Entering inside she carefully bolted the door not wanting anyone to find out that the door has been opened. Every movement in the abandoned room sent a vortex of dust in the already stagnant air. Sighing! She turn to look towards Arnav, only to find him already busy in looking around.
  “What happened Arnav? What’re you looking around?”
  “Huh! Oh! Nothing Khushi. Was just trying to locate the so called ghost,” he said winking at her making her smile a bit.
  “Let’s not ponder over useless things Arnav. We should start doing for what we’ve come here,” Khushi said feeling uneasy from inside. Though it was totally her call to come here in this room after entering inside she has this nagging feeling which is just making her feel edgy from inside.

  Leaving her meandering musings aside she moved forward when she felt a sudden push on her back making her stumble forward.
  Realising that she was going to fall, she closed her eyes waiting for the pain of the hard fall to engulf her, but when instead of the pain or the cold floor she felt two warm hands over her waist, protecting her from hitting the floor she opened her eyes, only for them to collide with a pair of worried caramel orbs.
  “You okay?” Arnav asked worriedly after straightening her.
  “Hmm!” she only hummed nodding her head in affirmation and then look towards the door on her backside as if trying to figure-out what had just happen, but was soon jerk out of her revere when Arnav placed his hand on her shoulder.
  Getting angry at the carelessness his wife had just shown him he was going to scold her when he saw her looking towards the door. What the hell? He thought, here he is worried for her and there she is busy in staring that old dusted door.
  So to make her realise his presence he placed his hand on her shoulder and asked worriedly but in an angry tone “What was that Khushi? Can’t you even walk without a fall? Do you realised that you would’ve hurt yourself if I hadn’t hold you?”
  “Ar! Arnav! Do you think I’ll do it intentionally?” she asked frowning.
  “I know baby that you’ll not. But then at least you should be careful dear.”
  “I was,” she said not liking the way he was scolding her that too for no fault of hers.
  While her reply filled with attitude irked Arnav and he taunts.
  “Oh really? Well! That I just saw.”
  “Arnav please! You’re not understanding.”
  “What I’m not understanding?” he asked raising his brow.
  “Arnav! I don’t know but I was really careful. And…. And don’t know how you’ll take it but…. Arnav I felt as if…. As if someone just pushed me.”
  “What? Are you kidding me? He asked amusedly and then taking a pregnant pause he said “Oh! I get it. You’re saying it all so that I’ll not scold you for your recklessness.”
  Well! She really wanted to smack him for taking her lightly, but then she pondered on her own words. What the heck she just said? How can she feel something so doltish? Arnav is right. I’m kidding but not with him, rather with herself. First that voice and now this push. It must be that Arnav who was trying to prevent me from falling and I thought someone pushed me. Yea! That’s the truth. And all these feelings and all…. These are just due to hearing about all those non-real tales, maybe all these are taking a toll on her mind making her believe or try to believe in things which doesn’t exists in this world.
  Sighing! She took a deep breath and said “Well! You got me Arnav.”
  “Oh! I always will baby,” he said winking trying to snake his arm around her waist when he snapped off his hand and said “Arnav! Hubby dear, we’re definitely not going to romance in this room. What if there is really a ghost? Then I believe you would never want him to see me like thaaatttt,” she emphasised on her last word winking at him making it evident to her husband what she meant by it.
  While he straightened himself taking his hands off her waist making her to fall in the pool of laughter.
  “Gosh! Arnav you’re so cute,” she said pulling his cheeks while he pouted at her.
  “Okay! Jokes apart. Now we should start our search to find something before anyone woke up,” Khushi said at which Arnav too nodded and then they began to search the whole room.
  Dusty board, dusty walls, dusty drapes. The dust lay over the surface of each and everything like winter’s first snow and as soon as Khushi patted the surface to remove it, it swirled in the air and made its way into her lungs making her cough.
  “Careful Khushi!” Arnav said rubbing her back.
  “Yea!” she responded and then asked him to look in other side so that the work can be finished soon.
  After fifteen minutes of futile search both of them sighed as they didn’t find even a single thing which can lead them to any conclusion or so.
  “Khushi! I think coming here was of no use. There is nothing here which can lead us to anything.”
  “Yeah Arnav! I too think the same. We gave up our beautiful sleep in the hope to find something but here we’re standing with no result. There is nothing in this room except the cupboard,” she said pointing towards the brown- painted, rusted cupboard with a long mirror fixed on its right door which was painted with brown and red spots at many places.
  “But what’s the use of it when we can’t even open its door.” Arnav said in disappointment of not getting anything to find out about his parents.
  “Hmm! So I think we should go back to our room,” Khushi said at which he nodded when all of a sudden Khushi heard the same voice.
The time has come for my fear to gain its place!
The time has come for blood-shed to retain its pace!
The time has come to set me free!
The time has come to make all scream!
The time has come to avenge the wrong!
The time has come to lay the thorns!
Bloodshed! Bloodshed! Bloodshed is all what I want….
Hahaha… Hahaha… Hahaha… Hahaha….
“Arn…. Arnav…. Did you heard something?”
  “What Khushi? Please no more pranks. I’m really not in a mood for it,” he said but was soon interrupted by the shattering sound while Khushi jumps back in fear.
  Looking towards the place from where the sound come, they saw a dusty scenery lying on the ground with scattered pieces of broken glass lying all around it.
  Before even Arnav can comprehend what just happened he heard something heavy falling on the ground making him look back only to realise that his wife- his Khushi has fainted.
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  1. woah, scary chapter, Arnav is not taking it seriously, while Khushi is hearing stuff. I think The ghost possessed Khushi. Hope she doesnt do anything wrong while possessed
    -anjs from IF

  2. ArShi bhi na.. now the ghost have awakened.. hope it doesn't hurt these two or anybody else too.. what happened to Khushi? loved the update.. waiting to see what happens next.. do continue soon..


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