali and Shaleen taking wedding vows, him filling her partition with vermillion and tying the nuptial thread around her neck and at last pandit announcing that now both are husband and wife and with that came a loud scream of Khushi who was writhing in unbearable pain and instantly Arnav understood that it’s time for her.


After around three hours of labour pain Khushi gives birth to a beautiful angel and doctor came announcing the same. As soon as Khushi was shifted in general ward Arnav enters inside with Parth and saw Khushi looking towards their angel with a small smile playing on her lips. While Arnav move towards her and after picking the baby in his arms said “She is beautiful just like you Khushi.” And both of them placed a chaste kiss on her forehead while Parth was rubbing her chubby pink cheeks. Soon one-by-one all others enter and took the baby in their arms while blessing her. At last NK could not control his curiosity and asked “At least now tell us what name have you decided for this little angel?” At this both Arnav and Khushi look toward each other and then said in unison “Gauri.”




  1. Loved the chapter and the ending. The story continued with all of them trying to find Radhey. Kya twist tha, Shyam turning out to be Radhey, never guessed. Shyam got proper punishment for his deeds. What a fitting ending with the birth of a baby girl and her being named Gauri. Enjoyed the story, brilliant.

  2. Nice ending…. I actually guessed that Shyam was some how involved. Later when the initials of the tattoo was revealed I was pretty sure it was Shyam.


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