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The only thing we never get enough of is love; and the only thing we never give enough of is love.



~ Henry Miller


Khushi is sitting in the class when she feels someone gaze on her… Actually not someone but his gaze. She bend her head sideways and saw him boring his eyes in her soul. But after few seconds she resumed her work as if nothing happened while he still sat there staring at her. As soon as the bell ring she exited the class and as usual he follows her till she reached her home and khushi is fully aware about it. At first she was scared by the way he follows her but after few days she got habitual to it.



It was sunday today so no college and that means no more stalking. Khushi is sitting with her bestie Payal and gossiping when out of nowhere she asked “Why he is always behind you??? I think you should confront him khushi.’


“He has never interrupt me in my work. Neither he has said anything to me… So i don’t care what he did… As it’s none of my business.” Said Khushi.


“But khushi” Payal tried to say but khushi didn’t let her speak.


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“I don’t wanna argue on this topic Payal.”


Making Payal sighed as she know that khushi can be as stubborn as hell sometimes… And why not she is the only heiress of Gupta Empire. And as if it’s not more that she got a gorgeous body with hazel eyes who can made anyone fall in love with her; perfect curvaceous body with right amount of curves at right places; pink supple lips which everyone wants to taste and what not. She is like a pure angel for everyone and that’s the reason every other boy of their college wanna date with her. But she has always turn them down breaking their hearts in million places but she gives a damn to it.


“So day after tomorrow is prom night. Whom are you going with??” Asked Payal.


“You will know about it soon.” Said khushi.




Here Arnav Singh Raizada is very happy today. He had finally decided to ask her lady love out… And somehow he know that her answer will be positive as he has saw her looking at him few times… He has been stalking her from the time she has joined college… He has been in love with Khushi Gupta at first sight not due to her beauty but due to her jovialness & care free attitude. And from that day he has been stalking her regularly. He couldn’t gather enough courage to ask her out because she is a gupta princess while he is a ordinary & simple man.


No doubt he is a handsome man with choclate brown eyes; perfect M shape lips; well toned body and what not… But one thing that has always stopped him from confessing his love to her was the difference in their status… While she is a Gupta Heiress.. He is an orphan who has joined in this prestigious college on the basis of his scolarship and was doing a part time job to bear his expenses. But this is the last time he will get a chance to say what’s in his heart and so he dicided to open it for her & let her decide what she wants.




Next day Khushi was going towards her class with Payal when suddenly arnav came there looking intently at her Khushi raised her eyebrow as if asking what..


Arnav closed his eyes took a deep breath & said in one go “will you be my prom date??”


Khushi was stunned would be an understatement as she have never expected him to ask her out. A series of emotions played on her face but it was so fast that arnav could not guess what will be her answer. But what she spoke after a silence of few minutes shocked him to core as he never expected her to say something like this.


Khushi was stunned when arnav asked her to be his date on prom but then she composed herself as she knew very well what she have to reply to him.


“Ohh so finally someone give you a tongue so you can speak to me other than following me day and night… But how could you even think that i will accept your offer to be your date… Have you ever seen yourself… You stand nowhere near me Arnav… The salary which you earn from your part time job is equal to my one day pocket money… Do you think you can bear my expenses… Not at all… And i don’t want to lower my standard by being your date… So it’s better you go from here… And yaa never ever show me your face again.” Saying this in a cold voice she immediately rushed from there leaving a shocked & hurt Arnav behind whose heart shattered in million pieces hearung those words and then he too silently left from there.


And that was the first & last time she talks with arnav. As after that day she never saw him staring at her or following her. Infact he becomes more silent & angry… And she knows the reason very well but she ignored it. As soon as their college got over arnav left from delhi and khushi never saw him again after it.




It’s been five years now that maan had left Delhi for good and now he has opened his own construction company which is doing extremely well. He has everything today whatever he wants but the one thing he desires from his heart is not with him.. His love… Yes Khushi Gupta… He tries to hate her alot but his unconditional love for her never let him hate her. Today also he remembered her words which has bruised his heart but only those lines of her were his motivation to become something… He was never angry on her but hurt because he never expected her to say those words as he himself has seen her happy with those orphan & poor children… But may be he was wrong in understanding & judging her…


He was thinking all this when aman barged in his room and told him that he is required in delhi urgently and we have to leave right now on which he nodded and after few hours they were in Delhi which brought back so many memories… Some sweet & some bitter… Ignoring all these he resumed his work for what he is here as he don’t want to remember his Khushi… His… He laughed at it… Maybe by now she belongs to someone else. While thinking this he closed his eyes and leaned back.




It has been two weeks now & arnav has immersed himself fully into his work so he wouldn’t remember anything about khushi as her momories has come back to him with a gush of emotions after coming back to delhi. First he thought to find her whereabouts but then he thought against it as it can create problems in her life which he don’t want to do.


One day he was coming back after meeting a client when his car break down and as it was past ten he has no other option then to take shelter in a nearby home so he move towards the house and knocks the door but froze on the place as soon as the door open and he saw khushi in front of him after 5 long years.


On the other side khushi has just made her daughter sleep when someone knocks on the door of her house. But as soon as she opened the door she was shocked to see arnav in front of her house. Both are staring at each other intently but soon arnav gaze stuck to her forehead which is filled and he closed his eyes sighing that whatever he thought comes out to be true as she is married but then he composed himself and asked in very formal tone which broke khushi out of her revire.


“Excuse me mam… My car broke down so can i take shelter here for tonight as its raining.” Arnav asked on which khushi nodded and give him way so that he can enter inside & shows him the room where he can stay for tonight; giving him a towel she left from there to prepare a coffee for him silently. Giving him his cofee she left towards the room to sleep with her daughter Mahi but sleep was miles away from both of their eyes… Their whole night spent thinking about each other & their past.


Next morning arnav wake up early and saw khushi preparing breakfast once again his heart twitches at it as he thought that all this could be his if she had not rejected him but then again his unconditional love for her told him to be happy in her happiness. He then told her that he is leaving and saw her stiffening but later shrugged it off and move towards main door but stop dead in his track hearing a soft voice & when he turn around he saw a small baby girl of around 3-4 years looking at him with twinkling eyes and then what he heard definitely surprise him as the baby girl call him papa… Arnav looks at her confusingly and then towards khushi who seems to be tensed but then she asked mahi to went inside who reluctantly follow her mumma’s words.


“Vohh… She must be missing her father that’s why she told u papa only as she is small… I apologise on her behalf” said khushi at which arnav nodded.


“But where is her dad…umm… I mean your husband.”he asked at which khushi closed her eyes and then opened it again and said “He is out for some work. Umm… I think you should leave now.”




Arnav reached his home but he could never forget khushi’s face and now that cute angel’s face too. He wished he could be her father in reality. But alas it’s only his wish… Not reality… But he is feeling something odd… He don’t know what but something is definitely amiss. So he called aman and ask to find info about khushi.


Next day aman called & told him that khushi is unmarried and mahi is her legally adopted daughter. Hearing it arnav took a deep sigh of relief as his khushi is unmarried and now he will make her his as now he has all the things due to which she rejected him. But at the same time a question popped in his mind as to why she lied him and wears those symbol of a married woman when she is unmarried. And to find the answer of his questions he left towards her home without hearing what aman wants to tell him.


Arnav reaches her home and knocks the door. The door was open by elderly lady whose eyes widen seeing him infront of her. She welcomes him inside as if she knows him and this confuses him more. Same time mahi came and hug arnav’s legs saying “papa… Papa aa gaye…” Arnav picked her and kisses her cheeks. The elderly lady is appointed by khushi for taking care of mahi in her absence. So he asked her “where is ur mam??”


“She has gone for some urgent work will be coming soon sir. Sir you have come after 4 years to see your family. I know i am no one to say this to you but khushi & mahi are like my daughters now. I have seen khushi mam crying & talking to your photo daily. I have seen mahi baby asking for her papa & khushi has nothing to tell her except to show your photo. Sir now that you have come back… Please don’t leave them again.” She said.


First he was confused by her words but then nodded his head and ask her to take a leave as he has come back. After she left he plays with mahi and later make her sleep and carry her to the room. As soon as he entered khushi’s room he saw so many photos of his from college days. He was shocked to see them will be an understatement. He needs answer and only khushi could give him those answers so he waited for her return. She came back after an hour and as soon as she saw arnav sitting on sofa she knew that he has got to know something. She went towards him with thudded heart and asked “Arnav what are you doing here??”




“You are unmarried then why are you living like a married girl?”


“It’s none of your concern arnav.” She told


At this arnav started losing his calm and starts moving towards her and jerks her making her fall on his chest and tuck her hair behind her ear.


“Then tell me when u click all those photos of mine in college?? Why are they still with you?? Why have you make mahi call me as her father?? Why you talk to my photo?? Give me answer of all these questions… Bolo khushi…” He said while caressing her cheek from one hand and hold her waist from other hand.


But khushi still averted her eyes & this makes him loose his calm and he slammed his lips on her and suck her petals. By this sudden assault first khushi was shocked but as soon as she recovered she tried to push him but couldn’t and atlast she surrender to him. They both kiss eachother passionately till he feel khushi’s tears and broke apart. He cupped her face and ask her “khushi tell me… Please bare out your heart to me… Please love.”


Hearing the word love khushi broke down completely and cried hugging him and hide her face in his chest. He patted her till she calm down. And then move towards window remembring whatever happened.


Khushi started telling “You know arnav when i first saw you during fresher’s party i was hell attracted to you. But i shrugged those feelings thinking it’s a mere attraction but then whenever someone said bad about you regarding your status and all i felt bad. I don’t know why but i never like it and will fight with them. In our college i couldn’t stop looking at you but always pretended that you don’t effect me… But you were the only reason i started rejecting every other proposal and soon realise i have fallen for you… And i was waiting for your proposal that never came until a day before prom nite.” As soon as she said it both close their eyes remembering that day which changes everything in both of their life.


But this time arnav asked “But if you were waiting for my proposal then why you decline it that day and that too stating that i am not of ur standard” while saying this hurt was evident in his tone and eyes.


“I know arnav that i have hurt you brutually but i was helpless that time. You don’t know that how many deaths i die while saying those words to you but i have to… That was only good for you…” She said.


“But why??” He asked.


“Because dad has come to know that i am in love with you. Dad loves me arnav but not more than his prestige. And after enquiring about you he got to know that you are an orphan and doing a part time job. It was enough for dad to reject you but then i stand against him. But he threatened me if he founds you near me then he will… (She started crying) he will make your life worse then hell and i know that he can do it very well. So i agreed for it. I loved you arnav but i don’t want to become the reason of ur failure. Infact i want to be reason of your proud only… That’s why… That’s why i said all these so that you can leave me. And the same happened… You left to become something… And i am proud that today everyone knows you…” She said smiling with tears in her eyes.



“Mahi has become the reason for my life now arnav. After you left dad started to force me to marry someone else. But i can’t coz i love you and i can’t give your place to anyone… So i keep denying him and started visiting orphanage etc. Where i found peace. One day when i was going then i saw her lying nearby a dustbin… She was just ten days arnav and her parents left her to die. So i took her with me. At which my father objected and started cursing her and i got angry and left my house for good and adopted her legally. From then only we are living here in our small paradise.” She said it while smiling happily.


Hearing it all arnav has tears in his eyes. He hugs her and said “why??? Why you bear all this for me Khushi???? Why you love me so much??”


At this khushi smile and said “Because when i started loving you i don’t think that i want only happiness in it. I just know that i will not stop loving you in any case whether you love me or not because i just can’t stop loving you. But i am happy with this little knowledge that you too love me back. “


Arnav kisses her forehead and said “ohh khushi…I love you so much that i can’t live without you… And will always love you.”


“But Arnav you have all reasons to hate me as u don’t know the truth then why you still love me??” She asked.


“Yes khushi i love you… I tried to hate you but couldn’t… My heart never let me hate you and always wish for your hapiness & i am glad that i let my heart lead me” He said smilingly looking at her.


And then they both hug each other forgetting their bad past and starts a new life where only love will be present in their small family which includes Khushi; Arnav & their cute and adorable Mahi.


Love is the voice under all silences, the hope which has no opposite in fear; the strength so strong mere force is feebleness: the truth more first than sun, more last than star…


~ E. Cummings





  1. Mini heart attack was on the way haha
    What was my thoughts… My tukkas while reading
    Khushi in class
    Me- wah wah college romance 😉
    Arnav stalking her
    I thought him to be her body guard or secret lover… But why glaring.
    Then got to know about her status and his status — ok he is the lover boy 👦
    His proposal
    Me- ❤
    Her reaction
    Me- 😠
    Then I thought she want him to be a stronger one a man who made his name…

    After 5 years.
    She is married n having a baby – me dead 💀 😐😂 heart break 💔
    Omg so this story will have a sad ending😞
    Mahi calling him papa… I was again thinking different perspectives.. Thought her to be single parent but the sindoor was not digestible
    But never ever thought Khushi's father can be a reason
    Perfect ending 💓

  2. Lovely Story.
    For a moment I was shocked when you wrote that Khushi opened the door and looked married.
    Thank God for the twist where the very unmarried Khushi sports the symbols of a married Lady.
    She has been very brave in becoming a single mother to an orphaned child while being loyal to her love who she never thought she would ever meet.

    Loved the ending….


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