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So guys… Here I am back with another OS on our beloved Arshi…


It’s a funny OS… So get ready to laugh…
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“Are you sure that you are going with him?” asked Payal.

“Yup! I’m damn sure dear.  And if this time he rejected the plan him then I’ll leave him. Huh! What he thinks of himself? Stupid devil!” said Khushi while chewing her bubblegum.


“I heard it,” Arnav said coming behind her at which Khushi too turns sideways and looks at him, then shrugging her shoulder replied in attitude. “So what? You are saying as I’m afraid of you.”

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At this Arnav makes a face and said “This is the actual problem here, the whole world is afraid of me except you,” and then in low voice muttered “And my younger sister Anjali…by the way where is she?”


“As if I know,” she replied carelessly.


“God dammit! You are soon going to be her sister-in-law, but here you are behaving like a child Khushi,” Arnav said a bit frustrated.


At this Khushi raised her eyebrow, folded her hands on her chest and start tapping her one foot on the ground making Arnav sighed and in a babyish voice he said “Ugh! Oh! Baby sorry! I just mean where my baby-sister is? You know worried I got upon not finding her anywhere.”


At this Khushi just rolled her eyes and said “If is it so then why are you even asking me this? You know how cordial we are with each-other?”


Sensing the underlined sarcasm Arnav just gave her a silly smile and said “Khushi you are her would-be-sister-in-law. So you have to keep tabs on her. Don’t you?”


“Come on Arnav! Now don’t become a possessive brother.”


“That I’m and will always be,” he replied.


“Whatever Arnav… Just keep in your mind that we have not yet married… So I’ve my own life too. And don’t forget the relationship me and your sister shares. Infact! You know what? I think that your sister is quite big who can take care of herself very well. And even if I become her sister-in-law than also I’m not going to do anything related to her… Got it? And yes don’t forget about our outing… Otherwise you are a gone case,” saying this in a threatening tone and giving him a quick peck on his cheeks to ease his tension she left from there with Payal.


Arnav who was in a daze after that unexpected kiss soon recovered from it and murmurs “Anjali! Where are you?”


Sighing he too left from there to find Anjali.





Arnav was passing by a room when he heard some hooting and laughing voices coming from a room, deciding to find out what is happening there he enters the room only to get the biggest shock of his life as he saw his baby sister standing there looking extremely hot and sexy.


“Hot and sexy?  Gosh! She is my sister dammit… What’s happening there?” he thought and move towards Anjali, held her hand and make their way outside while Anjali got stupified to see his brother there, as she hasn’t expected this.


“What’s that Anjali? What are you doing?” he asked angrily.


“Ugh! Nothing bro… Just playing game… But know what… You entered at wrong time and brought me here with you,” she said a bit annoyed.


“It’s not the answer to my question Anjali,” he replied in stern voice.


“Okay! He was going to kiss me,” she said.


“What the? Are you insane? You going to kiss anyone?” he asked.


“For god sake bro! He is not anyone… his name is Aman Mathur… And I think I like him.”


“Whatever… But don’t repeat it ever…girls from good family shouldn’t do these type of things,” he said trying to make her understand.


“Oh! Come on bro! Don’t forget this same thing you have done with that Khushi…so that means she is also not from a good family or something,” Anjali asked annoyed at her brother’s over-protectiveness.


“Dare you again say it. Respect her.”


“Never – ever. I don’t consider her anything other than my competitor. Do you get that bro, and yes if you are not willing to hear the truth then let me do what I want. Moreover, I know that Khushi must have told you something against me,” she said rolling her eyes while in her heart cursing Khushi for umpteenth time.


“No Anjali… nothing like that,” he tried to reason her.


“Please bro don’t take her side. You have already ruined my mood by taking her name in front of me. And now… Leave her to me I’ll sort it out myself,” saying this she leaves from there leaving a worried Arnav behind.


“Why always me god? Where have you made me stuck? They both fight like cat-mouse and it’s me who always got stuck in between them,” he murmurs to himself and went away from there wishing this cat-fight to stop soon.






“Arnav! Arnav! Arnav! Arnav!” Khushi shouted coming inside the mansion.


“Why are you shouting like this dear?” Arnav asked hurriedly coming near her.


“Yes! You see we are not dumb and deaf like you,” Anjali added sarcastically.


“You just shut up chipkali!” Khushi countered showing her tongue.


“Oye! Bandariya dare u call me that,” Anjali replied miffed at being called a Chipkali.”


“Huh! What to do u looks like that only,” Khushi replied cheekily making Anjali to fume in anger.


“Oh! Really? But you know what? You are even worse than a bandariya. But for sure you can entertain us by doing some monkey steps. Now like a good bandariya get up and entertain us,” she said with a smirk.


At this Khushi makes a face and was going to retort but at the same time Arnav intervenes as he know if he will not stop both of them then this cat fight will never going to stop till the world ends.


“Stop it guys!” Arnav said making both of them to zip their mouths and looked towards him showing their big innocent eyes as always.


“Don’t show these innocent eyes to me both of you. As they are only innocent when you see, but otherwise you both are world’s biggest prankster I ever came across.”


At this both Anjali and Khushi nodded their head sideways making him roll his eyes.


“Khushi! What brought you here in my house?” Arnav asked.


“Hmm! I see when you want me for some work only then I’m your would-be wife otherwise its only your house,” saying this she raised her eyebrows.


“No baby! Nothing like that.  I was just wondering that what might brought you here early morning,” he tried to cover-up for his slip of tongue.


“By the way the earlier statement of bro was not wrong either. You see this mansion belongs to me and bro not you, as you know you are not his wife but a mere girlfriend. So…” she trailed-off trying to ignite the fire ignoring her brother’s plea who was telling her to not open her mouth.


But the work was already done as Khushi’s anger reaches to its peak. But maintaining her calm somehow she look towards Arnav throwing draggers at him from her eyes and with gritted teeth she said “I hope that you’ve not forgotten today’s plan and told her about it too,” she said pointing towards Anjali and then added “Moreover I’ve come here to remind you that we are going for shopping after one hour… SO be ready baby,” saying this she patted his cheeks and left from there while Arnav grumbled knowing well that now he’ll has to bear her wrath.


“Bro where both of you are going” Anjali asked.


“Ugh! Actually Anjali it’s just that Khushi wants to spend some quality time with me, so we both had planned to spend tomorrow in our farmhouse. Is it ok with you?”


“Yes of-course!” she replied too sweetly for Arnav to wonder if everything is fine with her but her next sentence make him knows that nothing has changed.


“But bro I’m thinking to join you guys there,” she added with a wink making Arnav’s face to go pale.


“What the? We want some privacy,” he said not wanting her to tag along.


“Why? What u have to do there that you want some privacy?” she asked raising her brow making him stutter.


“Ugh! Nothing like you’re thinking but…”


“Come on bro! You know what will happened if dadi comes to know about it… so basically I’m doing you and that good-for-nothing girlfriend of yours a favour. Decide yourself.”


After thinking a bit Arnav agreed to her and left from there while Anjali smirking to herself murmurs “Game is on Khushi!”





Arnav is waiting for Khushi in his car and soon she joined him with a smile but then her smile faded away seeing the back seat of the car.


“What are you doing here?” she asked frowning.


“Oho Khushi! Nothing much just that I too am joining you guys for shopping,” she said hiding her smirk.


At this Khushi looked towards Arnav with disbelief written all over her face.


“Will tell u later please,” he pleaded while she just nods her head barely concealing her anger. All the while the lady in question was just enjoying things happening.





“What? You mean she is going with us?” Khushi asked, disbelief written all over her face.


“Yes!” Arnav said in a barely audible voice.


“Arnav,” Khushi said through her gritted teeth.


“Please try and understand,” Arnav pleaded.


“Yes! Each and everytime it’s only me who have to understand this all,” she said looking away, but then seeing his cute pleading face from the corner of her eyes she nodded and soon they starts shopping.


They both shopped for her after which they start shopping for Arnav and moves towards men section.


“This looks good on you Arnav,” she said choosing a sea-green colour t-shirt making Arnav smile.


But both were disturbed by Anjali who makes a face seeing the t-shirt and said “Ugh! Not at all. It is so boring…Bro this will look good on you,” saying this she shows a pale-lemony colour t-shirt.


“No… This one,” she said showing her selected t-shirt.


“No, the one I have chosen,” Anjali too replied.


“Definitely no… It is so outdated. Arnav will never wear it. He will wear what I’d chosen and will look dashing in it,” Khushi said thrusting her selected shirt in his hand.


In reply of this Anjali was going to retort when Arnav intervened and said “Guys! You bought whatever you too want and I will select what I’d to wear later.”


Happy with this they both shop according to their choices and soon finishing the shopping both of them left for home.






It was night time, Anjali enters Khushi’s room from window and after confirming that she is sleeping thanked her deity profusely and then started searching for the bags containing the dresses she bought today. Finally after a few minutes of searching she find the bags and taking out the tee-shirt she had selected for Arnav she cut it with scissor and then went away from there smirking, waiting for the sun-rise to see her reaction the next day.






It was next morning and trio were present in the main hall. Remembering what she’d did yesterday an over-excited Anjali asked poking her brother “So what you have decided about the dress you will wear bro?”


At which Arnav shook his head and said “I’ve decided to wear both of your dresses as you both are precious to me. Now bring your dresses both of you.”


At this both of them went away smilingly to bring the dress they’d selected the previous day. Returning they both gives the bag to Arnav to decide who happily took them. First he pick Khushi’s bag and took the dress out but when he saw the tee-shirt he got the shock of his life as the tee-shirt was torn in such a way that no one can wear it.


“What the?” he muttered while Khushi too was shocked seeing the state of her brought dress.


“How can it be? Bro yesterday they all are in a good condition naa then how come these all are in tampered state now?” Anjali said faking her shock while Arnav looked towards Khushi who was just staring at the tee-shirt saying nothing.


“Forget it! Give me yours I’ll wear it,” Arnav said to Anjali at which she happily took out the box from bag and hand it over to him.


But when Arnav took out the dress this he gets a bigger shock than earlier. Not only him but Anjali too was shocked seeing the state of it and screams “How can it be possible? How can the clothes get burned like this?


To which Khushi replied with a smile pointing towards the torn clothes “The same way my clothes get torn Anjali.”


“You? You burn my clothes? How dare you? I will kill you. You chudail,” Anjali screams in anger.


“Oye! Bhootni don’t fly high. I’ve only give you a fitting reply for what you did. What you’ve thought that you will be able to do what you want and no one will know it,” Khushi asked smirking while Arnav just stood stunned, not able to react anything.


“Tch..tch..tch.. But you know what? When you were doing all that I woke up and saw you tearing the clothes. And then after an hour I went to your room and burned all the clothes brought by you. Well! Now I hope you got your lesson that what happened when one try to act over-smart from Khushi Gupta,” she added happily while Anjali fumed in anger.


Arnav who till now was standing quietly, trying to grasp what was happening around him shouted “Enough now! You guys wanted to take revenge from each other and you just did it so perfectly. But at the end of the say it’s me who has to bear the brunt of it.”


“It is your punishment of having a sister like her so stop overreacting Arnav,” Khushi said carelessly to which a fuming Anjali retorted.


“Oh! Is it? But I don’t think so. Because in my eyes bro is bearing this punishment for having a brat girlfriend like you.”


“Just stop your shit Anjali. It is your problem that you think me as a brat not mine,” Khushi replied with attitude.


“No… it’s yours,” Anjali too retorted.






“Gosh! You both are fighting like,” Arnav was saying when he was hit by a cushion which his girlfriend and sister were throwing things at each other.






Arnav fall on the ground, open his eyes and saw here and there only to realize that he is in his room, on the floor. Then he look towards the watch after rubbing his eyes from the back of his hands and murmurs with a sigh of relief “Its 6’o clock in the morning but thank god that it was just my dream, otherwise till now I would have been dead.”


But soon the relief was gone and panic came over him, biting his nails he murmurs “Shit… It is said that early morning dreams come true…that means…No… It shouldn’t be…”







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  1. That was really entertaining
    Can't even imagine Anjali to be this much nuisance…
    She was openly telling Arnav that Aman was going to kiss her 😜
    Khushi Anjali were some Long lost Enemies 😄
    I dint expect this to be a dream
    But thank God it was a dream warna Arnav ka kya hota 😉


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