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“Arnav,” said Trisha and then added “Arnav baby you are sleeping till now?”


“Trisha please… you always wake me up at wrong time,” said Arnav in an annoyed voice while opening his eyes groggily.


“Ofo! Arnav, I know that you are imagining me only in your dreams. Hell! I even know what you are dreaming? You above me and we both are making out. Right?” she asked seductively.




“Oh! Come on baby, I know you very well. But still I don’t understand one thing.”


“And what’s that?” he asked rolling his eyes, frustrated at being disturbed like this from his sweet but wild dream.


“I knew you are imagining me in your dreams. I knew it very well because I knew how much you love me. But I am really disappointed that we never ever get intimate. Let alone this, you never kissed me or let me kiss you. I still can’t believe that we are in relationship for last four years but we never kissed each other. You know how embarrassing it sounds.


At this Arnav cupped her face and said “Trisha baby you very well know that why I am doing this? It’s for my daadi as I don’t want to do anything which will make my daadi to bend her head in front of others as to me my family means a lot. Moreover after reaching India I assure you that you will not be having any complaints as you will get what is yours. And as of now I think that we should freshen-up otherwise we will miss our flight,” saying that he moved towards the bathroom.


Here as soon as he enters inside the bathroom Trisha makes a face and said “Who cares? I am doing only what my parents asked me to do that too because of the property you earned by yourself otherwise I would have left you long back because you are not willing to give me what I desired from you,” she said evilly.




“Aman, Have you prepared everything in India?” asked Arnav on bluetooth.


“Yes sir,” replied Aman from the other side.


“Good Aman. Okay, I am leaving for airport and I want no mistake in the arrangements,” he said.


“Yes sir,” said Aman gulping his saliva.


“Okay,” saying this he cuts the phone and smirking to himself move towards the airport with his girlfriend Trisha.




A BMW stops in front of the gates of Gupta house and Arnav get out of the car and head towards the main gate, his eyes brimming with tears seeing his family in front of him after ten long years. He bends down to take the blessings and as soon he get up he got to see a girl  running downstairs towards the main gate where they all are standing currently, and he knew who the crazy is?


As soon as Khushi got to know that Arnav has arrived she run downstairs and her speed increases as soon as she saw Arnav her buddy standing there. But soon her steps got halted when she saw a girl wearing a miniskirt coming out of his car and standing beside him.


“Hey baby, won’t you introduce me to your family?” asked Trisha with a fake smile.


“Of course, why not Trisha? Here meet my daadi and she is my Prachi maa,” he said pointing towards both the elder ladies.


“Namaste Auntiji,” said Trisha.


“Namaste beta,” said both Tanuja and Prachi in unison.


“And who is she?” asked pointing towards Khushi.


“Oh! She is my friend Khushi- Khushi Gupta.”


Hearing him say her only a mere friend Khushi and taking her name instead of calling her angel she felt pain in her heart. But hiding it she smiles and then said “Hi Arnav. Hope you have a nice journey. By the way you have introduced us to her but won’t you introduce her now?”


“Why not? She is…”


But he was cut off in the mid by Trisha who said “I will give you the answer to the same khushi. I am Trisha- Arnav’s girlfriend and love of his life.”


At this Arnav stared at Trisha and then move his gaze towards Khushi who has an expression of anger on her face which soon turn into hurt. Tears brimmed in her eyes but she blinks them back and composing herself said “Wow! Congrats guys.” And then she look towards Arnav and said “I must say Arnav that you have nice choice.”


Tanuja was going to say something to him but Prachi gestured her not to say anything and then trying to manage the situation said “Arnav and Trisha come inside or you want to stay out only.”


At this both smile and enters inside.


“Mom, I have some work so I am going to my room,” saying this she rushed back to her room while all other got tensed.


“Aree! What should I do with this girl? She has gone upstairs without eating anything,” said Prachi and does a face-palm. Though she knew why she had left in such a rush but still she can’t stop worrying for her daughter.


“What? How irresponsible is she? You all stay here, I will just bring her back,” saying this he went towards Khushi’s room leaving a fuming Trisha behind.


Here Khushi in her room was crying and cribbing to devimaiya.


“Why devimaiya? Why you make me see so many dreams when at the end of the day they have to break brutally. What have I wanted? Only this much that Arnav will call me his angel and will shower the same love he had for me years back. He had made so many promises before going from here, but see now how he has forgotten everything. But Khushi it is all your fault. It was you who had make him promise to not call her or see her, so how will he remember you? That too between all those micro-mini bimbos. But then at least he must have talk to me like before. But no, he is here talking to me as if I don’t even exist for him. Devimaiya now tell me what should I do? Yes, if he forget his angel then I too will forget my buddy. Hmm! From now on he is only Arnav to me and for him I am only Khushi. Yes,” she said determinedly.


While on the other side Arnav who was standing at the threshold of the door was amused listening her cribbing sweetly and thought to himself ‘Arnav ki Khushi aur Khushi ka Arnav, not bad.’


Then clearing his throat he said “Khushi, what am I hearing?”


Hearing his voice Khushi jerk back and looked at him sacredly that he heard her, she asked “What?”


“That you have not taken your lunch.”


“So?” she asked in attitude sighing in relief that he hadn’t heard anything.


“So you can do all this later also. First have your lunch.”


“I have to complete my work. You go and have your lunch. After completing my work I will have my lunch on my own, you don’t need to bother for it.”


“Khushi are you coming or not?” asked Arnav slightly irritated with her stubbornness.


“No” replied Khushi determinedly.


“Think about it. Don’t tell me later that I have not warned you.”


“No need to think. I have already told you.”


Seeing her not budging Arnav move towards her and in a swift of moment he carried her in his arms and headed downstairs.


Prachi and daadi smile ear to ear while Trisha fumes in jealousy seeing Arnav carrying her in his arms but did not say a word as she doesn’t wants to give a bad impression of her.


On the other hand Khushi was enjoying his this gesture and they all had their lunch talking about past ten years.


Next day they all went for picnic and enjoyed a lot. Khushi was also very happy because at least Arnav was talking to her sweetly and most importantly he called her his angel which she loved to core. On the other hand Trisha was burning in jealousy because Arnav never permit her to come this close to him while here this Khushi was hugging him, kissing on his cheeks and what not.


Not able to take this anymore one fine day she fought with him regarding the same.


“Arnav, I think you have no more interest in me,” she said in a hurt voice.


“What are you saying baby? It is nothing like that,” said arnav shocked.


“Oh really! Arnav, you don’t even let me touch you properly even being your girlfriend. And that Khushi, she is all the time clinging to you,” she said angrily.


“She is my childhood friend Trisha. Try and understand. Moreover you know how much I love you. Have I ever saw any girl other than you in these four years of our relationship?” he asked.


“No, you didn’t. But are you saying truth about Khushi?” she asked.


“Of course Trisha. Khushi doesn’t even stand anywhere near you.”


Hearing him say that Trisha smiled happily and then hugs him which he too reciprocated but as soon as his eyes lands on Khushi standing on the threshold of the door with teary eyes, his eyes widen.


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  1. Loved the update, brilliant. I think Arnav is with Trisha due to some revenge plan. Poor Khushi heard what Arnav said, what will she do now, eager for the next part. Regards lily30 from IF

  2. hi
    it was dream!! thank god!! I think Arnav knowns about Trisha. He is just acting. He is to smart. The ASR!! poor khushi. hope they talk about this.

  3. Something not quite right here….think Arnav knows about Trisha. It is obvious from the way he physically distances himself from her tough he claims her to be his girlfriend of four years.

    I am sure he will not disappoint his Daadi and Prachi ma and above all hurt his Angel. His confession to Trisha was overheard by Khushi but as soon as his eyes landed on Khushi standing on the threshold of the door with teary eyes he was shocked I would say.

    I am eagerly waiting for the next update to unfold to know if he will justifies his words and act to Khushi. Loved the update…thanks.

  4. Nice update
    but what is arnav playing at
    hes never got intimate with his gf
    hes telling her he lovesher n khushi means nothing
    Does he know his gfs truth n is planning revenge
    Is he wanting to make khushi jealous because of past she asked him not to contact her
    or has he truly moved on
    Im doubting last
    but then why is he hurting khushi so much
    im hoping after hearing this khushi keeps her distance n even makes him jealous
    feeling sad for khushi hoping to see arnavs pov soon to find out whats going on in his asrs mind


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